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AUGUST 1 1836 KF1JF0P LITTLE GlS LIFE MONTHS UNDER THE KNIFE PROCDFOOT CASE Pattest GrafMn - of a Hew Skin - Eighty Persons Have Contributed Over in San Rafael a stout - hearted doctor and a bravo patient mother have been fighting for the last year and ten days with all the strength and skin and love and patience that Is In them to save the life of a little glrL J Though there Is still nearly a year of struggling before them they smile cheerily on their questioners and say Oh yes well pull her through It Is a little girl of 11 lying in a small clean white bed over whom the war of life and death has been waged On July 20th last year she was playing about a bonfire In her own back yard There was a breath from a wandering breeze a flicker of a cotton petticoat a curling yellow flame and In an instant the terrible mischief was done Her whole right side was seamed and scarred and marked by the cruel crim - i son Angers The delicate features were spared but the body was roasted not scorched Great pieces of flesh fell out the hip muscle were exposed blood vzed and trickled from the veins whose ends had been burned away Nobody thought that Jessie Proud - foot couid live A burn covering such an area on so small a body was comparatively comparatively greater than burns that had killed the strongest men But the frailer the fingers the stronger the hold on life sometimes and its a great thing to have a mother and a doctor who count no sacrifice too great to be made There was a burn on the shoulder three inches by four one six by six on the side and a terrible one on the hip sixteen inches long and averaging nine Inches In width though in places it was over a foot wide On the arm was a burn three Inches by two and en the elbow one two by two Yesterday I saw the girl In whom the local medical world has beer interested for over a year I saw the red and quivering hip still a raw eore and the shreds of skin that seem to be thrusting thrusting out tiny tendrils to clasp the next tendril near by The child Is as much a heroine as the girls who flag trains and rescue crowds from sudden death She has fought the good fight and fought It without a whimper or a moan Courage runs in the family Jessie Proudfoot is a frail little thing 1 with white hands and fingers slender as a babys Her face is a delicate oval pale with a faint wild - rose color at times and in it are set gray eyes dark lashed that know more than a childs meed of suffering She Is not a plaintive Invalid but a brave hopeful lassie who through these twelve months of almost uninterrupted pain has never been under under the Influence of anaesthetics but three times and then was put to sleep while her wounds were scraped of the deadly proud flesh All she says when they dress the raw flesh on her side Is to moan softly It hurts She does not cry for she has learned that tears cannot ease her endless pain The girl is going to get well If the skin supply In San Rafael holds out Dr W F Jones her physician began large tor the - kiln around the edges or the planted narUcles to unite Then It was tkat the generous San Rafael people - showed their mettle fo far eighty persons some few of - thexn from San Trahdsci have contributed cuticle to Jessies side The smaller burns on thearms haled themselves but when the girl is wtQ one entire hip will have a skin of shreds and patches Almost all her little scho friends offered offered td heirviad young la ties men old peopla4asd - children have contributed Her little sister KtheL nine years old has given twenty - three squaVe inches of skin Tta times her six - year - old brother Joe has given three and one - half and four Inches without a tear though the sister took ether when she made her big sacrifice An auat and Mrs Preradfoot have very little more skin to give But the kindly and personal personal offerings have been by no means confined to the family The ages of the givers have ranged from 7 years to t7 and cuticle of all ages and complexion has been adopted by the wounded child with equal facility People who never saw - Jessie have heard of the case and offered themselves - to Dr Jones Long thin strips of skis have been peeled from them the operation always being performed In the room next to the little girl for the human skin Is a delicate fabric finer than silk and more flexible than elastic webbing It is cleansed carefully and then cut with a sterilized knife and laid on the gaping bum while It Is still warm with somebody rises life Twice Dr Jones has covered the whole wound and twice the center the deepest part has rejected the alien tissue Now he Is grafting around the tiges and the - burn is steadily growing smaller as little peninsulas of skin grow Inward on the waste of uncovered flesh At the past rate of progress it will be eight or nine months before the ends meet There was an implantation a few days ago and I saw the new skin struggling to get a foothold Forty - eight Inches in Inch - wide strips over a yard of human cuticle was given last time Before It could be grafted this shrinking shrinking delicate fiber had curled like a photograph film into half Its size So there was twenty inches of new skin on the little glrL Nature though heroic can assimilate only a certain amount Jessie went to bed for ten days and ten Inches of the new skin Is growing The marvel of it Is that the child Is able to be out of bed between operations operations and walk with assistance She limps a little but they say that the new skin which is loose and elastic and wrinkled will allow the burned limb to stretch when it is well and the limp will not be permanent For seven months Jessie lay on her right side almost almost without stirring but now she drives about San Rafael and takes a Mttle exercise The big burn Is not nearly as repulsive repulsive as Ihad expected Her arm Is disfigured with the smooth poreless scar but the hip Is going to be white and almost smooth and the seams and fissures between the strips of skin will be almost smoothed away I cannot tell which to admire most 1 the gentle uncomplaining little girl or the kindly folk who for the love o2 humanity have consented to share the i burden with her I cannot think of any greater test than this quiet neighborly neighborly sacrifice that nobody knows anything anything about MABEL CRAJT Military 51ht at the Chutes This evening at the Chute will be termed Military night and the occasion occasion will be devoted to the National Guard and particularly to Troop A Cavalry Second Brigade This Is the oldest military organization In the State and was founded in 1849 At 745 oclock there will be a salute of forty - seven cannon At 930 a squad of men picked from the troop will give a saber drill and at the conclusion of the regular performance In the Casino ers old man Vth of that the was a long of that feature a It and Inspection a of in one A oeo L of Co

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 01 Aug 1896, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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