Lucille Leahy Special Master of Court 11 June 1930

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Lucille Leahy Special Master of Court
11 June 1930 - • J). -'V* IK* nam** 6t nl* rfob- to «ho I/M...
• J). -'V* IK* nam** 6t nl* rfob- to «ho I/M V««»* Wfclly Op. (ta. If ymjr name *j>j»ar» etfc th« ac!verll',ln)r columrt i*ilh lh« ftaifc* of ttiB ptdtfr* ffdvertteed and «*change «*change at the Fox Coranatlo Theatre Theatre tor one free Uck«t to ilie aWve named FOX COKONADO THEATRE yon 'C, H, Byrne 1 FURNISHED bedroom, also hon^e- keepJng apartmerit. 524 Columbia Ave. Phone I23-W. 18«{ front rocrm, running water. Saltable for two or three persons: Special summer rate. Albert Jn tttrf*t; thonc« I'M JV/uth It no of antd nl- liy one htjQidrcd O00» feet to Uio Morjhcsnt corner t/f t/;t No. B of fiftlrt Bfock; thence Woulh- trJy along tho 2uflt line of Mild Lot Ho. 5,. Thirty-five; thence Easterly acros.-, Lois 4, 3. 2 and 1 on fc line parallel with the South Hne of. said alley in said Block to 'Eighth Street; thence Northerly along the Westerly side of Eighth Street beginning, /ine said lot „ Thirty-five feet'in width front- Ing on Eighth Street and one hundred feet In depth. Together with all and singular the lands, tenements, hereditaments and i apjjurtcnances thereunto belonging j or in tinywtafe appertaining, and reversion and reversions, and remainders, rents, issues andi,— prcfits thereof, or so much thereof I as rnfty be sufficient to realize the! amount so due eaid Plaintiff as . i to, j *j jby 01 nK 10 . ._ __ -I || ^--_ OARAGE for rent at 1020 Eighth Street. Phone 6CO. mtf NICELY furnished, surmy bedrootn with pivate bath. Call at 620. Washftigtcn or Phone 709. 18513! ROOMS for rent or room, with board. 1118 Columbia Ave-. 18516 Mrs. Rt. F. . . , tWe/Cotn-f House In the Town 01 Lao a Vegas, Ccninty of San MJgueJ State | " of'New ivfexlco, at the Hour : ot ten'1 v o'clock in the forenoon of said 'dfty, I and sell the above tfesScHbe'd and pre'nilses t6 pay arid dife- ' to FOR BALE 1 CHILD'S BED in good condition. Priced reasonably. 713 6th Bt. I83t6 CHEAP—Girl's $G5 Ranger bicycle in first class coifditloji. IntjnirC 1016 5th St., or Phone 291. i&tf CHEVROLEJT CABRIOLET— A real sport job. Has spotlight;" 6 g--od tires; motor perfect; ri'ew car appearance. A snap. Melody Chevrolet Co. 1 CHILD'S BED in good condition. Priced reasonably. 713 8th Street. 183t3 Mrs. J. W. Frantz WANTED TO BtJY W. H. Gross AM, KINDS a'f junk. iHighest price paid for raga, magasdnes, brafis. copper, Iron, etc. Call at 415 Grand Ave, or Phone 172. Voda Auto WrecKlng Co. 24tf Mr. Gco. Lewis •«••««vi*«w Q\f t4UV O»»U 4. f CV11 £ VI11 U-D I hereinbefore, stated, including all, fe:s, disbuh&inerits and costs off rale hc-reinbefoife mentioned. i NOW .THEREFORE, the 'under- JS ' .•dgned.wiU, oh the 5th day at July, j A r> iVwft at »>»/» icviof r»^^V jinr.~ «if , , A. D. 1930, at the East front door tff tfhflTge said JudgTntnt fltld COSts '0[ t this sale, htcruding 'ccsts 'tticit have .3° accrued and that rtiay hereafter &c- eruE, to the highest arid best bidder, ce for cash. The terms end •conditions of safd are: said real entnte and premises shall be patd in cash. IN WITNESS WHEftEOF, I have hereunto set my hand tfste 4Vn 'dfet of June, A. D. 1930. LUCILLE F. LEAHY, Special Master. 0-4-11-18-25 State of New Meiico, , ) ; " , of San MJgiiel" ) Tn Tn tiic Probate Court In the iMatter oi the Estate ) of dprlano Lujari, deceased ) No. 396. I «i/. o»o. • NOTICB OF TDME AND .PLACE et FOR SETTLEMENT OF MNAL £§22^-^ op 9XECUTOR6, f DETERMINATION OP. HBIIt- L»iSTER»«rNATION OP V HBIIt- SHIP, DISTRIBUTION OF ES^Jto TATE A.ND 'iDISCHAHGE OF The'.State'of New Mexico: "To Frank Lujan, Maria Lujan'de Baca,' Lujin de COPIES of June 2nd Optic. pay 5c apiece lor them. Optic Pub. Co. ' ' •.. . I83t3 Joe LEGAL NOTICES STATE '0P . . COUNTY OF SAN MIGUEL ) IN THE DISTRICT COURT • -FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT.. The Mutual Building .& Loan ) Association of Las Vegas, a ) . corporation, ~ . ) Plaintiff, ) . : . ;'. .vs. . ..;'. ) Mindon M,' McGee and Ber- )" nice M. McGee, Enid McGee ) . Atmcs and George A. Ahnes, ) all and only heirs at 'law of > ' Emma B. Kettner, deceased, > (formerly Emrna B. McGiSe). >" Defendants. ) NO. 10,742 NOTICE OF MORTGAGE SALE Notice is Hereby g:veh that in. Cause No. 10,742 on th'& Civil Docfe- et of the District Court of-- the Fourth. Judicial District, • within and for the County , , - thanlei Uoyd, guardian od lltem of- Nabifa26a tujati, Carlos'Luian and: Santiago Lujan, -minors, Nafcrocita tnjato t & nifinor, . Carlos ' Lujan, . & nHnor-ahcl '^ahtiieo Lujan, a. mlnbrv Befttriz Rodrigilez de Lujan - an* Srfcrajnento Baca, and all perBons': hiving or claiming interest In, or daim against the above entitled es- ; tate, "'BKhef as fieirs, legatees, de' de' of 6the¥wte*> ' ticd fc iiei-®y given that the final 'report and account of Frank lAijari and Sacramento Baca, executors executors of -Uie Last W311 and TesU- mttit of. Juan Lujan, Candelario Liijao, Arne "', Lu]an, Na- . To KM *e . Courtj and th«* Monday, the 1th d*v cf July, A...D., 10 o'clpcfe in titife JWeision • na* be*h 'set : by" ^aid court for Wit- hearing' of ai'vy 'd6|ec'- tion$ to such final report and account, account, and fro ttie seltl^r^a 'thereof, 'thereof, end for a hearing afid detef- minatlon of tte iiefitelnp WvCipft- ano Lujan, deceased, the ownership of Ws estate, . and tjie interest ctf t&&i respective claimant thereto 1 * therein, . and' *he persons entitled eof. Thafcdn. of July. A. D, 'Probiie Court will .to'.iiear ..any objections t or " ' •' The Mutual Loan:-A«ffl}ciation of Las Vegas, a corporation, is Plaintiff and Mindon Mindon M. McGee; Bcrnfce M. McO«e, Enid McGt?e Almes and George A- Almes, all and only heirs at law of Emma B. Ketner, deceased .(for merly Emma B. McGee) arts Ifte , Defendants, whlph is a suit to f6re- - close a certain mortga^d upon th land and .premfcses Hereinafter 'de scribed, ariA in which said cause Judgment and decre£ .of the said Court was rendered on the 5th day of April, A. D. 1830, for th'e wan of $1922.20, together witti interest thereon at th'6 rate ot eight pet cent per annuta 'froih the 6th day 'cf, April, A. D. 1930, onlsl paid, and for the*costs of this action," inchtd* ing tho costs... ati'd* expenses of'-this sale. • • ' ''• , That the amount 'ot said Judgment Judgment with interest, (exclusive of th'e costs and expenses of this sate) 'as provtefed tii said decree, on the Sth day cf July, -A. D. 1930, the date of sale hereinafter mentioned, is *1077,71. Tljat the tmdersigned was, by vh-- ture.of safd Decree, appointed SpA- ' clal Master to sell the frttowtng described described lots and real estate, situate, lying and being ift-the City 6{ Las VegaJs, County of Efan Migiiel and State of New Mexico, to pay the above mentioned sum, to-wit: Those Certain lota and parcels of land situate, lying and being . in the City of La4 Vegas, Courtly Courtly of San Miguel, New Mexico, to-wit: The North 3S feet oif Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Btock No. 12 of the Las Vegas,Town Company's Company's Addition to Las Vegas now City df Las Ve&H Nevf Mexico, more parlfcuTRYty ; ds- ecribed as follows: •C6mm6ncTng at the Northeast corner of said -Lot No. l t?htch is it the rianto iiujah, deceased, the ownership ownership of -his e&tate and the intertst of 'each rcspeotivc clahhaht thereto &r therein, aiid the paeons entitled to_the distribution thereof. name and pest office address vets attorney, -of jmid executor 'is J, Lucas, le« Vegas, New Mek; Mek; Dated this Mst day of May, A. b. . GALLBGOS, Ctimty '<^rk and Ex-Officto CteVfe, 6¥ the-Patei)a,te Court, . San Miguel Oofthty, New Mefr- OF PENDENCY OP ACTION. ,« ., THE. STATE ; .OF NEW MEXICO TO J. W. Brannon, implcaded with named a&ihst whom siAstituled "service is sought to b* obtained, to- wit; • W. K. a?ieKinlcy, the nn*nown '•lUrfrt-.of- l%«ftt) .MSr^asi, deceased, deceased, the tmknowi! suddessora m Uie In'terestrOf Pprfiiio Mar' Mar' qu62, Testamentary Executor of tlte Estate of Juan D. Pfcdilla, deceased, the unKhowh h«rs of Qregorh) Roybal, deceased. th« unknown heirs of Juan B. Pa- dlHa, 'deceased, th% unknown trtirt of Jfeugynio totatd, deceased, deceased, the unknown heirs of fYAn'cIsos Wvato, deceased, the unknown hcfrs of Jesus .Maria Lovato, deceased, the unknown heirs of Maria Riti toVato, dc- ca4se*, the unknown h»tts of . David i, Better, decfeftMd, the unknown nefrs of Antonio Aban Tapla,- deceased, tTie uhlfnown heire of Julian Sandoyal, de-

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  • Lucille Leahy Special Master of Court 11 June 1930

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