Henry Ford peace ship:"Fail though it must, yet there are some failures more glorious than success"

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Henry Ford peace ship:"Fail though it must, yet there are some failures more glorious than success" - . HENRY FORD'S PEACE SHIP The fact that Andrew...
. HENRY FORD'S PEACE SHIP The fact that Andrew Carnegie has masle no effort to stop the Kuropeau war is perhapit attributable to his advanced w Cfie and to the shrinking of his fortunle as a result of vast donations. The mission of Henry Ford recalls Mr. Carnegie's (, alleged, effort to bring peace to the festive Filippinoi, through the purchase of the Philippines from the United States in '. order to present them to their iuliabitants a remarkable proposition of which the government at Washington was reported reported as declining to take any notice whatever. The ao counts do not indicate that ITenry Fowl, auother American with "money to burn," will attempt to buy off Europe's warring nilers, and yet, with the failure of Miss Jano Art-dams' Art-dams' Art-dams' aimilar mission to enlighten him, lie must realize that rhetoric and persuasion alone will not suffice. . Mr. Ford's stop-war stop-war stop-war voyage and the enthusiasts accepting 1 lis invitation to become guests on hid peace ghip call to y. mind the confiding hope nnd misguided adventure of Dun :;,Wpte of U Maneha, It is stated that Mr. Ford and Ins friends will go to The Hague, "establish, an international .' oourt," and invite tlie warring Nation to send delegate "thus following in the unavailing footat'ps of Miss Jane Art- Art- dams and her associate I ladies. Bu he" musT hlve" otliet schemes and expectations, for he is yus quoted. "The men i in the trcnehee know for what we Sire working. I have all faith that on Christmas day tha world will ee a general trika-tbat trika-tbat trika-tbat men will climb fro the trenches, throw down their amis and start home. Jfcnd then militarism will be ead for evermore.' Appsnftly Mr. Ford i" expecting "'a miracle fully as wonderful asj that at Jericho, where, after Trumpet hlnsta and shouU r the Israelites, the walla of the enemy's city fell to tho ' gwmnd. But notwithstanding f'he fact that Ford's pace ship donbt-' donbt-' donbt-' fM 'iU WlunyW far bringing peace by Christmas i concerned, yet tW psychological effect of this audacious froject is bound toy lie tremendous. Fail though it must, 'y't Hero are some 'ii.ures more glorious than successes- successes- And -"Matched -"Matched win ailure i0 high-hearted high-hearted high-hearted , A11 wA is Mean besidc,, luny MJ" Jd movements have seemed to fail when they Were anytbjvig else but failures. Jesus failed, the Cracchi tiled. tye Athenian democracy failed thus far and us we JVRJ'LlinoleeAall-tho. JVRJ'LlinoleeAall-tho. JVRJ'LlinoleeAall-tho. truth "is. that the oousa of civilization and the rights of humanity are art-, art-, art-, nced as much by its failures as by its successes . t to, here's hoping Henry Ford and his good peace ship will I successful and if that cannot be, then the next best ' thing oftcner a nobler thing a glorious failure., a

Clipped from Winston-Salem Journal05 Dec 1915, SunPage 12

Winston-Salem Journal (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)05 Dec 1915, SunPage 12
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  • Henry Ford peace ship:"Fail though it must, yet there are some failures more glorious than success"

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