Lewis Ostrander at World's Fair in St. Louis 6.25.1904

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Lewis Ostrander at World's Fair in St. Louis 6.25.1904 - Saturday Evening, June 35, 1904. T Boys Give...
Saturday Evening, June 35, 1904. T Boys Give Last Drill Bush for Pike. and HAD A GOOD WEEK. Many Items About Them and Their Visitors. Decatur Cadets' Camp, World's Fair Grounds, St Louis, June 2*.--Thei'4 was a good crowd out to see the cadets drill Thursday evening In administration quadrangle, and they were we! applauded at the end. The exhibition consisted mainly of a drill by the selected, team, as published In The Review of yesterday, and a review of the entire company. The fife and drum corps led the march and the drill was good. STOMACHS HEARD FROM. Several of the company were excused from drill today because of littl illnesses that are being attended by Colonel Frank S. Carroll, the assistan surgeon general of the Ohio order o! the Cleveland Knights of Pythias, wh has kindly offeied hie services, and re fused all charges therefor. Among thi sick ones are Kendrick Glle and Stelle Boyd, though both of them are jub uncomfortable with their stomachs and ·will be all right In a short time. CAMP NAMES. The boys have decided on names fo the different parts of the cnmp. which of course has been Camp Decatur from the first moment of arrival last Mon day. The street and court in fiont o the tent line is dubbed McDonald Boule ·vard. The street in front of tent A. o the three headquarters tents, Colne Avenue. The street on which is locatet the wash bench, where tlie boys mak their ablutions, is Water street. Th street between tents B and C.. is De catur street The narrow passag back of tho line of tents lias bee dubbed Cowan Alley, by special rcques of the commandant. NEW SOD. The camp Is setting a new coat o paint in the form of considerable sod ding around the tents. Workmen ar constantly busied there, and by the tim the Pecatur hoys are ready to leav the improvement will be great. Several ditches have been inad« carry off the surplus water, and the In terseating streets have been carefull rolled with heavy steam rollers an broadened. ON THE PIKE. In visiting the Pike, the cadets go i squads of six or a dozen fellows, an usually sit in a row together. Abn r ten have made the balloon ascensio three at a time. Others have bought tickets, but have about decided not to get up in the captive, after seeing the -way Jack Munwey and Lloyd Sweeney were tossed around in the ether Every one has been on the Scenic Railway at least once, and every time It seems to grow more attractive. The boys are coming to be known to the ticket sellers, and when they put down their money before these gentlemen they smile and say, "Back again, you-from Decatur?" FOR WAITERS. The other day Mr. Cowan BUEjrestefl that it would be a good thing tor the company to make a gift to each of the Blx waiters at the table in the mess ball, and the plan was quickly taken up. ' Zlnk Sanders began a collection. Most of the boys gave 10 cents, and some a quarter, though the size of each offering- was not a measure of their Inner satisfaction. One of the boys told the waitress who was serving him that she had better do right by the cadets or she wouldn't even get a copper o£ "that purse." which is being made up. Of course the word spread quickly among the waiters, and the cadets had magnificent attention thenceforth. The purse was about J2.50. MEALS. There is no kick on the meals. The managers of the hall. J. H. Duke and G. D. Hodges, both know how and what to provide, and the good food is plentiful. Here is one place on the grounds rtunately this Is a military hall, and: one outside the military are admitted. ON BIG PIANO. Chester Smith, who is visiting with elatives in the city, while on a trip trough the New York building, was sked in a general' Invitation to the~big rowd present to come forward and lay on the famous, $20,000 Steinway rand, which is here. He took up the ffer, and_ played one selection. It leased his audience, and he was en- ored to give another, which ha did ell. CONVALESCENTS. Leslie Hubbard was laid up Thursday n the morning and afternoon with an ncomfortable inside, but was sufficl- ntly recovered to make the Pike at tght. Frank Andrews, who came to the amp considerably under the weather, ays he is feeling fine, and he looks it. He has had his place in the company or the last two days. Bert Dickson is the "tonsorlal artist" )f the camp and his tent has been quite opsUar -lately. He is a master of the blade. FRIDAY'S DRILL. i The best exhibition that has yet been given by the cadets was that Friday afternoon in the Plaza of St. Louis, where a big crowd was gathered to see the work. There was nothing else on .he Plaza this afternoon, so the crowd was attracted there by the fame of the cadets, which at St. Louis Is no joke. Not only was the drill the best by far that has yet been given by the boys it the fair, but It was one of the best they have ever done. It went off without a perceptible hitch, with as much surety and precision as the Floral Clock, and was as remarkable. Captain Conel and his officers know their work anil do it It would be hard to find a ch better captain than Arthur Conel, and his support is excellent. "GINGER." The secret of the success of the Decatur Cadets Is not so much their ing former visiting- when fireworks several were The occurred Rev. in there Decatur Crane where one ge ts his money's worth. Un- DECATUR REVIEW PUBLISHED BVEKr PAT. «t tb» D«c»tiir. cla» nj»tur. po«totti» «· Ofr BUBSCIUPT10W. One jr»ar (In «d»aiu»l BIX month* (In advance) ttuw month! (In «lvanw youth, which Is the occasion of much remark, but the fact that in their drills they put plenty of "ginger." They step quickly. This pleases a crowd. Then, too, the cadets are mechanically perfect. They move through their diffl- vilt and complicated parts without hesitation. Tho Jefferson Guards are among the enthusiastic admirers of the Decatur boys, and their compliments are most pleasing and % good to hear. They all agree this company is high up in the list of the best that have been here. Mr. Cowan, the commandant, does not go upon the field at all d u r i n drill, but leaves the entire management of It to the captain, who Is more than able ^to meet the responsibility. Mr. Cowan stands at one side of the field in citizen's clothes always. LAST NIGHT. This being the last night here most of the boys made for the Pike after supper, where they stnyefl until about ^SO, then returned to the camp, where they sang songs until time for tattoo. A bunch of about twenty-five were under the awning just In front of the commandant's tent, and there they sang and listened to good stories. WENT OUTSIDE. Several of tho boys today took their passes out and in the grounds and went by the electrics to the pleasuse gardens near by, where they looped the loop, plaved the revolving swing, rode 10 donkies in races around a fourth f a mile track, and did other like tunts. Lewis Ostrander, who keeps the camp n gales of merriment most of the time, ent with several others to get svne ce cream. He asked tor a "pineapple jjecial." The clerk at the "bar" looked t him queerly and woniterlngly, and ud, "Gee, what's that Is that an ira- ortation?" "Well," said · Ostrander, Y make 'em in Decatur, in a tall lass." Some of the rest of the corn- any explained to the soda man what vas wanted and Lewis got his "Deca- ur Special." CAPS OFF. Several of the boys took in the Boer nr exhibition, which is one of the orth-whlle shows on the grounds. Be- ore the performance began the band layed for some time Among other se- ections "The Star Spangled Banner" vas struck up. Immediately every ca- let's cap was jerked oft in honor to ho national Song, and others near by luickly followed suit. HEAT. Verne Longstreet, one of the crack members of the company, was just ibout done up by the heat on the his afternoon. It was with great dif- iculty he was .able to return in the ine to camp, and once there he went quickly under. He was doused with ice ater, and recovered himself in a short time so he was able to be out tonight. OFFICERS OF THE DAY. Sergeant Ward Keener was officer of the day today. The guards for the day were Verne Longstreet and James Pelklngton From 8 p m . till 1 Saturday morning George Scanlan and Pres Evens are on, and Paul Armstrong Lewis Cash have the camp in patrol from 1 to 6. ::1S .. 1.1 .. M REVIEW TELEPHONES. CENTKA1. UNION. Room* ·· · ...No. U1Z Editorial Booma SwlDMa Olflc. at tbl« offlc*. Review buIUIn*. cortwr ot i mo*, known on Saturday Eve»i»g, June 2S, 1004. DEMOCRATIC TICKET. STATE. fat Governor-- Lawrence B. Strings tpf Lincoln. , For Lieutenant Governor -- Thomaa F Fern* of Jersey county. For Secretary of State -- Frank Pooling of Springfield. , For Auditor-- B. E. Spangler ot Chi For Attorney General pon ot Jefferson county. For State Treasurer -- Judge Charle ' B. Thomas of McLeansboro. For Trustees of the University of 11 llnols-- Mrs. Hannah G. Soloman o Chicago. Fred B. Merrill of Bt. Clal county, and Theodora C. Loehr of Car Unvllle. Albert Wat Rain The last week, to the ized, lack around a The under deal has that of opening threatening .. the sum the icet witness was the swung It It when about much all away the and same from city. this PLANS. Presley Evens will not return with the company to Decatur, but will go De Soto, Mo., to join his family for the vacation. Lewis Ostrander will not return either, but will visit with his father several days longer at St. Louis. All the rest expect to be back Saturday night about 11 o'clock. LOSSES Paul Armstrong and Pryor Campbell have been the camp losers. Paul was out a gold watch fob yesterday morning, having missed it after a visit in the direction of the shower baths. Later ln~ the day, after the loss had been reported at the offices of Secretary Halght, Mr. Moran, and the Jefferson Guards, word came that It waa in the headquarters of the Knights of Pythias, where ^Armstrong went to Identify and claim his property with alacrity. Campbell is out a purse that contained a small sum of money. Mrs. W. H. Penhallegon, Miss 'Jessie Penhallegon and Will Penhallegon were among .'the Decatur people who saw the crack drill of the company on the Plaza this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Dawson and tehll- dren returned 'to Decatur last night after a visit at tho fair. Miss Pillsbury, formerly of the Decatur high school faculty. Is stopping' at St. Louis and met several of the cadets yesterday. Miss Jmboden and Miss Lutt are the Methodist At A by won, was in

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  • Lewis Ostrander at World's Fair in St. Louis 6.25.1904

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