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 - In Pont off const. ,, than " . , ? - · . D Day...
In Pont off const. ,, than " . , ? - · . D Day Chronology Credits Nazis With Breaking News BY THE ASSOCIATED 1'KESS 12:37 A. M. (Eastern W«r Time) Germany news agency Transoccan broadcasts Allied Invasion has begun. 1 A. M. German DNB agency broadcasts Le Havre being bomb n i d e d violently and German naval craft f i g h t i n g Allied landing c r n f t 1:06 A. M. Calais radio says "this crnl A. M. Spokesman from Ccn- Eisenhower in a broodcast I.eifrom London wurns people of Euro- miles,jpean invasion consl "a new phase Allied air offensive has be- established beachheads and are ad- vnnclna Inland, aerial plcturcs[ show. RAF bombers attacked Osnti- bruck, Germany, air ministry announces. I'M A. M. .Swedish reporters In Berlin jroport dozen landings with main attack toward Caen, 7:32 A. M. Supreme headquarters announces beachhead secured and dug 8:01 A. M. Germans announce Allied landings on Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey; say Allied lanks land al Airomanches midway between Cherbourg and Le Havre; ?$ incessantly employing assault 41 R u n » Rm \ orders t h e m to move 22|'oals off Oystrelmm. inland. ^^10 A. M. Paris raili ·i.-i U a l l y ' ! 1 ' cne-j 3: A.- M. Berlin radio says center of gravity is Caen," y at base of N o r m a n d y Ptin- io says battle in N o r m a n d y ''seems gaining depth." 8:34 A. M. Berlin reports "fierce f i g h t i n g going on everywhere" Nazi counter t h r u s t s in 9:10 A. M. Big channel g u n Alii-' Aniioii|incrK Landing! 3:32 A. M. Supreme headquarters, iMtied K x p c d i t i o n n r y Korcc, nn-l^icnch const fire o;i nounced Allied nrmiea began land- 9:1S A, M. 11.000 Allied planes · " bomb and strafe miles of ing on n o r t h e r n coast of France, 9:20 A. M. Marshal Pctaln brand- to Frenchmen to avoid re- :i:-!0 A. M. S11AKK announces General Sir Bernard L. Montgomery is in command of assault army( c a s ts comprising Americans, British, Ca-|P^'sais- nadinns. Nnzls Clulrn Tanks Hulled ;J:42 A. M. Berlin SHVS heavy 9:3-1 A. M.--Germans report Nazi Allied warships are shelling Le counterattacks knock out 35 A lied Havre and parachute Iroops are l n i l k s l n S c i n o ba ' nr?n and making f l o a t i n g down on Not-mnndv-. 4 A. M. Supreme hcndqutirters K A D Q U A R - . i g i n a l p was a e r man 2-1 h o u r s , M i l l predict skies n u t . to g h t i n g continue. t i m e bslab- pro- Churchill snys 4.000 ships nnrt scv- , , , l a n d H'oonnjy w o n n s K on i h c l " a i l n ' "ovcrylhin to plan." UK in I 7:03 A. M. G or mnn destroyers Normandy const. lets Information says n number of feints prccccledlf^ds^eslaHi-ihed in N o r m a invasion. . w i t h troops slriklnK I n l a n d . 4:07 A. M. Germans s a y . A l l i e s 10:40 A. M.--·Unconfirmed were reinforced nl dawn nl the says Hitler onroute lo France. Ger* m o u t h of t h e Seine ncnr Le Havre, n t n n s i d e n t i ::.'15 A. M. Berlin reports slronsllwo British air Ironic divisions n i r a t t a c k s on DIoppo; snys cruiser ernlins in Normandy --ens. 11:11) A. M.--Allies reported sev- and land! 11 c boat hnvc been sunk off Cherbourg. r:-lTi A, M. Enemy says four Brit- i ish pnrachnte division landed be! Uveen Le Havre ami Cherbourg. 5:50 A. M. U. S. battleships and . . eral mites I n In rid in Normnmly. .Germans report p e n e t r a t i between Cnon and fslernv. * Losses Arc U marines participating. -1,000 Ships G:24 A. M. Prime Minister oral t h n u s n m l lesser c r a f t formed is n e r . and lionls rushing I n t o opcva- c u l t i e s I Honnl aren and "no doubl arc lie- IK--; K ,| cn |i u .|i] lr " - h ;,, hmll . nnnounro ,\ ,, s saya. between 6 Imi l'_* A ; ^: a JT.J } \ , .. , M - A1 ^' crt . na ' nK ._'.° Gen-, ·iRlll · 32:08 P. M.--Headquarters disclosed invasion postponed 24 hours by bnd weather; t h a t opposition nnd losses were l i g h t e r than expect ed and naval losses slight. J2:21 P, M._Goniinfr In order of tiny says "the invasion musl be lieaten off even if Ihc l u f l w a perishes" but only 50 Nazi planes are sighted before noon. 12:37 P. M.--Churchill says landings were on broad f r o n t troops have pcnel rated several miles inland. Discloses f i g h t i Caen, nine miles i n l a n d ; . 'and 8 A. M. H r l t l s h lime t m i d n i g h l ] h o m e troops 1 nnd are well established 1:0!) P. M.--Admiral K i n g I n v a s i o n Is "doing all right

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