Article that mentions Jasper Tilbury's involvement in the Civil War.

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Article that mentions Jasper Tilbury's involvement in the Civil War. - X Tilfc OJtT WAy&i tiJBiSXisL. THTJRSPA,Y MA'f...
X Tilfc OJtT WAy&i tiJBiSXisL. THTJRSPA,Y MA'f .V(S' FDl W UXBB am" is 3Tort, Wyn thlw distinctive old Soldiers' organizations, th's members of (which1 sa w rVioi.'.Ia:'tli',V;..t, th. rebellion - th Union Veteran legion); tha Sion S. Eaaa post, G. A, R., ud'the tawton - Warrj posti Q A. R. In the flat cf Its cresiniiatlon, tho : Sion S. Bass, post '"is the oiaeat. It, however, wu not tho flrtt oTganisatio - n formed in ' tbis aitjf. by' tbf soldier 6f the civil, war. CpU Jopht KlltJy, J the .Union Veteran Icg - ldn, In cohversav - tloa with the Sentinel rewrter, 'speaks ,cf an old soldiers orgariUatiori that 'Was formed In' tbia tit? soon after the close of the war, probably In' 1S. 'He , war a member of It, bat le. unahle to give su'fHcicnt data' CQnneirnihjr it to permit of an extended mention of (t. history .' or ita, offleer. "The; Si6n S, Bas poet was formed1 in. 1881 and ainoe - then .it haa maintained a continuous organization. It was named la honor of t'oU Sion 8, Baas, of this city, who met' hie death one of tuo battles of the war, and like the Iawtou Wayne post, always take a protr'ine.nt part in the memorial ..xercisss. Death, fa rapidly thjnnlr the, ranks of both these poata, a it also thoseof the .tnldn Veteran legion, and none of them hive anywhere : near a many members a' forrperly. Arid', then, too, there are a fiuraber of eurrivinii old soldiers who do not belong to any present old soldiers' organi.atiou. The Slon R. Unas poat now hag 150 members. .Its official rostor, as utvin tho Sentinel by its adtant, Jasper TMsall, i a foilows Post Commander II. T. Connett Senior Vice Commander OcorjjB numbreeht. ; Junior Vice , Commander S. M - TMr - t1.; Chaplain 3. N. RresS. SurRertri J, 1:1. lletrlck. Officer of the I)ar - - .Tobn rtes. Adjutant Jasper 'Edaall. Qusrtermsster Sergeant - .Tames E Ornham. Sergeant Major - - .Tohn Slmler. Sentinel Frederick Uradt. Trustees - t.1. K. (Iraliim. I.wrU llirl. - v and .Tohrt Shuler. The poat hn flnolr fnmili"l raww of ita pan In the T. kTrn niiil.1iK ii n - I many notable evenla mnneeted with tin - ntTair!" nf the 0. .V K. hew hin ! M in them. Wholi ruimcntfll .r' - unit - n ore. held In t he a city the Sir - n S. r..i poat roorn are always official houl. quarters. Union Veteraa Xejflon, Tlie 1'nion Veteran legion, somo of whose members biilona to either ono . of tho two O. A. K." posts, of the'eitv, dates Ita orjtnriiaatloh in Fort Way i)e from PocenibT l". 1R80. In former. years It was. TeTV rriuch iarser than at prsent. Xet all - aoldiera - whn Mi''fi n, the wnr of the rebellion ean become members. To' be' elidible as a tnern.lH'f the soldier niiistk have enlisted in the union army prior to .Iuly'1, ISM, and served two years in the army unless dtseharped ort account 'of Wonmls or other disnbilify.. Tbe present officers folonel .Ioseph Klcbley. : Uentiiant Coloiiel4 - Inii ITfopen: ..partner. '' - '".' ' illdjnr' - . - William. S, njdwell. , . Mints nri - .yti!ton m ' Thompson.. OllTcer ff. the .Day - C; ,1, Parr. SiifjTpotir - VV. 'F, 'Bryson.' Oimrt.ermnst'T Samuel S. Keller. - .. tlie lejrion'nioefs the first Sunday nft - ernrion of enih tnonth In the law ofTirr - "f r'npt; IJsrry flli - kmitn. who Is one of the well - known membera. N'o.mon wlm BOYS WHO POUGHT IN? THE WAR OF THE REBELLION. - ' - jm&F . ';aj "mm s - T - c ffc, ": - a &ss' J Tl'H", .Tanper Tilbury on the left, and AVm. It. McAfaken on tho right, rboto tsken lh - cembcr 1, 1804,. nt NaHlivillc, Tciin., just after the bottle at Frank lin, Tenn. The altoyis la' a reproduction of a photo taken on December 1, IStM, of W. 11. MeJIaken; tho preeent commander pt the lwi - on - V'ayne post, arid Jasper Tilbury, another member of the post, at preaent a farmer residinff four miles east of Fort Wayne. Iloth were mpm - bers of Co, B. 120th Indiana Volunteer regiment, duriaK tlw war of the rebellion. It abmrs them as the boys were then, and it wns the yoith of that age that constituted tho flower of. the Union army in that memorable tn( - jle of fifty yeain ago and more, the boj - a that won. the victory, in bnttlee uiiilor nut ftae. Jlr. McMnkeri. who was a corporal in hie oompnny, and Mr. Tilbury, wh'o wa'a a private in . (tie ranks, - just - the (ley before had come out of n fierce, battle with tlie confederate forces at Franklin, Tenn. Tlieir regiment had fslleh back to Xashvllle and In that .city tbe two youiig soldiers had the photo sliown above taken. The regiment to which they helon'rcd was a part "of the army commnnded by Gen. yehoefleld, consist - p(f cf four corps. served i a th army darrinjt tho Til war, .although he eomos within tho abofe re - ((Utronienta in regard to membership, Can become a member of the. legion itj. he was drafted or served as a substitute. The legion in this city does not ntrmbrr bwer twenty - fire member. LtwtoD - Wayne FoaC The IiwtonWayne O. A. R. post ia the anccesaor to the Anthony Wayne post, which was organized on December 17. lfl1.1, and is a "consolidation of three posts, the Anthony Wayne, the Onorgo Jfiunphrey. and the (!n. Iawton .posts, th& consolidation, haying ben effected in - (October of isms, the newly formed poat taking tho natno of tho Ijwton - Wayn Xo. - 171, Tbe (Jeorgo Hamphrey post was organised February 11. ISiS; iiyi the Gen. Ijawton past Msy 12, 1900. Hence the Iawton - Warno poat really datea ita birth back to December 17, 1883. It now has in good alsnding 140 members. Its prcietit officers arei Commander. William 11. McMaken. aenlor vies commander. Samuel H. Kel - kerj Juniir rice commander, William liirklandi chaplain, Ann'? K Walter; quartermaster, . N. Me - Mcn officer of the day, Ambrose V KJutx snrijeoii, John J. Ogle adjutant, tleorga II. AdjmS sergeant tnajor, (Virrieliua t!ear k)n, nuartcrrnaater sergeant', A. Kel - sey, offiiser of tho J?urd, ifason Jtal latti pitiiclla ipstruittor, t'riwford jnilswold, .outside sentlmd, mfth Cor belt, council of adminiatrsiion, A It. Vali,r, II r. MrMaken, W A Kelecyi itdvi ery committee, Geo. 1) drcis, Ambroae Hints,' Cyros l - 'ike, V. J, I'.rlght, Wm. Kirkland; color learera, flng. Cornelius Clcarkln; banner, V 3, llright. . Tlio . first'. commander, of the I.awton Wiijiio poaV vvaa. Theodore Bly and thir first adjutant Jiureut R. Johnson. Th present adjntant of iho post, Mr. Adams, whow ..duties are that of aeeretay ,t( tli post, says that since the org - inlsatloTi of the post. ;in; 1883 there have been lfi" deaths of members in good standing. This does not include the deaths of those whoae fames, before their dewiae, had been dropped from the membership rolla. Life Sketch of Members. For some time paat a 6onaiderable part of the time of Adjutant Geo. p. Aduma haa been taken lip with inscribing in a large and bundsome record book aketrhes of the lives of the members of the Lawton - Wayne post, or other sketches of those with which - he has been furnished the copy. It is a blank, book prepared especially for that purpose an contains I'lOO pagvs. Tbe record, much of whtcli ia In printed, form, with blanks for the filling in of names, date", etc., gives, a complete life record of the Soldier, before and during and after his service in war. It ia a most valuable and intereatinif volume arid in llic yenrs to come, when the last old soldier of (lie war "of tbe "rebellion .has' p - isne - l'from our will be priced yet more highly. First Soldiers to Enlist. The commander of the I'nioii Veteran h - uinn, Joseph .Klrkleyi has the distinction i if being one of the first soldiors from this city to enlist under the fin - ; (Iim.Iiiu the war of tho rebellion. Ita v. n a member of Company E, Nlhth In - (ilnnn regiment, the first regiment to lenve the stato to participate In tho memorable atruggle between tha boyi In blue from th north and. the boy In . Jfrhv from the south. , f'olonet Klckley has another distinction. Ife participated In tha flrat battle of tbe cItII war. at rhlllppl. Va. on June SI, 1801,, and also In the last battle of the War, at Iieutonvilte, 3T, i"., on March IP, lStW, serting throuRhout the entire war, his regiment, then the RSth Indiana, being mustered out on' June 7. lStW. The other surviving members of this famous Company Ii. Ninth regiment, now living in Tort Wayne are Samuel S. Kelker, Charles W. Fairfield and Ku - dolph Kerfelt. Others of his oomfades yet living are John Koons, of Osslari, John fijirlncr, of Areola, Friable llecki of Terra If ante and Wlllam McElvalne, of Terrn Haute. The latter Mr. Klckloy met for the first time for yenra at South Ilend during Mia Meant flrsnd Army encampment. This Company TC, Ninth Indiana, was enlisted at Fort Wiiyn under the. first call for troops for three months' aerv t AMONO THE OFFICERS OF FORT WAYNE VETERANS 6ROANIZATipNS t - tlfti - .f ; f" - t. mm$ rlfaHI GEORGfc D. ADAMS, Adjutant lAWtO - AVyne lvQitt O. A - R. K'4fWv .. m jU J, M. KRESS, Chaplain 'Sion. $. Pass rost, 0. A, R. WILttAM B. M'MAKKN, . Commander Lav - ton - Wayne Tost, O, A. R, - .ji .Sliffii Trrj - as ?4S1w r ii2.7rifc,k.. KskSs'p'" i. t M k"?ffd?fy& i rlS, " HyfflliS TS fin. . 0 iWm .7 a u1a1Wr4, i ., ! m m&mJ"i x KV f . r w i "' I64''. ;tfir fcaarlWuaMMaaia - iaa..sM - s1aaia Mi - .i.a ..i ..J JOSEPH KICKtEY, Colonel Uniori Veteran Vglon. JASPER N. EDSALL, Adjutant Sion S. Bass Tost, O. A. H. Ice; Its captain being William P. Begur, 0, Ninth Indiana, He met his death with Henry W. Lawtdn lis one of tho by being shot in' the head' In the bat - Sergeants. It left Fort Wayne early (n'tfe ne&r Laurel nill, W, Va on July 1, April of 1801 for Indianapolis, where It 1B01, while leading a charge his regi - was rriustered into the Berries as a part ment made against the confederate of the Ninth Indiana, and 111 a fw days forces - was sent to West Virginia, the seat of xiut, while this in all probability Is war. After the term of enliatnient f (.rue, Gerrard was not the first Indiana the men e - tpired - three "'ha - tlu, - j iurln tu war , majority of them enliited in. the threa , - . ., . , . r i years' service, Colonel Klckley going ths rebellion. That honor befoDRS to into tho 88th Indiana. Allen county, the aoldier from thla Mr. Klckley is now serving his sec - count; killed being George Paundere, a ond terra as colonel of tho. Unln Vet - private of Company 12, Ninth Indiana, eran legion. lie is among the highly the same regiment to which Qerrard bo - esteemed residents' of Fort Wayne, and longed,. Saunders was killed during t'n is In tha enjoyment of splendid heslthj.jecond, week in' June, 1861, not in bat - having all the appearance of young - tie, ho'weyier, but while on picket duty old soldier. He attributes much Of Ids hear Newbiirg, W. Va. rugged health to his army life, He says that during' all of his lonjf war servlea lie never nad a sick day. First Soldier Killed. The first Indiana soldier killed In bnt - Spanish War Veterans. In trio memorial services the soldiers of the war between the United States and Spain, as well aa the Sons of Veterans and the AVomeft'a Relief corps and tic durine the war of the rebellion, - it the Ladies of the O. A. U. take a promt. is said, was William t. Qerrard, Of part - In the war'with Spain, which Rensselaer, Ind., a member of Company occurred during the year 1808, four hun - JAMES E. GRAHAM, Quartermaster - Sergeant Sion S. Bass Tost, O. A. R, dred soldiers from this city left for tlia - souiheni staiea, ready, if waarted, t sail f ot tha seat of war. Their aerrtcca. however, were, not needed In the front where tho battles raged, but they remained in camp in the south until the war closed. They were Companies B and J, both being a part - of tha 14Tth Indiana regiment, and a battery company, under the command of Capt. Will F. Itanke, which became a part of tlia - 28th Light Indiana battery. Tbe three oompaniea left the city In March and. remained in the south tin til September, a period of six months. Company B was commanded by Capt. Charles E. pleas, with J. B. Fonner ti4 Will Kerr as lieutenant. Lieutenant IverT died from disease while in the Service and' Ftt A. Thompaon 'ai promoted to tha vacancy. Company Ci w.s under the command of Capt Otto Meyer and Lletrts.' V?.. S. McLeod and John Jackson. The lieutenants of Cl - taln Ranke, of the artillery battery,: were Frank Alderman, Wm. C 'deary and Oliver fi. Joneal '

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  • Article that mentions Jasper Tilbury's involvement in the Civil War.

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