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elections, n duty. arms." to to intentions the 'thfj what be in service the the all who' just sec fails of seven of to the "Old to that is fossils of was.'' keynote they men death. tidings terrible^ lhal e would not lake- rather remain, to re-, for shall men. men draft afternoon, themselves will intelligent, command six service. evening, tho the of a all two- man pur. and MOW. SELL AtCOOD H A T O R C-A F 'C ' Ihsc cr.n bo tXinght :' I INT.- J u s t R e c e i v e d , thelA.-£?3(sfck v*r troaghtto T' ET I S 3X1T jft. "Ft. -K. 33 i · . cw!*iln; in part of SILK, VUS, r£LT. WOOL, JT/J LKCUOKX 0 1 ; o l h a n d V e l v e t C I n u b o i t oTCTj'thfr.g , JS li: W A. 3^ 1 O 0 X In tbo lice, !cr M E N A N O D O Y S . ' F i n e Hot* utinpCMl uccurately (o lUo head whb the French Coufarmhtuer, nt Iho BOOT SHOE STOUE! Xo. 4, Jackroau Smith's Block, ! Next Door to tho Rock Co.Danli. rr.cnt of Flat O o l - l anil s i l v e r Citsed \V'nto The A n i c r l c n i i '\Vntcli, S t e r l t i i K S i l v e r \V n. r e , S i l v e r I M a t e i l \Vnri', Clock*, T a b l e unit I ' o c U e t C \\l\t r y llRzoi-« r Slienrw nml SclHiiorti, Gohi i'oiiv, Fnucy GooM» nml Toys, and In fftct tvislt, will to con^ ly on Jtuiul nnd for mlc ft lic«, tlian yon CMI bny tl^owlicrc. INvinj; \ or.icl!cM - - ' . both In tlili country nml I fwl conlldc-nt tint I ci\u ^Mi.fy my. cus!* la J»nT of ihtf jiu n ditfctilc work en Clirorioaitinr^. Di[lvx i,r hny otlif r c*CApc- metit. l'.^rtkti\f\r Rttcnt'n raid to MAKIKO AND REPAIfilHO JtWEtRY, Clocks Cloaucd nctl Ropaired. , ivsdawtr ' j. A. ci:xsUk FURNITURE WAREHOUSE W OULD Cftll O**Ait£n:loa o.'tho i^opl*of J*aev Tillc, llixk wD'l rvljolntnj: cour.tit-Mob^ increo*. fnl fiicJlhM for m.\nufiw:tirlr:(; PARLOR; CHAMBER AND COMMQK FURKIRURE u l i l c U b o will flollnt Or call y T-vcciiiced I?rice». GQO-ls RIORDAN LEECH. ·VfOTWITIISTANDINO lh»l oher nerchsnU »r« jLl cMmloi; Iho flri «rrit»l of (bo «wjon, It u t well known fact that our STOCK ha* t**-DOthHll6d lo tho p Day^ in Advance ID cloth anJallk. Stella Shawls, Cashmere Sbawls,c. L a d i e s C 1 o a!k i n g s of every *iaJe and eolor^A Urge, lot of 3P -A. H -A. fil O Xj O bboghtnt auction, which -jrllt beaold * I correspond in g: g: ;**·" ly low prices. GENTS FURNISHING GOODS! cunjl»t!n^of tlireeply I.(nun Collars, Xock Tie*, Ao. A-b«.\miiut (tne of Vroocti, t n 8 ( ^^ ft Q*l Aiuoclcao Fancy Cassimeres and Coatings BUltiUefor 1 ths prwcnt genion.' An entlro stock of '* conaittlng of' "* · .·*-"' scJitd nncL.Brotvn Sheeting 1 and l i l r t l i i K U f FUlo\v Case Goods, ShtrU»g» r Stripes,* Icnlmt, , Cottonad«R| .C., str of v.h(cti h / i r o f f o n parebwed since tho lato decline In cot t n pooai AnJ will l« lold.t correspoadingly low |ir)ci;p, · ' ·* oT HUJ- other «tor» In town, »nJ oor Buyer h a T f i i R THE FIRST SELECTION of the New York nmrkcts, wo «ro onuVlM to offer the Choicest Variety of Goods to U- fouu'l iu ftQy city ID tho west. DRESS GOODS! DRESS GOODS! IteAiitlful Plalil nod Blri;it-J MoMDtblqufm IJrocho Mo- halre, 6trJ|ml llenonls IftlDttlayAp. Itrochr 1'opllna, C?j«-nl I'J.iJJ*, I'rinUJ Rffpa, Black «nd WMt« ChKkjt, Silk W.trp ditto, Olaclfti, N'ew Siylta of CtuvlU DUaliies, Ac- Ac, - *l *l 1* K O E Rl U $! Kntlish Tlircml LACW, DIack Uni'«^l«I.ric»-^,MnsliD rM^inKSftO'l JnscrriDc^L.idk-tJ.ltien HMk'tn. rUirn I'tnoUrKSiLinrii [t'Uk'fr, inched Itordercd a 1:1'. Button i:dxoilittocf the tine* I quMitio*, together together w i t h an I'ntlro »«ortt»i*nt 01 f-vlli^s sod Otf:,tt. ilo.Mi-ry, Olovts, Ac^Ac. Al«o ilftloiinj dotted «.\V I S iS Muslins, Jaconets, Cambrics, Brilliants,e. New St/lesof ' S P R I N G C L O A K S , B o o i, s a n d S h. o e s, and C R O C K E R Y ! Hlsiunn.-cfsa.iry to frnuruoruuonr citoaslTcstock, wo solicit of fit r .i^ortinentof K-XKl-,Rud nro q u i t e certain tbcy wiU W.onno « \tAtl NIU»: to HD)- ever Wfore offered ( o t l i v J;intnlllo cotiiuiunily. jifl^Vitftr ^ UIOUDAS A L K K C U . D R Y GOOHS.', ... Carpets, Oil C l o t h s A^O CROCKERY CSIEAPCK T1IA\ EVER. A LAllOK STOCK' OK S i l k s , all colors and juilltle8. 3E*O"cr OOOE: s o x o s , «11 colori. D R O C A D E M O Z A M B I Q U E S , Check aiohairg, ClialHcs, £aurns, Ami overjihint t|j«« In Ilio D R E S S G O O D S L I N E tovlcttfoilte wo»U'wtIdioiis,ftr.d at prices that DKI-'Y COMPBTITION. . L A D I E S C L O T H S , all colon, rjnnlltlcs and prices. CLOAKS. CIRCULARS, CLOT1LDIKS, Shawls, c., tc., fcc. j . ic.;..IT.:lS A FACT; THAT ; KocpUlto W«t ftsiottment of Tio, Copper and. Sheet-Iron Ware ID ( b o C i t y o f J K n M v l l l e . M t J u'iolthig It too at prlc.i twpoml wid tUetlmo*..' / ·.(i- . ' . ' ' · : ' ' ' M i U K P A us at reduced prlc«r, for ctwb. A full Block of Cooking and Parlor B t o v c i POMPS, X.SJAD PIPE, «\a., KA VS TKO OO11S Attrj - COXDOCTOR3 ROOFING AND JOB WORK DONE TO ORDER. Stotu ou Triangle,' 0 " 10| lb « Qjatl IIouio. ·· ' · ' · · · R O C K R I V E R WEST IDE OF THE BITER, OMK DLOCK BKLOW TUB WWJta BRIDO . , . Janovlile, Wl»comlu. , M A K E l o ordtr Sloura Xatfati anil M«hlnor7,0o!t lugs, «uil Forglags, SuR»r Mnii,ErllgoinJ DullO- In,! Uolu,*aa oil kloiUotSlnchloory Work ioU repair- I"?." . . . Greatly Reduced Prices. N'. II-- Particular itUntton piM to co[i«{tln(;allkinje ofo)actilncr. t iuch ajsceaiii Knxlnos, Separators, Uor«« ' ' , , . r Tlie proprietor* of llitl w(«bll(fanioot wonld a n y - t o Ihone Wanting work \Jono In our IU\« tUM «o ar« os;iorl- enctnl vorknien,oum*lTej,HnJ OTorice all work douo In our ahop. Our tools *rs of tho bent quality, find wo etu- R toycoinpotont «*orkmOD to usatbemt.anu 1 flnftlly. w* itcnd to glvaaalUCactlontoftll wlioway favor u« with tholr patronage. UAWUS, QXJILD, ASOKLL * TYLKR. · Janoirlllo. K»b. 1«. 1869. . . feblldlroawtf A NEW STORE. CHOICE FAMILY .GROCERIES can alwayi bo found at FARRITT STORY'S, C h e a p e r than the O h e p o s t . Good Sugars xory l(jw. Wo hav« R flofj wlectton of O H O I O El T OE3 -A. S. COME AND SEE US aad wo will do you KOO«|. · · ' ttr Hcmembtr, T»Hn)ftt.'8 DullJlng o I'ank. N N E W G O O D S ! I U S T . S I E O K I V B D , a SplcmJIJ Aworlmnol ol C R O C K E R Y , Conelitlnf; of several pattern* or rw h i t o I r o n S t o n o O h i n a , the bwt la th« N«w York inrvrketoi and I meat »tylt* , - full mock ol ffto-ti CIIIXA, cowKta w^ni, -c. c. W.MI, IPOID WAB _ Fii.vrcD WAR*, rcLLowA:*o WAR*, »o. , ftflao AAtv^rtraeatof C I I I X A W A K E , fancy itnd PUlo, In Beta ud to match from. A Jwg* C! I/A S S W A R K , .oil Out, Main anil Fancy. Splendid lot o Kerosene Jlainrs wltlte 80M very Low. ·s, S:DK KAMI'S, *.',;» LANTERNS, iomelblng aew^AUo, O I L A N D F L U I D L A N T E R N S * ffood *holco, j LAMP CHIMNEIES, SHADES, Ac. Fine Mioruneat o f ' TKA TRAY8, C.VSTOH8 AXD CHOKTS, TABLK CU'fLKHY, DKSKKT K N I V E S , R C D U E I l H A N - DLES, XEW PATTKKN'3 OK FORKS AXD SPOOS'SjKUllBKKSI'lTTOO.S'B^C. ThM« ROO-JB were booRht Tory low of Importer.. M o H o l d C U o a \V. UAtX STRtfT, Oviofc^rTlfc. 1561. THE OLD SHOP U.NDKU A New Administration. T l U K I l r m o f UcmmliiK 4 Thomwt Untog UCCQ iU Au|v*Hl, the BiibicriN-r w i l l contlnus thooinlni-B»iit toe its nil oftde oM flrtn, and will cuil«att*r lo HI ii E 3E* TT I 3 tUt r«|atMtot) of tlie OW Shopna tho B n st Boot and Shoe Establishment' New Wdol^n^Pactoiy F. A. WHEELER SONS. T 1UZ8 suUndtd wUbtlsliwent/KlHiat.H] on Main i a i\w,joor»norUi of tho Cxcelilwr Hotel, Is BUxcliful- opyrattull, Thu . ond of tt'o'boil (junllljr.' Wo nro thor«foro prepared n.Aiiufacturon Yaid of CftMlrocroor a pouod of lug Yaro for-. _.; ;;·,..; 'u . . ' · · , ,::. O Two and a half Ponnda of or \% IU«. of wool at\d (Ut*« eUlUlngt (or log.. Also, all kinds of . . ' - , - · / , · FLANNELS AT THE SAME accorJIog luilio amount ofwoolrequlred toinakotltcn. K'ool Cardiug and. Cloth Dressing ! Done on Short Notice. : ThoBe -UATlnif yioe "Wool to be carded Into abould liavo U. · · , CJesu.eil «( the Factory,' lodo itw«M Our]riCf tor clcaoiJog Is one com jKr pound,. It vcr- o«scD(f«l lo h»vy vool'lo (rood condition, wlso It lojurua tho c*rd and produce* [oor rolla. cardiug jjiacJjfoo it tho l*oet that couM iw oMalntxl and cannot fall lo mrxkogoo-J work. \Vowouldtitvlt all »ho H'hli to eoo go*d machlovrjor want to't;ifo U n a call. Alto, would «· to morciiaut« wUh to obuln.our clotb. that It Would by for tcroot'tobuy vroolauaRot tt mftmifactur^, ixnd Jo(itR,g«c it good asiicio that Iheycan rocommeud Uulr cuRtontcre,, - . , , , , . . . ' A' good fuppl);'of '' ". ,lotl. Constantly ou lland, whlcli ·will bo BO)I) cbm) for cwb or. woo), or cd for wool OD litrc«.' ' ' ' ' · " ' ' ', -- · n dUunco'can send tlielr'voo. .raJlrond or cjf»rc(W, .whh ;J(rcc(/oa«. anJ U wilt promptly atlciidod to. Tho* conilDR from a with wool to bo tn»iiu(acturcd.»lll b« kcjil over FREE OF i · ·· Vie MO prepared lo nmko : Plain .and Fancy Cassimere»p CHECKED FLANNELS, AC. ; ' · - . Alto, ·; ..... ' ·- . I N M G O D Y E D C ' ; . StocUinc "V"arn and llolU. And Obally.'inost kind* of cloth aud varn that a first rat be . - · \io liavo fthornado nrraagomcDU who will attend to tho dv.lou of nil kind, of 001:0)1 gooijs. jfitr- 1'lfHKO fgKe u9 aca)!. 1 "VV Jii N T K D ! lo exchar.Ko tor cloth, wool, wool Rrciwc, anil nioe klndi of prWuco. F. A. WHKKLBR 4 SON. Javenvllle, Slay 20lh, 1862. 42wtf Farmers, Look Here j V I S I T THE GREAT BARGAIN STORE . · o . : . . . ' . . ECHLIN ECHLIN FOOTE, iiiut cxmloe their Men Boys Custom Made Clothing X3C.A.TS « d. GOODS. O CR Stock In wvlt,' w f || cut and well trlminn) and llicdo who favor uri with H call will Go Away Satisfied that wo can »ol) them lery largo plloof ca-ooca a- o oca (ot » »«ry · S M A L L S U M O F N ' u w l i l h o T I 3»O: E T O , IB TJ Wonianuf:v:tnr»OTcry doacripllonof TO ORDER ftt abort notice, and fri tho most Iiulilonatlo and BUiDtfal tnanuer. Oil nud .ee ua, Mild g^l » S T T I T OS- C tbat will GIVE YOU SATISFACTION, and wfar to plojvse yoo, ' "*T KCIILIX A POOTK. War! War! War! riniK Slaughior In School ISooVs, MI«CC|I»DC«UJ X Uoolo, Stationer}-, W A L L P A Curtains, Curtain Tixtures nnd orcry dcacrfpllon of gooja pertaining to B O O K B U Is raging witti fncnw-sing *erorJty at thy . Old Pioneer Book Stoic, No. 0, Haiti Street, JaniTllIe. SCHOOL B O

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