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 - giant skeleton OF INDIAN FOUND - u A at with...
giant skeleton OF INDIAN FOUND - u A at with with a to the are the autotno - Industry Interest the Club the Cap and To Club the In tie Helen Doro Dora Mrs M Miss HOUSE With a avenue supper Jr Dolores been found his Death from a Goet - when he been the house - MoConnell Investigating was an years been his own SESSION Woman - meet beautiful Club boulevard set on A hugs served to considerable picturesque of the presided but of Interest present Mrs Dennlston Board the of beach and Tolls a Spring Northbrae afternoon and He was tor Seven Feet Four Inches Tall Was This Chief of Extinct Race in California Up to about three hundred years sgo a giant race of Indians Inhabited the coast regions of California Remains of these have been discovered In the Islands of the Santa Barbara channel To William Altmann assistant curator of the Golden Gate Park Memorial Museum belongs the honor of discovering one of the tallest and bent - preserved skeletons of this extinct tribe Altmann utilized his vacstlon a week ago In excavating an old Indian burial mound In the nursery of Thomas S Duane two miles from Concord In Contra Costa county The giant skeleton found was ten feet from the surface and around It were a large number of mortars and pestles charm stones and obsidian arrow - heads The skeleton has not yet been mounted but the bones were assembled on a table In the curators ofnee and placed oji private exhibition yesterday The bones are In a good state of preservation being hard and firm although brown with age Two or three of the vertebra are missing and the skull Is broken Into three parts The skeleton measures seven feet four Inches The tibia Is seventeen Inches In length The skull Is In great contrast with that of the Digger Indian of the present day being of a much more lntei - leotual type The under jaw Is square and massive being remarkably thick and strong Kit her the dead Indian was of great age or he subsisted on hard food as shown by his molars which am worn perfectly flat and close to the gums The find Is of the greatest Impor tance to anthropologists the world over confirming as It does the theory advanced when the giant skeletons were unearthed In the Santa Barbara Islands that a superior race of Indians physically and mentally preceded the Digger and other native races of the pres ent day This Is evidenced also In the pestles and charm stones found near the body The former are ornamented with phallic carvings whereas the pestles made by the former and present - day Diggers are not carved or ornamented In any way The charm stones are of baked clay a beginning in the art of pottery - making which are not round with Digger remains This interesting find was made on the Salvador Pacheco ranch part of which is occupied by Duanes nursery It Is Altmanns Intention to make a further exploration of the mound at an early oats tor other relics of the bygone tribe Several hundred pieces of rare laae of the twelfth century sent to the Museum by Countess Reese of Italy are n toe uustom - nouse and will be placed In the Museum today Mrs B Lands of this cltr has donated to the Museum art gallery a painting entitled Portrait of a Lady from the brush ef Louis Loeb nunll of Jean Leon Gerome and medalist of the Paris salon Other donations were Mlssea Gladys G and Clara McMahan pair of coolie sandals from China and a Fllinlno charcoal iron Charles F Gall photo graph of John Wilkes Booth Mrs Pauline Joseph naturalization certificate Issued to Issac Joseph In New York In 1861 Mrs Emily Crans of Burllngame authenticated copy of the last will and testament of George Washington Fred Weiss brass medal of the LftO F struck In 18S9 James II NewsomebllI of exchange Issued by Donahue A Ralston of this city In 111 Mrs S Michael portrait of Betsy Franklin painted In China Mile de Klein ef Milan Italy collection of lithographs Mrs C Wise silver perfume box used In the early part of the nineteenth century F McMillan old Kentucky pefcusslon - cap rifle with powder horn and bullet mold also a copy of the Vlcksburg Dally Citizen dated July 2 1S6S two days before General Grant captured and entered that city The Journal Is printed on the back of wall paper s SEEKS MISSING - WIFE AND BABY OAKLAND June Mra Jennie Martlnes of Walnut Creek Is being sought by the police of the bay cities Her husband Peter Martinez reported her disappearance from her home today He - states that she left several days ago taking with her their nine - months - old baby - Martlnes believes that his wife bag eloped with Charles Sankhead a plumber of this city with whom he says she baa been vary familiar ot late Gonzales Immediately taking him before head of the garrison notwithstanding the safe cousin General rebel commander In preparations to execute knees the fugitive life beseeching 8r father of the Into telegraphic his son In Chihuahua did so and Anally Early today Gonzales blocked Enrlles In a resort with a brain The death of classmate at Christy Mathewson National League pitcher unexplained The general the friends of Enrlle fearing he might despite the Instructions headquarters Though Enrlles Indicates the oause It Is admitted out the reports of tntsrnal Intrigues rebels are said to be General Huerta moved far north of today while from of Torreon the forces under General General Argumendo by and 1800 federal to the Mexican flrmed this means movement toward columns a harassing has been causing the mander no little PHOENIX Arts terrible story of how babies were burned home near Topic by rebels George Arnold Englishman passed on his way to Los will lay his case Consul Brown said the hacienda near Teplc absence and his entire The rebels then off all of Browns declared conditions In city of Teplc and In name were horrible DOUBT AS TO STATE HIGHWAY San Mateo Know What The Interurban of the Supervisors from a committee of Supervisors of consisting of J M Brown and James that In connection proposed bond Issue construction of bettet roads formation was desired not the State would build any Incorporated town Supervisor Brown Hlghway Commission t proposed to ao Information from It the only - response was not deternined aii - ii vyiiuun from the attorney whether or not the Commission was required creating It to construct Instead of stopping and oontlnulng side Brown considered the bond Issue Mateo would be as to what the proposed to do and a speedy settlement far as it related to VAUDEVILLE - EXPENSIVE Heari Hard Luck Coin Receives Dsnlel J Duffy at the Pantagos standing In frdnt early In the evening accosted him claiming acquaintance in Denver The Immediately launched Into hard luck story and selling the performer number of valuable Duffy paid 10 The pledges hewl Aaron Crocker who at 178 Eddy street at Crockers to trinkets worth about out to him The actor police of the swindle Frank McGrayan to the pawnshop for the night Duffey left the dsclared that he week and swear Crocker arrest

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 10 Jun 1912, Mon,
  3. Page 8

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