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LOCAL MASONS ITTENDZEMBO tlOSQUE PICNIC A/ considerable number of Leha„„, „,—4. Masons, who are identified with 3®j:Zjsnibo Temple, Order of Mystic at Harrisburg, were among •8,000 Shriners and members of ' families and other guests who the annual picnic of that at Hershey on Friday. 'he park was crowded early in afternoon for the program of IBB and contests which the cornea cornea In charge had arranged, and in the evening many persons o v .» „ thlB clty and oilier cities mo;J,i<Jr_ed mo;J,i<Jr_ed to the park for dancing. *~ it was centered on the diamond, where Shrinera indignity to the winds and en•into en•into the three-legged race. Ihe. 'dog race and the crabwalk. T .... . their wives and guests were |jnB£"a's eager to win the potato and S^;5iPwo- groups of persons cheered ffi '-- 1| -U(lly ; . for their favorites as Ihe men and the single men the diamond for the annual j. for supremacy. Several of • ^vlves whose husbands were in .'game clapped them to victory .the-final score of 4-3, in favor pf:;,the benedicts. fL«H0F£ he water events also attracted ^ifijla^e crowds of people, and the ^pg'^rfndstands were filled long before IggjSe ;ap.po!nted hour. An unusually .number of entrants were reg- 1 In tlie water races and dive.;. JDELEGATIONS if ATTEND U. B. ASSEMBLY Rhoads and daughter, Mary Elizabeth; Elizabeth; Mrs. Annie Nlssley, Miss Ca'rie Severllng, Mrs. Roy Bair. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lawhend and daughter, Joanna; Mrs. Anna Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sloner. Mr. and Mrs. Huber Hackman and daughters. ! Hazel and Joline; Miss Annio i Wenger, Mrs. A. C. Lesher. Peggy laud Gladys Lesher, Lois Trego, Martha Gcrhart, June Hartranft, Usa.bel Cox, Arlene, Hoffman. Mnr- iguerlte Beck. Mrs. I. G. Mentzer. Clyde Mentzer, James Groff. Warren Gorhart and Anram Summers. I Lancaster Olterbeln — Rev. and Mrs. H. F. Rhoad, Katherlne Roth. Dorothy and Edna Roth. Ida Benedict, Benedict, Ruth and Helen Hnnedic!, Map Drescher. Robert Johnson, Dorothy Lefpver. Lucreta Henry, Eliza-hoth Det-weiler. Kmlly Frally, Marie Kline and Jane Winner. Columbia—Ruth Eichcrly, Mildred Delllngcr. Flora Welgel, Helen Villep, Dorothy Bronine, Klva Ai- bright. Mary Jane Kisenbergor, Grace | Gambler and Hilda Nan. ONE YEAR AGO TODAY 3 LOCAL BANDITS WERE CAPTURED BY TUCKER superintendent of State police, whose lieutenants. lieutenants. Thomas M. Boettner and Charles Keller, and Corporal Harold Pierce, "set. 'em up for the house" at Columbia, on Thursday morning, when the Columbia Brewery was raided, may have to pay the bartender bartender or the boniface, even though the guests did drink the foamy amber from gutters and sewers. VVhile a. Columbia Justice of the 1 peace on Friday morning was con- the cases of | ducting a hearing in two Lebanon men and half a dozen others caught, in the raid, and was making out the necessary writs holding holding them to answer the charges at court, owners of the raided brewery were filing a $40,000 damage suit in Lancaster county court, claiming that the beer was manufactured legally and that, the troopers should pay for i 200.000 gallons they poured away. | The pouring drew a large crowd iof the thirsty, equipped with palls, j Pitchers and other receptacles, and 'the circumstance that the beer had flowed through a storm sewer by the time it. reached them, apparently detracted detracted little from the festivities. A couple nf them wete arrested. The- suit was Hied by Mathias AID SOCIETY AT Stotichshurg. was hold at the Mrs. Samuel Move,- made. Those _ . Mrs. Fred Stephen Porter, Mrs. Amanda Sallie Meyer. Mrs. Mr*. Kd. Haldemnn. Mary Louise spent several days Marian Klllmer. Mrs. Mary Spangler — -" after spending a with her daughter, Mrs. and : ,Tb» following delegations from the ~ inday schools and Christian societies have registered at ! Gretna United Brethren pr:,- . Assembly. ,»if;JJarriaburg Sixth Street—Rev. and "•—•"••&. E. Young. Mr. and Mrs. Earl t., Mrs. Griffie, Mrs. Bodmer. .^Jhellenberger, Mrs. Funk. Hazel giUftllagher. Dorothy Rodgers, Edna lvPTans,.;4ajnes Mehaffie, Bob Shelter "Ream, Ruth Straub, Dorothy Dorothy Eslinger, Jane , Mary Squires. Jean Hover; Hover; Bob Loy, Earl Gingrich, Harry --"' .Lois Weller, Jerry Diebler, r ,,._/oy, Winnie Powell, Esther lit,' Betty Hoverter, Betty Shenk *—labe] Taylor. i D«poBlt—Mrs. John Cunkle, T?T.-—vRhoads and Ruth Fasnacht iCttinjibelltown — Rev. and Mrs'. Blngham, Carrie M. Moyer i 'Funk, Grace Funk, Mrs. .Smith, Lev! Funk, Richard D. Marlin Disslnger, Dorothy , Fannie Funk, Pauline. . >r, Pauline Geesaman, Harvey ,^0avld Cariuany, Lloyd Liuea- ~~ aud' Mary Bargo. -.,,-inbn -Trinity—Rev. and Mrs JPviPaugherty, Rev. H. M. Miller' One yenr uprfi niduy ],ohnnon was ^11 agopt tivcr lhi> capture of three I Inonl bandits whose \vork In dnrlng holdups of Oiikwnnd I'nrk. May 31. and Riverside liestaiirnnt. June IS. and the Myorstown Natlonul Bnnk, .hlne 23. 1031. bud nrnuseil the entire entire county aiut nonl'ly CMS! the Ih'es of several pi-rsni)*. The tlirec youths icapllired and cnnfevsed were: 'Vretl- "l-lck Kercher. Arthur Mohler and | llaynitiml Sonnon. | It was iwonly-fnur Imurn after the i.ittcmptcd hnii|-up ,,f ibe Myerstown .hank that County Detective ricoi-ge j Tucker captured ihf confessed ban- j ilits. The following day. one year |.Hgo today. Uelectlye Tucker obtained confessions from the three. The following \i-eek. !o be exact June !9. the three appeared before Judge C. V. Henry, and were sen- lencort to serve terms in prison. | tii'st of a^ five to ten year sent! trio, is serving hi& term in'the Hunt' mgdon Reformatory. CA~MP~OPEXS JVL\ r 0 French Creek camp win o pen on July Gth aud clo se August 31 This camp was started u s t Mimmer and Is located near Poti s i 0 w n u i s O pc n ;o any boys lo t 0 is y e a rs of a ~ e who desire to g u to a camp this summer. summer. John Blelchert. 723 Guilford street. Lebanon will be councilor at the camp. \\ernei-svll]e, were ~ Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. children, Myerstown. Miami Mrs. A. A. Mr. urn! Mrs. Ed. to Philadelphia, their daughter student nurse_at Bryn MARRIAGK Marriage licenses tho Saturday to the , estate of Joseph T. Dierson. owner of thn brewery. It. alleged that tho'Mrs. m, brew was made before the company's ! Clouser. Federal permit was revoked last'" January; that an injunction forbidding forbidding the police to destroy it ha;i been obtained from the county court aud that the raid started before th» papers could he served. The. four State police heads are belriK sued individually by the Columbia Columbia Rrewory owners for the pur-,uuuKi post of obtaining judgments against jsonla those, allegedly responsible lor ijiel Samuel s.,; o-f the beer^ ! Hershey. sou of Mis. M Kdna Hurst. Esq.. attorney i berger and Mary for th« brewery owners, has also | Campbelltown. been retained as attorney for the | Pitsenburger men arrested, including the Leba- George F. Selbert, no "L a . us - Q1She sal d : • son of Samuel ihe State police had no right |Xeiswender, of Earl I). Blouch, of Cleona, Harry A. Clouser. Raymond C. Sheridan, son ot Charles Helen M. Selbert, daughter of Charles Ray M. strlckler. Newmanstown, son of Elsie M. Fisher. o f daughter of Jacob whatever to destroy the beer stored in the Columbia brewery," Miss Hurst asserted. "This beer all was manufactured last year when the brewery was operating under a Federal Federal permit. The permit was revoked revoked in January and an ap-pllcation tor another already has been made. "If this permit had been obtained it was the intention of the owners of the Columbia brewery to de-al- coholize the 200,000 gallons stored iu ths brewery and to sell it as cereal beverage ,v/hlch would most certainl" be within their rights." Miss Hurst added. Henry M. Bruner. Columbia attorney, will act as additional counsel counsel for the bre-wery owners when in: ,case comes up for trial in court. ter c,f Harry Ralph B. Heisey, Route 2. son of Earlene McCorkle, daughter of John Clarence Lev! Myerstown, son of George Grace Catherine Myerstown, daughter of Robert T. and Dorothea A. Thomas E. Klntzer, son of William Wernersville. and Margaret Leesport. daughter Harvey Xillian. 5, son of George Mary Cpayd, of daughter ot John S. BRINGING UP FATHER

Clipped from
  1. Lebanon Semi-Weekly News,
  2. 27 Jun 1932, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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