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parrot feathers - THE..FOST-STANDAED, SYRACUSE, N.. Y.,SATURDAY...
THE..FOST-STANDAED, SYRACUSE, N.. Y.,SATURDAY MOBNING, FEBEUAEY.^26,1910. · i * * · i ' a ITassed at tue of this £ha,pe jiapoleon Leghorn Top Odd fe!SWfc?E V iLX- "^fJ." mm It's AH in the Way Chapean is a On ·Place tliis Sea-son · f Tailored Hats Less Severely Trimmed Than Formerly--Toques Narrow and Long Tones Combined in Soft Satin Ribbons. aUored hats arc bocgmine 1 more and [ most , re fashionable, It is not remarkable brought out a mcKlei In fine black horse- this should be the case since pruc- hair braid \vil!i an undei'-brim-faclnfi- of Tvomon or every c^ass reallKe that black satin ribbon arranged in plait other type of hcaclsoai' flttite fill?; its 1 form, Its trimming consists of a large, so perfectly do such hats bridge t h u ] narrow black satin vlbbon-edgod bow of bctTveen early spring* and summer. { sofc oerise Tagal scruw--a fabric ties* Another excellent reason for the in* j tlncd Lo occupy it prominent position creasing- vogue of the tailored hat Is the i spring millinery--anfl a. drooping how of allowed in jts garnishing. | cerise velvet placed directly ag'aliist-the of horschnir, bmid or coarsely bad: of the crocni, Because this dcvsl- straw, the main thing i« to pre- j o p m ^ u t «f tbo nautical type of a clear*cut oulline, as othenvlse tho 1'is anything 1 but severe, It, is certain to attain considerable vogue amongst all women. . on the sunny side of -iO and during niid-Bunimer when, to put only one sort of trimming on tailored shape. Any number of T "be used or yards of ribbon arranged bands and l3ow** p but the two rarely arc effect Is instantly destroyed. W i t h 1 idea In mind, tlio milliner--professional 01* amateur--may adjust the wing?; bows of whatever color, shape or sizo j spite the vagaries of fashion, broad- pleases her. At present the tendency | brimmed hats ahyays arc in general demand. demand. · . Quantities of rllbbou' arc usecl on' all the hats of simple type. For quite young girls .milliners are employing th* handsome llberts' satin pUids of some Parrot.Plumage of Bull Tones* roln* barred -with a heavy lino ot black a number of ultra-smart tailored and a l*anfl of white extending along itie appear the curiously tinted dutl-ycl- *** 3n old * luG * roan and llUl ^ reen ' green, bUic and red wings and ^ th lhe black ^ Lnd ^ i t e « 1CSC ribbons cliaractcrlatlo of the gorgeously ' aro immrnaely effective. Gold and old colored'South American parrot. So lew silver blenrl charmingly witli marine spccimGns of that quaint bird arc to bs secured, however, that only tlie woman a well-filled purse can hope to wear genuine article. Nevertheless, very imitations of it are to be found, so artfully do the wing dealers contrive to reproduce the plumage oC Whatever-is the fashionable bird oC tlie "hour. features of the New Sailor. The sailor which is destined to reign supreme tins Reason differs radically the one ol last year. Its rolling is a most attractive, original and OMB I feature for, while* revealing the at the skies and back* It perfectly shades the eyes from the glare of the The French milliner who designed Hie \ blues ami greenn. t u t cODPW--newest of all the metialllc ribbons--will have a larger vogue as- the season advances* Nearly all of tliose weaves have a heavy uioire stripe running through t h e i r ceri" tors as well as bordering 1 tJiem. Spectacular Creations. The Increasing size of spectacular creations creations of the Little Corporal and Cavalier shapes which plainly are responsible for present extreme fashions in head* head* - Manj- of the ncveltlea, sa-calkd, i the sides of the crown, 'and at the back is aii upstanding-'spray of iwe foliage, ' Another hat o£ immensely- cliic poise is in the form oil a small, absolutely round turban* This aJso has a Tirlm of fancy straw, but of dull red matching the tone of its crown covering oC large fully blown silk roses and an aigrette of wired loop pjece velvet. A turban of this one- tone character mig-ht readily . Ijc developed developed in any fashionable color and In all- black would prove exceptionally smart, a:a we I! as useful. · Suggestions for Economy In the Cooking of Meat are probably taken from portraits painted by the great English and Trench artJets during tlie Napoleonic period ana from the Gaingborouglis done during the seventeenth seventeenth century, Tvhen damea of liigli degree degree adopted the cava'Uer shapes worn ^y the men of an elder generation. These extreme modes are not.only trying to the features, but, the shapes are difficult to adjust to the liead. Yet, when "becom- | WGMECT AEE PEEPARING FOB "DE3?ARTMEMTI STOSE" -SALE The'committee in charge of the Dutch garden in the "department store" to be held next month at the May Memorial Church will meet at 2 o'clock this after- rtoon TVith Mrs, Frederick C, Baird, of No, 302 Highland street, - T h e Apron and Modified Baby Milk--just and doctors seeking for they are wonderfully fetching, espe- clally T\'hcn worn in connection with' 'a reKtaura'nt dinner gown or an exceptionally exceptionally smart racing" costume, Because of the overpowering proportions proportions of the JjRtle Corporal brims, these hats appear to consist chiefly of black velvet, for their crowns, concealed by ostrich plumes or fancy foa.thers, are # minor consideration and in many cases composed of mallno- covered wire. The Csivalier, howovtr, while ciuite fts oxag- ge rated as= the Napoleon, miist bo' com- plcte in every detail, for · the plumes without aclimlly biding Uic cro^vn F Is bofiuti fully proportioned and Household Committee sew from 10 rarely marred with a band trimming. The' o'clock this morning until a o'clock in the afternoon at the church. A box luncheon \v'iU be served, Tuesday at 2 o'clock Miss Anne Calthron will entertain the Apron Committee at No, 1821 South SaHna street, Mrs. Charles "W: Snow opened her home on Thursday for a charity whist for the benefit of tlie Household table. Mrs, T, Hopkins Neal and Mrs. Nelson Snow won the prizes in tlie bridge whist games* find Mrs. James iSTox'dn the trophy given for the games in Requests for some suggestions Cor meat dialiea at a reasonable cost induced the Anti-Food Trust League to have prepared prepared a list oE dishes that are nutritive and at the same time within the reach of any puvee. Low-priced cuts of mea!t must fas cooked slowly in order to soften Lli* tissues tissues ami make ttiern tender before boll- ing:, stewing and steaming are the usual methods. The temperature must be kept low, or at the simmering 1 point, us a higher degree of heat hardens both tbe tissues and the albumen, or valuable protein, protein, held In the solution of Juices. A nourishing meal is made from tha lower part of the round cut In small pieces, browned'in-a little.fat put into boiling water to cover, ana cooked at the simmering point a long time, or until tender. Add vegetables before the meat is quite'done, and dumplings, if liked, To soften the tissues oi a tough steak pour three or fotr'-apoonfuls of vinegar over it and let It slaua about twelve hours* Put pieces from the lower p a r t o C the z'ouucl, or from the sticking piece, Trfpe costs less a pound than meats, but shrinks by Improper cooking. Always cook it In boiling water until tender, drain, then ccok in lniitcr r as lyonnaise; or escallop it with sauce and crumbs on top, It u T HJ then be digestible and economical. VCH! is not rrtally a cheap meat, »s It is immature ami lias less nutritive value thai* beef. It has little flavor .and no fat, therefore it must be wall seasoned, and Always improved by the sedition of a little salt pork, The cheaper porting veal are the breast and nock, which excellent stews and. potples.- ^covered with p. Ifglit pastry or well-seasoned mashed potatoes. Neck of mutton makes a good stew with rice or with vegetables asud dumplings dumplings in the familiar Irish stew. Mutton broth is also valuable, for it's L-i^FiE- ^[_j ^L^f ·__f ^L ^^ W ^m -M ^Ct A^ HP-*. '*^mm-*m ·£}} ff ee; it's a f i t too, because easily digested cow's milk. Store. Co., Food Syracuse, N. Y. most fascinating motfol on the order differs from the conventional Gainsborough, Gainsborough, in tlmt the brim Hares from the buck toward the left side, thus tlfrowins considerable shado over the features, Toques of Many Types, Long 1 and narrow a^a fitting- snugly, to tlio crowTi or the head tlie new'toque of tho flowcr-cron-necl orcl^r requires merely strings to "become a, real bonnet. And, indeed, there is a suggestion of ties In the bridle of roses which are passed about the back hair and 3n the huge bows of ribbon which garnish tlia rear of mrny of these smart little hats. Behold the : Glengarry Bonnet* A toqua which will appeal stronIy to a great many young ftfris diners raaicalty from the conventional model both in its adjustment ana shape. More than anything anything else in the realm of millinery it" rcwsemblss the Scotch Clleng^rry, so oftort worn by quite small children. It Is pointed at front and back* has the center center crease in the top iiicl, like the original from which the idea is copied, is set jauntily toward the left side of the head, The model imported from Paris, is of rose- colored fancy straw, trimmed 'with three rows of tiny roses,, in shades of pink and gray,, thus .practically.,covering For There will K* an entertainment at R»- bensteins Hall at 3 o'clock to-morrow afternoon afternoon for the meroiv-rs of the Council of Jewish Women. Straight and bridge whist will be played. The .Misses Davis and a committee will hay« the evpnt in | charge, Refreshments will be · sewed at the close of the games. through the meat chopper twice, season 'well, form Into shapo oC a steak and cook exactly as if it were a whole slice, Flnnk steak is found between the layers oC fat in the fltmfe, and from"well-fattened from"well-fattened heef is savory find .tender; It .19 sometimes sold at half tlie price . of porterhouse, Tough pieces of beef, like tlie Jo^er part of the round, braiscdv.or Expert ence is what yon know yourself. If you sii5]pect coffee is .hurting-yoiij stop and try 10 days and be sure. -^ ·% · * * '^ "There's a Reason I II also make an excellent potpie. potpie. ,Cut the meat into several pieces and, pepper, and dredge with flour, then put Into an earthen bean pot and set In the oven or cook until tender in a firetesa cooker, which may be a home-matfe hay box, Make a well seasoned sauce from the broth. For the pie 'put' 'the meat and sauce into # baking dish, cover ^itli crust and bake. For a pot roast buy four pounds of the lower round," or the last three ribs toward toward the neck, or the flank, and roll It. Sear the outside in a hot frying' pan.' season; season; and put into a closely covered kettle with a cttp'ot' boiling writer. Cook until tender on the range or a fireless cooker. Pressed beef is prepared from inferior cuts. Put into, a little boilitig water and Uo'1 ftvs minutes, then cook slowly, after Lidding salt £uid a few whole clovfcs. Take out the bones and gristle, chop fine, pack in pans aftid press, A beef's heart is cheap at first cost and may be cooked economically if a .fire Is used, for other purposes, or In a flreless cooker. .After it Is tender, § stuff it with .well-seasoned bread./ crumtis , and bake about forty minutes .-·'. . ; · ' , . ' ' ' - . / Liked motor Boat Show, E. E. P, JVan Epps, one of the exhibitors at the Motor Boat Show in New York city, has returned home, well pleased with the show. Mr, Van Epps exhibited his Une engines and says prospects for business are unusually good, J3. F, Brown of the B. F* Brown G U B Engine Company of this city was also an exhibitor at show. Cat Club Meeting. The monthly 'meeting of the gyi-acuse Cat Club will be held Tuesday afternoon at the homft of t,he treasurer, Mrs, B, Lake, No, 220 Wliitllcr avenue.

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  2. 26 Feb 1910, Sat,
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