Baha'i advert in Lincoln NE

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Baha'i advert in Lincoln NE - THE MISSION OF BAHA ’U’ LLAH Boha'u'llah's...
THE MISSION OF BAHA ’U’ LLAH Boha'u'llah's mission is to revive the spirit of foith in the world, to reowoken man's reoliiotion of himself os o spiritual bemg, and fo inspire him with o more ardent love for God and tor his fellow mon. Boho'is believe that through Boha'u'llah's teachings ond spirit, mankind con enter o new ero of maturity, order ond universal peocc. Boho'u'lloh taught thot oil of the revealed religions ore one ond the some. They ore os chopters in the book of God's continuous guidance to monkind. Recognizing the difference of emphasis from time to time in God's reveoled religion, Boha'u'lloh soid, "In every Dispensation the light of divine guidance has been focused upon one centrol theme . . . In this wondrous revelation, this glorious century, the foundation of the Faith of God and the distinguishing features of His Low is the consciousness of the oneness of mankind." Like the Founders of the other greot religions, Baho'u'lloh was selected by God ond divinely inspired to corry out three functions; to restóte the eternal spiritual truths common to all the revealed religions; to bring lows and teachings which apply to the needs of society at this particular time; and to release in the world o spiritual force which will eventually cause millions of people to respond to the Prophet ond His teachings, recognizing both as being from God, thus enobling the new religion to be the mojor impetus of o new level of monkind's ottoinments. Baho'u'lloh proclaimed thot His mission is in essence the some os thot of Christ, Moses, Abraham, Krishna, Buddha, Zo­ roaster ond Muhammod. Eoch of these holy messengers was a perfect mirror reflecting the sun of God's love for humonity, renewing the convenont between God ond man, and revealing a Book of Lows and teachings for mankind's guidonce and progress. Throughout the world, people ore expecting the coming of a great spiritual figure os prophesied in their Holy Books, after which all of monkind will be united in harmony ond peoce. Some owoit the return of Christ, rthers the Messioh, the Twelfth Imom, the Fifth Buddho, and so forth. Bah'u'lioh claims thot He is the spiritual figure owoifed by oil; that His coming inougurotes o new era In which oil the religions will find their highest fulfillment. The Baha'is of Lincoln will observe the lOOfh onniversory of the declarotion of Boho'u'lloh, Prophet-Founder of the Bohoi World Folfh, ot a special meeting. TTiis will be one of o series of meetings of Baha'is in every port of the world commemorating this singular event In the history of the Boho'i Foifh, It was just one hundred years ago in Baghdad, Iroq, that Boha'u'lloh publicly announced to his followers that He wos the Messenger ot God foretold in the Holy Books of oil of the world's moíor religions. This wo* the actual beginning of the Baha'i World Faith which has now spreod to 526 countries, islonds and dependencies of the world, wifh severol million followers locoted in over 11,000 cen- We heartily invite everyone interested in a better world fo offend fhis celebration In Lincoln SPECIAL MEETING 329 North 11th St 8 P.M.—April 28th

Clipped from
  1. Lincoln Journal Star,
  2. 24 Apr 1963, Wed,
  3. Page 17

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  • Baha'i advert in Lincoln NE

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