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AUTOMOBILES. AUTOMOBILES. AUTOMOBILES. AUTOMOBILES. Coast-to- mud-plastered a plug-ger SWT snt j iii iii in i"nr - tt irn t 1 1 u -m. WM.r . i wet nrv v r I I I Other Bodv EauiDments T - '- LJ? ! I i ioy lonneiu seats rour. St r V ss '"Z T V so r-i 1 3 Top Extra. $15(11 Licenced Unders I Selden Patent Jt, K,i.. t Touring, seats five Model 18, 13,500 Tows Car or Limousine, teats six Model 1 8, $4,ji Xaodulet, seats six Model i$, $4,700 CnUssrajseats four Model 1 8, 4le Torpedo, seats four Modal ts, $4,000 100 PER CENT. OF SATISFIED OWNERS PROMPT DELIVERIES 1911 MODELS ASTONISHMENT IN DETROIT i Letters like the following, from all over the United States, tell the true story of real motor car value : , Detroit, Mich., May 17, 1910. Matheson Automobile Co.: , My " Silent Six " Matheson car 4has arrived and has been taken to the garage from the car with its own power. The car is perfection in silence, power and operation, and is an astonishment to all, right here In Detroit. Very truly yours, (Signed) V. P. HOLLIDAY. Kelt Mr. Holiday is Prtsident oftht Central Savings Bant, Detroit, fiich. GUARANTEED to be the most silent running car in existence ; also uaranteed to be better constructed, swifter, more economical In fuel consumption and tire wear, more comfortable, and tc havs more thoroughly mechanical and approved features of design than any other six-cylinder car on the market, European or American at any price. This guaranty is intended to mean that $3 500 for the 1911 Model 18 Matheson Silent Six will buy the one most silent running and the best six-cylinder car of its type that has ever been produced European or American, regardless of price. ' Stevens- Jell Model IS Palmer- Pierce- Win ton Duryea Matheson Lozler Singer Premier Thorns Mori, Franklin Apperson Arrow National Oldsmoblls Chadwick Alco jTeerleas Price $3,000 ' ' $3,300 18 ,800 flW) 13,500 "1Td00 " $3.500 3,000 I3.7BO ti.SOcT $4,000 .200 $4,600 $Tuioo $0000 HMO Bore and ' , 1 Btroke 4x8 4x4 4m5 SA T6tt 4Hx4Vj 4ttx5tt ixB jx 4ttx5 4x4?4 ti4 4x 6x6 4KXBH 4xSH Horse l ' power, 48.6 35 50 33 00 46-65 40 - 42-60 42 40 88 BO 80 60 60 Ml rated Tnltlnn JumP JumP Double, Two sett Jumpnpnrk Jump .ft.K-'.nd- ,umP JumP' JumP JumP Jumpspark Jump Jump Jump Jump JZ Ignition gparit sparlt ,park pi,,,. Double spark M "US Prii spark spark spark Double spark spark spark ipark Spark Magneto Magneto Magneto Masrneto Magneto Magneto Magneto Magneto Magneto Magneto Magneto Magneto Magneto M.rnnio Current and and .MaB" h?." Kml and ni and and Magneto ond and and and and and and Source Battery Coll itorage battery Buttery Battery Battery Battery Buttery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Inwtd Con ' Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Three lottiar-fnntii Multiple Contiipilm luibirhia Cons Multlnl i...i Clutch disc disc Multiple dlso dso disc disc discs, cork r.;; with dlso bind and cork cone Cone with cork dlso iS.nr1in 'nserte cf """ Inserts band Transmla- Progres- Semi- , alon Selective slve oeieciiTo Selective Selective Selective Selective Selective Selective Selective Selective Selective Seleotlve Saleotlve) Btleotlvs Selective 4 Speeds. 1 forward 1 8 3 8 4 8 8 8 8 8 4 8 4 4 4 4 Shaft or "fwo Two " ' Drlv Shaft Shaft Bhaft 8haft shaft Snaft Shaft Shaft Shaft two chains Shaft Shaft Shaft chain chains Shaft Manganese Axle, front bronze I-Beam I-Beam I-Beam I-Beam I-Beam I-Beam I-Beam Tube I-Beam I-Beam Tubular I-Beam I-Beam I-Beam X-Beam " Semi. Floating or Semi- ! ' Axle, rear Floating Floating Floating Floatlns Floating floating Floating Floating Live I-Beam floating Floating Floating I-Beam I-Beam Floating Base 124 12S ijSUj na 126 124 125 115 127 128 1 25 125 180 124 126 134 Wheels, k front 84x4 86x4H soil 8(Sx3V4 86x4 34x4 36x4 36x4 36x4H 34x4 80x4 80x4 42x4H 88x4 86x4 86x4 Wheels . 1 rear ' 84x4 B6x4H 88x4 8Bx3H 86x4' 34x4K 86x4H x4 87x5 34x4H 88x4H 89x4H . 42x4Vt 86x5 ?6x4 86x5 wi,eeihr- Tlmlcen Annular Annular Annular Tlmken Annular Timken Annular Tlmken Annular Timken Annular Annular Tlmken ' !'. trout roller ball Tlmken roller Ball ball ball roller ball roller ball roller ball roller ball ball roller WHMlbear- Timken Annular Annular Annular Tlmken Annular Annular Annular Tlmken Annular Annular Annular Annular Annular ' ". " roller ball Annular ball Ball ball ball roller ball ball ball roller ball ball ball ball ball . B-hor Bosch high Irgo Boaeh S-Pole Bosch high Bosch high Boech low Bosch high Bosch high Bosch high Remy high Bosch high Bosch high Bosch high Bosch high Bosch high Etomtn ! ' Magneto , f,,, j0 tension high tenalou tension tension tension tension tension tension tension tension tension tension tension tension loadta Have You Tried To Hear It Ran? Having accomplished greater silence in the operation of the light Silent Six Matheson than has any other maker (this is our guarantee you are the judgeand it needs only a pair of good ears to judge this point) we regard it of infinitely greater importance that we are also able to guarantee the light Silent Six Matheson Model 18 to be also superior to all others of its type, European or American, regardless of price, in the following important respects: (1) Its weight is the least in proportion to actual horse-power, consequently it is the easiest car on tires. (2) It has the greatest ACTUAL horse-power in proportion to its cost. (3) It has the largest bearing surface in proportion to cylinder dimensions. (4) It has the easiest riding qualities. (5) It can throttle down uniformly to the lowest speed while running in high gear without missing. (6) It has the best designed and the safest steering gear (irreversible) and steering connections. (7) It has the strongest transmission and rear axle construction. (8) It has a straight line drive (direct on high gear) through a particularly silent, frictionlesa and extra strong double universal (a universal within a universal). (9) It has an absolutely infallible selective type of transmission, with a never failing interlocking device, which makes it impossible for any set of gears to be thrown out of mesh, through vibration or otherwise. (10) It has the finest and the costliest type of multiple-disc clutch-Si discs of saw steel, 12 inchss diameter, hardened and ground, running in a bath of oil. (11) It has the handsomest lines of design; the body is luxuriously upholstered, and the whole car is superbly finished and equipped. Winner of Redlands, Cal., mountain climbing contest. Nina miles In nine minutes, all up-mountaln grades. Matheson Automobile Co., Main Sale Olfice and Garage 1S86-88 Broadway, New York City. !LLLL'U'HL

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 05 Jun 1910, Sun,
  3. Page 65

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  • Matheson Automobile Co.

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