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William Trump - A t IP And Ask Moroy of Court Sonsa- tlonal...
A t IP And Ask Moroy of Court Sonsa- tlonal Tostlmony of Dofondant and Co-Dof ondants-WItnoss- es of State In Robnttal. On ThurSday morning the defense, after putting on one or two character witnesses, placed William Trump, who la Indicted for aiding and abetting In the oflcnBe, on the standi His testimony was In effect as follows : "He Is a photographer and lived In Greenfield from 1003 until recently when I moved to Portsmouth. I have known Harry Clark, the defendant, ever since I came to Greenfield and have known his wife for several years. Slfe had considerable work done and was brought to my place of business first by her brother, Charles. My relations with her have been almost entirely of a business character. I remember Mrs. Clark coming to my place on the Wednesday before Decoration Day last year with Helen Taylor and Forest Hayes. She came to sec me about some pictures she had had taken and wc were all together all of the time In the front room. No arrangements were made at that or any other time for Forest Hayes to meet Harry at my place on Sunday evening. On Sunday Harry was at the gallery In the afternoon and a number of other people came In. He came in again after Bupper and we were, talking about an engine I was going to get for Chas. Pommcrt to put ou a bicycle to make a motor cy cle out of It. I went out to look for Charley and left Harry there, telling him I would be back soon. I called up Harry's house thinking that Charley might be there, but his wife said he was not. I talked to some fellows on the street across from the office for a little while and while we were standing there one of them said, 'What do you think of that?' I said 'What.' One of them said 'Some girl Just went up Into the gallery.' I thought they were joking as they bad"bcen drinking and we had been doing some joking before and I said, 'You fellows must have got another consignment of squirrel whiskey and are seeing things.'. I did a few stunts there In a loklng way about disguising myself. I walked up street with Bert Anderson, but only went two or three blocks when I left him and walked back down town lookintr for Charley. I ran Into Jim Rowc on Murray's Corner and talked to hlra there for at least three quarters of an hour. I then, went back down to the gallery and when I went In found Harry Clark Bitting at the centre window with hla feet In the window and Forest Hayes sitting over by the window at the north aide of the room . There was no light in the room and when I saw her there it made me mad and I said 'What In the h 1 are you doing here ? She said that she wanted to see me about some work and I told her that this was no time for her to be there. I asked Harry why he had not turned on the lights and he said that he had tried to and they would not burn. Harry aBked me If I found Charley. I told him that I had not. He said there he Is now across the street. I said I want to see him, I will be back In a minute. I went across the street and looked for him, but could not see him. Forest Hayes followed me out into the hall, but did not come down the stairs as soon as I did, T went back to the office and Harry and I left In a short time." Upon cross-examination by Prosecutor Smith he showed that he had never stayed ery long In any one place, that he hid been accused of improper conduct with a pupil while teaching school in Fayette county and that he gave up the school for that reason. He denied that he had Bald that he had Harry Clark and Forest Hayes locked up, or had ever made any remark that would tend to show that he had ever been Intimate with Mrs. Clark or had made any arrangements for Clark to meet Forest Hayes at his gallery. He admitted that his wife left him shortly after .the alleged offense. He denied that he had ever caressed or made love to Mrs. Clark at the home of Mrs. John Oswald, Helen TaylorShe went to the gallery with B'oreat Hayes aud Mrs. Clark on Wednesday before Decora- tlon Day. She, Helen aud Mrs. Clark were in the same room all the time and she heard, no arrangements made for Forest to come to the gallery on Sunday and if any such arrangement had been made she would have heard ,them. That Forest came to her home Jas. Rowe Ran a Greenfield part of the fall of 1000. That he knew Wm. Trump well and had known him for years. That on the Sunday evening of the alleged offense he talked tQ Trump for about three quarters of an hour on Murray's Corner. That Trump, when he left him, said he was going back to the gallery that he had left Harry there and told him he would be back Boon. On cross-examination he'also proved to have been quite a traveler seldom staying In any place more than a few monthB at a time. Had been arrested several times and had been In the saloon business. He had never talked to any one about this affair at all and that shortly after It occurred Trump had asked him if he remembered the night they had the talk on Murray's Corner and he said he did. Trump said don't forget It. That he had called on a young lady that night and that he found out what day of the month it was from her. He did not know the young lady's first name or the name of the people she was visiting. He had never said a word to anyone about what he was going to testify to on the stand. Mrs. Anna Taylor Forest Hayes came to her home on the Sunday night this offense was alleged to have been committed about 7 o'clock. She said she wanted to sec Helen and asked If she could have a pin to fix her skirt as It was loose. She went Into the bed room with Helen and she did not see her again. That Helen did not say when Oswell Caldwell served the subpoena on her ul don't know anything as they all went In the back room and talked. I did not hear anything." Mrs. Clark Wife of the defendant. She went to the gallery with Forest Haves and Helen Tavlor the day be fore Decoration Day to see about some pictures. There was no arrangement made for Forest Hayes to meet her husband at the gallery on Sunday evening. That ahc had never been Intimate with Trump. He had been to her house a number of times, but only when with her brother or husband. She had a headache on Sunday evening. That Trump called her up about 7:20 and asked If Charley was there. He was not at the house that evening and that she had gone to bed and was asleep when her husband caine home. The first that 9he knew there was any trouble was when Harry came home after dinner Tuesday and there was a mark on his face and she aBked him what the trouble was and he said Rob Hayes had hit him. He told me something about. what the trouble was , but not all. She went down to the store to see him about it after dinner, but could not get a chance to talk to him. She went back home and called up Trump to ask him about It. On cross-examination she denied that she ever met Trump by arrangement at Mr. .Oswald's, but had met him there once and told him that he should not be there and that since the trouble he should not come near her home. That Trump had never caressed her and kissed her there and she had never sat on his lap and she did not tell Mrs.- Oswald when this trouble was over she would get a divorce from Harry and Trump's wife could get a divorce and they would go away and live together. She broke down and cried just at the close of the cross-examination. Harry Clark Went to the gallery on Sunday evening, described what happened with Trump as stated by him. Had no arrangements to meet Forest Hayes there. She came in shortly after Trump left and asked for him. He tried to turn on the lights and they would not burn. He was very much worried what to do. Did tibt know whether It was right for him to stay or iro. Had some lit tie conversation with Forest and they were In the front room all the time, That nothing Improper occurred on that evening or any other between them He first met her at the skating rink, that she was a good skater ane he frequently skated with her, but did not know her in any other way. Corroborated Trump In regard to what happened after he came back to the gallery. Corroborated his wife In regard to what happened at home, before and after the offense, The first that he had any idea there was any trouble about the matter was when be met Rob. Hayea on he street and he struck him without warning. DEFENSE BESTED. Bert Anderson waB the first witness called by the State in rebuttal, He (Continued on rage Four.) a

Clipped from
  1. The News-Herald,
  2. 21 May 1908, Thu,
  3. First Edition,
  4. Page 1

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