Dime Box robbery and killing of the suspect at Lexington

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Dime Box robbery and killing of the suspect at Lexington - A SUSPECT KILLED BT SHERIFF SCARBOROUGH, WHO...
A SUSPECT KILLED BT SHERIFF SCARBOROUGH, WHO W.tfl FIRED OH. Search of the Body Revealed Stolen Cah aad iUl the Fharaphernalia of a Safeblower. (Hcrurtou Post 5wvt0 GIDDINGS. Texas. April a -Last -Last Thursday Thursday night a burglar entered the store of K arc her a Kocurek, merchants at Dime Box. sixteen miles east of Gkldlnga, In Lee county. The postofflee ears waa blown and one hundred and forty-eight forty-eight forty-eight dollars and a few cents taken. About fe of this money was postofflee funds. Major W. A. Dorset t. the Justice of the peace at that jAace, had two 120 gold pieces which were keepsake and which be had had for twenty years er more in the safs and they were taken. The balance of the money was In bills and silver and belonged to the proprietors of ths store. The robbery was not discovered until Friday Friday morning, when the new was Immediately Immediately phoned to Gidijtngs. J. a. iroorough. the sheriff of Lee county, county, with a few picked deputies, at oace took the matter op and began an Investigation, It was discovered that a strange man had been at L-exlngton L-exlngton L-exlngton and Dime Box s day or two before the burglary. At Dime Box be stated that be was sent by a company which proponed proponed to construct a line of railway through that section aad which project had been considered considered and dlacuseed smong the people generally generally of late. It was considered strange that a company would send a man afoot te look after such a project, but he explained that It was seceesery to go through pastures snd fields and therefore It was better- better- to go afoot. Tbeaa facta came to the sheriff and he at one concluded that he would i a vest irate 'the railroad Inquiries at Lexington failed to locate him. Late Friday aftemoos a white nan te a negro's boos about few or five south of Lexington aad ordered supper. went Biles The negro, euspicioning tnai tnere was thing wrong with the man. aent word to a nexby white farmer, whe aent wont to Sheriff acarborough and hla posse, who wer then near Lexington. They went immediately immediately to th negro s house snd got a deacrlptio of the man. who In the meantime had left and gone in the direction of the Pans railroad track. ahartff Beajoflough the divided his powee Is to two squad, tearing ene to follow the track toward Lexington, and taking a portion portion ef the sound, hurried to Iexlngtoa and took the track going off toward the ether Squad. , About yard sooth of Lexington Sheriff Bcarborougn saw a man a,pproacklng LexineT-ton. LexineT-ton. LexineT-ton. walking upon the track, aherlff Scarborough Scarborough at this time was tast etrraide of th right of way feoc. wMch waa tower than the railroad dump, going In th diractto of the men. He walked past the man on th track, who aeemed to be eyeing him, but as It wgs dark he could not eU who the ma Jim as iwrnrooroug pass a aim. as I toward th man and said: HoM am, ir." The Immediate ivsBcwm was a shot which w hi sail rtght pest Mr. onr- onr- boTOsxgn , atr. sosraw iwigs samij fire apon th shooting four times at htm aa fast a he esmtd. In the TTstlmi the man had fired two other sawXs at tbe sheriff aad ran across the damp, or rather down the side of the damp, ct sterling. A he raised up, as tf te open fire again, Mr. Scarborough fired Ma fifth and last shot. only bavin nee 100 m at gu Unded. Tbe msa ran about taw fell doom hy the side ef the U Th other nisi ef tke neeee. h flrlnsL rashes us lust as the flrtna Tne noay ot tne oaaa ma wa taaan At aw a ceu i s sssn and return. . . $6.65 Sell April 24th. Return April 28th. e T The Girl Who Wants I a Business Training. I Deaervea s mite of your aid. The e votlnc coupon In this paper will help her to a scholarship. ............ .......... which ehowed that it had been tired thrr. Umce and had thrre loada allll In It. The pkatol was cocked and clutched In the handa of the dead man. He had a small arlp which contajned a number ol drllla of the very best srade, about feet of fuse, some of which had been cut Into ahort lenrtha for ik a bottle of black powder and"- and"- In money, the two 20 old pieces of Major Dore.lt belna In th. count. There "no question aa to his being tne man woo i been at Dime Bos the day bet or. and the flDdlDc of th. two sold plecea flxea beyond question that ha was the man who New the aafe. There wa. nomine wnavi.ar.wr ' tu Indicate his nsme of where he was from. KheHff aVarborouah save The Post tne fol- fol- lowlns description of the man: He waa tnics. aquar. uuui. " Inches tall, would welfh about runds wer. a No, I sbo.; bald beaded, with dark mustache; a ecar under left eyebrow ex- ex- tendlne up towards center or torenja . car on Jlaht side of neck evtendlna towsreT aacle of Jaw. apparenUy knlf. cut; a ecar across the pop of the risht arm. -. -. Th. day n. waa aaa at "TTi" for his maU and save his nam. as w. A. Carsoa. . " The Port Lartea Branch. (faavafea Put SfrUL) VICTORIA. Teaas. April B.-Roadmaster B.-Roadmaster B.-Roadmaster Davis state that the first section of srada retains aa the Port Lavaca branch naa been LtntaM from Victoria to Plaoedo Th railway company la werldnf eichty convicts otT thla Job. It reuolr ibout lajears of .ravel to the mil la this work. The rale r. . . ihM arwl in some nUeee nearly s foot. Between here and Nuresry the seat rmjarns will DS XtzioaA VationaJ Eection. (Aft rVaw XeeaW.) wsrsTiro CTTT. April fL B. M. Brown has K- K- .lected preaadeatothe Mexleaa wa. Sril railway aad D. F. 8eaaett woe erest- erest- awTNO MACHIHCS FOR bv SFwek er saentav, a . - "V. ackiiowieoaeei ute .aim aa. am cowvleced. Only at the lyOOfe for the rea 4M Mala street. Houatoa. Jira Lost at Otmralca. Ft SfrLt OOISXAIM, Twsas. April XL lasts toalfnt the cattle sheds aad hay bams h4oaain te st Wella and leoated eora dlstsaee froas tawn wer. dietrnyad by fire. The loes at abeast I Ozomulsion CURES ' ' s Sni n. re aa.a.n(MBai ,. I B Mass. Lwaalaeait1aaeiS.il ill raiaii Bomai rsas , Ss aw Sa BB m, J. X. .,

Clipped from The Houston Post23 Apr 1906, MonPage 8

The Houston Post (Houston, Texas)23 Apr 1906, MonPage 8
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  • Dime Box robbery and killing of the suspect at Lexington

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