Part 2 Liberty West's statement

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Part 2 Liberty West's statement - they knew,' and he had all the 'proof he I...
they knew,' and he had all the 'proof he I wanted, and now, that they had these men, he would be God d d if they didn't pot an end to them and stop it at once. 1 still insisted oa being released, and he told me that he would study about it till morning, and then would, let me know. A short time afterward-we afterward-we afterward-we arrived at Shiloh church, about three or four miles from Russellville, on the Dover and Russellville Russellville road. We were ordered by Dodson Dodson to halt, dismount and give our horses up to the guard. The prisoners were taken' inside the' church and closely watched, j Dodson said that he would go and get some forage, and in about an hour he returned and said that he conld get nothing there,' and that we would have to go to Russellville. During the absence of Dodson from the chqrch I could see him and a lot of his men talking talking together, and seemed to be consulting about something. Hickox seemed to fee one of the principal parties in the con-versaiion. con-versaiion. con-versaiion. Our horses were brought op, and we were told to mounts Dodfon ordered ordered Mr. Joe Tucker and myself to ride upon his left, and Mr. Hale and son in our rear, and what men he had there in the rear of us and himself and Hickox in front, giving the guard strict order not to let the prisoners get away. Dodson, Dodson, who was in front, looked-back looked-back looked-back and said : "I'll be d d if it don't look like half our men are gone," and laughing heartily marched on. After marching a short distance, we crossed what seemed to be a small creek, when I noticed a road turning: off to the lef , but we' kept on the Russellville road a short distance, when, all at once, one of the party remarked remarked : "It ia as dai k as Eypt." to which another .one of the party, replied : "JSgypthasno eyes," and immediately firing commenced on the road in the woods. I could distinctly see that the blaze from the guns or pistols went u-wardas u-wardas u-wardas though they were elevated in the air. At this lime one of the party in the woods cried, "hold on." when Dodson and Hickox checked their horse, but .did not mike any attempt to fire on the persons ia the woods. I, in a moment seeing what was up and hearing the firing of guns immediately in our rear by tbe guard, threw myself on the left side of my horse, which caused . the saddle to turn a little on that side. I did this in the hope that it would cause them to mis me. My horse then "bucked" until I was thrown to the ground and I crawled into the brush and remained perfectly quiet. From the place I was hid I could distinctly hear persons laughing and talking, talking, and at the same time heard the voice of Dodson cry oat, "where are the prisoners?" prisoners?" Dodson then dashed off toward Russellville about two hundred yards when there was a calm for a short time, except : a few words passed, followed by a loud report from what seemed to be a shot-gtin. shot-gtin. shot-gtin. At the same time I could hear a cry of distress "oh, oh, oh," at the same time I heard Dodson say "now, G d you, I've got you," followed by another report from what seemed to be a shot-gan shot-gan shot-gan similar to the other; this was followed by another cry of distress in a low faint tone, then two more heavy dis: charges from a shot-gun, shot-gun, shot-gun, and two more smaller reports. The cry of distress ceased be 'ore the last firing. I laid as still as possible and heard the men passing passing up and down tbe road talking and laughing for a short time when they seemed to dash' off toward Russet ville. For fear some of them might still be about,' I laid still until the moon went down the better to enable me to make my escape. I think Hickox and Dodson were the only parties in the crowd who had large heavy shot-guns. shot-guns. shot-guns. ' Isham L. West. ' Sworn and subscribed to, before me, tnis theHih day of July, 1872. J. C. Warren, Mayor of Djver.

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette26 Jul 1872, FriPage 1

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)26 Jul 1872, FriPage 1
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  • Part 2 Liberty West's statement

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