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Rousell case statement  sep1898 - STATEMENT OF CASE. Mr. Greenlee Interviewed in...
STATEMENT OF CASE. Mr. Greenlee Interviewed in Regard to Fraternal Aid Affaire. 1 IRREGULARITIES F01LD U BOOKS- Letter Sent to tbe Officers and Trustees of the Order Explaining Various Discoveries Made by Mr.Oreen-lee A Statement ot tbe Case. , if For some time there have been vague rumors afloat that there had been some discoveries in Fraternal Aid circles that made it seem that there had been irregularities in the conduct of the office of secretary, but the matter nas been kept very quiet till today, when an out of town paper got bold of tbe rumors, and published as facts, a statement that Mr. Rousell, former secretary of of the order was about to be arrested on Dew charges, Tbe paper also made a number of errors in commenting on the trial through which Mr. Rousell has just passed. In looking up the matter this morning a Journal reporter who saw Mr. M. D. Greenlee, the present secretary, and showed him the article in question, got from him the following statement in an interview. "In regard to the report published in this morning's Capital, the said article is misleading, from the fact that Mr. Rousell was not convicted of embezzlement. He was, however, on a charge of using the United States mail for the purpose of fraud, his sentence being eighteen months in the federal prison. It is true that he is out on bond, pending an appeal to the United States appellate court, and his case is set for the December term. Upon as suming the duties of general secretary I found much correspondence and the work in the office in general a chaotic condition. This was largely owing to Mr. Rousell and his chief clerk being called out of the office attending his trial at Topeka. Before assuming the control of the finances of tbe office I demanded of the board of trustees a true balance as to the different funds of the order. In. the nature of things this could not be given me until after an inspection of accounts had been had by a Lest, Found, For Sale, For Reut, Etc. proper committee. The board called to their assistance Mr. Samuel P. Moore county treasurer of Douglas county, as an expert. In bis report as published in our June official paper he stated that he had checked the account with the cash book, but had not done so as to the returns for assessments which are on file in the office. He also stated that in order to make an absolute' check up of the business it would be necessary to check over these reports. On account of the general fund of the order being overdrawn the matter was deferred. "In tbe performance of my official duties it became necessary for me to check back over some of these reports in order to adjust the accounts in the offices of many of our local secretaries. In doing so I found irregularities on the assessment register. As it was self evident that a system of filling in of amounts on account of assessments bad been done after the books and accounts had been audited. Upon making this discovery I called to my assistance Dr. A. J. Anderson, our medical examiner, who is also a member of the advisory board, as I wished to be absolutely certain prior to taking any official action in tbe matter. With his assistance we checked over as- JE8SIK An to In presence J, R. letter Los - I nave union object. We sult of the brought right country, giving and tbe no more its full away be the from it will inded noble words war sessment No. 11 of 1896, and later on with I my cniei cierk, aiiss in ,Q resolve always this a big be the we Room for Rent Furnished nished, 726 Ohio street. or unfur- For Rent Furnished rooms at 813 Rhode Island street. the assistance of my chief Rosa Robinson, we made a careful investigation, which resulted in my sending to our general president, L A. Ryder, M. D., of North Topeka, also P. . Hamble, of Valley Falls, chairman of the board of trustees, who is custodian of the bonds, the following statement: Lawrence, Kan., Sept, 5, 1898. To L, A. Ryder, M. D., Gen, Prest., North Topeka, Kansas, P. J. Hamble, Atty. at Law. Chairman Board of Trustees, Valley Falls, Kansas. Dear Sirs and Bros; It becomes my painful duty as your general secretary to officially inform you that I find irregu larities in the books and accounts of Bro. Ed. Rousell, former general secretary of this Fraternal Aid association. The following schedule gives (in part at least) the No. of council and amount of funds remitted on assesment No. 11 of 1896 and No. 9 of 1897, which has been evidently filled in in tbe assessment register after the books were audited and not charged up on the cash book to account of said Rousell. 1896. Council Amt. Asst. Arreagb No. No. 11. on No. 11 1 .$151 90 $13 5 5 44 10 9 60 35 42 35 8 36 7 65 44 5 90 56 72 40 1 20 This into of a beautiful in told You My war. the. navy young of ing caDtain K rlutv. J in among most name We is the am memories ON For Rent Furnished Massachusetts street. rooms at 824 Fcr Sale Poland China pigs, John M. Starrett, one mile north farm. 63. 69. 79- 42 25. 55- 38 30. of poor 150. 178. it the re do For Rent Good six room house, con venient to University and car line; inquire at Luther's greenhouse. Wanted An experienced cook at 910 Louisiana street. Wanted Show cases at Boener Bros, 179 37 20. 187. 81. 89. 93. 94 10 95 1 109 30 95 the to for the the will the not when back you then the Don't in me for a poor felt I. enquire 47 75 10 2 9 you ff 1 ......... .... 3 I - to . .Jn Apircc-r.nnr1 rnnUnn annl it icr iwr lc7 "JU 1 u I bushel at Phillips' fruit farm, one mile 2 10 25 qcINo north of Dicker's store, north Lawrence. I 22 7? 27 95 I 5 i "" 18 15 31 85 l 2245 1 95 in 32 75 zens IS.::::::::::::: :::::::: 139 3a 65 7 i5iipt 143 34 15 211 32 65 148 10 V. :::::::::.::: :::::: : 24i-.::::: ";.':.:: m":::::::: 2 35 246 9 25 3 30 1 5 5 5 , .. 3 90 90 1 tail 54 80 f Arr'g. I .5 10 1 but 51 no Wanted By two young men. a place to work for board or room. Can furnish recommendations. Address C H, this office. Wanted A competent white girl, must be a good cook. "A" ournal office. For Sale At a bargain; Household goods, consisting of beds, chairs, sofas, stoves, dressers, washstands, etc. Chas. Sullivan & Son, corner Henry and Kentucky, Wanted I will take three or four boarders Nice furnished rooms and board, also fire in room, for $3.00 per week. Mrs. R. F. Glass, 242 Locust street. For Rent Two nice rooms; all con veniences. Over Hub doming store. For Sale or Rent Seven-room house, large lot, barn and out kitchen, cistern and well. On street car line. Rent $15 per month. M. G. Manley. Wanted A good woman for cooking and housework; only those who can cook need apply; apply at the Fair. Apartments to Rent A suit of four rooms, suited to light housekeeping, at 705 Tennessee street. Please address L. I. Blake. 266 285 1054 154 Total $1209 1897 Council No. Asst.No. 2 8 .... 1 44 62 , 100 102 in 132. 9 9 . 9 9 8&g.. 9 9 9 - 9 20 80 00 Amt. 123 25 269 35. 24 05. 34 30. 5 75 depart-wents fun, to No a that night about the in a re set seems It and fireworks "time" in the we moment be let statesman's of chewed result health. For Rent The Sigma Nu hall and rear rooms over the express office, third floor, have been newly papered, painted I and repaired and are for rent by R . W. Ludington. For Rent First class piano, to re sponsible party, or will sell cheap. Address Box 45, City. For Rent A ten room house in good repair, 1033 Vermont street. Inquire at above number. For Sale Trees, vines and shrubery. 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If you can furnish satisfactory reference we will furnish a complete sample line and outfit and start, you to work at once. For particulars address 179 230. 262. 265. 269. 296. 322. 329- 343- 348. - 9 9 9 9 9 7& 9 9 9 . 9 12 20. . 503 90 5 75 Total 509 65 The original reports are missing where blanks occur 00 this sheet. Fraternally Yours, Die. m. ;d. G. General Secretary. r Mr. Greenlee also wishes to state to the members of the order, and to all interested that legal steps have been taken and proper notice given to the security company in which Mr Rousell was bond ed to protect the order from" all possible loss. As to the protection of the case which in the very nature of things, becomes one for tbe state to care for under the direction of the county attorney. All needed information and affidavits, neces sary will be furnished him and everything will be done that exact justice may be meted out to all concerned. This whole matter has , been very painful to Mr. Greenlee as during the past while working as an organizer for the association Mr. Rousell was held in the highest esteem and bis personal character ' and official acts bad been vigorously defended where a defense was needed as well as for the high regard that he feels for Mr. Rousell's family. It became however, a matter of stern business necessity rather than sentiment. la. p. P. m.,

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  2. 15 Sep 1898, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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