Opening of Waldorf-Astoria

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Opening of Waldorf-Astoria - New Waldorf-Astoria Is Manhattan's Newest...
New Waldorf-Astoria Is Manhattan's Newest Three-Ring Circus With 1500 Walters and a Suite For $123 a Day. New York, Oct. 6.— Manhattan's latest three-ring circus is the new Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, a dizzy panorama of wonders which now joins the list of what-to-sec-ln-New York. Like the big-top shows, the new hostelry has Its freaks and its spectacular stellar attractions; it has bizarre innovations and acres of luxury. There is a super-spe cial suite that cost3 S125 a day and there are ritzy ciubs whose bookings of special quarters make one ponder the question of the much discussed depression. Although I'm Inclined to be bored by statistics, it Is somewhat surprising to learn that 1200 lobsters are gobbled up in a single half hour; that 1500 wafters are standing about waiting; and that somebody's private railroad train is parking down where the basement ought to be. When it came to luxuries, the old Waldorf was not exactly a slouch. The old-timers recall the lime when David Moffatt. the multi-millionaire westerner whose name decorates the Moffatt road. into town and decided to take up quarters in the historic Waldorf. Looking over the, place, he leased a suite which included a private ballroom, a drawing room and any number of bedrooms. Yet he used the quarters only a couple of times a year, when he came to New York for directors' meetings. The early days of the famous old place are colorful with tales of bonanza kings in from the west on spendinc spurts. There was. for instance, the picturesque Henry Tabor, whose daughter became •n as "Silver Dollar" Tabor because her daddy had been so ] lucky at hitting "pay dirt." : well, that s ail past tense now. ■ In the new hostelry, for instancy . I find a telcuhonic iradsot that keeps track of the oheckine-in- and-checking-out of several thous and people. For .some reason or other, every mportant new building has its quota of folk who want the first to register and the first to ime the phone and the first to ride in the elevator and the first to oc cupy a room— and all that! Invariably they are visitors who I can go back home and tell the ! fo^ks all about it. A gent from Grand Rapid', Mich., by name of A. E. Kustercr, sent his luggage to the hotel a week before it was officially ready ! for occupancy, kept the room for a ■ night and then took the train back ' home. He carried an autographed 1 receipt by way of a collector's ' Item. Oh yes. and there's a thirteenth floor. But no numeral "13" Is allowed to appear on the pane.'s. Thus, for instance, the numbers skip from 612 to 614— just to keep the superstititious hapDv. And, lest I forget— you are not a "guest" when you register at the new Waldorf. You're a "patron." Something like S00 people made all sorts of offers to be the first hundred thousand (600,000) George Washington Bicentennial committees, devoted to honoring Washington in as many ways as they can think of In every town and crossroads during the nine-months celebration next year, is one aim of the Bicentennial Commission here. Tho commission Is a barrajrc of questionnaires, pep letters, George Washington literature and celebration programs at 49,000 postmasters, 110,000 city officials, 232,000 churches, 180.000 fraternal, civic and patriotic societies, zsb.uuu school Buildings. 7 000 farm groups and so on. It Is trying to get them all card-Indexed and to see that they get organ ized. More than 6000 city and town committees already, are formed, plus the committees for all states and territorial possessions. The municipal or village committees are the Important ones and they co-ordinate the work of the minor nittccs. Over 6000 letters a day now leave the national Bicentennial offices here, but that's only a starter and It doesn't count great tonnage of literature. posters and other ballyhoo. Congressman Sol Bloom, the director, began by sending a long questionnaire to more than 49.000 federal postmasters. He demanded the population, names of the mayor and the most prominent citizens, names and presidents of tmusement parks, civic and patriotic organizations, social clubs, names of all churches and their pastors, all school boards and schools, young people's groups, bar associations, men's fraternal societies, women's groups and automobile associations. The Bicentennial Commission is trying to organize people for this celebration by groups of tens of millions. For instance, they expect 40,000,000 members of fraternal and patriotic bodies lo take an active part. And at least 10.000.-000 boy and girl members of 4-H clubs. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Y. W. C' A. and other Junior organizations. Then it adds up all the church country ant' asserts that all but those who arc hopelessly bedridden will attend some ceremony pageant, service or special exer cise in honor of George Washing ton at some time during the celebration period. Shut-ins will get it by radio. There's no space to tell about tne prolonged national Bicentennial sports program, the Bicentennial cherry blossoms fete in April, the Bicentennial marathon to be run from Mount Vernon to the Monument "with detours to his- around the Declaration of Independence up at the Library of Congress, Lafayette Day .vhen 3000 visiting French veterans will march in a huge veterans' parade, Fraternal Day in October when all Amrrican fraternal groups hold a big ceremonial here, Columbus Day and another large pageant, Armistice Day hereunder American Legion supervision with pilgrimages from cvciywhere, or Farmers' Day. Nov. 19, when the national farm organizations will stage festivals and a national harvest demonstration. Or about the various state day celebrations, observing anniversaries of independence or admission to the Union. But they do say that more than 500.000 Masons will bu in this vicinity for the dedication of the George Washington Masonic Memorial at Alexandria from May 9 to 13. And no week will go by when some national organization is,n't having a convention with bicentennial features, or some group of foreign blood isn't celebrating its special day or tonic large group of folks isn't putting on a demonstration of one kind or another. "patron." And to avoid the embarrassment of seeming to show favoritism the first official "pa- ] tron" was .the chairman of the hotel board. Charles Hayden. That section reserved for dog- j dom — and only the swankiest -had ; Alfalfa Bill Assumed Role Of State Cupid Durant, Okla. — (OP) — When Gov. William H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray defied federal court Injunctions to open the new free bridge over Red river between Denison, Tex., and Durant he was a big help for the court olerk's office in Bryan County. All previous records for the number of licenses issued in one month were broken the month after the bridge was opened. The court clerk gave 288 couples permission to wed and nearly 90 per cent of them were from Texas. Death. . . . entered the room with her!

Clipped from
  1. Times Herald,
  2. 06 Oct 1931, Tue,
  3. Page 11

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