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r7? n PirpsecL Way Paved for Authorization Of Petitions Favorable Action Another Step Toward Annexation to MWD Boundaries for the proposed 223-squa 223-squa 223-squa re-mile re-mile re-mile San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, being considered for later an nexation to the Metropolitan Water District, were approved Tuesday by the County Boundary Boundary Commission. The area was termed "one of the largest improvement districts ever to come to the attention of the commission" by County Surveyor Leonard P. Wikoff. Formation of another water dis trict in the Crestline area and an nexation boundaries for two oth er improvement districts also were studied by the commission. The commission determines whether boundaries are "definite and cer itain" before petitions for annexa ft ion or formation are authorized. BOUNDARIES TRACED Boundaries of the San Bernardi no Valley Municipal Water Dis triet, outlined by the upper Santa Ana River Water Study Commit tee, were traced on a map by Har old Zenz, County administrative of ficer. E. F. Dibble. Redlands wa ter engineer, and C. J. Clark of Highland represented the water study group. The boundary line was described as corresponding with the San Bernardino County line on the south, and slanting behind Yucaipa Valley and Greenspot at the east, then west to a point near Devore and Verdemont at the northwest The western limits extend from the mouth of Lytle Creek along the Chino Basin Water District The proposed water district includes includes the Cities of San 'Bernar dino, Redlands, Colton and Rialto. OTHER ACTION Other boundaries approved were : Loma Linda Sanitation District, including a portion of the subdivision subdivision south of Barton Road and west of the southerly extension of Anderson Anderson Street. An elementary school site for the San Bernardino School District, located located on both sides of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Avenue, north of Base Line, extending extending to the north corner of Base Line and California Street. o r n SLUMBERING GIANT PUT IN NEW HOME Calectric Begins Work on Third Unit at Highgrove Over in Highgrove Tuesday they gently put a slumbering 94-ton 94-ton 94-ton giant to rest in its new home. The "giant" was the principal component of a General Electric turbine-generator turbine-generator turbine-generator called a stator or housing in which turbine blades eventually will rotate. When fully "awake" this metal monster, being installed at California California Electric Power Com zZj&rk$h Cjf r'T if i) J O it n - I INSTALL NEW 'GIANT' The California Electric Power Company installs another electric turbine-generator turbine-generator turbine-generator at its Highgrove Highgrove steam electric generating plant. Workmen are shown lifting the massive 94-ton 94-ton 94-ton stator which houses the turbine equipment via crane and placing it in its permanent location beside the plant's other two turbine-generators. turbine-generators. turbine-generators. Optimism Expressed HOUSE-SENATE HOUSE-SENATE HOUSE-SENATE COMMITTEE pany's Highgrove steam plant, will have the "strength" of 40,-000 40,-000 40,-000 kilowatts. The company's unit No. 3, as it is called, is being built by the Fluor Corporation of Los Angeles Angeles and is scheduled to go into operation after the necessary testing some time in October. Calectric's other two units lave a rating of 30,000 kilowatts each. When completed the three fee Highgrove units will have a total rated output of 100,000 kilowatts. The giant stator was lifted from its flat-car flat-car flat-car type carrier by a huge Gantry crane. While the crane was designed to take loads of 45,000 pounds, special rigging rigging has made it possible to lift 94-ton 94-ton 94-ton loads "at least six times," a company spokesman said. The crane already has installed installed the first three stators and unit four is scheduled for completion completion in 1955. The stator first was lifted clear of the catwalk railings of the second floor which houses the control room and the firing aisle. The giant crane, lifting the huge equipment as if it weighed only a few pounds, then carried it to the east of the other two units already installed. After jockeying jockeying into position, the crane operator, operator, aided by a crew of workmen, workmen, guided the stator into its new home at the south of the other units. The estimated cost of the new unit when completed is $1,300,-000. $1,300,-000. $1,300,-000. The other two units cost about 1 million dollars each. Here is how a steam plant converts fuel into electricity: Fuel, either gas or oil, is burned in a boiler to convert water into steam. The steam under terrific terrific pressure is forced against the blades or fins of the steam turbine. An electro-magnet, electro-magnet, electro-magnet, fastened fastened to the turbine shaft, revolves revolves inside coils of wire known as the generator and electricity is generated. The electricity is funneled into the "switchyard" nearby and stepped "up" by transformers to the desired voltage for transmission. transmission. From local substations it is then transformed "down" to voltages required for domestic and other uses. A condenser containing some 35,000 square feet of cooling area condenses the steam used to (Continued on Page 22, Column 5) Board Grants The plane shifted ville as a landed on ler by carrying landing North Victor-ville. obtained left, finish which ports. of the adding near it was Sunday. The maroon number Saturday Vegas. but to fly Las ber plane were fueled. AID from Bernardino been A fice Las the the The ron Base search passengers. Earl valued rear Third 7 a.m.

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  2. 22 Jul 1953, Wed,
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