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II Wjv'n«*«y, *"»«rt ". WINONA DAILY NEWS Early Days in Rushford A Political Travelogue RUSHFORD, Minn. -When opposing opposing candidates start berating each other before the elections this fall, it will be pretty mild stuff compared with the strong political political feeling in these parts a century century ago. In September, 1857 the Norse pioneer newspaper Emigranten published a letter that was an interesting interesting mixture of comment on Fillmore County's scenic beauty and partisan politics. The writer, who wisely omitted his name, said: "It is important that I give the' readers some information about the beautiful Fillmore County, Minnesota. I will mention especially, especially, its many resources, its rich crops, and its inhabitants. Fillmore Fillmore County has 24 townships of the best land in this whole territory^ territory^ The rich soil is of a clay nature and is able to produce every kind of grain, hay, and fruit. The county is rich in larger and smaller streams, which have their origin in pure, cold springs. The crops have richly repaid the thrifty farmer for his labor, and this year is for him a year of happiness." BUT THEN THE writer made a subtle transition from travelogue travelogue to politics by saying: "This picturesque Rushford district, district, with its high mountains a'nd oak bushes, takes pride in its township of free men, all of whom are Republicans who have learned that the Democratic party as it row exists stands for slavery, roudiness (sic) and crime. "But the Highland district, -which -which is the most beautiful part of Fillmore County, and whos soil is covered by rich cornfield and within whose shady woa many a well-meaning Scam navian is found, -- gives but h tie hope for the cause of freedom The inhabitants of this beautif district, where the Creator of n lure has made everything beaut ful and perfect, ought not to gi\ it a black spot by going to th polling places blindfolded and gi ing their votes to a .party that democratic only in name." THIS LETTER it In a pamphlet entitled "Norse Immigrant Le ters --Glimpses of Norse Imm grant life hi the Northwest in th Fifties" compiled by Richard T Eide, a student in the Departme of Journalism, University of Mi. nesota, and published in 1925. Th pamphlet was provided to th Daily News by Ernest M. Malan Rushford. In the interest of fairness, th Daily News read the pamphli diligently but found no Democrat rebuttal for the Republican lette writer's charges. Another letter, which is non-con troversial, was published in Em granten Oct. 10, 1859. The lette was written by A. G. Frederich son, preacher and theological can didate from Christiania, Norwa; and concerned a journey throug middle and Western Minnesota b several Norwegian Evangelic- Lutheran congregations. The wri er mentioned a stagecoach trip "* took from Chatfield to Winona; 'ON MY JOURNEY from Cha field to Winona I saw an artesia well," he said. "It was 90 fee deep and the drilling had cosl 1270. The water, however, did iiol spring up on its own account, had to be pumped. A few places in (lie eastern and middle part ol Fillmore County were forced to haul water for several miles. "Some while before we arrived in Winona I saw the largest stonemason stonemason hill I have. ever seen in America. One had a dizzy view down into a deep valley. There was no railing and the work appeared to have been performed a truly American fashion of carelessness, carelessness, for the walls, which seemed to be new, were at e r a l points already breaking away. Up and down this, and great many much more difficult hills, the farm products and the wares of the merchants had to transported from and to the southern southern part of Minnesota in order come to the region of more important important markets on the Mis- ssisippi. How expensive, then, the transportation cost became." This reference to the quarry submitted to Dr. Lewis I. Younger, Younger, president of the Winona County County Historical Society. He said the quarry referred to might be the one at Enterprise near Wyattville where quarrying is still going on. The old Territorial Road, which runs past this area, had been by stagecoaches. Ettrick Ready For Bloodmobile ETTRICK, Wis. (Special)-- The

Clipped from The Winona Daily News27 Aug 1958, WedPage 12

The Winona Daily News (Winona, Minnesota)27 Aug 1958, WedPage 12
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