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SATURDAY EVEXIXG THE IIAIiRISRUna TELEGRAPH. XOVE3IBEB 2fi, 18U8. AOTES AX!) QUERIES. Historical, Biographical, ana Ocnea - lojficnl. XLVf. ;in Reads in Indian (iravM. There recently eaiue into possession of the writer a number of glass, or enamel, beads, or baldricks, which had been found in an Indian grave in Lancaster county. Among them were three of the polychrerce variety, which are extremely rare, and commonly known ajiiong archaeologists as the "star pattern,"' because the white color between the exterior blue and inner Ted. forms a terminal star or zigzag band, when the original cylinder is ground into an oval so as to expose the interior colors. colors. Examples of this bead have been found from one - fourth of an inch to an inch in diameter. . ; . A number of these beads are in the United States Xafional Museum and were described by the late Dr. f. S. Ilaldeman lthsomaai annual report for lSu, p. states that similar beads m lJgypt and are preserved m now in the British Museum 1, where there are also specimens igland found with Samion cups Roman buckles. Mr. A. Morlot, of Lausanne, Switzer land, made a communication to the American American Philosophical Society (Proceedings 1862) in which ho calls attention to certain certain enamel beads found in Indian graves at Beverly, in Canada; a similar one having been found near Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden, and one in a grave mound in Jutland. They are all considered to be Phoenician. Morlot says: "It follows that these glass beads and baldrics from the ossuaries at .Beverly, are anterior to the Christian era, and that America, appears to have been visited already at that remote period by "Europeans, most likely by those skillful navigators, the Phoenicians." In Schoolcraft's "Indian Tribes of L nited States," vol. i, pages 11, 12, 13 and figured on plate 24, is an account of a number of glass beads of various designs and colors which had been found in different different sections of the United States. One of the star pattern in the National Museum Museum collection came from Santa Barbara, California, and another from Lima, New York. A specimen in Dr. Haldeman's collection collection came from a grave in Tioga county, county, Pa., and another from Turkey Hill, below Columbia. Specimens are now to be seen in the collection of the late S. H. Zahm and the late P. C. Hiller, of Lancaster, Lancaster, which came, from Indian graves in Lancaster county. Among the beads owned by the writer are some one - eighth of an inch in diameter diameter and one and a half inches in length of the red color of carlenite or pipe stone when wet. Similar ones are also tl be found in other collections and both this and the star pattern kind were shown in the CasteTanni collection at the Centennial in Philadelphia in 1876. Dr. - Haldeman states that "the manufacture manufacture of the star pattern and other kinds is of very great antiquity." Mr. Morlot states that "the Northmen received these beads from the Phoenicians and carried theni to America," whilst Mr. A. W. Franks, of the British Museum, opposes this and says that they are Venitian of the fifteenth century. In the Cesnola collection collection in New York are some very beautiful beautiful colored glass beads from Cyprus. A Venitian bead, red, with a yellow or white centre, known as "'Cornaline dAlep - po," is widely spread. It has been found in Indian graves in the United States, in '.Abyssinia, - Algeria, in British Guiana and in the Malay Archipelago. In the collection collection . of the late S. II. Zahm, of Lancaster, was also a specimen of bead made from true amber, which had been found in an Indian grave in Lancaster eountv. S. M. SEXER. Lancaster, Pa. RECORDS OF "THE HILL CHURCH." VII. Baptisms by Rev. Dr. Locliinnn. II., llaerter, John, s. of Andrew Haerter and wf, Salome, b. Aug. 15, 1794; bap. Aug. 24, 1794. Sp. John Haerter and wf. Elizabeth. ". - ' Haupt, Jacob, s. of John Haupt and wf., d. uec. XV, iuv; Dap. juarcn. , lsuo. Sp. George Batdorf and wf. Haupt, Frederic, s. of Frederic Haupt and wf., 3 wks. old; bap. Aug. , 1814. Sp. Julius Mayer: ; , . Haupt, Rebecca, d. of John Haupt and wf., b. Aug. 14,. 1814; bap. Oct. , 1814. John Schnebley and wf. Hegy, Daniel, s. of Christian Hegy and wf., b. Dec. 16, 1814; bap. Jan. , 1813. Sp. Christian Heilman and wf.' Heylman, Catharine, d. of John Hevlman and wf., b. Jan. 30, 1798; bap. Feb. , 1799. Sp. Adam Heylman and wf. Heylman, Catharine, d. of John Heylman and wf., b. Jan. 25, 1803; bap. July 24, 1803. Sp. John Heylman and wt. (grandparents). Heylman, Sarah, d. of John Heilman and wf., b. March 18, 1805; ba. , 1805. - Sp. Michael Killinger and wf. Heylman, David, s. of Adam Heilman and wf. Catharine, b. March 29, 1805; bap. July , 1805. Sp. David Heilman and wf. Catharine. Heylman, Rebecca, d. of David Heilman and wf. Catharine, b. May 23, 1806; bap. June , 1806. Sp. John Heilman and wf. Heylman, Michael, s. of John Heilman and avL, b. Nov. 7, 1S06; bap. , . Sp. David Heilman. Heylman, Elizabeth, d. of David Heilman and wf. b. Aug. 1, 1807; bap. Sept. , 1807. Sp. Mrs. Oehrly (Early), widow. Heylman, Anna Mary, d. of John ileilman and wf., b. May 18, 1S0S; bap. Sept. , 1808. Sp. Andrew Killinger and wf. Heylman, Daniel, s. of David Ileilman and wf., b. Oct. 19, 1S08; bap. July , 1809. Sp. Adam Heilman and wf. Hejiman, Elizabeth, d. of John Heilman and wf., b. April 13, 1811 : bap. June , 1811. Sp. Adam Ileilman and Wf. Heylman, Joseph, s. of ,Jac - ob Heilman and wf., b. Dee. 9, 1812; bap. March , 1S13. Sp. Henry Heilman. Heylman, Rebecca, ,d. of John Heilman and wf., b. May 22, 1813; bap. Aug. , 1813. Sp. Adam Barth and wf. Hicks, John, s. of Georse Hieks and wf., - ' b. Aug. 8, 1799; bap. Oct. 20, 17s)9. Sp. John Romich and wf. pjlieks, George, s. of George Hicks and Avf., w b. Nov. 11, 1800; bap. , 1S06. Sp. John Ensminger. Iliestand, Mary, d. of Jacob Hiestand and wf., b. Jan. 17, 1811; bap. May , 1811. Sp. Nicholas Bohr and wf. Hirschberger, John. s. of Abraham Hirsch - berger and wf., b. Nov. 16, 1799; bap. fbR PEOPLE IS A DELICIOUS - ZSZ. SUBSTITUTE - J ni l JJ& I I Otmcr ron't take imitation?: - .. .. o The Genuine is msde br The Gen;s. Pore Kikjo Co.. Le Roy. N. Y. Sold by grocers everywhere. PURE GRAINS. GZ 3 i The Homeliest Man in Harrislmrg As well as the handsomest, and others, 1 are invited to call on any druggist and I get a free trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the throat ana Jungs, a remedy that is guaranteed to cure and relieve all chronic and acute coughs, asthma, bronchitis bronchitis and consumption. Price 25c and 50c. June , 1800. Sp. John Hirschberger and wf. Howerter, Elizabeth, d. of Christian and Juliana Howerter, U. Jan. 12, l9o; bap. July 17, 1796. Sp. Christian Cassel and wf. Barbara. Howerter, Jacob, s. of Christian Howerter and wf., b. Dec. 1, 1797; bap. Dec. 31, 1797. Sp. Jacob Hoffman and wf. Howerter, George, s. of Christian Howerter Howerter and wf., b. Feb. 18, 1799; bap. . 1799. Sp. Philip Carmini. Howerter, Samuel, s. of Christian Howerter Howerter "and wf., b. Nov. 15, 1800; bap. Dec. 27, 1800. Sp. Tobias UJrich and wf. Howerter, Christian, s. of Christian Howerter Howerter and wf., b. Oct. 16, 1802; bap. , 1802. Sp. John Carmini and wf. Howerter, John, s. of George Howerter and wf., b. March 28, 1S03; bap. June , 1S04. Sp. parents. Howerter, Mary, d. of Christian Howerter and wf., b. May 6, 1803; bap. June , 1804. Sp. Anthony Carmini and wf. Howerter, George, s. of Gecrge Howerter and wf., b. Nov. 14, 1804; bap. March 17, 1S05. Sp. Christian Cassel and wf. Howerter, Lydia, d. of Christian Howerter Howerter and wf., b. Jan. 30, 1808; bap. April 6, 1S06. Sp. Abraham Reguel and wf. Imboden, Elizabeth, d. of Adam Imboden and wf. Marv, b. Sept. 25, 1794: bap. Oct, 12, 1794. Sp. John Schweickard Imboden and wf. Leonora. Imboden. Christina, d. of Adam Imboden and wf. Mary, b. Feb. IS, 1796; bap. March 12, 179G. Sp. Henry Peter and wf. Christina. Imboden, Henry, s. of Adam and Catharine, Catharine, b. Jan. 6, 1796; bap. April 10, 1796. Sp. Henry and Christina Peter. Imboden, Anna Mary, d. of George Imboden Imboden and wf. Elizabeth, b. Slav 3, 1795; 'bap. July 17, 1796. Sp. Jacob Hoffman. Hoffman. Imboden. Magdalene, d. of Adam Imboden and wf., b. March 17, 1797; bap. April 23, 1797. Sp. Magdalene Siegchrist. Imboden, Elenora, d. of Philip Imboden and wf., b. April 1, 1797; bap. April 7, 1707. Sp. Jon. Schweick. Imboden and . wf. Imboden, Margaret, d. cf Adam and wf., b. Oct. 3, 1798; bap. Nov. 16, 1798. Sp. Parents. " Imboden, Philip, s. of Philip Imboden and wf. b. July , 1799; bap. , 1799. Sp. Jacob Riechert and wf. Imboden. Eleonora, d. of Adam Imboden and wf., b. Dec. 29, 1799; bap. , 1800. Sp. Solomon Siegchrist and wf. Imboden, John Henry, s. of Adam Imboden Imboden and wf., b. Sept. 4, 1801 ; - bap. Oct. , 1801. Sp. John Wolfersberger and wf. Imboden, Solomon, s. of Philip Imboden and wf., b. Oct. 19, 1801 ; bap. Dec. 20, 1801. Sp. Frederic Imboden. Imboden, Catharine, d. of Adam Imboden and wf.. b. Feb. 25, 1803; bap. April , 1803. Sp. Philip Imboden and wf. Imboden. John, s. of George Imboden and wf. b. April 2, 1803 ; bap. April 22, 1803. Sp. Joh. Sc - hw. Imboden and wf. Imboden, Henry, s. of George Imboden and wf., b. April 2, 1803; bap. April 22, 1803. Sp. John Kerber and wf. Imboden, Elizabeth, d. of Philip Imboden and wf. b. Oct. 22, 1S03; bap. Nov. , 1S03. Sp. John Wolfersberger. Imboden, Jacob, s. of Adam Imboden and wf. b. July 6, 1805; bap. Aug. , 1805. Sp. J oh. Schw. Imboden and wf . Imboden, Elizabeth, d. of George Imboden and wf. b. Oct. 9, 1803; bap. Dec. 7, 1805. Sp. Christian Cassel and wf. Imboden, Jacob, s. of Philip Imboden and wf. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2, 1805; bap. Jan. 1, 1806. Sp. Abraham Raeguel and wf. Elizabeth. Imboden, George, s. of Adam Imboden and wf., b. Oct, 6, 1806; bap. , 1806. Sp. Jacob Imboden and wf. Imboden, Henry, s. of Jacob Imboden and wf., b. Dee. 27, 1806; bap. , 1806. Sp. Adam Imboden and wf. Imboden, Sarah, d. of Adam Imboden and wf. b. Jan. 3, 1808; bap. March 30, 1808. Sp. parents. Imboden, Catliarine, d. of Jacob Imboden and wf., b. Men. 10, 1809; bap. Apr. , 1809. Sp. Joh. Carmini and wf. Imboden, Frederic, s. of Joh. Adam Imboden Imboden and wf., b. Jan. 6, 1810; bap. Feby. , 1810. Sp. parents. Imboden, Eleonora, d. of Jacob Imboden and wf., b. Mch. 24, 1811; bap. Apr. , 1811. Sp. Joh. Schw. Imboden and wf. Imboden, Joseph, s. of Adam Imboden and wf., b. Sept. 17, 1811; bap. Oct. , 1S11. Sp. John Sieehrist and wf. Imboden, Leah, d. of Jacob Imboden and wf., b. June 4, 1815; bap. Aug. , 1S15. Sp. Eliza Carmany. Jenny, Margaret, d. of Jenny (il - legit.), b. Oct. , 1795; bap. Dec. 20, 1801. Sp. Joh. Schw. Imboden. Johnson. Thomas, s. of Thomas Johnson and Mary McGill, b. . , ; bap. May 1, 1S03. Sp. Dietrich Bieber and wf. Juengst (Yingst), Samuel, s. of Juengst and wf., b. . , ; bap. Mch. 3, 1795. Sp. .Christopher Rieker and Anna Mar. Limc - h. Juengst (Yingst), John, s. of John Juengst and wf., b. Oct, 12, 1795; bap. Nov. 2, 1795. Sp. Christopher Ulrich. Juengst (Yingst), Anna Mary, d. of John Juengst and wf., b. June 7, 1797: bap. Sfcpt. 24, 1797. Sp. Christopher Rhine - hart and wf. Juengst (Yingst), John. s. of Abraham Juengst and wf., b. Oct. 9, 1797; bap. May 6, 1798. Sp. Joh. Carmini. Juengst (Yingst), Rebecca, d. of John Juengst and wf.. b. Aug. 21, 1799; ba.p. Oct. 0, 179!). Sp. the widow of Ulrich. Juengst (Yingst), Elizabeth, d. of Abraham Abraham Juengst and wf., b. Oct. 22, 1798; bap. - i - , 1801. Sp. John Schmidt . and wf. Juengst (Yingst), Tobias, s. of John Juengst and wf., b. Sept. 21. 1S01 ; ban. Oct. 1801. Sp. Tobias Ulrich and wf. Juengst (Yingst), Catharine, d. of John Juengst and wf., b. Oct, 13, 1803; bap. Dec. , 1803. Sp. Michael Ulrich and wf. Juengst (Yingst), Adam, s. of John Juengst and wf., b. . , ; bap. Feb. r , 1806. Sp. Adam Ulrich and wf. Juengst (Yingst), Elizabeth, d. of John Juengst and Avf., b. .Apr. 10, 1807; bap. Dec. , 1S07. Sp. Michael Ulrich and wf. Keller, Barbara, d. of George Keller and wf., Eve, b. Oct, 3, 1794; bap. Dec. 31, 1794. Sp. parents. Keller, Elizabeth, d. of Jacob Keller and wf., b. Oct. 10, 1795; bap. Jan. 31, 1796. Sp. Magdalene Keller. Keller, Catharine, d. of George Keller and wf.. Eve, b. July 8. 1796; bap. July 30, 1796. Sp. Miss Magdalene Keller. Keller, Joh. Jacob, s. of Jacob Keller and wf., b. Feby 20, 179S; bap. Feby 27, 1798. Sp. parents. Keller, Bem'amin, s. of Jacob Keller and wf., b. Feby 20, 1798; bap. Feby. ,27, 1798. Sp. parents. Keller, Catharine, d. of Jacob Keller and wf.. b. Jan. 11, 1800; bap. Feby. , 1800. Sp. John Scherzer and wf. Keller, John, s. of George Keller and wf., b. Dec. 0, 1800 ;, bap. Dec. , 1S00. Sp. Jacob Keller and wf. Keller, David, s. of Jacob Keller and wf., b. Mch. 17, 1S05; bap. Mch. 27. 1S05. Sp. George Keller and wf. Keller, Eva, d. of George Keller and wf.. b. Jan. 18, 1807; bap. Apr. , 1807. Sp. Adam Heilman and wf. Keller, Anna Mary, d. of Jacob Keller and wf., b. June 28, 1807; bap. Aug. , 1S07. Sp. Mathias Gilbert and wf. Keller, Catharine, d. of Jacob Keller and wf., b. June 16, 1809; bap. July , 1S09. Sp. Adam Heilman .and wf. Keller, Sarah, d. of George Keller and wf., b. May 30, 1809; bap. July , 1S09. Sp. John Heilman and wf. Keller. Elizabeth, d. of George Keller and wf., b. Jan. 7, 1812; Lap. May , 1812. Sp. Elizabeth Keller. ' Keller, Anna Marv, d. of George Keller and wf., b. July 26, 1S13: bap. . , '1S14. Sp. parents. Kennedy, Robert, s. of Robert Kennedy and wf., b. Aug. 21, 1S03; bap. . , 1804. Sp. parents. Killinger, Susan, d. of Peter Killinger and wf., b. July 28, 1798: bap. Sept. , 179S. Sp. John Killinger and wf. - Kitzmiller, Christina, d. of Jacob Kitz - miller and wf., b. Apr. 20, 1800; bap. June 15, 1S00. Sp. Martin Busch and wf. i Kitzmiller, Salome - , d. of David Kitzmiller and wf., b. May , ISOo; bap. July , 1805. Sp. Tobias Ulrich and wf. Klever, Anna Dorothea, d. of John Klever and aMrgaret Dietrich (III.), b. ept, 25, 1799 ; bap. Nov. , 1799. Sp. Christian Hepting and wf. Klein, Jacob, s. of John Klein and wf., b. Mch. 18, 1814V; bap. Oct. , 1814. Sp. Bernhard Emrich. Knochen, Anna Mary, d. of John Knoch - fii and wf., Anna Margaret, b. July 24. 1794; bap. Sept, 7, 1794. Sp. Lucas and Mary Elizabeth Schalle. Knochen, Barbara, d. of John Knochen and wf., b. June 0, 1797; bap. Nov. 19, 1797. Sp. Miss Barbara Schalle. Hoch, Sarah, d. of John Muenzger and wf., 1763: bap. Mch. 2. 1795. Adult. Koch, Mary, d. of Henrv Koch' and wf., Sarah, b. Mch. 23, 1785; bap. Mch. 2, 1795. Sp. Mrs. Siegchrist. Koch, Catharine, d. of Henry Koch and wf., Sarah, b. Nov. 11, 1787; bap. Mch. 2, 1795. Sp. Mrs. Siegchrist. Koch, John, s. of Henrv Koch and wf., Sarah, b. July 18, 1789; bap. Mch. 2, 1795. Sp. Mrs. Siegchrist. Koch, Anna, d. of Henry Koch and wf., Sarah, b. Jan. 10, 1793; bap. Mch. 2, 1795. Sp. Mrs. Siegchrist. Koch, , of Henry Koch and wf., Sarah, b. . . 1797; bap. Oct. 22, 1797. Sp. Christopher Rinehart and wf. Koch, Jacob, s. of Henrv Koch and wf., Sarah, b. Mch. 12, 1798; bap. Mch. 14, 1800. Sp. Jacob Hoffman and wf. Koch. Elenora, d. of Henry Koch and wf., Sarah, b. Sept, 20, 1800; bap. Mch. 14, 1800. Sp. Joh. Schw. Imboden. Kopp, John, s. of Joh. Nichls Kopp and wf., Veronica, b. Jan. 17, 1797; bap. May 26, 1797. Sp. Geo. Schreckengast and wf., Elizabeth. Kopp, Veronica, d. of Nicholas Kopp and wf.. b. June 16, 1803; bap. July , 1803. Sp. Adam Ulrich and wf. Kunz, Jacob, s. of George Kunz and wf., b. Feby. , 1799; bap. Apr. , 1799. Sp. Philip Selzer. Kunz, Anna Mary, d. of Philip Kunz and wf., b. Feby. 2, 1800; bap. Dec. , 1S00. Sp. Abraham Hirschberger. Kunz, Anna Mary, d. of Philip Kunz and wf., b. June 5, 1802; bap. Aug. , 1S02. Sp. Philip Selser and wf. Kunz, Mary, d. of Jacob Kunz and wf., b. Oct. 5, 1805; bap. Feby. , 1806. Sp. Anthony Clever and Mary Binkley. Lang, John, s. of William and Elizabeth Lang, b. . , 1794; bap. Oct. 26, 1794. Sp. Frederick Faernsler. Lehr, Mary, d. of John and Elizabeth Lehr, b. Apr. 17, 1795; bapt. July 28, 1796. Sp. Dorothea Hepting. Lehr, Elizabeth, d. of John and Elizabeth Elizabeth Lehr, b. Apr. 17, 1795; bap. July 28, 1796. Sp. Miss Mary Schmidt. Markwart, John, s. of John Markwart and wf., b. Mch. 18, 1803; bap. May 1, 1S03. Sp. Adam Barth and wf. Markwart, Henry Sebastian, s. of John Markwart and wf., b. Sept. 1, 1804; bap. Oct, 12 or 13, 1804. Sp. parents. Markwart, Samuel, s. of John Markwart and wf., b. Aug. 1, 1806; bap. Sept. , 1806. Sp. Christopher Riechert and wf. Marzal, Sophia, d. of Christopher Marzal, b. Oct. 28, 1800; bp. , 1801. Sp. parents. Matter, George, s. of George Matter and wf., b. March 31, 1799; bap. June , 1799. Sp. Philip Carmini and wf. Matter, Jacob, s. of George Matter and wf., b. May S, 1800; bap. June 15, 1800. Sp. Philip Carmini and wf. Maver, Elizabeth, d. of Michael Maver and wf., b. April 26, 1802; bap. July 25, 1802. Sp. Elias Weitzel. McGill, Rosini, d. of John McGill and wf. An. Mar., b. Dec. 18, 1796; bap. Jan. 19, 1797. Sp. Wm. Bergenhof and wf. McGill, John, s. of John McGill and wf., b. July 20, 1799; bap. , 1799. Sp. John .Aehenbach and wf. McGill, Thomas, s. of John McGill and wf., b. July 10, 1801 ; bap. Aug. , 1S0I. Sp. Joh. Dietrich Bieber and wf. McGill, Elizabeth, d. of John McGill and wf., b. , 1804; bap. March 17, 1805. Sp. Mrs. Hicks (widow). McLaughlin, John, s. of Charles McLaughlin McLaughlin and wf., b. March 9, 1793; bap. April 29, 1798. Sp. Elias Weizel and wf. McLauglin, Mary, d. of Charles McLaughlin McLaughlin and wf., b. Feb. 13, 1800: bap. March , 1800. Sp. Christian Schmidt, Shake Into Your Shoes. Allen's Foot - Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting, nervous feet and instantly taker tne out of corns and bunions. Ifs the greatest greatest comfort discovery of the age. Alien's Foot - Ease makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to - day. Sold by all druggists nnd shoe stores. 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The honeymoon docs not eclipse the sunshine of happiness. "I sitflered for months from sore throat. Eflectric Oil cured ine in twenty - four i hours.'' M. S. Gist, Hawesvillc, Ky. Ht Dr. Agner's Catarrhal Powder Cut Off the Ravages cf Cetanh in a twinkling. "Whlls tne pulpit las cBmc3ed sisnf vrofidezfol healings from Catarrh by this wonder - fzil remedy, the press presents its quota ef equally marvellous and credible cures. Chas. C. Baowjt. manager of the Independent Press Bnrean of Dnlnth, Minn., suffered from throat and oasal Catarrh for over ao years, says he speat a small fortune in trying to rid himself of what he terms " the disgusting malady." and to use his own words, "without relief until I tried your incomparable remedy, and I want to add my mite to the sum total of general approval." 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Free advice nbout obesity from onr Net? York or Chicago Medical Department. Call or write. Letters addressed to Dr. .Amy M. Henry, who has charge of our Woman's Department, Department, will be opened by Mrs. HeDry, or tier chief assistant. Reducing Tablets, $2 a boi:. Obesity Pills, $1.5i a bottle. 3 bottles $4, 4 - c - i;h for one treatment. Dr. Edison's Rednctng Tablets are sweet, palstable and titty to take, and may be tined with rtirs Ffty and great benefit with Dr. Edison's Obesity Tills. Dr. Edison's Obesity Remedies Remedies are soid by leading druggists and are kept in stock by wholesaler;. We forward goods promptly. No printing on onr enve - lopes. tmmmmmmmmm mm mmmt Ccc out and send this within 10 ciars xnrl rut J Free ttamnld of Dr. Kdison A. Obes'tr! Kmr dies and his tvKiic "how to Cure j Ooestt t" - 50 portraits s aod many l !luttrar.:ons Ceo nearest addiev Put Iicnt . No. on envel - S Otm. LOB1XG A CO.. pt. : - 14 Nv Hamilton fl., Boston; no.2 vr. ad St.. Ke w York ; Kos. 6S - 63 Wbah At., CMm PENNSYLVANIA R. R The Standard 11. R. of America. Protected Tbroaghont br the Interlocking Switch and Block Signal System. System. On and after November 21st. 1SSS. lbi Passenger Trains of the Pennsvlvania Ki - .il - rond Company will depart from HARKIS - BUIiG and arrive at Philadelphia. New - York. Pitlsburg, and Erie as follows: EASTWARD. PHILADELPHIA EXPItESS daily at 1:10 a. in., arrives at Philadelphia at 4:oO a. in. and New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, at 7:13 a. in.. West Twenty - third Street Station 7:45 a. in. EASTERN EXPRESS daily at 2:05 a. in., arrives Philadelphia 4:50 a. m.. New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, 7:3:t a. in., Weat Twenty - third Street Station 7:45 a. ni. FAST LINE daily at 4:00 a. iu., arrives at Philadelphia at 0:52 a. in. daily and New - York, Desbrosses aiid Cortlandt Streets,0:3. a. ni., and West Twenty - third Street Station 0:45 a. in. week - days. Ou Sundays arrives N'evr - York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, 10::JS a. ni., and West Twenty - third Street Station 10:55 a. in. IIARRlSliCKG EXPRESS daily (except Sunday) at :40 a. m.. arrives at Philadelphia Philadelphia at 10:18 a. m. and New - York, Desbrosses Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, at 1:13 p. m., and West Twenty - third Miect Station p. m. COLUMBIA ACCOMMODATION daily (except Sunday) at 7:15 a. m., arrives at Philadelphia at ll: - 35 a. in. and New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, 2:13 p. in., and West Twenty - third Street Station 2:35 p. ni. HARRISBURG EXPRESS daily (except Sunday) at u:lo a. m., arrives Philadelphia, 11:43 si. ni., New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Cortlandt Streets, 2:lil p. in., and West Twenty - third Street Station 2:35 p. ni. ATLANTIC EXPRESS daily at 9:15 a. ni., arrives at Philadelphia 11:52 a. ni. and New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, 2:23 p. ni., and West Twenty - third Street Station 2:35 p. m. SEA - SHORE EXPRESS daily (except Sunday) at 11:40 a. in., arrives at Philadelphia Philadelphia 3:u0 p. ni., and New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, 5:33 p. m.. West Twenty - third Street Station 0:15 p. in. PENNSYLVANIA LIMITED EXPRESS of Pullman Vestibule Cars daily at l:4t p. ni., arrives at Philadelphia at 4:17 p. in., and New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, at t:3 p. ni.. West Twenty - third Street Station Station 0:45 p. ni. LANCASTER ACCOMMODATION. Sunday Sunday only at 2:35 p. m., arrives Lancaster 4:20 p. m. DAY EXPRESS daily at 2:50 p. in., arrives arrives at Philadelphia at 5:47 p. in. and New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, at 8:08 p. ni.. West Twenty - third Street Station t:20 p. in. LANCASTER ACCOMMODATION, daily (except Sunday) at 2:55 p. ni., arrives Lancaster Lancaster at 4:13 p. in. MAIN LINE EXPRESS, daily at 3:25 p. m., arrives Philadelphia 0:23 p. in.; arrives New York, Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets, 0:30 p. m.. West Twenty - third Street Station 0:45 p. in. week - days. Sundays, Sundays, arrives Desbrosses and Cortlandt Streets 9:0S p. m., and West Twenty - third Street Station 9:20 p. in. HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION via Columbia, daily (exeept Sunday), at 4:50 p. m., and arrives at Philadelphia at 9:45 p. in.. New York, Desbrosses and CorMandt Streets. 12:33 a. ni., and West Twenty - third Street Station 12:50 a. in., daily except Mondavi. LANCASTER ACCOMMODATION, daily (except Sunday) at 5:10 p. in., arrives Lancaster Lancaster 0:2O p. m. MAIL TRAIN daily at 7:00 p. in., arrives at Philadelphia at 10:2ti p. ni.. New York, Desbrosses ::nd Cortlandt Srreets. 3:53 a. in. Sundays, arrives Philadelphia lu:45 p. in. STEELTON TRAINS leave Harrisburg dally texcept Sunday) at J: - J!. 7:15. ll:io a", in.. 2:55. 4:50. 5:10 p. ni. On Sunday 2:35 p. in. Returning, leave Steelton daily ex - r - ept Sunday. 11:05. ll:lo a. m. : '':4 7:0.1. 7:44 p. m. On Sun J v. 7: - lo and 11:20. a. :n For LEBANON. 6:4 - U:4'i a. m.. : - ::2.". 7:" p. m. ' week - days.' All Thronph Trains .iinioi - t at .lejsr.v t'iiy with boats of '"Pcunj ania. Annex" for TTfUII J 1 Rite - U - .7iirmi HP & The Right Reverend Aethur Sweatman, D.D., IXCL., Lord Bishop ol Toronto, Crnarta. contract - d ccld In the bemd in a Serious and aggravating form ro much so thai there were present all the symptoms of acute Catarrh and he was threatened with the incapacitating agonies ci ihl s relentless disease clfrmon. He pinned his jasth Jo - what had cured otbenJ, procured and nsed Jr. Agnew's Catarrhal Ycrriicr, and over his own signature writes of the almost almost miraculous relief he had in io minutes after, the .first application. BROOKLYN, N. Y.. avoiding double ferriage ferriage and journey through New York City. WESTWARD. SOUTHWESTERN EXPRESS daily at 1:20 a. in., .arrives at Altoona at 4:50 a. ni., 1'itrsbnrs :30 a. m. PACIFIC EXPRESS daily at 3:00 a. m., arrives at Altoona at 7:40 a. m. and Pitts - bur at 12:10 p. m. WAY PASSENGER, daily, 8:00 a. m.. arrives arrives at Altoona 1:00 p. in. and Pittsburg 5:50 p. m. PITTSBURO - EXPRESS, daily, 11:45 W. m.. arrives Altoona 3:10 p. m. and Pittsburg 6:55 p. m. MAIL daily at 11:48 a. m.. arrives at Altoona Altoona at :i:45 p. m., Pittsburg 8:40 p. ni. FAST MAIL, daily. 1:00 p. in., arrives Altoona Altoona 4:00 p. m.. Pittsburg 7:10 p. m. (Xo coaches to Pittsburg.) PENNSYLVANIA LIMITED, of Pullman Vetisbule Cars daily at 3:00 p. ni., arrives at Altoona at 6:05 p. m. and Pittsburg J:15 p. m. FAST LINE daily at 3:50 p. m.. arrives at Altoona at 7:40 p. in. and Pittsburg at 11:30 p. ni. ALTOONA ACCOMMODATION, dally. 5:0 p. ni., arrives Altoona at 9:35 p. m. and Pittsburg, 2:00 a. ni. CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS EXPRESS dally at 7:30 p. m.; arrives Altoona 10:45 p. m. and Pittsburi? at 2:00 a. m. EXPRESS FOR PITTSBURG (daily except except Sunday). 1O - .20 p. m.. arrives Altoona 2:K) a. in. and Pittsbnrjr 5:30 a. ni. WESTERN EXPRESS daily at 11:55 p. m.. arrives at Altoona at 3:35 a. m. and Pittsburg: at 7:15 a. m. For MIFFLIN, 3:00. 8:00. and 11:4S a. m.. 3:,';0. 5:00, and 10:20 p. m.. daily, except Sunday. Sundays. 3:00, 8:00 and 11?4S a. m.. 3:50 and 5:00 p. m. lbllndlp:iia A Erie It. R. Division. ERIE EXPRESS, dally, except Sunday, at 12:01 a. m., arrives at Sunbury at 1:24 a. m., and Willianisport 2:25 a. in.. Lock Haven 3:12 a. m.. Kane 6:55 a. ni., arrives at Erie 10:0O a. ni. ERIE MAIL, daily, at 3:35 a. in., arrives at Sunburv 5:05 a. m., Willianisport 6:40 a. m.. Lock Haven 7:56 a. m., Kane 12:20 p. in., and Erie at 3:45 p. m. NEWS EXPRESS, daily, at S:05 a. in., arrives at Willianisport at 11:00 a. m., Lock Haven at 11:50 p. ni. NIAGARA EXPRESS daily (except Sun - dav at 11:40 a. in., arrives at Willianisport at 2:30 p. in.. Lock Haven at 3:40 p. in., Renovo 4:40 p. m., and Kane 1:05 p. in. FAST LINE daily texcept Sunday) at 4:j0 p. in., arrives at Willianisport at 7:10 p. in.. Lock Haven at 8:07 p. in., and Renovo at U:tK) p. ni. WILLIAMSPORT EXPRESS, daily, at 7:55 p. m.. arrives at Stmbury 0:25 p. ni. and Willianisport at 10:4O p. m. Time cards and full information can bo obtained at the Ticket Office at the Station. J. R. WOOD. Gen'l Passenger Agent. J. B. HUTCHINSON. General Manager. Northern Central Railway. Tbrougn and direct route to Washington, Baltimore. Eltnira, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Rochester, Niagara Falls. On and alter November 20ih, 189S. traius will leave HARRISBURG as follows: NORTHWARD. Rochester and Buffalo Express daily, except except Sunday, at 12ol a. m.. arrives at Sun - bury 1:21 a. m., Wiliiaiusport 2:25 a. in., Elniira 4:50 a. m., Watkins 5:35 a. in., Can - andaigtia 7:15 a. m.. Buffalo 10:15 a. m., and Niagara Falls 10:43 a. in. - . .1 J - - - . - ........ .Inll .1 " f - " ' "1 ,, ,,, - 1 T U.I I l 1 ' - V j ' 1 1 n 'iu !i i (t i - ' . - . ..... ... j rives at Sunbury at 5:05 a. in., Willianisport j at iS:i' a. m.. Elniira at 9:55 a. m.,Vatkius at ju:4i :i. m., . uiiuiiuuiisuu ;n x - .o" p. ui., Buffalo at 4:15 p. in., and Niagara Falls at 5:12 p. in. News Express daily at 8:05 a. in., arrives at Sunbury 9:40 a. m., Willianisport at 11:00 a. ni. Niagara Express daily except Sunday at Willianisport at 2:30 p. in.. Elniira at 5:14 p. in., Vt alKins at :'. i. i., vii;ii"ii.iiii at 7:35 p. in., Buffalo at ll:2o p. in., and Niagara Niagara Falls at 12:30 a. in. Fast Line daily except Sunday at 4:O0 p. in., arrives at Sunbury 5:40 p. in.. Williams - port at 7:10 p. ni., Elmira at 9:55 p. in. Willianisport Express daily at 7:55 p. in., arrives at Sunbury 9:25 p. m., and Wiliiaiusport Wiliiaiusport at 10:10 p. in. SOUTHWARD. Southern Express daily at 4:0) a. in., arrives arrives at Baltimore at 0:35 a. m., Washington Washington at 7:45 a. ni. Jluliimore Accommodation week - days at G: - i5 . in., arrive! at Baltimore at 10:11 a. ; in.. Washington at a. in. Baltimore Accommodation Sundays only at b:oo a. in., arrives at Baltimore nt ll:0u a. in. Atlantic Express 9:20 a. m.. daily, arrives Baltimore 11:55 p. iu., Washington l:uo p.m. Baltimore Accommodation daily excel. t Sunday at ll:5u a. m., arrives at Baltimore I at 3:11 p. m. and Washington at 4:io p. in. Chicago and Washington Express daily at 1:40 p. m., arrlvis at Baltimore at 4:15 p. m.. "Washington at 5:30 v. m. Day Express daily at 3:3 p. in., arrives at j isaltimore at o:w p. m. auu t asuiugion 7:15 p. m. Washing - ton Express daily at 7:05 p. m.. arrives at Baltimore at 9:45 p. m., Washington Washington 10:55 p. m. For further information apply at the ticket otiice of the Pennsylvania Railroad Station. J. R. WOOD. Gen'l Passenger Agent. J. B. HUTCHINSON. General Manager. FERRY COUNTY RAILROAD. on .mil alter niuuuiij, .wicuucr - tui, ISUtt. traius ou ike P. G. R, will run aa follow: follow: EAST A. M. Leave Lnndlsburg, G:33; Loysvllle, C:54; Bloomsburg, 7:34; arriving at Jiuncannoa. S:H). 1. M. Leave Landis - bur. 12:50; Loysville, 1:10; Bloomfleld. 1.55; arriving at Duuoaoaon, 2:2S. Leave LaDdis - burji, 0:0s; arriving at New Bioomneld. 6:4. WEST A. M. Leave Duneauuon, 9:00; Blootuaeld. 9:43; Loysville. 10:25; arrlinii at Landisburg, lu:35. Leave Bloomfleld, 6:04 arriving at Lacdisburg, 6:34. P. M. Leave Duncannou. 4:30; Bloomiield. 5:10; Lovsvilie, 5.52; arriving at Landlsbura. 6:02. 1. R. R - trains pass Duncannou as fo! - ;os: East :24 and 10:54 a. in.. 2:44, 6:05 j and U:oo p. ro. nest s:;;h, ana 12:1a e. in.. 4:15 and 5:34 p. in. CHAS. II. SMILEY. President. 8. H. BECK. Superintendent. KEWF0RT & SHERMAN'S VALLEY VALLEY RAILROAD. On and after jdonuaj, liiih, 1S9S. train will run as follow a: est ward Trains leave Newport at 10:34 a. m. and 0:05 p. ra. Eastward Trains leave New Germantowa at 6.50 a. m. and 2:2o p. in. t D. GRINO. i President and Manafte ! . fi. S. MILLER, General Afient " Philadelphia & Reading Railway. Enffiae Cum Hard Coal - Xo Smelt In Effect Norember 20th, 180S. TRAINS LEAVE HARRISBURG For New York via Philadelphia. 5:O0. 6:20, 7:55. 0:i2 a. in., and 1:05. 3:50. 6:45 p. la. Sundays, 7:30 a. m.. 4:Oi and 6:45 p. ni. For New York, via AUentown. 5:00. 7:55. 9:02 a. m.. 1 :". 3:50 (Black Diamond Express) Express) p. ni. Sundays. 7:30. 8:55 a. m. For Philadelphia, 5:00. 6:20. 7:55. 9:i2 a. m., 1:05. 3:50. 6:45 p. m. Sundays. 7:30 . in.. - 4:00 and 6:45 p. m. For Shippensburg. 8:23, 11:55 a. ui. 7:15 p. in. For Gettysburg, 8:23, 11:55 a. m., 4:05 p. For Carlisle, 8:23, 11:55 a. m., 4;05 and 7:15 p. in. For Middlctown, 6:20 a. m.. 1:10 and 6:43 p. m. For Reading. 5:00, 6:20. 7:55. 9:02 a. in. (making no local stops). 1:05. 3:50. 5:10, 6:45, 8:15 p. m. Sundays, 7:30, 8:55 a. m., 5:10. 4:00. 6:45 p. m. For Pottsville via Reading. 5:00. 7:55, 9:03 a. m.. 1:05, 3:50, 6:45 p. in. Sundays, 7:30, 8:55 a. in., 4:00, 6:45 p. m. For Pottsville via Auburn. 2:45 p. m. For AUentown and Easton. Pa., 5:00, 7:55, 9:02 a. m., 1:05, 3:50 and 6:45 p. m. Sun days, 7:30, S:55 a. m.. 4:00 p. m. TRAINS FOR HARRISBURG. Leave New York, Liberty street ferry, via Philadelphia. 4:30, 7:45 a. m.. 1:30. 4:3. 5:00 p. m., 12:15 midnight. Sundays, 4:3'. a. m.. 1:30 p. m., 12:15 midnight. Leave New York via O. R. R. of N. J. and AUentown. 4:00. 9:10 a. m., 5:45 p. in. Sundays, 1:00 and 5:30 p. m. Leave New York via L. V. R. R. and AN lentown. 8:15 a. m.. 1:00, 7:00 p. m. Sundays, Sundays, 1:00. 5:15 p. m. ' Leave Philadelphia. 3:40, 8:36. 10:21 a. m.. 4:06, 6:36 and 7:20 p. m. Sundays, 3:40. 7:06 a. ni.. 4:06 and 8:30 p. m. Leave Pottsville via Reading. 3:55. 5:40. 9:0o, 11:00 a. m., 4:35. 7:30 p. m. Sundays 3:55, 8:10 a. ni.. 4:25. 7:30 p. ni. Leave Pottsville. via Auburn. 9:00 a. in. Lenvp Reading. 5:05. 7:00. 10:15. 12:10 a. ni.. 2:05, 5:55, 6:05, 8:30 and 11:05 p. ni. Sundays, 6:30. 9:26 a. ni.. 5:55, 12:28 p. m. Leave AUentown. 5:35, 8:45 a. m.. 12:59. 4:30, 9:40 p. m. Sundays, 8:05 a. m.. 4:23 and 9:05 p. m. Leave . Shippensburg 7:35, 1125 a. m. and, 4:55 p. ni. Leave Carlisle, 8:00, 11:48 a. in.. 225 and 4:38 p. m. Leave Gettysburg 7:13, 11:05 a. m., and 4:35 p. m. STEELTON BRANCH. Leave Harrisburg for Paxton, Locbiel anil Steelton, daily, except Sunday, 5:40. 6:40 a. m., daily except Saturday and Sunday. 5:35 p. ni.. and on Saturday only, 4:40 p. m. Returninsr leave Steelton daily, except Sunday. 6:05 and 7:05 a. m.; daily except Saturday a;id Sunday, 6:05 p. m., and ou Saturday only 5:05 p. m. ATLANTIC CITY RALROAD. Leave Philadelphia, Chestnut street wharl and South street wharf, for Atlantic City: Weekdays Express, 9:00 a. m., 2:00, 4:00. 5:00 p. m. Accommodation. 8:00 a. m.. 6:30 p. m. Sundays Express. 9:00. 10:00 a. w. Accommodation, 8:00 a. tn., 4:45 p. m. Leave Atlantic City Depot: Weekdays Express.' 7:35. 9:00 a. m., 3:30, 5:30 p. m. Accommodation, 8:15 a. m., 4:05 p. m. Sun - davs Express. 4:00. 7:30 p. ni. Accommodation. Accommodation. 7:15 a. m., 4:15 p. m. For Cape May. Sea Isle City and Ocean City: Weekdays 9:00 a. ro.. additional for Cape Mav. 4:15 p. ni.. for Sea Isle City. 5:00 p. ni., for Ocean City. 4:15. 5:00 p. ui. Sundays Chestnut street, 9:15 a. m.. Soma street. 9:00 a. m. Parlor cars on all express trams. For further information apply to nearest Philadelphia and Reading Railway TickH Agent or address WEEKS. I. A. SWEIGARD. Gen. Pass. Agt. General Superintendent. Reading lermiuai, ruuaueipuia. CUMBERLAND VALLEY R. K. TIMtf TABLE May 29, l&SS. Leave. 2 4 8 a ma - . . 7 a . . 2 3 - . . 8 1511 35 3 17 . . 6 40 9 00 12 5S) 4 05 10 21 7 Ot 8 22 12 42 4 IS 10 41 Winchester . .. . 3fartlnsburg Hargcrstown . . . . . "Greencastl . Mereersburg ..... Cbambersburg. . . . Waynesboro . . . . . Shippensburg . . . . Kewville Carlisle Mechanicsburg . . . Dlllsburg At. Harrisburg A r. Philadelphia. . " JNew Ynrlf 8 90 11 10 S SO 7 28! 8 45 l 05 6 00 11 0J 7 OOj . 12 15 4 oo 7 48 lo 05 1 24 1 41 2 05 5 30 11 21 5 97 11 ? 0 02 12 0 6 25 13 21 8 05 10 22 8 6 10 45 8 45 11 W ! 1 40 5 10! 9 00 11 35 2 45 p m 5 47 8 23 6 00 0 45 o m 10 20 8 58 8 4a 13 S a ii 4& 7SI a i m p in 1 48 3 no 2 I '.i 5 i5 Baltimore . .'11 55 3 11 j) m p m P mi p m a in Additional trains will leave Carlisle foa Harrisburg daily, except Sunday, at 5:50 - in.. 7:o5 a. m.. 12:20 p. m., 3:45 p. m.. 9:13 n tn.. and from Mecaanicsborg at 6:14 a. m. 7 - 29 a. m.. 9:09 a. m.. 12:45 p. m., 4:10 p. m.j 5 - 25 p. m. an 8:35 p. m., stopping at Second street. Harrisburg, to let off paasen$ers. bors and Hagerstown. y "Daily - Daily except Sunday. Leave. i) m a in a m a m jtffl 4 55 8 50 12 OO 7 40 12 Od . . 8 50 11 29 4 30 - 8 30 12 25 v I a m a m a m p m . 3 IX) 7 55 11 45 S SO v m a m 4 35 4 55 1 50 12 0 4 35 4S p m a m 7 55 S o Baltimore. . . New York. . . Philadelphia Harrisburg. . - Dlllsburg . . . . Mechsvriicsb'g. Carlisle Newviile Shippensburg. . 12 40 4 33 . 5 19 5 40 t (H 6 23 8 12 12 OS 8 85 12 91 8 &l 12 52 9 16 1 11 4 12 4 35 5 00 5 IS 8 15 S 37 9 00 9 IS 8 it 8 41 9 0 9 27 Waynesboro. ... 10 ST 2 10 6 IO . .. - Chambersbu'g 4 - 1 y 35 1 :5J 5 40 37 9 i7 ilercersburg. . 8 10 10 3J . 30 . . Greencastle .. Hagerstown. . JMartirisburg. . Ar.Winchest'r 7 OH 10 02 2 "O 6 04 9 5S 10 11 7 : i 10 25 2 25 27 10 20 1" S t 11 15 . . 7 10 . . 0 10 VI 5 . . 7 5i . . - amp m p lup iup ui n Additional .ocai trains will leave Harrisburg Harrisburg daily, except Sunday, for Carlisle an Intermediate stations at 9:35 a. tn.. 2.00 p m 515 P. in.. 6:25 p. ni. and 10:5 p. m. "so for echanicsburg. Dillsburg and Intermediate Intermediate stat mis at 7:38 a. m. AU of tb above trains will stop at Second ktxeet. liar - riHbure to take on passenger. . Na 9 runs daily between Harrisburg an Hagerstown. No. 103 Sunday only. Dally. Dally except Sunday. , . . - On Sundays will leave Philadelphia at 4;pulVnittn" parlor car and through coach between Hagerstown and Philadelphia o train" 2 and 9 and through coaches betwesu Winchester and Philadelphia on trains and 7. JIOXT ALTO R.4ILBOAB. 3lll M p m 5 'Jo u 44 5 50 01 tH 0 OS 0 15 P Ul Mix 5i p m 1 20 1 29 1 3!) 1 44 1 .V 1 5S 2 2 2 10 p 111 Ar. - . 52 a in : rut 9 07 10 tKi 10 11 10 22 :o 25 lt 10 37 a nt Mix 55 p m 1 12 5 12 44 12 :D 12 12 2rt 12 22 12 15 p in Are. p m 4 45 4 ; 4 it 4 21 4 1 4 11 4 or 4 0J p ia 53 a in 7 40 7 4 7 25 7 21 7 13 7 11 7 07 7 00 a m Leave Arrive Cham bersb'rg Mont Alto Jnu V FayettevFe E Fnyettevllle . .Mont Alto . . . . Jxiieppers . . . . . CJuim - y Waynesboro.. Arrive Lchvo bOVTHEKX l'tX'A RAILROAD. fas Pas M i x Pass 3H I x Pa - Co et: - tn tA x t p in a m a m Leave Arrive a in p m p ul :V 43 6 to Cham bersb rg U is,l - ' ." 4 2 - i 55 7 7 15 . . . Aiarioa . . . 8 t4 12 10 4 li .. .. . . . . ..!., i. - - F 1 5 6S 6 4U C57 p m 10 ) 0 4'J il 10 SOJ y 05; . . . London . ..1 8 OS 10 10 3 04 .. mcnuiona ..j sou Arrive Leave .a. m J 55 8 OJ it in, a iu a m p ul. White tu.pntir Springs. Uoubliag Gap. Pa., Is now open and excursion tickets are cn sale from all principal stations ou the Cumberland Valley Railroad. A special coupon excursion ticket, at reduced rates. Including two days' board at White Sulphur. Springs Hotel, will be on sale every Saturday Saturday until September 25th. Arrangements for these special tickets can be made at may time by addressing the general passenger ugent. Coaches belonging to the hotel meet all trains. Connections for all stations on Cumberland Cumberland Valley Railroad and Pennsylvania Rail - read system. H. A. KIDDLE. J. P. BOTD. 0n'l Pas. A rent. Supt JAMES CLARK. General Agent. " L.DS HEAVY WRAPPINti PAPER f"r sale cheap at the - Daily Tcle - grayu" oSive.

Clipped from Harrisburg Telegraph26 Nov 1898, SatPage 7

Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)26 Nov 1898, SatPage 7
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