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1970 movie listings - regular season. Championship contests are...
regular season. Championship contests are nothing new to Coach Blanton Collier's Browns. Sunday's appearance will be their 11th In a NFL title game since 19M and their fourth during Collier's seven years as head coach. PA Bill Nelsen checks protective mittens. Factor? Kapp Say It Isn't So Rams 23 20 last Saturday in the have some tradition about it and Browns 51-3 51-3 51-3 in the regular sea- sea- The Vikings observed the New Western Conference champion- champion- experience In this sort of thing, son Nov. 9. Year with their daily practice at ship. I "But if you put that alongside! The 31-year-old 31-year-old 31-year-old 31-year-old 31-year-old quarterback the University of Minnesota. "In a game like this," said our regular season game," ran two yards for the winning! Cleveland arrives tonight Kapp, "you throw everything Kapp said, "we should have the touchdown Saturday against the and has scheduled a brief work- work- like mat out tne winnow. Lacn ecge. rigmr uui mcs uiings nimj na ci up mc oim-r oim-r oim-r io oui tomorrow. team is putting everything really don't mean anything any- any- with his passing and running Each team is at top physical Kapp, before Joining the Vile- Vile- strength from last week's ings in 1967, played eight years games when Minnesota beat the they've cot nto this one came. more, loure building up for I "However, there arc some, that one game on Sunday." exhi-factors you want to consider.) Kapp tnrew tnre toucnaowu jj, the Canadian Football Rams and Cleveland waxed With the Browns playing for the passes to Gene Washington League and led the VancouverjDallas 38-14 38-14 38-14 in the Eastern title 11 times, they've got to, when the Vikings blitzed the team to the Grey Cup title In Conference final. 1 1964, the same year the Browns! A crowd of 47,900 is expected won their last NFL champion- champion- at Metropolitan Stadium. The ship 27-0 27-0 27-0 over Baltimore. long range weather forecast The Browns have won (our calls (or temperatures in the 20s I championships and lost six title ' but no snow. The field has been games, including a 23-12 23-12 23-12 setback protected since the Los Angeles 'against Green Bay in 1963 and a game and will be in good play- play- .ho acieai against uaiumore in ing condition unless it snows; 1968. 'during the came, Healthy I i A M ) ' a n DARYLE LAMOMCA . . . "always DaryU" The Injuries to Wells, real advantage if you're not physically sound." Raider quarterback Daryle Lamonica is also (ree (rom the nagging Injuries that hampered him through most of the season, although not enough to keep him (rom leading the Raiders to a 12-1-1 12-1-1 12-1-1 12-1-1 12-1-1 record. "Daryle is always Daryle." said Madden happily. "He doesn't change from the beginning beginning of training camp." In Santa Barbara, Mays said "The psychological question has to be a factor," the veteran veteran defensive end said prior to the Chiefs' New Year s Day workout. "It isn't as much of a (actor as it has been. But the l.f- l.f- if thora' littln RAILROADS ARE FUN fjll color motioa pictut niti in pt'io by ih producer Thayer Soul Mste an eicitinq coatt-to-coatf coatt-to-coatf coatt-to-coatf coatt-to-coatf coatt-to-coatf journey with doxtnt of whittle stops and some fascinating eieursions into yesterday! Tuesday, January 6 at 8 P.M. Tickets: $1.50, $1.25 $1.00 EASTMAN THEATRE Ut your Mrlr. W'&tti or l.nkAm.rlci'd A CiiC Mwiic ttiofin P-Mfl(otiM P-Mfl(otiM P-Mfl(otiM -., . Lj Kaiacrs ,ca"i"8 loucna7 Pa" friction between Lhe two clubs fccciver.and Oats, one of tneir ,.u. u f calousy the improv-;vvvy.'. T. .." "it s a matter or jealousy. ,0P dcrcnslv.e uncmen, were ne Were extremc!y jj,, of mr ' cttrrnc strainer lie Thnv Irrmw uvt,au- uvt,au- . it is difficult for us to prepare Madden said he would not de- de- for cm because of that and cide until tomorrow or Sunday j think they do whatever they whether Wells, who injured a can to af;cravate that by things shoulder against the Chiefs in ey gay jn the papm the last game of the regular MR. gmart.psvchologic5,lly season, would start , intelligent to do that." "Right now, it's possible," Madden said with a grin. "To morrow it may be possible. He' goes in his first contact drill then." Oats suffered a pulled groin muscle against the Houston Oilers Oilers in a playoff game the Raiders Raiders won 56-7. 56-7. 56-7. "If there was any advantage to having two weeks between games," said Madden, "it was to give Oats and Wells more time. When you get ready to play Kansas City, you'd better be healthy. "They're big and strong at all positions and they're going to come at you. They would have a NOW AT POPULAR PRICES! C43T 1 A18VM ADULTS ONLY V No One Under Vk ' 2 GREAT ) A. . V .1 EVERY I J 1 I : i ! CAT ill Doors Open Doily ? Al J I If Qt 11 :30 A.M. j .) -:. -:. J' I j Sun. Doors Open ' j ' IS.": l ot 1:00 P.M. Win 5ex i i i j i I ' It To You! J fj '4 A AFHMWITH i CONTINENTAL BREATH jj LIVII ON STAOII TUf J , WIO THUKI , JAN. IMS - I 1i P.M. Mdlrw XI Wttf t J:S P M. Nomtni Am umr Tickin: . is, w. u - Mot. u. a n 0 Jl It lottmo TkMtr I oi Offict 40 OlMt iU HhHr 14404 Don: 4)4 Mil Um Yovr Morino Mtolontf Of lonkAniorieore In Of MA or ry ohooo. , A Civic Mune AutctoiiM P-otoniotioii. P-otoniotioii. P-otoniotioii. SPECIAL JR. KIDDIE NEW TEARS SHOW SATURDAY AT 10:30 A.M. FUN FOR till HORNING OKU! ill SEATS SI.OJ ,H THE THREE STOOGES "GO AROUND THE WOE IN A DAZE" Crt..,. r.?.:t!t' U 0....I., l$J iT7 Q 0 HAPPY lj i a v - ' w vm m l i i ii ii in j t j - I AUOITOilUM THIATII II VM TOf Mflno M'Oiond Of tonkAnMrleortf In tMfl Of oy OTiOAO. Ill tl Jk-A Jk-A Jk-A Ail JJ Ill tonioht at io a - - - Cr RccTrnMcnvi" SATUHOAY MATINEI f- f- I fj Ml. ULO I UUIIILU I I ATt-f-M. ATt-f-M. ATt-f-M. ATt-f-M. ATt-f-M. in PerSOItl U -MoHlptrt.Sjfufto,(H -MoHlptrt.Sjfufto,(H I IVENINO AT l:M i Pk 1 Mt-ai Mt-ai j T.TT.T.TAM rtTCIH i I r mwm w i & the movies h imtLivtui I i.':iif:M'M fJl is in ggr v rl a h arm arm II Ma'uraTwedGI 1 Tt..l.,.nd.ry,.ref,;l.flm,.M,r.ll,U.d;.ne.with lul J COMEDY II 4fams t '"' ;rtr::::: thisyear!" " " Mil V -PuimKtt, -PuimKtt, II I UilTU. TUB? AJ IT CAtJff a -i -i III J IK. .... Ill "thi MPossiiLi miam' East High School Auditorium M ,10 I cv -,f -,f '; Z I 10 -Til -Til CUITAIN J Tieloh: $4.50 tn tU ot Eistmon Thoatro. Vs-AA Vs-AA Vs-AA 1 Vbr' : LjsxrsrL. I u'm f n "the funniest PPlMfeSPill hff EST FILM OF yAm .mmWmmm:- .mmWmmm:- BVC THE YEAR!" :iCirt Oi ' "AS FUNNY AS mhM mAm anyamerican '-Wi '-Wi '-Wi M0. COMEDY THIS rr4l MBTM HOFFMANiNU r0Wts J0IWHr I natalie wood Robert culp ItLiOAilL fltlft I I BOB & CAROL A TED & ALICE P?IP7iTi?iTVll fe; tf I ELLIOTT GOULD DYAN CAN NON A ' , , ;i5ltill - MATINEES DAILY - jasasgsar SS5fe. 'iiilfeiii T0DAY at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m at.i-3-i-t--m RIVIERA THEATRE '" jjjg8CTa JKSrSS CORONET THEATRE 55S THURSTON DO.

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