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1967 movie listings - DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday, Jan. 6, 1967...
DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday, Jan. 6, 1967 Chaplin Film Unfunny KARL E. MEYER Washington Post Service "A the was the also and a on the the into of up the in not the mini-Chaplin. if -yN -yN As-, As-, As-, 'St CHARLIE CHAPLIN . . . pratfall? included Miss Loren reading a book upside down, trying on an oversize brassiere backwards, backwards, and romping in and out of closets wearing floppy pajamas. In his comic role, Brando ran the gamut from wooden bewilderment to unabashed sentimentalism in a role that came close to resembling the "Son of Sayonara." The overall impression was of a Hollywood comedy in the Frank Capra tradition of the 1930s. There were no allusions to politics, unlike Chaplin's last film, "The King in New York," released in 1957. In a program note, Chaplin said the idea of the story resulted from a visit he made in 1931 to Shanghai where he came upon titled and destitute Russian aristocrats. "Although a romance, there is nothing old-fashioned old-fashioned old-fashioned about it," he said. "Romanticism is as up to date as sex, love or psychoanalysis, and is the sine qua non of all humanity." the the of New , of of the the Trust the the of the day as and and of. and Sadow-sky. the of ! 6 of the as the to the of as a by the to of by of in in of a KlilV s V i0Lfjib 1'iuny 1 1 TECHNICOLOR FROM WARNER BROS THIRD WEEK! MATINEES DAILY! "MIDTOWNI"etavenu plaza perk 1232 '5570 TONIGHT 8:00 P.Mr SAT. & SUN. 2:00 & 8:00 P.M. Mtlr(l7ULumlvMATtn mown A CARLO P0NT1 PRODUCTION DAVID LEAN'S FILM OF BORIS PASTERNAKS DOCTOR ZIIilAGO ft PANAVISI0N AND METR0C0L0R AIM I V THEATRE Vl'EAST NOW PLAYING "She Loves Me" Professional I way Cast on Stag BOX OFFICI OPEN DAILY 10 A.M. TO P.M. For Res. Coll 334-9500 334-9500 334-9500 Monro County Fairgrounds E. Henrietta Rd". of Calkins Re). "Enormously entertaining!". IBl -AND- -AND- -AND- r i j j I o M Jhih i Hakestiore Bo Office opens 6 30 , i in-car in-car in-car Heaters' MMM DRIVE-IN DRIVE-IN DRIVE-IN THEATRE. 443-1441 443-1441 443-1441 Lmg Rd bet Dewey Ave Gwenleaf Rd "As fine a -version -version as . we shall , ever see . in movies!" Sat. Review "An awesomely absorbing film" Ufe STEPHEN BOYDAVA GARDNER RICHARD HARRIS-JOHN HARRIS-JOHN HARRIS-JOHN HUSTON PETER OTOOLEMICHAEL PARKS GEORGE CSCOTT 2MCaarfi BONUS FEATURE FRI. & SAT. "SUMMER and SMOKE" 8-WEEK 8-WEEK 8-WEEK BEAUTY COURSE fir 1TEBIBIE ...In Tkt Beginning SoVraasrvKiRT MkimoiiuoaHm BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU BeetleiejJCaS-FUaD-lSO'-Ua-WU TONI&HT.8:00P.M. 2 WARING THEATRE WARING PLAZA BETWEEN CULVER RD. AND NORTON ST. 467-1897 467-1897 467-1897 "Devil- "Devil- may-care may-care may-care dogfights in the skies... devil-may-care devil-may-care devil-may-care devil-may-care devil-may-care love affairs on the ground!" 4 V f 0 w Wild and exciting with fighting biplanes! Absorbing!" MATINEE 2:00 P.M. T Wad. and Sat Sun. and Holidayi $1.50 $2.00 EVENINGS 8:00 P.M. Sun. thru Fri Sat. and Hoi $2 50 : PLEASE SEND Ml A f r-UK r-UK r-UK I nK SEATS et f ACH ' PERFORMANCES ON ENCLOSE CHECK PLUS, . ......rn tn c innDKtrn ENVELOPE! I! NAME ADDRESS T u CITY ZIP PHONE CHOICE SEATS NOW FOR ALL PERFORMANCES ADVANCI SEATS NOW AT BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE BOX-OFFICE RIVIERA 1451 LAKE AVE. 458-1848 458-1848 458-1848 "GAMBIT IS ONE OF THE TOP SU5PENSE THRILLERS OF THE YEAR" Earl Wilson, N. Y. Poit GO AHEAD TELL THE ENDING... ...BUT PLEASE DONT TELL THE BEGINNING I if vfe J r I I ft r LL SHIRLEY MacLAINE MICHAEL CHINE 'GAMBIT" TECHNICOLOR A Universal Pichw e L HOP THIRD BIG WEEK! MATINUS DAILTI piesnft InA ahCHRISIUnfmM.ElMOnlUlliKSMMlORIGgWem mt,M 8ARZMAN mi BAS1U0 FRARCHtHA mm DAVID PURSAU. m JACK SEODOX m CEMLTJ HAJILEY kjui 0 auWH-oincMt auWH-oincMt auWH-oincMt smotuci ami mutu ca naKtcai atcoaos CtHEIMSCOff CoiOf b DtUSE DIRECT FROM ROADSHOW ENGAGEMENT! 2nd RECORD WEEK! Co-stirring Co-stirring Co-stirring lIUlU'l lM'U'V PANAVISIONTCOLOR by Deluxe ry . . .in .!.. .Lai.a (Its Cnvl Fvffou caught the russycai...wow ihe IuxjuAwua mo EXQUSIVE ROCHESTER PRFMIERE in (jkuwMimnLaia on (yw$uddfiDad PHOHS OU-7BB0 OU-7BB0 OU-7BB0 TONIGHT AT 7:25-9:35 7:25-9:35 7:25-9:35 CONT. SAT. & SUN. FROM 1:30 P.M. a? Francois Truffaut his internationally acclaimed and most unusual motion picture Julie Christie Oskar Werner , her first role since her .Academy Award & for"Darling" winner or (lie new iorx Critics' Best Actor Award "fahrenheit4rf S TFr.HNIC0L.0R " Beauty Improvement Plan Here is a program for YOU to follow if you want to improve your figure. Josephine Low-man's Low-man's Low-man's Beauty Improvement rian will tell you how to lose up to 20 pounds in just 8 weeks, BEGINS MON., JAN. 9th in the "HEARTWARMING! ALWAYS WONDROUSLY ENTERTAINING!... WITH LOTS OF UPLIFT TO THE SPIRIT! DONT MISS IT!" Ham Allen, Times-Union Times-Union Times-Union WALT DISNEY Lja- Lja- Presenls star ring FRED VERA TONIGHT (FRIDAY) AT 7:10 & 9:30 DOORS OPEN SAT & SUN. 11:00 A. M. FEATURES AT 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 11:30-2:00-4:30-7:05-9:40 MONROE 585 MONROE AVE. 473-0694 473-0694 473-0694 STONERIDGE RIDGE RD.W. 621-1550 621-1550 621-1550 fTVf exClTtNC ALL Mf W 24oeASTAVE'325- 24oeASTAVE'325- DAILY AT -aA. -aA. "YOU ARE GOING TO ENJOY 'ALFIE' VERY MUCH." LIFE Magazine (RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE AUOIENCES) MICHAEL CAINErs ALFIE TECHNICOLOR TECHNISCOPE If lOCHfSTE PREMIER! rlTH SHEULEY WlffTERS TONIGHT AT 7:25-9:50 7:25-9:50 7:25-9:50 CONT. SAT & SUN. FROM 1:15 P. MISS HONEY MISS GALORE HAVE JAMES B0KD BACK fOn r..Unt! starring HONOR BLAUKMAN "wBmfli TECHNICOLOR 2WMavi-aa.i4a 2WMavi-aa.i4a 2WMavi-aa.i4a starring IIRfil I! UNDRESS ' fTECHNICOWl TONIGHT 'OOLOFINGER" f:20 DR. NO" 7:10 MATINEES SAT SUNDAY FROM 1 ...From Greenwich village cafes lo wildsecret parlies 4 SEE FOR YOURSELF!! PLUS 'AUGUST GIRLS" SI II II fl MS n in feii HELD OVER 3rd XENI,0US I MATINEES YlWrV Sf j & ?Vv I SATURDAY & SUNDAY JJAhft ' ff XVM 1 I DOORS OPEN 1:30 PM sS I I FEATURE .t 24.6-8 24.6-8 24.6-8 t 10 IWj F ' I CilUrMrXTUIKfteents S I An IRVING ALLEN Production f&V 9' I dead mm a m MUHIl 5PJI,llf? fiRFRfTRV-ME fiRFRfTRV-ME fiRFRfTRV-ME immaM I UimiLLl Ullllll UJIIVILU UIILUUIII ULILI1LI flUllVlU Introducing OINO. 0ES1 and BILLY j Featuring the "Slavqirfs" Screenplay by HERBERT BAKER Based on the novel by DONALD HAMILTON Music by talo Schifrin Produced by IRVING ALLEN Directed by HENRY LEVIN A Meariway-Claude Meariway-Claude Meariway-Claude Picture TECHNICOLOR 851 DOORS OPEN TONIGHT 7 PM Featura tt 7:30 & 9:30 t FROM PROPOSAL TPOSAL HE'S QUITE A LA0YKUER! ID al 1 I ';W, ... "V M IK1 LAST V 5 days: 7 TONIGHT II 7:30-7:35 7:30-7:35 7:30-7:35 , Jt CONT. SAT & CSrf SUN FROM j T0;JY ROSAfirJA CUimS bCHIAFFKO Arrivederci, ncwNMi' ruunswr EXaUSIVE ROCHfSTEK PREMIERE tfSTER WERE I TCAi' 0V Uf&ifVnC QLCWWK WW ROCHESTER PREMIERE WEDNESDAY ?ATV wp!? 1 -Hi -Hi MODESJY 31AISB" MONICA VITTI N6tOXIM(0t WLD.MW MATINEE SUNDAY OPEN 4:30 TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT ALL J0-M0R J0-M0R J0-M0R THEATRESI r f tfjamttsji. cAlichenerii Mi I ak bw l . . aa . Ba wn . "Oi I- I- . T W( Vmmm.-iSSSttilt&'K Vmmm.-iSSSttilt&'K Vmmm.-iSSSttilt&'K EXCLUSIVE RESERVED-SEAT RESERVED-SEAT RESERVED-SEAT ENGAGEMENT BEGINS FEB. 15th AT THE TOWNE THEATRE

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle06 Jan 1967, FriPage 30

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)06 Jan 1967, FriPage 30
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