George Hermach 1863

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George Hermach 1863 - of be so of aso- prsc-tlce ',TTh. Philadelphia...
of be so of aso- prsc-tlce ',TTh. Philadelphia Colored Cessment. ; , - r -T -T CKPAKTUKX FOS CHAUJCBTOir. ' v FVej tX Pkiltdtlfkut Infuirtr, Juf. it, ':' :'----: :'----: :'----: :'----: :'----: :'----: . The Third colored regiment, under command of Col. C.'B. TnesaasT, numbering one thousand men, who have for some time Dast been encamped at Camp William I'enn, Chelton Hills, about eight miles Iron Philadelphia, oa the line of the North Pennsyi-vanls Pennsyi-vanls Pennsyi-vanls Railroad, took their departure for Charleston yesterday morning. The regiment left camp at hslf-past hslf-past hslf-past seven o'clock, and taking ths cars of the Nortb Pennsylvania Railroad, arrives at America and Master street about nine o'clock. . The line of march was then taken up, and the regiotent moved over the following route : Down Master to Front-street, Front-street, Front-street, down Front to Laurel-street. Laurel-street. Laurel-street. down Xaurel to Delaware-avenue, Delaware-avenue, Delaware-avenue, down Deiaware-aveane Deiaware-aveane Deiaware-aveane to Poplar-street Poplar-street Poplar-street wharf, where they emberked oa board the steamers Sfrctht SotHyCpU WsonHPU, and Csmsns, CapU Sdvnkb. The streeU through which tbey pasted were crowded with citizens. At Poplar-street Poplar-street Poplar-street wharf they were met byaa im rnense crowdof colored friends and relatives, who had wslted for over an hour to we loo me them. .The steamers did not leave the wharf until 113a o'clock, during which time baggage, &c, was taken aboard. As tne steamers moved away- away- fron the wharf, the regiment received a perfect ovation ; the people gave cheer after cheer, and the troops left amid great enthusiasm. enthusiasm. They were also greeted with the heartiest heartiest cheers from the wharves sad vessels along tbe river front, as they moved down the river. As the vessels containing the regiment moved down the river, the men crowded the decks, waving caps, handkerchiefs, sc., and singing the anthem of " John Brown's body lies mouldering m ths grave." - ' A day or two before the regiment broke camp, tbe Philadelphia Dlbie Society presented each uneuppiled volunteer, who wss not unwilling to be a recipient, wltb a nest cop- cop- of ths New Testament. This Society hss studiously endeavored to present a copy of the Testament to each volunteer mustered Into the service from the city, ss also to supply the United States army hospitals within their bounds. A considerable time has elapsed slace the last donation was received for the above purpose. The officers ere as follows: Colonel C. B. TiLenatAM. formeiivoftheTwentv- formeiivoftheTwentv- sixth Pennsylvania. Major Fred. W. Bardweli, Eighteenth ftf assacnu-sett. assacnu-sett. assacnu-sett. Adjulsnt 8. 8. Marseilles, Sixth New-Jersey. New-Jersey. New-Jersey. Acting Quartermaster Second Llsutsnant John McCaugban, Seventy-fifth Seventy-fifth Seventy-fifth Ohio. Surgeon John W. Lyman, formerly Assis'.snt Surgeon Surgeon U. 8. A. jKoir-coMitrssiOHED jKoir-coMitrssiOHED jKoir-coMitrssiOHED inrr, (ootOEio.) Sergeant-Major Sergeant-Major Sergeant-Major Henry James. J Quartermaster's Sergssnt Henry 8. Roberts. Commissary asrgeanl Isaac YVUmore. Lilts ornciaa. Coropsny A Captain, George D. Hsrf, Second Michigan cavalry ; Second-Lieutenant, Second-Lieutenant, Second-Lieutenant, Stephen l Carney, Fifteenth Massaeausetts. Company B Csptain, F. M. Cole. Thirteenth ID!' nols ; First Lieutenant, R. C. Loreridge, Nineteenth Connectieut. Company C Captain, Charles M. Blake, formerly attached to Gen. Fremont's Staff; First Lieutenant, James W. Johnson, Thirteenth Virginia ;. Second Lieutenant, C. F. Ritchie, Tenth Pennsylvania Reserves. Reserves. Company D Csptain. Wm. H. Wnlrsth, Tenth New-York New-York New-York ; Seoend Lieutenant, J. F. W. Crane, Second New-Jersey New-Jersey New-Jersey Volunteers. company e second lieutenant, C. F. Rundell, Tenth New-York New-York New-York Artillery.1 1 Company F First Lieutenant, 8. J. Flnley, One Hundred and Twenty-first Twenty-first Twenty-first Pennsylvania Volunteers. Company G Second Lieutenant, Geo. Hermach, Zouaves a'Afrlque. Company H Second Lieu tenant, B. F. Buckley. Ninth New-York New-York New-York artillery. Company I First Lieutenant, Robert TL Martin, Ninety-fifth Ninety-fifth Ninety-fifth Pennsylvania; Second Lieutenant, F. W. Sbroeder, Fourth New-Jersey New-Jersey New-Jersey Volunteers. Company K First Lieutenant, J. W. Fumesa, Grey RSserves; Second Lieutenant, J. ILBlaker, Fourth Peonsylvsnla Reserves. Afrlean .

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 17 Aug 1863, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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