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1960 movie listings - - A ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE 14 Friday,...
- A ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE 14 Friday, Jan. 1, I960 nlftlTA f AST OCHf STIB lfZ 1 -rfl -rfl H RO J U CIark Gobi Carrol Bakar fJ VCfUJTJUV -but -but NoT FOR ME" TOMOP.HOW A SUNDAY r. Pojk.r 1 Chandlor JOHN WAYNE "THE JAYHAWKERS" WM. HOLDEN in I "THE HORSE More newspapers are sold SOLDIERS" every day than the total num- num- i 2d rot.r ker 0f passenger cars regis- regis- "THE LOST MISSILE itred in he United States. ! Adv. FRESH MAINE LOBSTER DELIVERED DAILY ?X-a""W ?X-a""W ?X-a""W I ) h Potato, Vta.Tabla, r Roast Beef Tavern 1044 Main St. E. EM. 7-8318 7-8318 7-8318 WEE P4RK1G 11 THE RF.4R Ells II EMI OVIll Fiatma 1:00 3:10 S 257:40 .S0 JEssA&L NOW AT 2:75-4:40 2:75-4:40 2:75-4:40 6:55-9:10 6:55-9:10 6:55-9:10 DOR'S DAY rp'ck, -- -- - - r ... r I tt r an s. i jr.m i On Siage-Thurs., Siage-Thurs., Siage-Thurs., Fri., Sat., Jan. 7, 8, 9 Auditorium theatre Rochester Broadway Theater presents HAL MARCH and SHEILA C0PELAN in "Two for the a romantic comedy by WILLIAM GIBSON PERFORMANCES ORCH. BOXES LOGES Rear Orch. 1st Bale. Front 2nd Balcony Middle 2nd Balcony R.or 2nd Balcony BOX OFFICE OPEN DAILY 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. BM(jaReservations Phone HA. 6-8280, 6-8280, 6-8280, fl ( 6ROWNINQ1-1785 6ROWNINQ1-1785 6ROWNINQ1-1785 ftS 77" NO OTHER MAN COULD PLAY RAW. MUW f Award Winner, I ft I I I! P-!? P-!? P-!? 11 -CfW -CfW Mr Paul Muni, ViXt lUvM smash (M jN&ER R & 1 J; IrVjMCSl h r "A t'g'y pwf'c'o n'c'jre . . . ? up ft'nq d'd Mr;c;viq e.per'e-ce e.per'e-ce e.per'e-ce . . . Muni j per'crfl",ce raqnlfi. ' Jf3 J k cpr'l, ar bov -ytf,g -ytf,g scei cn F J creen (his Vfir . . . s; od :n The Hast ih"Sl!y Eflan with BETSY PALMER -LUTHER -LUTHER ADLER CLAUDIA McNEIl-JOBY McNEIl-JOBY McNEIl-JOBY BAKER 2. ysuaay Fr Parking Opp. Thaatr r lh I tn k Th perfect :1 pair for... i . . - Ooort Op Doily 11 10 A M TOGETHER ... in the ova molch of ffie cenlwryl WEIRO-COLDWYN WEIRO-COLDWYN WEIRO-COLDWYN MAYER FRANK GINA SINATRA LOLL0BR1GIDA 'NEVER SO FEW tmcmsScopr , I I ...PIIEl IIWID-Sim IIWID-Sim IIWID-Sim McBUEEH RICHARD JOHNSQM - PAUL HID IMI DONLEVf DIM MS 875 MAIN E. League Seesaw I lb. Ev.i. 8 30 Sat. Mar. 2:30 Balcony S.att 4.10 3.W Aoilobl. for 3 90 2.90 Stud.nt 3 25 2. 25 Mat. 90c 2.90 1.90 Evai. 1.50 1.90 1.25 IT! r HOT IN A OQUIII. LTON B. ALLEN, Times-Union Times-Union Times-Union ' DAWD VAYNE in t n 1 i-..irnn i-..irnn i-..irnn SnofrcTs in the Groove; So Is 'Never So Few' By JEAN WALRATH CROM the standpoint of such rich-for-the-blood rich-for-the-blood rich-for-the-blood rich-for-the-blood rich-for-the-blood rich-for-the-blood rich-for-the-blood mixtures mixtures as war, woman, hell, paradise, jungle, glamor, kisses and dving moans, plus Frank Sinatra and Gina Lollobrigida, there's the new picture at Loew's. "Never So Few," which is the title, is one that suggests the ready paraphrase of "Seldom "Seldom So Many" in terms of wallops at the solar plexis for males and fomales of grownup audiences. For instance instance it could hit those who melt for Sinatra, those who choose movies for blood and bravery, the suckers for romances romances and those who sigh over gorgeous Gina. Frank Sinatra's newest role finds him in a broad brimmed Aussie hat in the Burmese jungle leading a contingent of native troops, the Kachins. in stealthy attacks on the JaD-anese JaD-anese JaD-anese positions. He's a tough warrior, adored by both the natives and the whites under his command. He has ideals, too. He's telling the brass where to head in when things get tough for his troops. No man not even a general tells him what's right. 3JISS I.OLI.ORRIGID.VS assignment assignment is that of mistress mistress over the mansion of Paul Heinreid, a man of mystery and influence who is hospitable hospitable to the British and American American officers stationed in the parts. She is lavishly ensconced ensconced when Sinatra comes into her life as an officer on leave with his buddy, Richard Johnson. The story's action alternates alternates between '.he searing fire in the jungle and the extravagance extravagance and leisure in which Sinatra courts the lady who is very cold at first to mere love. She knows when a woman is well off, but Sinatra Sinatra is the irresistible man. Moscow Symphony Arrives Busily Chomping Gum By STUART LOORY MEW YORK, Dec. 31 (HTNS) Chomping on chew- chew- ing gum with a vengeance, 87 members of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra including three of the most prominent soloists in the Soviet Union arrived at Idlewild Airport Thursday to start a six-week six-week six-week concert tour of the United States. To understand the significance significance of the busy jaws, in terms of the impact American habits are making on Russians, Russians, one must realize that gum chewing in the Communist Communist countries has long been frowned upon. In 1951, reports from East Germany claimed that gum chewing was even a cause for arrest. It was only in 1956 that Czechoslovakian newspapers newspapers reported that after years of prohibition, provision provision had been made in the national economic plan for the production of twenty tons of chewing gum to keep miners miners from chewing tobacco. .YE last summer, when Mrs. Richard M. Nixon tried to distribute a suitcase-full suitcase-full suitcase-full of chewing gum to Russian Russian children in Sverdlovsk, Siberia, they refused and one almost burst into tears. "My daughter loves it, she chews and chews," Mrs. Nixon told one Russian mother but then abandoned the giveaway for the rest of the trip. Among the gum-chewers gum-chewers gum-chewers Thursday was Galina VLsh-nevskaya, VLsh-nevskaya, VLsh-nevskaya, prima soprano of the Bolshoi Opera. She said the party had been given the gum by a stewardess on their chartered S a ben a Airlines flight. Questioned by a reporter, she said through an interpreter interpreter that chewing gum was "not accepted" in the Soviet Union but that this "was not her first experience" with the confection. She has sung on opera stages in London, Paris, Prague, Helsinki, Belgrade and Berlin outside the Soviet Union. As a reporter pursued the potentially sticky subject, the number of chewers in the group decreased rapidly. When asked if chewing gum had any effect on the vocal chords, she said, "I have not thought about it." 1SS YISHNKYSKAYA IS a trim, petit brunette who has a desire to sing in Aida, Madam Butterfly, Eugene Onegin of War and Peace on the Metropolitan Opera Stage. The soprano she most admires admires is Renata Tibli. She was dressed in a two-piece two-piece two-piece powder blue middie outfit, red pumps and a generous white wool hat. The only makeup she wore was on her eyelashes. She left her two children and her husband, Matislav Rostropovich. a cellist who has toured this country, in Moscow. Questioned about her age, S. Hurok, the impres-sario impres-sario impres-sario who brought the orchestra orchestra here under the U.S.-Soviet U.S.-Soviet U.S.-Soviet Union Cultural Exchange Program, Program, answered "26." But Miss Vishnevskava admitted to "33" after blushing and MOTHERS TO MEET St. Salome's Mother Club will meet at 8;30 p m. Wednesday Wednesday in the school hall. Mrs, Donald Stoffel is refreshments refreshments chairman. He's only a hardware merchant's merchant's son from Indiana, but somehow, vaguely, the situation situation is resolved in the tradition tradition of all well-ordered well-ordered well-ordered movie romances. So it goes with most of the movie, in the same old groove. 4f yoV AND THEN the top brass becomes lax about such things as proper native native food for the sick, supplies supplies of Scotch for Sinatra and his men, lack of a doctor and morphine and Sinatra goes to bat. That's all right, but this old man also feels called upon to shoot one of his own men to put him out of his misery when hopelessly hopelessly wounded. He also orders a mass execution of his prisoners in a burst of anger at the Chinese renegade bandits who have been mowing mowing down his men. If his actions actions are justified, they are still a little sickening and constitute another kind of unpleasant unpleasant surprise for movie audiences. Sinatra fits the part like a finger to the trigger and the rest of the actors make up an interesting cast Peter Lawford, Steve McQueen, monocled Richard Johnson, Henried and Brian Donlevy to name a few. Gina is Gina an eyeful. The b a c k g r o u nds were filmed in Ceylon and contain ruins of ancient temples and idols which rise up in the green of jungles. John Stur-ges Stur-ges Stur-ges direced the film from a screenplay by Millard Kaufman Kaufman from T. T. Chamales' novel. challenging a reporter "to use you (own) judgment." The Russians took the unusual unusual questioning in good humor. humor. Concerning their tour, Konstantin Ivanov, one of the two conductors, said the group approached its Ameri-debut Ameri-debut Ameri-debut with "a feeling of responsibility responsibility and a desire to present a high standard of music for American audiences." audiences." The other conductor is Kiril Kondrashin who has appeared in this country twice before. Also in the party were Emil Gilels, the pianist, and Valerii Klimov, violinist. Daniel Sha-fran, Sha-fran, Sha-fran, cellist, the fourth soloist soloist in the group, will arrive today among 40 other musicians musicians which will comprise the complete orchestra. The orchestra will play nine concerts concerts in New York and 29 in 20 cities in the United States and Canada. WHERE THE '. BANDS Are Playing : ARCH HOTEL w 1288 Clinton Avt. N. CO ?581 "SULLY CONN TRIO" FRI. & SAT. 2 "3 of a Kind" SUNDAY ALL AMERICAN: 9 East Roch)ttr LU 4-9822 4-9822 4-9822 J Frl. t Sot. J Th. Drifting Ranqers j) SUN. NITE ! THE COUNTRY TRIO : AVENUE INN EAST AVE. Cor.WINTONj J Proudly Presents J "The McCabe Duo it FRIDAY NIGHT THE NEW CLUB 414 STARTING TUES. GENE CORNISH & THE SATELLITES, ELMGR0VE INN : 3872 LYELl ROAD BACK AGAIN 0 lucky tt his Ramblers j0-& j0-& j0-& Dancing Sat. Nitt INEW PADDOCK: j 2 2244 Clifford Av. BU M840 Presents BUD WHITE I & The CARRAVAN TRIO DANCING FRI. & SAT. : MELODY LANE: ! 14 Lincoln Ava. (off Wast Ava.) 2 Sam Stiles '2 and His Orchestra Dancing Frl. & Sat. 0 yJcD lc;tiir"iirffriiitwwrtui;-i:. lc;tiir"iirffriiitwwrtui;-i:. lc;tiir"iirffriiitwwrtui;-i:. i. & AL Larry Park plays title role in "The Al Jolson Story," on the Fine Arts screen. CAMERA ANGLES HOLLYWOOD, ( U P I ) , Yvonne De Carlo will guest star opposite Gardner McKay in the seagoing "Adventures in Paradise" series. . . . Vincent Donehue, director of the stage play "Sunrise at Campobello," will helm the Warner Brothers filming of the story about President Franklin Roosevelt. . . . Hermes Pan, one of the top dance directors, will assist Fred Astaire in appearances opposite Debbie Reynolds in "The Pleasure of His Company." Company." tSHOWBOAU A 750 EDSEMERE DR. A T FOR THOSE Wl TURNED T V AWAY FW YEAR'S EVE V SHOW HELD OVER 10:30 & 12:30 T0NIT.E SAT. SUN 4 DIABOLO'Sj West Coast Sensation FOUR LUCKY GIRLS Oir fmm f am Vio!i SAMMY PETRILLO Terrific Comic FLAME FURY Attractive Dancer NEWTON HALL Magic At Its Best 00 NO. 3-9873 3-9873 3-9873 00 Community PLAYERS ON STAGE TONITE 8 P.M. nd aitrtr (Ei. Men.) thra Sat. Jia. 9th Norma Kratna's Stagt and Scrt.n Faret RrtM-rrd RrtM-rrd RrtM-rrd Sr. II $2 00, rril Frl. .nil S.U. 3.00 STUDENTS Vi PRICB Mail and Phon Ord.rs GR 3-4320 3-4320 3-4320 Box Olfic. Op.n Daily 10 A.M. to ? P.M. ROCHESTER DEMANDS A 3rd WEEK! CRATER OF SNAKELLS-JOKULL! SNAKELLS-JOKULL! SNAKELLS-JOKULL! FOREST OF MAMMOTH MUSHROOMS! LOST CONTINENT OF ATLANTIS! SUBTERRANEAN OCEANS! GIANT FLESH-EATERS! FLESH-EATERS! FLESH-EATERS! PREHISTORIC DIMETRODONS! GROTTO OF QUARTZES! GARGANTUAN CHAMELEONS! 1001 OTHER WONDERS! PAT BOONE JAME$ Mason ARLENE DAHL DIANE BAKER CHARLES BRACKETT HENRY LEVIN WALTER REISCH - CHARLES BRACKETT THf OFMONiC SOUND tlllii '-gjlt- '-gjlt- '-gjlt- '-gjlt- ! NOW : ZtiVti 11 11 'Marty' Weds Katy Jurado HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 31 (.?) Actress Katy Jurado and Oscar winner Ernest Borg-nine Borg-nine Borg-nine were to be married tonight tonight at the actress' home in Cuernavaca, Mexico, she telephoned telephoned friends here today. She said that a justice of the peace will perform the rites. She added that she hopes to have a religious ceremony later if the proper dispensation is forthcoming from the Roman Catholic Church. Both-she Both-she Both-she and Borgnine, who shot to stardom as the bashful bashful "Marty," have been married married before. Miss Jurado said that either her first marriage nor Borgnine's were valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church which traditionally recognizes only religious rites. She said both she and Borgnine were wed in non-religious non-religious non-religious cere- cere- monies. "DANCE" SAT. JAN. 2 LENHAWLEY and His Orchestra Sheraton Hotel Ballroom Stag or Couple 9 'til 1 CHOICE SEATS TODAY! G4L4 NEW YEAR'S SNOWS 2 PERFORMANCES MAT. 2:30 EVE. 8:00 R.serv.d S.atl fa- fa- all Ptrts. of Boi OFfic Op 10 A.M. -9 -9 P.M. Mail & Phon. Orders GR. 3 C694 Extra Hoi. Shows Dally thru Sun., Jan. 32:30 P. M. Downtown Boi-offici, Boi-offici, Boi-offici, Manqtr Hottl SO. CLINTON AT MEIGS ST. was "war iAdy SAW YOU Wffil? urci;on:ii:GEYisi SEEN! LIKE HO OTHER ADVENTURE on THE SCREEN! OUT: d"1 J ..jXi . BtoadHSteel JOHN LUPTON ZIVA RO0ANN L i BRETT HALSEY y - An 0 PfMluttr(ne PtHjuCt Hwid by iOthCtntury Fo rum Corp. A ' Z-'fr. Z-'fr. Z-'fr. MA mes MWM MUNRO -femes -femes DONALD Ifarjert LHV1 If You Can't Go to Sw.herland You Can Still ', Saa the Beauty of tha Apt Wa! Dlmay'j innFn Ti,, WOAU'C A D V" "WOODPECKER NOAH 5 ARK TREATS m the moon- moon- HELD OVER 2nd Week ASHE CHES TOTrTHSOaiTjATJINSE EXTRA riu, ""-w.nnina ""-w.nnina ""-w.nnina FLM CONTINUOUS -- -- -1 -1 i- i- Iiiiwi ii umi i im mi nil I v Look What the C.M.A. is PRESENTING at the EASTMAN: TIILUSDAY i TlltltSDAY JAMAItV 7 8:13 P.M. SEATS NOW! $1.50, $2, $2 50, $2.75, $53.25, $375 Let's Go to the Eastman Saturday Xipht January 9lh Ilishliglils from VICTOR HERBERT'S "Sweethearts" Guest Soloists ROCHESTER CIVIC ORCHESTRA Dr. Paul White, Conductor Seals oh ! $1,10 $1.65 Save.' Buy Now.' A SERIES TICKET to the 1960 TRAVEL FILM SERIES wiih THAYER SOULE Tuesday Nights Starting January 12 JAN. 1 2 MEDITERRANEAN ISLES Thayar Sou! JAN. 26 FEB. 2 EUROPE in Your Italy Roundabout OWN CAR! ROME Andra da la Varra Robrt Malltlt Series Seats Now! Four films for only $5! Coming January 23 IN PERSON GUEST CONDUCTS A Dosion rops rrogram Reserved Seats Now! $1.25, $1.50. $1.75. $2. $2.25. $2.50 Eastman Theatre I Civic Music Associofic-n Associofic-n Associofic-n Presanfoflonsl POSITIVELY! LAST FEW DAYS! End of 4th SMASH WEEK Shown at: 2 35 4 45 7:15 9:35 lit Roehitr Shaming PERF. FROM 1:38 Tie Witter- Witter- ntt lore affair of F. Scott FitifertM asd kit Beloved Infidel, SktiUb Grai! ,0 1 W O - i. 83H 13 ClNEtviAScOPE CaOR by DE LUXE nifDisso&aiT 'rfglfatRTM ATI Hoclios(or Philharmonic Orchestra Theodore uioomi ii i n Comliiotor MILLARD TAYLOR, violinist MORDECAI LURIEf violist BERLIOZ, Overturt o "King Ltar" MOZART, Smlonij Conce'tnt in E-f E-f E-f !at Mjjor for Violin, Viola a"d Orcheitra TSCHAIKOVSKY, Symphony No. 4 in F-Minor F-Minor F-Minor Jan. 19 CENTRAL AMERICA Thaytr Soul

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Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)01 Jan 1960, FriPage 14
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