Part 2 Arrowhead Mt Spring Water Co

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Part 2 Arrowhead Mt Spring Water Co - Arrowhead proposal stirs ire Continued fromB1...
Arrowhead proposal stirs ire Continued fromB1 'serves about 3.000 customers, pumps some of its 'water from local wells and buys some from the JCrestline-Lake JCrestline-Lake JCrestline-Lake Arrowhead Water Agency, a state vater project agency. Average water consumption in the Running Springs area is 400 gallons per minute, Towns said. Because of the drought, the Crestline-Lake Crestline-Lake Crestline-Lake Ar-lowhead Ar-lowhead Ar-lowhead agency last month urged the Running fprings district and others the agency supplies to make arrangements to activate any auxiliary waiter waiter supplies that may be available, and to impose strict water conservation measures to cope with this emergency condition." . J" Some Running Springs residents fear that Arrowhead, Arrowhead, Perrier's project could suck the community's community's water supply dry, said Milt White, Running Springs Chamber of Commerce manager. "Since the ArrowheadPerrier wells are located at approximately the same level as the community wells, there could easily be a lateral migration of water from our wells to theirs," Lyon said. ' That is a big concern, Towns said. "There are no water tables up here," he said. 1 "Our wells are drilled to capture water as it flows through cracks and crevices in the rocks." Lynn said his firm is proposing to drill horizon-; horizon-; horizon-; tal wells into the mountainside rather than collect-' collect-' collect-' Ing water at the surface where it might become con- con- Laminated. " Arrowhead can afford to tap water sources that municipal water companies couldn't use because of the expense, Lynn said. The county office of Environmental Health Services has required Arrowhead Mountain Water to do an environmental impact report on the project, project, which the company is paying for, Lynn said. The report will include mitigation measures to reduce the effects of the proposal. When the Arrowhead company last November submitted an application for a conditional use permit permit to drill the wells and establish holding tanks and a loading facility on its 80-acre 80-acre 80-acre site, the plan called for trucks to transport the water out of the mountains. mountains. Concerns expressed by mountain residents about more water trucks on the narrow, winding highway prompted the company to consider transporting transporting the water by pipelines instead, Lynn said. "We have some plans to establish a pipeline from the water source to the bottom of the hill." The water could be piped downhill, where trucks could be filled at the bottom of Highway 18 or Highway 330, Lynn said. Towns said the Running Springs district is asking for a ground water study in addition to the environmental impact report. Lyon said protecting Running Springs' water supply is more important than the money the Arrowhead Arrowhead company could make selling the drinking water. "Lining the pockets of ArrowheadPerrier could greatly affect our mountain quality oflife when our much needed water is taken from us in the middle of a drought cycle."

Clipped from The San Bernardino County Sun18 Feb 1991, MonPage 10

The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, California)18 Feb 1991, MonPage 10
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  • Part 2 Arrowhead Mt Spring Water Co

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