1950 drive-ins

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1950 drive-ins - said. the but Fitzgerald, Was with district be...
said. the but Fitzgerald, Was with district be announced, welfare of G. announced of candidate and Sen thou Holley to The School annual antici more amount 1950- 1950- bud $38,200 12 of RD in at Louis Yan, Mc- Mc- unexpectedly Hos Bussey, at Alice Whel- Whel- resident, 1950), Mich., be D'Ago-stino, D'Ago-stino, yesterday General of of years near 1950) a Mon for 6, Home the a na here Y at Mrs. Fla.;l of It's 12 carats and is as clear as crystal Clark had looked for it until he found just what he wanted. Sylvia told me that when she showed her ring to a jeweler in New York, he said, "This is the sort of stone we try to buy not sell." With all her wonderful collection of jewels she is more thrilled with this ring than anything she owns. TOOK TIME out to watch the ponies run at the new Hollywood Park, my first visit this season. The Turf Club is beautiful and it's a kick to see the horses being saddled in the paddock, now in front of the grandstand grandstand instead of behind it What did you say? Oh, I lost but it was fun Alan Dwan, whom I haven't heard of since his highly successful "Sands of two Jima, was in the crowd. I dont know whether he won or lost but be was happy anyway. He's just signed a new producer' director contract with Herbert Yates. His first is Peter B. Kyne's "The Story of Belle Le Grand," with John Carroll and Vera Ralston. SNAPSHOTS of Hollywood col lected aet random: Ann Rutherford and William Dozier dancing every dance at a re cent party. Bill was certainly turn ing on the charm. Wanda Hendrix and Johnny Sands, young actor popular with the bobby. soxers, glimpsed at the Seven Seas Cafe having a quiet dinner for two. Mike Romanoff is building swank new restaurant located south of the Beverly Hills Hotel. SECRETARIES APPROVE Hollywood Diana Lynn was pre sented a citation by the Hollywood Chapter of the National Secretaries' Association for her portrayal of a model secretary, Jane, in Hal Walls' "My Friend Irma Goes West" and its predecessor, "My Friend Irma." Mac Morgan Delights Audience In Kilbourn Hall By NORMAN NAIRN T IS indeed refreshing to hear a vocal recital of variety and beauty of program content deviating pleasantly from the con ventional pattern. Such a program was that of Mac Morgan in Kilbourn Hall last night, when 1V40, now an established now an established concert singer, met a reception oi ovation proportions from the large audience. His appearance was like welcoming an old friend, the occasion having other significance in the appearance of Morgan's wife, the former Helen Neilly, also an Eastmanite, as his highly admirable accompanist. The evening was one of distinguished distinguished singing and wholly rewarding. Morgan began with four songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams, greatest living English composer. These, to poems by George Herbert and Robert Louis Stevenson, were "Easter," "The Call," "Bright h the Ring of Words" and "The Roadside Fire." In lieder by Schubert and Schumann, Schumann, the singer proved an under standing interpreter, arousing a spark in the listener. Notable was the vi tality in his use of mezza voce. Evidently Morgan believes in the American composer, for six of his songs in English were in manuscript, two of them dedicated to him, one interesting -song -song "Tryst," by Kathe- Kathe- rine Danforth Fisher, Rochesterian. r MANITOU BEACH !0 and DONADONI'S Five falralrfkle Maslcel ftriaaallflas I ALWAYS COOLIt wm Ml I I) H LlUfl WaTTV JTwTy III lUiTll UTUE FIDHTIKfi n iLj n ; J s I II J "p Cnjay. ike . . "MELODY IMMORTAL Katharine Hepburn and Robert Love," music and romance film Offeringson Local Screens Today Startlne ttmes ot main tenures at I nounced by t beaten: Famous Artists :J0. Palace 12, 3:30, 6:35. 10:10. Locw's 1:00. 4:00. 7:00, 10 00. Pirou 12, 2:00, 4:00, 6 00, 8:00. Reseat 12:50. 3:45, :30, 9:33. Mrano 1I:J0. 2:03, 4:40. Little 1:30, 3:25, 5:25, 7:25, 30. Cinema-2:15, Cinema-2:15, Cinema-2:15, 4:10, , 7:30, 9:40. Rocheiiter DrlTe-ln DrlTe-ln DrlTe-ln 9. 11. Central Drive-In Drive-In Drive-In 9, It. Fssplre DrUe-ln DrUe-ln DrUe-ln 9, It, Stiitite Drtte-In Drtte-In Drtte-In 9, 11. Faaaotii Artists Country Playhouse Bur gess Meredith in "Harvey," comedy. Pelare fiery Cooper, Lauren Bacall. Pa tricia Neat in "Brifht Leaf' end Joyce MacKcnzie and Stanley Clements in "Dea- "Dea- lination Murder.1 PanuBoost Gregory Peck is "The Gun- Gun- fighter." Loew's Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett and Elizabeth Taylor in "Father of the Bride" and Jerome Courtland and Beverly Tyler In "The Palomino." Regent Louis Hayward, Patricia Medina and George Macready in "Fortunes of Captain Blood" and Paul Dale and Lor raine Miller in "It's a Small World." Temple Robert Mitchum and Burgess Meredith in "GI Joe" and Charlie Chaplin Chaplin and Maria Dressier in "TUIie'l Punctured Punctured Romance." Little David Farrar, Mai Zetterlinf and flora Robson In "Frieda." ClneaM Jean Kent and James Donald in "The Gay Lady' In Technicolor. RiTlera, State, Madisoa and Monroe Dana Andrews and Susan Hayward in "My Foolish Heart" and Roy Rogers and Dale Kvana la Ihe Golden Stallion." Utile and Cameo Ben Johnosn and. Joanna Dru in "Wagonmaster" and Farley I Granger and Cathy O'Donnctl in "Side Street." Wast End and Lake Dick Powell and June Allyton in "The Reformer and the Redhead" and "Battle for Korea." Malta (East Rochester) Van Johnson and Elirabeta Taylor in "The Big Hangover" Hangover" and Ben Johnson and Joanna Dru in "Wagonmaster." i Teaapie (FairportV-Montgomery (FairportV-Montgomery (FairportV-Montgomery Clift and!) Paul Douglas in "The Big Lift" and Joe Kirk wood and 1 eon Errot ia "Palooka Meets Humphrey.' Recital the Eastman School graduate of The recitalist graciously shared the plaudits with the composer, Two Eastman alumni, Richard Bales, conductor of the National Gal lery concerts in Washington, and John La Montaine, his regular accom panist, were represented, respectively, by "He's Gone Away" and "Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair. Other songs in English were by Nelson Brett, Gerald Finri, Peter Warlock and Roger Quitter. Rounding out the program, augmented augmented by encores, was Ravel's "Don Quichotte a Duilcinee," sung delightfully. delightfully. Morgan is endowed with a naturally naturally full and resonant voice. He sings with discriminating taste, bringing an awareness of the mood of his songs. Consistently effortless and fluent, one of the most enjoyable facets of his art is his admirable diction. In English, German or French, every word was clear. And what a joy that was!' DANCING CORNHUSKERS IVIRY SATURDAY IVININO Walter AbeJ . "FABULOUS JOE" i'a celor Plus Coar Carfeea f Ftetare At t t II amamamaaJaV )f VVf u ak Utecjzi Walker are seen in "Song I at Little Theater tomorrow. Grand Alan I add and Wanda Hendrix in "Captain Carey, U. S. A.." Jon Hall and June Vincent in "Zamaba," also "Bat. tie for Korea." Liberty Claudette Colbert and Patrick Knowles in "Three Came Home" and in "The Reformer and th Redhead" and "Conspirator. Ben Johnson and Joanne Dm in "Wagon. master." Amert June Allyson and Dick Powell Webster Van Johnson and Elizileth Taylor in "The Big Hangover." Lyell Susan Hayward and Dana Andrews in "My Foolish Heert" and Robert Rockwell Rockwell and Barbara Fuller in "Unmasked." Strand Rex Allen and Gordon Jones in Arizona Cowboy" and Johnny Mack Brown and Gail Davis in "Six Gun Mesa." Rochester Drrta-In Drrta-In Drrta-In and Empire Drtre-Ia Drtre-Ia Drtre-Ia The Marx Brothers in "Love Happy." Central Drive-la Drive-la Drive-la Randolph Scott and Jane Wyatt in "Canadian Pacific" in Cine- Cine- color plus color cartoons. Starille Drtve-ln Drtve-ln Drtve-ln Spencer Tracy and James Stewart in "Malaya" and color cartoons. Lake Short Drlte-te Drlte-te Drlte-te John Wayne In The Fiahtin. Kentuckian" and Walter Abel in "Fabulous Joe." MAY FAIR "AIway$ the Beit in Food and Entertainment Featuring -j)r -j)r AMY FONG The Sensational CHINESE EXOTIC at COLONIAL HOTEL CHEF I1SH PLATE also A La Cart k Saqula Dinners Make reserratleos aenr lev your fall fSL 1111 EMPIRE BLVD. CU. 3968 Feet ot th Hltt FOOLISH HEART SAID: YESI IIISXMMII 11 al DanaANUKlWd-SusanHATWAKU DanaANUKlWd-SusanHATWAKU DanaANUKlWd-SusanHATWAKU tOMtl KJIIM HINT SMITH PLUS! TODAY SAT. Clauelette Colbert Patrlc Keewles "THRU CAMI HOMI" lea Joansea Joetnee Dm "WA60NMASTIR" EXTRA I "BATTLE FOR KOREA" LAST TIMIS TODAY Alan 1ADO Wanda HENDRIX 'CAPTAIN CAREY. tJ.lt. A.' ) HALL tune VINCENT "ZAMBA" IXTRAI "IATTLI OI RORIA" 4 re Perkleej Al Dial K1AG0J IIJnSIER PLTJSt rrley Granger I M "SIM STRUT" f 1 tXTRAt "IATTLI fOR RORIA" story of Robert and Clara Schumann. RADIO TOUR CANCELED New York (IP) Ralph Edwards' Edwards' radio troupe has canceled a planned tour of West German mili tary bases for lack of Army air transportation. A spokesman said yesterday yesterday the Army informed th,e troupe it could not provide air space because of the Korean crisis. TONIGHT HAYLOFT "Born Yesterday" HILLSIDE 2MI raont Henrietta ji7-j ji7-j ji7-j jtV . TONITE and SAT. k "THE GLASS MENAGERIE" Pittiford Simmtr Thittrt -t -t ML READ BLVD. AT LEXINGTON the 75 parlies end Clambakes. Lent parktnf Past Wtnlo Sd. YESI YESI 'gtp am am ' 1 4 i TODAY A SAT. M lll'i l'i 1 A3k task ROY ROGERS DALI IVANS TODAY SAT. -in -in Vaa JOHNSON Elisabeth TAYLOR "THI IIS MANOOVII' lea JOHNSON Jomma CIV "WAftONMASTII" TODAY SAT. uwoai hi Vamlvmmy CLIFT Pout DOUOLAS "THE BIO UfT" ' Io IIRIWOOD Uon ERBOt Palooka Meeti Humphrey 1 II NITS TODAY SAT. Dl lit! ohL Toylee "Cwsplrotoe" rLUts bM -aante -aante tor Koeea" 9 I 111 I l l Tenite and Sat. r V j u H It, JjN TicBnlcolor gwf Ly CARTOOMS -k -k j tut Mm v anNiTieTM.Tf'i ' ' J A Sparkling Musical Romance Filling Your Heart With A Lifetime Of Love and Laughter .... J. ARTHUR RANK presents 1 tvsVJ. ilLell . . . U IJ 2 71 CLINTON rGauLaduM riVlll with JEAN KENT JAMES DONALD filCo.vf Jw I - "iiili'lTfVrilTffflTMlfllliMi v- v- T i r1liT Gmemo, "f lUMI I THEATRE OP DISTINCTION I Mo.wes a I V AIR-CONDITION!!) AIR-CONDITION!!) AIR-CONDITION!!) rat) mtair ! V THEATRE Vj THEATRE I EMPIRE BLVD. ROUTE 104 j Il200 SCOTTSVILLE RD.rs I t I --r-r --r-r --r-r --r-r --r-r - '" jem -a -a 1 " latrs-irV't'- latrs-irV't'- latrs-irV't'- latrs-irV't'- H7, PIT (FnTBGrThTS. Donald Crisp I Net 1 I U I k I I I MRU. I N-"a N-"a N-"a lViWiH AYE. NORTH, HA. 3900 1 i r ' IJ VI few sK V -A -A

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  1. Democrat and Chronicle,
  2. 07 Jul 1950, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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