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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 194G . 1 Offerings Today At Rochester Theaters 2:40, 5:05. 7:30 Starting times of main frattire Knot man 8:15. I-aliMT 10:00, 12:15 8 :60. iMw'm 11:10. 1:50. 4:-n. 7:10. -.v. Ontnry 11:3(1, 2:N, 4:42, 7:1. 10:10 Urgent 12:00, 3:20, 4(1, 10:00. anltol 2 :05. 6:05, 9:55. himiul ll:ao, 2:15. 5:00. I.lttl. 1 :0f), 3:05, 5:15. 7:25, 9:35. Kmbi 1 :30, 3:15. 7:30, 9:15. TO HIM puppet girls makes eyes at innocent Disney film, Regent feature. Full of Film Folks Years Eve COOK . Sheriff's deputies tried to find out about the last ones in town bandits got away with $75,000 by gambling den jammed with movie i moving van hauling away the fur nishings New Y?ar morning, Likely One-Night Stand Deputies thought that the place was operated by w;i-known local gambling figures who, they said occasionally open up for one-night stands. Patrons were routed to the gaming rooms from night clubs and restaurant, they said. By piecing together several stories, deputiej learned that the bandits entered after holding up a guard and said: Line up. everyone. This is n They then scooped up the mon ey and made thejr getaway in a black eedan. Sy6tandera reported a flurry of gunfire us the bandits fled. Myrna Loy Marries Gene Markey do in out, a stickup, it said Peo the late a "earo, Calif. CP) In I tlnY nval chapel, Myrna Loy yes-lined 100!terdav became the bride of Com modore Gene Markey, former film the Producer, with Admiral William F. iHalsey as best man. A Navy chaplain, Capt. Morris the M- Leonard, read the brief Pres far," rob-lery, stare anything out him, who wall the, in Ren-fro, they she or but me. one-night one-story doors a KnHtman Paul Robeion, barlton. In recital, stilted by Lawrence Brown and William Bchatzkamer, planlna. Talace Bin Crosby, Inftrld Bergman nnd. Henry Traven In "Tha Belles tA 8t. Mary'a." Iirw' R o b r t Montgomery, John Wayne and Donna Reed in ,-They Were Expandable." . Century Eddia Bracken and Veronica Lake In "Hold That Blond" and Tom Neal and Ann aavace In "Petour." Temple Adele Mara and Richard Kraser n "The Tiger Woman" and "Appointment In Tokyo. ' war documentary. Knitimtny a I. exile, pa n t o m I m I c comedian, headlining evn-act vaudeville bill. Krtrnt THunry'a "Pinocchio." feature-lenKth cartoon, and Clary Cooper and Higrlri (June In "Adventur! ot iMnrco Polo." Capitol Jnun Crawford and Jack Car aon in "Mildred Pierce" and Fred Mac Murray and Lynn Barl in "Captain Eddie.:' Utile Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson and Jose Iturbl in "Thousands Cheer Klvlrra and State Franchot Tone and Susanna Foster in "That Nluht with You and Qlnny Slmms and Charles Coburn In "Shady Lady." Madison and Monroe Irene Dunne and Alexander Knox In "Over 21" and Zacflary Scott and Betty Field In "The Houtherner." Uberty Rosalind Russell and Lee Bowman In "She Wouldn't Say Yes" and Warner Baxter and Hillary Brook In "Crime Doctor's CouraRe. " Dixie Fred MacMurray and Lynn Barl In "Captain Eddie" and Judy Canova and Russ Hunter In "Louisiana Hay-ride." Camen Jane Powell and Ralph Bellamy in "UellKhtfully DsnRerous" and Clark Gable and Loretta Young in "CaJl of the Wild." Temrde (Kalrpnrt) Tom Neal and Barbara Haie In "Ftrxt Yank Into Tokyo" and Jimmy Wakely and Lee White in "Saddle Serenade." Strand Freddie Bartholomew and Jimmy Lydon in "The Town Went Wild" and Buster Crabbe In "Oath ot Vengeance." Wehster, West Knd, Arnett and Murray Shlrlev Temple and Jerome Courtland In "Kiss and Tell" and Nina Koch and George Macrcady In "My Nam Is Julia Rons. ' K'alto (East Rochester) Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotton In "Love Letters" and Leo Gorcey and Hunti Hall in "Come Out FlKhttng." Lake Peggy Ann Garner and Allyn Joslyn in "Junior Mlsa" and Georg Pan ders and Ella Raines In "Uncle Harry." Grand John Garfield and Eleanor Parker in "Pride of the Marines" and Johnny Mack Brown and Raymond Hat- ton in "Lost Trail." Process Server Steve Brodie Serves One on Bing Crosby By JACK GAVER MEW YOTiK (LT) A process server named Steve Brodie (honestly) found Binj? Crosby yesterday and handed hira a summons in the suit, of his radio sponsor, the Kraft Foods Company, to force him to resume his radio broadcasts and accept $.r),000 weekly for them. "Mr. Crosby, I'm glad to see you," said Brodie as he extended the aummona to Dcr Bingle, who f opened the door III NO CKOSIIY Robeson to Sing Here Tonight byterian marriage rites, which were witnessed by about 30 of th! couple's film and Navy friends. it was the third marriage for both the slender, honey-haired star and the greying, slightly baldim? Markey. The bridegroom 'was an intelligence officer with Halsey when the latter commanded the Third Fleet. Markey now is on terminal leave. The actress entered the church on the arm of John Ford, film director and former Navy com mander, carrying a bouquet of French violets. She was wearing a horizon blue suit with a matching toque and veil. Her gloves and pumps were black, and her only jewel was a garnet and pearl pin en ner icit shoulder. Popeye Heads Films Offered to Children PERHAPS the most popular part of his program that the eminent Nepro baritone, Paul Robeson, will sinp: at the Eastman this evening will, be the final group of spirituals. In this will be "John Henry, "Hammer Song," "Great Gettin' Up Mornin'"- and -H. T. Burleigh's "Deep River." The distinguished artist will present two other groups. One wlil include French and English ballads, and in the second will be arias from "Boris Godounoff." Again Lawrence Brown, who has won recognition as a composer, will be Robeson's piano accompanist. Piano numbers will be contributed to the program by William Schatzkamer, a well-known artist. His offerings will include the popular Chopin "Polonaise in A Flat Major." Bill Asks Recording Of High-Caliber Guns Washington ( GNS) The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to act soon on a bill by Senator Hawkes (R..N.J.) which would require registration of all fire-arms of more than 25 caliber bore. The bill, labeled an act to protect the public from the misuse of firearms, was introduced Dec. 12. It then was referred to the Judiciary Committee where it awaits review by the full committee. of his hotel suite. "This is it," Crosby said. His brother and bus i n e s s manager, Everett, found later in a CBS broadcasting studio wntching h i s wife, Singer Florenc e George, re hearse, said he and Bing had been discussing Bing's radio future when the summons was served, but the suit was a surprise to them. "Why, only last Saturday, when I stopped off in Chicago, John Kraft himself assured mo there would be nothing like this until we d had a chance to talk the matter over," he said. "We were definitely surprised. But now they'll get it. They've asked for it" Tay Satisfactory There is no dissatisfaction over the $5,000 a week, he said, but Bing feels that after heading the Kraft Music Hall program for eight years, he's worn out the format and his welcome with the radio audience. He merely wants to do something different. Kraft alleged in its suit filed in Ne'w York State Supreme Court that Crosby's contract with it and the J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, a joint plaintiff, gave Kraft an annual option to renew all its terms up to 1950 simply by writing the crooner to that effect. Tnia was done down through the years. Crosby "started at $3,000 weekly, jumped to $3 500 on July 1, 1337, and to $5,000 in 1939, where his fee was pegged. Crosby made his last Music Hall broadcast June 28, when his sum mer vacation began. He should have returned in October, but didn't- The plaintiffs said they notified Crosby in writing on June 26, 1945, that his contract was being renewed for 1946. Charges Cited overworked. It said that he needed only about five hours each week to earn his $5,000 after the program was cut from an hour to a half hour (with no cut in pay) on Jan. 1, 1943. Vaudeville Due At Embassy TIH' Embassy will start ., ., ,..,,..1- .!,. 1 I ' M HI , i ii viit(.n i riv M in U" ule of seven acts of vaudeville. Complete new bills of vaudeville will be presented for three! days each week, beginning Fridays) and including midnight shows onj Saturdays. The theater will be operated by Bosco & Lawrence, Roches- terians, who promise entertaining programs featuring excellent talent in the realm of vaudeville. The initial bill has a comedian in pantomime, Lou Leslie, tagged "He Don't Say Nuttin," as the headline attraction. The program also includes Frank Kini & Company in "Comedy Magical Doings, ' Mary Ann Joyce, acrobatic dancer; Ann Brower, billed as a "song stylist;" Sid Rich in "Musical Melange;" Lenora, "character dancer," and Billy Barlow in a, hand-balancing turn. Four stagp presentations are scheduled daily. RKO PALACE ONE NIGHT ONLY ALL SEATS RESERVED WED.. JAN. 16-8:30 P. M. LEONIDE MASSINE'S BALLET RUSSE HIGHLIGHTS MAIL ORDERS NOW! Pric.t S3.00. $2.40. $1.80. $1.30 Male Chccki Payable la th RKO PALACE THEATRE Box Office Sale Jan. 7 HARRY STONE S cr '0 wm i n ester Royals were BEATEN. That makes our GIANT CORNED BEEr SANDWICHES the undisputed favorites. At noon, evening or after-theatre. Legal beverages." HARRY STONE'S TAVERN S E. MAIN Ston.'. Throw From Exchanq j NOW PI A YINGI 1 i3 . The suit charged that Crosby ' has refused and still refuses f urth er to perform" and "the defendant has threatened and he . is now threatening to appear on other commercial or sustaining radio pro grams without consent of either of the plaintiffs." The suit seeks to restrain Crosby's radio activity and asks finding that the contract is binding. Everett Crosby said a California court had held in a movie case that a performer cannot be held to any one contract for longer than seven years. He denied the complaint (and the many rumors current in the trade) that Crosby has had negotiations with other sponsors. "Naturally, every agency has been after us for some time, but we've told them all there was nothing doing while the Kraft matter was pending," he said. The story in radio circles is that Bing is tired of showing up every week for the broadcast; that what he wants to do is make transcriptions for several programs at one sitting. The suit pointed out that Bing scarcely could complain of being Arms in Pacific Face Destruction Honolulu More than $100,-000,000 worth of surplus and obso lete military aircrait ana spare parts soon may be- destroyed in the mid-Pacific area by the Army. The obsolete planes and parts have "absolutely no sales value." an Army spokesman told a U. S. Senate subcommittee hearing on disposal of military surpluses- from oranges to airplanes to Army mules. Pacific Fleet headquarters previously announced it had destroyed or abandoned $14,400,000 out of $72, 000,000 worth of Naval Air Force stockpiles when it decommissioned aviation supply depots at Manus in the Admiralties and Roi in the Marshalls, but "such material had no further military or commercial value." HEADS KICE INSTITUTE Houston, Tex. UP) Dr. William V. Houston, professor of physics at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif., has been elected president of Rice Institute. Dr. Houston will take over his duties at Rice Mar. 1. THEY WERE EXPENDABLE" ROBT. MONTGOMERY JOHN WAYNE DONNA REED DOORS OPEN DAILY II A. M. Tonight at 8:15 PAUL ROBESOII America's Greatest Singing Actor In Song Recital Seats Now; $1.20 .. $1.50 .. $1.80 $2.40 . . $3 (U. S. Tax included) Sunday, Jan. 6 LARRY ADLER Wizard of the Harmonica with CIVIC ORCHESTRA Guy Fraser Harrison Conducts All Seats Reserved:. 60c .. (U. S. 90c . . $1.20 Tax included) EASTMAN THEATER of th University of Bochtiter cnnnnnnnnnna DOORS OPEN 9:30 A.M r v ' e N a L bpinach Overture." featuring Popeye, will open the free program of children's "films in the Rochester Museum of Arts and' Sciences tomorrow at 10:30 a. m.j "Playmates of the Wild," "Swans," "Racing Pigeons" and Popeye again in ispmacn ior Britain" also will be shown. Two free films for the public in the Museum Sunday at S i. m. are 'Bermuda by Air" and Flame Facts." cap action food bark -4D. aecond exist-ence 1 Town taxi) Jm4 Rates J I Safety I mS Service f i MAIN 8000 GRAND PLYMOUTH AVE. AT MAIN ST. John Garfield Eleanor Parker "PRIDE OF THE MARINES" Ann Savage Rots Hunter "EVER SINCE VENUS" m krnnJ new thrill! VS. CR0SBT SNX The Bells of vCt J V 75 ...BEST ACT! Eg W1 I1U! NOW! . 7TTzr nrrniiD ANN SAVAGE CLAUDIA DRAKE TONIGHT ROUND & SQUARE DANCE from 9 to 12 LLA DlLilO ORCH. Grand Websier Hall Webster Ave. Cor. Grand Public Invited SHOW! DAILY J303IS 7i096 rmilil'PJ M H I'J I n r I l J . 1 1 U Li I'-. Y J m mm nm mm m i m B.flaMavMaaaajaaa&aUHdgagBg J ji.iii i t . mm M.m z 1 4 - mwm I I K - KINI X 1 -mm mmzmr- m a: sa j 1 c SOUTH AVE AT MAIN-vf MAIN2285 BIGACTO-yj? vi inn (THAT CLOWN PRINCE OP PANTOMIME m mm HE DON T SAY NUTTIN MUM'S 7H WOfiO' pnnuinico COMEDY M AqICAL D01NJ5 MARY ANN JOYCE SEHfAJI ONAL ACR0QA71C DANCT w mm : 1 1 FRANK ANNrriV filDif- DnOWEBBICH 5owq Styiist LOVELY DANCER " U5ICAL BITS BILLY Mi ROONEY GARLAND O'BRIEN tltANO POWELL MORGAN HORNE ANN , SOTHERN sen SKELTON Mi KATHIYN CtHf GRAYSON KELLY urn I0HN AST0R BOLES TH0US2UV IN TECHNICOLOR J WITH JOSE ITURBI 30 STARS! 3 GREAT BANDS! (322320 NOW! ; - v r ti ai GARTbUUf Lli ffdventures Marco T)lo FRED MacMURRAY imtEMWBCKHH) Franchot Tone Susanna Fotr "THAT NIGHT WITH YOU" Cinnr Simma Charlea Coburn "SHADY LADY" Roaalind Ruaeell Lee Bowman "SHE WOULDN'T SAY YES" Warner Baxter Hillary Brook "Crime Doctor's Courage" Fred MacMURRAY tynn BAR! "CAPTAIN EDDIE Judy CANOVA Roia HUNTER "LOUISIANA HAYRIDE" 1 m L 1 Ian POWELL Ralph BELLAMY 'Delightfully Dangerous Clark CABLE Lortla YOUNG "CALL OF THE WILD I I 'it O I SLIM SHOULDERS.. SOFT CURVES f I J ( 41 v AND A HEART AS COLD A$ ,CEI -X 0 il J RICHARD A A si f f 1 Shirley Temple lerom Cortland "KISS AND TELL" NlnaFoch Dame May. Whitley MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS ' Peqgy Ann Garner Allyn loalyn "JUNIOR MISS" o. BANDERS Ella RAINES "UNCLE HARRY" rtAfiimM w ihrill Backed iX"- Jennifer JONES Joaph COTTEN "LOVE LETTERS" Leo GORCEY Hunta HALL "COME OUT FIGHTIN& Tom NEAL Barbara HALt 'FIRST YANK IN TOKYO" Jimmy WAKELY Lee WHITE OUR VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC! This is the story of oar sons ond daughters in the Podfic I know you will bo os proud of them as I am." General Doualas AbcArtfwr . 'iimtmhtuvi imsm. Hero's the full glory tf er forces veder MacArtbur ond Nimitzl... Here's the revealing record filmed hy 1000 combot cameremenl jumt ncTctuL soma soul com m . 14 captured secret jap fiim never before shown. II "SADDLE SERENADE

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