Kreider Family History: 14 July 1919; columes 1 & 2

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Kreider Family History:  14 July 1919; columes 1 & 2 - >'#'.'<.'_' ISTORY OF KREIDER AMILY FROM PEN OF...
>'#'.'<.'_' ISTORY OF KREIDER AMILY FROM PEN OF THE REV. J. G. FRANCIS 1'^ m-*:\ . • -—— ie Kreider Family '. J. G. FRANCES, B. D. from Thursday.) "Klinefolt" r^. _ s on Jan. 27, 1767, gave ^warrant a tract of 791 acres 'aij.d*.73?perches to Henry Kline, Abra- t.i.t_vr»._i_^j- G e 0 r g e Gessman and This large tract had ; been surveyed to Michael Kline, Mar. li&MflC Kline likely failed to meet inditipns, or abandoned the land. Aether.,Henry Kline was a son of chaer we are unable to say. In |S*1767, a division of the'land ade by John Scull, deputy sur- r t which Henry Kline, recelv- acres, 40 perches; Rowland, and 80 perches; Gessman, lacre's and 60 perches; .and Groff, remainder of 98 acres and 96 parches:' Henry Kline's land, called inefelt," perhaps a name applied •he,, entire Michael Kline tract at Beginning, ran by Geo. Eblnger's j,di^j)yv*land of Christian Kreider dmdamj Bough j and Fy the land of iwiand and Groff. • land must have inland on which the village now stands and the Breth- ™*-W$<*urc.h property, for John S. ^4B.pmberger informs us .that years ago .11. was an jj3 D i n g er cemetery In 'adjoining the church prop- the east. He says that ~at lajt^one of the markers was a sand- "~mej which was taken by some men irking in a quarry some distance the'south and used to sharpen the c,'; Kline and his wife, Ann . J an Nov. 19, 1779, conveyed ^aores of their land to their son, injr»d?'Who r on June 14, 1783, con--•'*"*- Frederick Wolfersberger, ,^.™,y 5, 1790, conveyed It to $ jDryder, who with bis wife IP April }6, 1796, conveyed .jrlstian Krelder, who April o, !pn>eyed it to.Abraham Relst, ^Warwick township,, Lancaster -*- -^ getting a little of the Settlement land, who on Oju-1809, conveyed It to Chrls" |e)v Christian left it to Christian, who married the daughter of To- hls first wlf?, Chrisson John, the noted , lived on this 1868 became the, Houck -,end is now k Farm, ._ Immediately, east Settlement," doubt* . south and Jfkejy j a , village^ of Rocberty, -Krelder at the extreme the "Krelder Settle, 7, 1772, bought 4? perches, contiguous \o ,., .„.,& out of "KHnefeJt" 8M7 Kline, return-to Mary Krelder . Her husband, Christian, ftfi?}te4 the farm under consld^ ^frpm blP vncie Christian, tbe ;,fion>i}erger," who b'ad bunt "p-end to the present old )B&§, Mary's husband was r'» blast, ' He had lighted the explosion delayed, and he 'o examine, •rnberger Cemettery 3, Boraberger cemetery on '•" surrounded by ft good „_,., limestone wall, wJtb ,g|(e entrance to the south, "-"fitb. an Iron barricade, for rusted fast and we had to ".. • Tlie cemetery Is square. T t be large evergreen tree in the center makes it for a long distance around.. Inscriptions inform us of the burial of the following persons: Catharine, daughter of Henry and Susanna Westenberger, d. July 27, 1848, aged 27 years, 11 months and 4 days. A daughter of David and Sarah Westonberger, 1846. Christian 'Bomberger, b. May 15, 1778; d. Feb. 18, 1834; aged 55 years, 9 months and. 3 days. ' Barbara Bamberger, b. Dec. 14, 1772; d. Nov. 28, 1848. . Christian Bamberger,' b. Dec. 13, '1813; d,, Nov.. 6, 1858. . Mary Bamberger, b. Aug. 3,1, 1818; d. July 11, 1868; aged 44 years, 10 months and 12 days. ' Christian Bomberger and his wife, Mary Krelder, 'sleep beneath the big pine tree alone so far as their family is concerned, and they are likely to sleep thus alone until all who are In the grave shall hear the voice of the Son of, man and shall cpme forth. They had the following children: JOHN K. BOMBBRGER, dec., noted Prohibition leader ; s farmer near Zinn's Mill; m. Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Peter; 7 children: John S. Bomberger, m. Lena WII- helm; farmer along the Ephrata and Lebanon- trolley line, two miles-south'- east of Lebanon; has in his possession very valuable papers giving light on the Krelder family, and he very generously gave of his time to help extract the information, the writer owes him a great debt; 1 child: Veronica, single, at home, Elizabeth Bomberger, m, Samuel Bowman, laborer at Quentln; ? children: Miles and Myra, Mary Bomberger, ra. William Reist, son of Edmund, farmer near Finn's Mill; 8 children: John, Robert, Isaac, Casper, Harvey, Paul, Martha and Annie. Sarah Bomberger, m. Joseph Brapdt, farmer between Campbell* town and Palmyra; 4 children, of whom are Jojjn aud Annie, gee The News of June 19. Christian Bamberger, ra. Ella Stauffer; traveling salesman: resid- e»c^, 800 North Eleventh street, Reading; ? children; . Mary .C. *nd Peter Bomberger, m. Maggie truqker west pf Anpvljle; 9 children: Johh and CJarence. Adam Bombergw, single, wae 'In Tessa, ' . .... ABRAHAM BOMBERQER, m. Ejj?a Wuhl; tarmer n«ar ville ; Hef orpj e$ ; 5 cbJJ4ren ; Moses Boraberger, m, Mfss Smttb, dec?! 2 children: Lizzie, m. a Bom- b«rg«r; *»d Joseph, a Bttid«nt. Dapjel Bomberger, m. Sallie Krei- d,er, daughter of John S. of Snlts Creek; trucker adjoining John S. Bomberfejr along E. and U trolley line; JL child: Effle, See The News of, June 9 anil 12. Ella Bomberge,r, m.. Iwac Kra», farmer beyond lona, along the E, & L. trolley line; 2 chlldrep: LJ^zje and 4oeeph. Edward r , . . ..... „.,. Martin; hiacksmUh, now works in g g»rage in Lebanon; 4 chiJ4; Martin. " ,. , farmer ^along Snltz T TJie News of June 19. CHRISTIAN BOMBJPGER, sln- S'e; carpenter in Portland, Oregon. MARV pOMBERGER, m, John S, Snavely, merest Jn Lebanon; resi-' dence U8 K, Wtb street; 4 children: Albert Sna.vely, in, first to -Either Jpnea, secondly , Jo. Mary Bossard; machinist In Washington Navy Yard; 1 chilfl, by th« flrit wi?«: Auutln J. Edward J.fnayely, B,. Maude Pan, lei; merphanlla. Lebanon. In'paru

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  1. Lebanon Semi-Weekly News,
  2. 14 Jul 1919, Mon,
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  • Kreider Family History: 14 July 1919; columes 1 & 2

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