A visit to the beginnings of Highlands NC 1st hand account from a journalist

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A visit to the beginnings of Highlands NC 1st hand account from a journalist - -VI. -VI. I. ASHEVHjLE, N. O., WEDNESDAY, NOV....
-VI. -VI. I. ASHEVHjLE, N. O., WEDNESDAY, NOV. 4th, 1882. 0Tkiimnw lin been entered at the Peat CMfee at Asherffle, M. V as ud Msas awniay; , : ; BSrTha nmm wiil-lwav8 wiil-lwav8 wiil-lwav8 be found ft;- ft;- ateatthestoreoiaM.'WUUams and B. mil in Ifrr-t Ifrr-t Ifrr-t - ' - rtare oTUm irrirealKM. DenartsSBa. v. (tmiiwr.a. ArriTea 8:40 A. X. Deoarbi 80 P. M. TIiiiThiiiihiiii lnin nt n nlno ooonai - tionattba Warm Springa both waja it tniaa from Morrutown and KnoxviUe. Th WaTBearillfl train connect at Pigeon Bivt -wrth -wrth backs to and from Wayttearille, I i . , 1 . . . .- .- . ti. '4 ,. ' , work for dear life to supply demand I Kanaaa.Tc is to be aaaisto3 by Mr. which ialieady hard to anpply. .The: .Alfred Mtkui, Uiedltor Of the Frank- Frank- ;,y4JHi Oct 28th, 188a..; Wedneadar ewjoine had awtty nearly fhaaoned that ifcatnrial upu which tbe aanTiaWTH edUor preyanpoa, aaa there- there- ton tbe temptaacm to visu tHKBanuii, which had beeB laid. befte weduring the early dayaof the week!, waa not to be tertsted, promiaing both pleasare to mvaelL arKt interaac to mneaaera, per. hapa-carioaa-to hapa-carioaa-to hapa-carioaa-to hapa-carioaa-to hapa-carioaa-to know aomathinc of a- a- aetUenwDt wnica at no aiscanwniT wmm pcomiaeof remarkable atgraaeatMK. rRMlaiMla i is Mkoa aoontSTB thebatasdarr liae between North Gero- Gero- Knaand Georgia, a few miles away from XDeeotfa reck which mark the BoonoV ariea between North and SotitbOarolina. That rock la the ttaettna; points of the three Btataa, and also of two counties d 2fth uaroumv ana oneeecaia, tne b&er two States. Alt of thews are aa on a aaaa beneath, the eye of ator iroaumany oi ua bbv nointa on: the eastern: edge of fc. Wands. -Sat -Sat I anticipate; fviigWaoda ia fetched from Iranklla by a fairly good roadway, followinfthe openina; oaade throngh the moontains for th paaaage ot the CoUaaagee, or aa II la awweminiiiailj f llnrtr ilin ITiiar Pork of theTenneeaee. Bometiinefl tbe read ia along tbe bank of tbi atream. wbldt towarda it mQjiak to about tbe anWand Tolnraeerthe Bwarmanoa, and mrite aabeaotifuL Twice it ia crossed h)T-bndiree. h)T-bndiree. h)T-bndiree. the last combur back andn JAr-liuk JAr-liuk JAr-liuk Tai nilaa Ian t'lW- MIV IW Esinuu hsr iMontaina dose in. -and -and tbe ascent of ijanut mountain ta maoe by cderioua, bat weU gTaded, though U most be confessed a somewhat perilous lacking- lacking- track. The descent en the aonthera aide la not ar long Then an. other mountain ia crossed, neither so high nor steep, and the roiling plateau of Highlands ia reached 1,700 feet abore franklin, th village itself being 21 miles distant from that town. I aasilaalarsaiptioa of tbe fine aeon. err that adorns tbe route. That would i-tssmptme i-tssmptme i-tssmptme is to fields f areign to the pres ent purpose wnicn is to apeajx xugu- xugu- A recent letter in tbe Cliariotte Jonmai 'itiaat called atcatkwi to it;, Wttb aonte-: aonte-: aonte-: hmV ef ondastot, aiidaomeihina; ol exaggeration, l may supply tne one, and correct the other, without irapairinc tbe'rnerlClof tbe really Tery pleasant narrauoa in tne Journai. Cast. Keleeya narration of the found. gtiou of the set tl amen t, and the causes WhlcbledM it. waa a frequent lesson so Kerth Carolinianr of the importance of advertising the resourcea of their B ate, and brinsinar iu qualiflcatioua and pro ductions to the knowledge of other States and people. A good many years back. Opt. K. waa a fruit xrower of Illinois, in attendance upon a trait fab? at Bocbeater. N. Y. There be paw aoplea exhibited by Weatbrook and MeodeBkall, then noted pomologiats and umaetimen at Greensboro, Look 'ex pgrieooabvthe caiti ration of fruit taught bna that the fruit before him bad except tioaal merit. - He inquired what section tt came from. He waa told from the mnrntairatof Western North CaroUna. Ttat region Mr. Kelaey argued, offered toe very eaaanttaia for the perfection of fruit -a -a long coo' summer, and a short. aadeoraparatively, mild winter. Tbe idea, then nxea in nia nuno. ma not deselop into -ectien, -ectien, until failure in fbealth, and failure in busrneas In Kan sas, Induced him to . make aaarch for that region where good health could be regained, ana perfect trait he produced. Fortified with some information at WasMnetoo City; and aided in fortune Mf partaea Bpo whom he bad impressed hiaown convictions, be turned Boetn. determined in ma own mind that the place he sought waa, and must be found. among tbe Blue Ridgo. . Be says he baa found it: and after seven years, and with a good deal ef disoHirageuaeni- disoHirageuaeni- a (rJaa, and of ifKariae rliagaal aaaumu whose faithr courage waa not equal to his, be f3 tiaidslfon tne bigb road to success, ir own faith and his own oouraae shar e.i t v oilvers and a confidence besotten 'i la shown In tbe awakened energy r . sr.iae w a nortnern ana western "selected waa a plateau ran-' ran-' ran-' front the crest of the Blue r three miles of irreenlsr ; mar jbe said be of the extent 3, L ?rrupiea ny mountain T- T- e, c. wbJch, when . " iruier area of plateau: N( building and farm. i unlimited. A site ' ilected; which should beauty t as utUity. t It .de streets as nearly a i possiblej Only one ef r sM to any extent.: But been boeght and build- build- . tit variaua points; so that ien already ratberedin aa the town ef Highlands ia quite everything has appearance of m utmei uucketf oat ot which timber is hemlock and white pine, which itr. JLauey told me waa practically in-erhanaHblejr in-erhanaHblejr in-erhanaHblejr 1 other woods, -. -. obestnut, poplar, oak, ote.r are abundant. Iliad a pleasant eonvcraation with Mr. Boyn-ton, Boyn-ton, Boyn-ton, one of the mill.ownera, and his son. OapL B ia a man of great- great- inventive genius, and ia the patentee ef one of the' moat improved forma of fruit evapora-tora. evapora-tora. evapora-tora. i Hia aon I found engaged in patting patting up the frame of the new Methodist Bpiseopal church. The populatioa is made up from nearly-every nearly-every nearly-every nearly-every rotate in the Union. I think there areil represented. Without an exception, tkey are intelligent: people, any af them health seekers, some look, ing. after retire-Bent retire-Bent retire-Bent , others again look-ing look-ing look-ing brto the future with the belief that Highland ia destined to growth and aeusuetarv Thsre ia o reason why abeuid net be.-; be.-; be.-; ;.rf-.::- ;.rf-.::- ;.rf-.::- ;.rf-.::- .: .:., Farat, an a-aiiWsilMra. a-aiiWsilMra. a-aiiWsilMra. It 1a exempt trom'extieiin.iuasi of ; heat or cold. In aaonmer, the highest rise of the ther- ther- amotaeter is SS. Is winter, the lowest 10 below aero. The mean of the former former is 65 ; of the latter, 84. The annual rianfall is about 80 inches ; but the de gree of huraiditv ia not measured by that standard. Pulmonary diseases are raarnflsa, and those who come aa uiva- uiva- feKU are here aaailv or quite restorea. gyeacticcUsoaien are unknown ; and the ssuv ease of diptoeri ever brought to Ike tillage waa easily cured without eateanaaioatioa te others. Tne place seems to be absolutely heal thy, and there ia no physician in the. phtee, nor is there a lawyer. There ia eneckuach, a Metbodint Kpiscopal, now coing mp. " Religious services are held u the school house, whenever there has bsan raiigioua servkei. Twelve differ ent creeds are reoreaented in the popu latioa, and in. the great diversity of be nds, they nave all agreed upon a per fect toleration. ; and there is a perfect amicability. - Ia a community of such origin and of such intelligence, education of courser baa first attention. An excellent school buuseaaa been erected a building of two stories with its belfry and bell which daily calls to duty 90 willing pu- pu- pua. ine school is under charge ot alias U. JL. Rowe, a lady- lady- originally from Chicago, of 15 years expenencee and with a character for competency and efficiency of uuusual educatiou Prof. Farmer, superintendent of Schools Smt ataooa aouoty speaks tome of her in host eiaitea terms, one is assisted, in bar duties by Miss Kelaey, daughter of Uapt. Aolaey. in connection with the subject of ed neat ion there is a literary spirit pervad tag the whole community, Every Fri day evening, there is a gathering of the whole pepuuttion, old and young, at the school house, for declamation, recita tion, essay s, music, . sc., ; and the mentlng of the "Lutrrj" is not only lbs buunoen duty but tne greatest pleasure of every citizen of High land. There is a good hotel, well built and well kept, largely patronized during the season. B-ept B-ept B-ept by ur. iTitts fie la making additional improvements, and wui make it one ol tue most attractive ef mountain resorts. My good friend Cel. 8. U. Hill proves hiiuself a popular lanenora ior summer visitors ana i am iodebted to bis comfortable house aud excellent table for some pleasant recol lectiona It ia proposed to erect a hotel on twoola, - live thousand teet aboe Ihs-aea. Ihs-aea. Ihs-aea. and looking down in the three States ot North and South Carolina and Georgia, a hotel which will be nearly, aa elevated as, and far more accessible, and infinitely wore agreeable than tbe on Mount Washington. There are three stores heie, one kept by Mr. T. Baxter White, who is from New Jersey and is the first man to fol low the fortunes of Capt Kelaey. He is intelligent . and energetic and it will not be tone before his plain irame build- build- ing will give way to a 8 story brick, ireaand glass front- front- The same will be the issue of Mr. Rideout's modest start-He start-He start-He went from Maine to Florida, and at- at- tar spending many years in that State, aas gene to where ne can look down on both. Mr. G. A Jacobs is the third. - coming here front Tennessee. He has as much enterprise as nu van See breth ren, and w il keep abreast of them. . Ia speaking of our Yankee brethren, let me remark spun the total absence ef all sectional fulness that ty between tbe sections, the thorough affiliation with our people, the thorough ooavietioa that tber are North Carolina citizens. It ia not a foreign colony that ta eatanuanea amongst us but gu-sts gu-sts gu-sts ae to consume tne feast to which we re invited them. It is pleasant to add that without exception all these north. era and western settlers vote the Democratic Democratic .Stale .ticket, and largely , the county ticket, trout conviction (hat it aepreaents the best element, and is the inoat conducive to their own !nteresta - Capt Kaiser is the moving mint here He baa owned moat of tbe la'd. has laid it off into town lota which be offers for t moat reasonable rater, has laid oft streets, and wiser still, baa made. alia fee could control the rbzht of war. met admirably graded drives and roads wnicn lead to the moat picturesque poinas of view in the vicinity. No town m the county will be so well nro- nro- videdes this. Wui teaides mountain ia only 5 miles off, stupendous Black Rock aoout tne aame, the crest of the JMue Ridge, , looking perpendicularly down rato the - .eariouelv ' begbrdled Home Cov oOO feet down below ory S miles, . Estoolab, . a mile and a hall, the grand TtreeiDitoaa front of Sbortoff, the bead of the col umn in the iong range of the Cowee mountains, 6 miles, and so ad infinitum. This ia not the end. A narrow gaage an aeftmer.jk goaraman of great in- in- telligeoee aagist tie character. The press baa been ortared. ' . - tS Much se mfahf be added to this ! ramol'mg leerrltten hue at nrght af- af- tet 'auav or areas iwurue. ail er wnicn most be poatpokot to a snore convenient aeaaoaw . . -.--- -.--- -.--- -.--- -.--- Kj The daughter of was married at Wi Hon. J.J.Martin last week. The Greensborq fatrm noUeea "a swoad crop of Jane buga. Humbug 1 Senator Banabra and Kxenator Mer- Mer- rimon.m IUridolps tluaweck. O wi ig to iiis b7lfaeaB, and the re- re- ceotddath of hit father, Gen'l Soalea had to reure rrem tne canvass. Ifts election ia aaaured.- aaaured.- Ttoflliamston rtmwsayss Onlv three marriages in town this week; And there is just sixty-seven sixty-seven sixty-seven mere young ladies here who are . tired of wasting wood7 and oil on men who don t mean busmeaa. Our mformalion r that the little Banker poney. W. T. Cabo. SaoL -wffl -wffl beat Ligbt-uibg-rod Ligbt-uibg-rod Ligbt-uibg-rod Ligbt-uibg-rod Ligbt-uibg-rod Tom Rosptisa about ataouaaiKL. uiadorit. The haailk of Rev. Dr. J. D. Hufharr, of the Baptist church, bas become so f eeoiev that be has been compelled to give up his church at Williamston, Mar- Mar- tin eounty. It ia the duty of every man to vote. Chooee good, worthy and true men. If politics has become degraded and corrupt, now is the time for honest freemen to purify politics and expel from of&oe eor. rapt ana unprincipiea man. in your bands is all power at the ballot box. xoa are . responsible. The political battle this year in North Carolina ia more of a -fight -fight of tho people againat -Bevenue -Bevenue oes v than v a battle between Democrats and Republicans. The Revenae Biaa, assisted by a few malcontent Democrat, are aeekiug to control tbe politiosof the State. Winston Sentinel. Thb registration in the city of New York closed on Saturday and the total footed up 196,233 against 170,419 .last year. THOUSANDS OF LHILDREN DIE under the age of five years. Why ? Phr- Phr- loiaiu umnnt n vanons causes, ana nave a vooabnlary favinfantue diseases tot numerous to meutian. Worms 1 Worms ! Shriner's Indian Vermifuge will kill them ana restore tne.cniia. Ws are pleased to learn from Senator Yance that the prospect for Democratic success mthe-tSts. mthe-tSts. mthe-tSts. ern Counties is brighter than some have represented it to be. - Sklaaey Wens Health Benewer" restores health and vigor. 'euros Dyspepsia, Impotence, Sexual Debility. tL tjnai- tjnai- 8 4a Sfoc ofGttds to Sell at Cost! JVuur anxious to make a change in our ouatnesa are will sell uur entire xtock at cost. Our stock consists ol Dry Goods. Notions. Groceries. Hard ware, Tinware, Crockery, Glassware, -Saddles, -Saddles, Bridles. Halters. Collars. Leather, Boota.8hoea, Hats and Caps, Iteadymede Clothing and everything kept in a variety store. All of which will be sold at east. Come one, come all, and see for yourselves. Merchants would do Well to examine our stock before buying. We will sell at prices to suit every ooar. Very respectfully, J A. ft c. K, Collins, At Hugh Johnston's Corner. The news cornea wueni ixmat., Georgia, is short in ltu A Riehmond, V a, a saloon keeper. Will er t ia the question in The clerk i are eagh to resist any Mra. BristototNTew Jtg the State for Tier candidate for Cengfess. ior mm -tb -tb n"rl hnnrat James B. Pace U now richest man in Virginia- money in the tobacco mood, where be resides. Since the flnt ef the has imported t53.08Z.S18 cbandise, and has less man last year. One day ust week couples on their loKeuier in- in- snenca Washington at Mount Hon. Seaborn Reese nated by- by- the Democrats Georgia district to fill expired term. Notwithstanding that are diefranchiaed atomMjwnte jonty of s,uuo outof ed voters. The chances he election of Caine. candidate for de'egate "ng iron" Kelley cause si4u,000,000 revenue taxation was cesBary ana tyranoscai tas-ing power. He the 1400,000,000 wrong oy a war tarui with Tbe agricultural and hibits this year, inlTortb Virginia, have been the In ail respects. When mechanics prosper, happiness prevail. aiii It is rumored in the wrecker of character of his State, President of the Road. That are contempt for the its dearth of words to at such a calamity. A dispatch from dated Saturday, says : five hundred rebels at bed of tbe malcontents, miles northeast of surrounded the soldi arms. I be rebels are the country, robbing people. There is hardly an is sometimes troubled which is the most canxe of all dines we. need to have any form trouble if Bop jattera w k spun the total absence at all I a ' v sAt i J &f feehng, the apparent forget- forget- ttSXilL ej tat there hat ever been hostill- hostill- , Lt V r c I. SBKS1 jwseivef we tan ant fictnreeque railroad s prelected to tbe Rabun gap ' "HWH wjj fl" street I roao, 10 mUas 0 c. t and atul assert tharesenue of r i unsubdued nstore in the very 1 f buameaa. Woods' not - only f the town, but have not yet . y to it. Clear : cold streams F Wing out ot beds of fere or 1 trskeof laurel and-iw. and-iw. and-iw. Bni tef of machinery ia beard 'not far 7 tbebankaof a bold a a-tOiilasages a-tOiilasages a-tOiilasages tq)he veryhoait a future towd, are already ereeted milla. one a very superior flouriaz U...4 the others saw mills, with planin j .tBJ i lif'iUgBT f1 Tarna- Tarna- TnSftilTWt. all tt. bjr a grade not more than 100 feet to the mile. This will be built, it at thought, without -a -a doubt, and will do away with the wagon route to- to- Walhalla, through which all the bus-best bus-best bus-best of the place 4s done, 35 miles off. - Another improvement is already r rv-d rv-d rv-d tor. - Stock baa beeq taken, or the money raised, f or the Blue :de aterpr)ae.n paper tq be edited , 1 jr. E. E wing, a gentleman of ex-f ex-f ex-f VMnee.aad talent who won his journ-aastie journ-aastie journ-aastie spurs In Maryland, and was siib- siib- feqaently the editor of the - Kansas irrs, the leading agricu-taraJ agricu-taraJ agricu-taraJ paper in V. GOATS' BEST PPPHREAD ' COLORS. White, Black, Brown, Seal, Dark Brown, Slate, Dark Slate, Drab, Bine, Navy Blue, Green, Dark Green. Myrtle, Royal Blue, Scarlet, Cardinal, Garnet, Itembrandt, Dregs of Wine, Linen Drab, Rose, Pale Rose, Sky, Robin's Egg, Cream, Orange, Plum, Heliotrope, Old Gold, Fawn, Sage, . Tea, : Prone, Piatache, Venetian, Copper and Olive Bronze, Mastic Silver and Pearl Grey, Bern, Dark Pheasant,, and, many more of silk-like silk-like silk-like quality. a ;c;'jp, coats' ; LB COT '.'CAN "ALWAYS '88 BOUGHT OF : Jcs. P.: Sawyer, . ASHSV1LLC, N. C. Floods prevail in A famine Ireland. One hundred failures last week. Mrs. Scoville has insane but cannot The New York $1,547,000 reserve al requirement Foreman Dickson route jury has been charge of conspiracy. A W. Bishop, the East Tennessee, Georgia Railroad, tbe Cbattaboocbie Saturday. Roagh Rleara ont rats. mice, bed-bugs, bed-bugs, bed-bugs, skunks, eta. DruggistB. Lyons' Cod Liver Liver Oil and Phoa Bitters, Loco A's AshengeulCnrdialJt.bram's Abram's Chill Pilta. Hutton's manufactnre of J. wholesale and retail Sick Headache, -a. For the relief and i careoiuieaisuw m sing snucuoa tane i Simmons Liver ttegoiator. - -j -j Malaria- Malaria- Persons may avoid all attacks by occasional!' taking a dose of Simmons Liver Regnlaterlo keep oi nver is health action. sbould not be regarded Nstore demands th bowels. Therefore Simmons Liver Regulator, effectual. ; -;;,- -;;,- -;;,- ' - One or two the troubles lnehient to Nan sea, Dtsaineas. eating, a bitter bad Tk Regulator wni He disease. We assert we know to be true. - . , OhiiitrMi suffering enoe relief wkea Slramons administered. Take only tbe mH 9! iPmiI. W . . SOLD BT ALL JNO M, (Katabliarted lfatteiuBisdilr AJTIj Watahet,' Clocks, Main Street, : 19- 19- All repairm and promptly mayla-Wly mayla-Wly mayla-Wly - -r

Clipped from The Asheville Weekly Citizen04 Nov 1882, SatPage 1

The Asheville Weekly Citizen (Asheville, North Carolina)04 Nov 1882, SatPage 1
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  • A visit to the beginnings of Highlands NC 1st hand account from a journalist

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