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Daniel Boone 
Missing page 1 - SrTNDAY a as j they failed to bar negroes from...
SrTNDAY a as j they failed to bar negroes from participating participating in the primaries according to a law passed by the leglslantre in 1927," Senator Love said. "But, they did take particular pains to bar Hoover democrats/' A delegation of negroes from Ec-xar county stood outside the door to the room In a hotel where the meeting- was held, awaiting an op-' portunity to present a which would give'them „.„. .. BUl «'o take part in the 1930 primaries. However, they did not appear before before ch« committee to make known their wants. The committee adopted .a resolution the right] '-unsinucec acioptoci a resolu- tjon offered by Winbourn Peara of! I Temple, reciting that under thTlaw i u« .... B . I«»M<.I mi, lo-v. Uie committee could not act this time to bar from the primary ballots candidates for nominations to state offices iu the primary, since the law -specifically directed that the committee meet on the second Monday in Jiuie preceding the pri- the evidence," said the Judge, "What I want is the truth." Dangers Braved Another story concerns hfo chief delight—hunting. It was iu Kentucky. .He and a friend liad braved the dangers of the Indian fighting ground for a hunting trip. The two. had separated for several minutes. When the friend was returning; to camp he saw ou a cliff what appeared to be a vicious animal, animal, emitting a terrible sound. He aimed his gun, but decided to go near for aw investigation. It was-Daniel Boone, covered with a bear's hide, and singing in joyful abandon out of happiness happiness for being alone in the « woods. name was Milton. They (the said i ; George and Mary Boone) had nine | children that lived to be men and women; namely George, Sarah, Lauire, Mary, John, Joseph, Benjamin, Benjamin, James and Samuel, having each of them several children, ex-j peeling John, who was never mar- T\VO ried. The saM : George arid Mary Boone with their family, came from (lie town of Braduinch in Devan- shire, old England (wliich is a town at 8 miles distance from the city of Exeter, and 177 .measured miles westward from London); they lelt Bradninch the 17, August, 1717 j will be aud went to Bristol where they' tion by took shipping, and arrived at .Phila- j casts of delphia in 1717, September 29);|raent of Tech Will To Last three of their children, to wit given- by j George, Sarah and Lauire they 'sent) college. The Kentucky pioneer became a j in a few years before. Prom Plsila* "But colonel in the United States service. delphia they went to Abinfjton, and which and signalized himself by his mfljoyj staid a few months there; thence "~~ daring exploits against Indians, and i ^ North Wales, arid lived about. also by his extensive surveys and: two years there; thence to Oley in j school of -to the "Dean mary to a-rans" theofficial b-«oM explorations in tne State of Ken-l^me county of Philadelphia where 'explain and amendedbv Maurv Husht!of twk >'- He is *** ±o have Wlorcd j garah lbei married) nad moved program of Dallas reciting "it to tL wn<7 £ and aidcd in "ttiement of country j to some time before. This last place i " the committ-e that "any present or I fi ' om the Ai!e « lleny mountains to of their residence, since the dlvi- j proposed application for cerhTca the froutier ° f MlSEOun - , . ,„ ! sions made in,, the township of Oley towns »amed iu his .honor. the township of Exeter I in : i . ( . under the ITOX the prescribed pi?dge to JBUP-i ^e'mJmber. others Tndepe'ndently pon tne nominees of the party,.and] were cver hi'tiie vanguard the;i broke his pledge and bolted the! B-came Ajiiericans tJcket and voted for the uoralnees ofi T he f ttra ily v.-'as English in b'oo-i another purty. that by doing so hej ancj inheritance but quickly became forreited hi s rignfc to the su.vort! American in deed and spirit, giving ol ths democratic party :md forfeit- j generation after generation to ed his nsht to have 5us name placed American colcrJzatiou and citi- on the democratic primary ballot in' zcnship. • S30." iiixl directing that such pcr-| George and Mary Maug-ridge £-::. oc refused certification. | Eoone, who cams from £n^land tc j America in 1717, arc grandparents ; i of Daniel Boone. i j A reproduction of the first page; of the Old James Boone Gen?a!ory ; place near the city of Exeter. He the said George Eoone the Third on the sixth day of the sreek. a the ton. first . on the 2nd of February. 1740 I and \vcre deceutlv j is Suryinjj ground j tho said toviiuhip of Exeter, j chit-1 10 great \ n TO j-o_ I th ; Daniel Boone Co;;Unt!«d Prom Page One* v'ii-e credence, through history ;.nd informatiop. relayed from ;;pneration io generation, to miiny stories pcrtaijiing to the ';!•> of tlie great explorer, UK Lubbock man caid. 3t is said that Daniel Boone, '.hen livins in Kentucky, once remarked to his wife. "Well i-:3vc ;o move out of this country; ,ye'rc being crowded by neigh- '•jors.'' The nearest family lived '•3 Miles from the Boone cabin. Another story rrlates to his ep.se of justice. While he was '.n alcalde ijudgo of a Span- i'^u court iti St. Louis, then in Spanish territcrj-. a laivyer v.tts •heading before him in behalf a f a defendant. Judge Booni Appeared stern and interrupted 'iic Iaw>-er's pleadings severs! limer, with questions. "But. ••our honor, "plead the attorney, nalicnce waning. "I assure you that I am giving you the cvi- nciicc in this cast-." "I don't care anything ubout rectors nig as taany jjei-sons as tiie House of Jacob which came into 'Egypt." poration, Of the nine children v.'ho came j created to America with their parents i scheduled" ^ . , „ . . , „,, , George and Mary Maugndge Boons j Women of the Hlstoncal Society of Wlscon- !de80nKlanU •„, slx m now mem .j Tfce » i bers of the Boone Family associa- : day also tion, an international society which JM; S. died as far back ns had come to the i numbers over six hundred members i rector of written in 1738, now in possession i i sin. reads: "Our genealogy, or pedigree; trac- knowledge of John Boone i the son i many of are prominent in of George and Mary Booncl: v.Tit- ; army, navy aud professional . circles ten by James Boone (grandson of j Mr. and" Mrs. Boone. of this city said George and Mary BooneV j have three children. MSss'LaUa R. federation Opportunity." problems are Mamie I George Boone, I. (That is the' | Boone, teacher In the history de- ; specialist j first "we have heard of) was born ! partment at Texas Tech who is now i A. and ' C. | In T. V/ : Sevrell, in England. George Boone, II. (Son of George: Boone the FirsO was bom in or ; n?ar the city of Exeter in Devon- i shire; being a blacksmith; his wife's' maiden name wns Sarah Oppcy.' He died aged 60. and she died aged SO years, and never had an aching ] bone, or decay of tooth. ' George Boone, III. (Son of George' ! ;ind Sarah Boone> v^-a 1 ; bom at • Stonk (a village near the city of -. Exeter), in A. D. 1666, being H weaver: his wife's maiden name was Mary Maugridee. who was born in i Bradninch-(e'ght miles from ihs ; city of Exeter) in the year 1G69 ; be- - : i ing s daughter of John Mnugridye . : : and Mary Jils wife whosu maldoii : on a leave of absence; Harry Boone, Lubbock carenter, and ?. Boone, Wichita Falls lawyer. j community Brady Trial (Continued from page tal. Claim Ho ::a-.l :,»c!i ct a:: Br:«i", he lest! tied. er.rli-:r tion, will **%££ the the Hotel 05 an i».. ..i CT v^, .**•..«..*,.*i.^., ..-« *^M*.J-. . , --*e !f il - s rebuttal by placing on the bet p pl ckett '. group President ct >"ege, " z'p.nd Dr. J. M. Loving, an alienist. r;ho ansTTecl Brooks' long hypothetical hypothetical question by raying a man whose actions wore these described IT.- the difference oe- I of "Social

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  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 02 Feb 1930, Sun,
  3. Page 26

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