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 - It is very difficult to get at the precise...
It is very difficult to get at the precise precise origin of the feud in Harlan. But really nobody cares how it originated The existing conditions only attract tha attention of those who desire the supremacy supremacy of the law. The Teud is there, a diairrace to the good citizens of tbe county, and a blot upon the civilizatiou of the State. The desperado, Wils How., srd, under indictment for murder, and be refuses to recognize 'the jurisdiction of the court. The officers are powerless to arre him. He has his own reasons for defying the authorities, but they are not sufficient. He may be or msy not be guilty of tbe crime with which he is charged ; but he Is certainly amenable to the orders and process; of the court, and the whole power a the State should be nsed, if necessary, to effect his capture capture and bring him to trial. Yet, in one sene, Wils Howard is but a natural, though somewhat strtravated, product r this sparfcly-scttlcti sparfcly-scttlcti sparfcly-scttlcti mountainous mountainous region. W here there is no population population whatever, there is no nerd lor law. and hence there is none. . Where the population is most dense snd societr the most complex, w find tbe greatest respect for the forms of law, and the most vigorous enforcement of lta man dates, la these mountains, the area of a county is large and tbe number of its people is smalL There arc few terms of court only two in each year for tlte trial of criminal eases and few officials. In a 'city one meets a Dolieeman everv few blocks, a constant reminder of tha oversnadowing presence of justice. . In Harlan county one may live six months or a year, and never see a Uetuty Sheriff.. If one wishes not to see him. it is easy to avoid a minion of the law. by climbing a mountain or taking refuge in a cava. Thus the oeoole there come in contact with tbe authorities so sel dom that It is not strange I bey soon accustom themselves to forgetting there are statutes and courts and officer. . Ths one certain curt for the disease la Harlan i the building of railroads snd tbe Influx of new population. While good people lire nuietly oa then ianns, -pmg -pmg carerm oniy to keep oa hand provisions to supply their families for a twelve-month twelve-month twelve-month ahead, they make them vires as contented ai possible. They hear of the mnrder in their nrisU-horaoods nrisU-horaoods nrisU-horaoods aod ah udder, but they niuke no effort to aaiUt in brtngicjr the murderer murderer te punishment. But when a citizen citizen becomes Interested la town lota.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 30 Oct 1889, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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