McCoy, Mumford 1877 Blackburn Committee testemony

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McCoy, Mumford 1877
Blackburn Committee testemony - THE COMMITTEES. The Howe Committee. " Committee...
THE COMMITTEES. The Howe Committee. " Committee met Saturday forenoon and adjourned to Monday at 10 o'clock, A. M. j The Wadleigh Committee. First witnees examined Saturday was Aagastas Williams colored. Resides in East Baton Rouge, and am a Conservative Republican. Am business manager of the paper Grand Era. J. Henri Borch is editor. Attended both Republican and Democratic Democratic ; meetings ; numbers of colored people were present at the Democratic meetings. Was at Baton Rouge on the day of election : election was peaceable and quiet, and I saw no intimidation. The Blackburn' Committee. First witness Saturday was Tbos. G. Davidson. Resides in the parish of Livingston, and was independent candidate for the Legislature. Claim to be a Democrat, but bave not been recognized as such by the Democratic party. The action of secret organizations, in whipping and otherwise injuring men, produced such an eilect upon the colored people as to render them afraid to vote the Republican ticket. Have been threatened with death if I returned to t he parish. Doion Lombard. Resides in the parish of Livingston: v oted in the Third Ward at noil 4 ; elec-t elec-t elec-t ion was fair and peaceable ; affidavits made that I intimidated or interfered with colored voters are false ; I know of 1:0 intimidation practiced; don't think any Republican votes were cast at poll 4. C. A. Fuestee- Fuestee- Resides in Lafourche parish, and was commissioner of election at poll 10. Election was peaceable aud fair. Oar tally sheets were cut up by Democratic commissioners; tne United States supervisor, supervisor, Mr. Sullivan, a Democrat, made out the tally sheets, and he and his friend put their pistols on the table and asked us to sign the tally sheets. We v. ere afraid not to do so and complied. The returns were taken by Sullivan to Thibodaux. All the commissioners were Republicans. Never keot any list of voters, though the law directed us to do bo. Sullivan never made any threat when he placed his revolver on the table. The Blackburn Committee was yesterday yesterday engaged almost exclusively in the examination of witnesses brought up by Gen. Hurlbert for the Republican side. The names of those examined are as follows, follows, testimony all relating to the parish of Lafourche: Mumford McCov, colored, colored, constable, at poll 13, Robt. Taylor, colored. President of Republican Parish Committee, and constable at poll 4, Al, bert Boudreaux, colored, J. Rogers, coL, Robt. Poindexter. colored, of Assumption, Assumption, E. C. Davis, colored, of Orleans, and Oscar Crozier, colored. All the witnesses, witnesses, with the exception of Poindexter Poindexter and Davis, are from Lafourche, and testified to the existence of armed secret organizations, which, bv threats of violence, violence, intimidated Republicans. Heard that intimidation was practiced, practiced, but knew nothing of their own personal knowledge. Ofccar Crozier, Tax Collector of Lafourche Lafourche parish, and commissioner of Poll No. 5, testified that Panette, who was the first supervisor of the parish, parish, was requested to resign by the Republican Republican Parish Committee, because it was understood, that he had negotiated with Mitchelet, the chairman of the Democratic Committee, to refrain from giving the Republicans any advantage over the Democrats. Robt. Poindexter was summoned for the Democratic side, and testified that M. A. Ledet, the supervisor of Lafourche, Lafourche, had told him, in the presence of E. C. Cavis, that the parish was Democratic, Democratic, but that he intended to give it to the Republicans. E. C. Davis corroborated the testimony of Poindexter. All the witnesses testified testified to the peaceableness of the election. The Morrison Committee. Alf. Bourses. Resides in Orleans : testified to the incendiarism incendiarism of Gov. McEeuery's speech at Baton Rouge. . Alfred Borpes. of Orleans, member of the Republican Committee, rc-eived rc-eived rc-eived in-lormation in-lormation in-lormation in August that the Democrats hr.d organized a system of intimidation in Northern Louisiana by armed bands i f men riding about over those parishes at night, shouting, shooting, whipping and killing Republicans. We determined lo organize an active campaign in that section, and I was sent up there to organize organize Republicans for the campaign. Found tlie Republicans there in a condition of terrorism. Witness expatiated : at length upon tc ports made to him of intimidation of Republicans. D. B. tiorham, r railed. Resides in Natchitoches. The Republican majority in the district to which my parish belongs is large, but owing to intimidation the Republican vore was largely decreased at the la9t election. Heard of many outrages committed ou Republicans. Heard Gov. McEnery's Fpeech at Baton Rouge. It was violent in its character, and advised the Democratic Democratic party to assume the aggressive. D. B. Gorham Recalled. Jleard McEnery's speech at Baton iNinee ; stated while he approved of Gen. Aitholls's speech, but said he favored an a"gie6sive warfare aeainst carpet-baggers carpet-baggers carpet-baggers carpet-baggers and scallawaes. Thinks Republican vote was diminished some eight or ten thousand by disturbances ; thinks Republican Republican majority proper is about 25.000. 1-i 1-i 1-i District Attorney; law requires him to live in district; he never lived there. Was nominated and elected District Attorney Attorney of Seventh teen District, but did not hear of my nomination until after I was elected. "Don't know when conven-t conven-t conven-t ion assembled that nominated me ; have been informed there was a convention, but only know of it from hearsay ; didn't kDow but one man who lived at Natchitoches Natchitoches and took part in the convention. Witnees thought it would appear strange that he should be nominated and elected without his knowledge, and went on to explain at great lencth how it all came about. Witness didn't know whether he was elected by people, or. counted in by Returning Board. ISever examined iuo the matter. . Negroes in making statements that they had joined Democratic clubs, but desired to vote Republican tickets, were evidently evidently either deceiving me or Democrats think they were deceiving Democrats ; that they acted under duress. Ludehng, Rav and other leading Regublicans, live in Ouachita ; never heard of their being harmed or insnltd. The Democratic party in Ouachita intimidated Republicans' Republicans' by organizing ritie clubs, who rode over the paiish by day and night, calling on colored people ; don't know who these men were, but understood they were Democrats; only heard these things don't know whether they were true or false; never made obscene speeches; spoke to about two hundred colored men on the island : don't know that there was a Democratic meeting on the island the same day. An indictment was filed in Wynn parish against witness, but he has the statement of more - than half the grand jury, that no indictment bad been fonnd by tnem. --" --" --" , v--f v--f v--f v--f ..!.. Heard of uprising of negroes lnKast Feliciana and at Donaldson vine. Whippings, Whippings, killings, etc., were generally attributed attributed to Reeulators y CoL Kl rsnk Powers. Republican, was at the head of this organization. Negroes told witness

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  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 07 Jan 1877, Sun,
  3. Page 2

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