History of the Kreider Family- 17 Jun 1919; columes 1&2

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History of the Kreider Family- 17 Jun 1919; columes 1&2 - HISTORY OF KREIDER FAMILY FROM PEN OF THE REV....
HISTORY OF KREIDER FAMILY FROM PEN OF THE REV. J. G. FRANCIS The Kreider Family By REV. J. G. FRANCES, B. D. . (Continued from Monday.) Mary Ann Shenk, b. Feb. 18, 1869 m. Harry Hooker, farmer at Hookers rille; United. Brethren; 6 children Arthur Peter Hooker, b. Feb. 7 1883; m. Margie Brosey, d. of th< "flu"; teacher residing In Palmyra 6 children: Arthur, Mervln, Martin Malcolm, Mary and Elwood. Ammon Hooker, m. Ollie Brenfile hap a confectionery store In Hum melstown; no children. Sallle Hooker, m. Christian Her sbey, farmer not far from Paxtonla; 2 children: Helen and Frances. Ediia Hooker, d. aged 2 years and 21 days. Erma Hooker, single, at home. Harry Hocker, single, at home. Tobias Shenk, b. Aug. 20, 1863; m. Emma Longenecker, dec.; farmer beyond Reading, having been an automobile automobile Dealer in Reading; 5 children: children: Clayton Shenk, m. a lady of Read- Ing; farmer on the homestead; 4 children. Vlolu. Shenk' m. Ray Orub'er, teacher In Hummelstown. Raymond Shenk, single. Harry Shenk, single. Mary Helen Shenk, single. Emma Shenk, b. June 13, 1886 d. May 3, 1882. Elizabeth Shenk, b. Sept. 4, 1889 d. Dec. 10. 1869. . Bailie Shenk, b. Jan. 22, 1871; m. Isaac Imboden, a manufacturer in Cleona; United Christian; 8 children: Stella May Imboden, m. Isaac Lentz. farmer near Kontana. Herman Imboden. Sarah May Imboden, m. Paul Pfautz, tire vulcanlzer In Lebanon; 1 child. Mercy Imboden, strangled. Grant Imboden. Peter Paul Imboden. Vergte Imboden. Irvln Calvin Imboden. Leah Shenk b. Feb. 19, 18T3; d. iged S days. TOBIAS KREIDER, JR., the youngest son of Tobias of Cleona, m. Celesa. Kreider, b. Dec. 18, 1847, daughter of Joseph V., beyond the Tunnel; farmer, for a time on farm received from his father-near Gingrich's Gingrich's Mennonlte meeting house, but sold It and bought a small dairy farm on the Quentln road, a short distance beyond the city limits, being a part or the original "Kreider Settlement"; United Brethren; 6 children: Adam Kreider, single. Elmer Kreider, m, Brraa Moyer, moulder, 1030 Orchard avenue, Lebanon; Lebanon; no children. Calvin Kreider, m. Minnie Batdorf; Batdorf; chaffeur for the Good Will Fire Co. on West. Lehman street; 30 1864; m. John Bachtnan; 12 children. children. Tobias, b. Nov. 26, 1788; d. Mar. 22, 1866; m. sisters (1) Catharine Kreiler, and (2) Maria Kreider. The daughters, Elisabeth and Rebecca, Rebecca, were omitted In the preview, and the name of the wife of Benjamin Benjamin Moyer had not been ascertained. We have new considered the .'iis- tory of three of the sons of John Kreider, who located on the western half of the "Kreider Settlement" on Snitz Creek—Henry the Martyr, on the homestead, the present Lorenzo Laudermllch farm; Jacob, who Uved in the eastern end of the present farm house of John S. 'Kreider op Snltz Creek, extreme Western end of the Kreider Settlement; and Michael who located on the 310% acre tract at Fairland. We now come to Rev. Martin Kreider, brother to the three already mentioned, who was located by his father east of the Colebrook road, along Suits Creek. REV. MARTIN, SON OF JOHN THE 8KTTLER We are now taking up a character of no small significance in the religious religious development of Lebanon county. In The News of May 26th we made the following statement: Bast of the (Colebrook) road was Martin, n preacher, whose home was a fortress of the United Brethren, from which stronghold they took the town of Lebanon. The basis of this statement will be more plain as we proceed. First of all It fs in place to Identify his Martin. Early in theso articles, we stated that the 585 acres of the eastern part of the "Kreider Settlement" Settlement" was taken In 1760 by four of he eight sons of Jacob, who received .he warrant In 1741 for 250 acres of land in Lebanon township in other words, of Jacob the Settler. Jacob's on Martin bad the farm of this tract mmediately east of .the Colebrook oad, the farm on which Rev. Martin eslded. We then erroneously sup- osed that Martin, son of Jacob the Settler, and Rev. Martin were one nd the same person. Vet we had un up against a difficulty. Chris- Ian Kreider, < son of Jacob the Seller, Seller, had his f»rm immediately east f his brother Martin. But we found hat Martin Kreider in Augusta ounty, Virginia, gave a bond on March 30, 1772. to Christian Kreier Kreier of the province of Pennsylvania: On the back of this bond Christian writes: "Mit meinen B.r.: Martin <reider." So in 1772 Martin Kreier, Kreier, brother ot Christian of the ex- reme eastern part of the "Kreider ettlement"; was in the Valley of Virginia, and certainly wat one of he very first white settlers In that ar-off wilderness. Christian died ct. 13. 1789, but by Aug. 21, 1789, he bond had been satisfied. Tho and in now in possession of John Bomberger, farmer north of the children: Helen Corlne, Marlon, dec., |0. & L. power house and a direct descendant of this Christian Kreider. Now, we were confronted with the question: How could Martin KreJder have been in the Valley of Virginia in 1772 and later up to 1821, be on hii farm at Snltz Creek. Had ho become tired of Virginia and con* trary to the. tide of migration, re. turned to the "Kreider Settlement" on Snitz Creek. Hon. A. S. Kreider had secured information from the court records at Lancaster which h«lp«d ue out of our quandary. H9 h«4 lathered that an Sept. 7, 1784, Mftrtin Kreider sold bis 160 H acres, on Snjtj Greek to John Kreider, too Pettier on the western part of th<* Kreider lands on 'Snltz Creek, and, that eajd John KreJder and wife, Barbara, on Jan. 14, 1768, conveyed., this )8Q% acres to Martin Kreider, Margaret Elizabeth, and Grace Elenora. Elenora. Eva Kreider, single, at home. Harry Kreider, dec., m. Ida, Eck* ert; moulder; widow now at Pleasant Hill; 3 children: William, Ruth and Alien. LEAH KREIDER, afore, m. Oct. 24, 1867, to Abraham K. Moyer, b. March 28, 1846; d. —— —; farmer near Steelstown; Brethren; 8 children: David, b. Dae. 12 1868.* Clara, b. July 26, 1871; d. aged 2 hours. Harry, tc. May 17. 1873: d. Kept. 6, 1873. Morris, b. April 19, i?76.* Lizzie, b- and d. Oct. 10. J8T7. SaJlie, M- b. May 18. 1879.* Charley B., b. Oct. 17, 1W,* Katie A., b. Jan. 3.3" 1886.* —Family Bible. David Moyer, afore, m. Ada Bear ver; head riveter in car shops at Rutherford; residence Palmyra, 409 Main street; Church ef Ood.; * ehjjr dren: Lewis and Theodore, both at home. Morris Moyer, afore, m. Jennie Hetrick, dec., trucker at Shellsville, Dauphin county; United Br«tUren; 1 child: Ethel Maggie. SaHie M. Moyer, ». Robert p. Light, son of Ephraim; clerk f«r count* commissioner*; residence 431 K. Tenth street, Lebanon; tinitod Brethren; 5 children: Howard. Margaret, Margaret, Catharine, Allen, and Elolse all at home. Charley B. Moyer, afore, m. Maggie Maggie Wagner, daughter of Joseph; farmer near Bellegrove, on her father's father's farm; she United Brethren; 4 children: Walter, Herman, Warren pud Lloyd. Katie A. Moyer, afore, m. Paris phelly, formerly waiter in restturant jn Los Angeles, Cal., now. in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.; 1 child: Thelma. Records of the children of Tobias Kreider of Cleona, largely from bis daughter, Mrs. Leah Moyer. We have about finished the records records of Michael Kreider the pettier at Fairland. From records of Hon. £. S. Kreider we learn that a few of his daughters have been rnlwed; and it seems that hl« wife instead pf being Ana Stoever was Anna i,ong. We shall restate his family, which will be valuable by way of review as well as by way of correction. correction. John b. March 10, J?7J; d. June (4, 1856; m. Anna Troxel; issue. Elizabeth, m. Henry ejie&berfar, bad issue. Rebecca, d. June 29, 1849, gf«d T4 year«. 6 months, s days; "-—' son of Rev. Jofcn, fcgd " ?ff John their BOB, who was the preacher. 80 we are dealing with two Martin Krai* ders who early lived OB one and the same farm. Martin SOB of Jacoj? the. Bottler, who through his father became became tn« owner of tb« farnj in J788. So we have John KreJder, the Settler, Settler, providing for his four sons as follows: Conveyed to Martin 160% acres on Jan. 14 1768, farm eastjjf the Colebroolc road; conveyed to Jacob 17g% acres/July 6, 1768, e«. trejjae western end of the "KreJder Settlement," resided on old part of John 8. Kreider firm house; eon* veyed to Michael 810% acres, Jan. 28, 1772, located at Fairland and Cleona; and conveyed to his son Henry, the Martyr (regarded as his youngest son) 173 acres, Feb. 22. 1776, being the homestead, the eastern eastern part of .John's west end holding in the "Settlement," th« present Lorenzo Lorenzo Laudermlleh farm., Hon. A. S. Kreider places John Kreider, Sr,, beyond the Tun*ei, among the sons of John rh,e Settler, thus giving him five eons, W« a,re not convinced that this John ia one of the sons. In fact' we are eon* vjeced to tlte contrary, This John was born In 1761, or 16 years after the birth of Henry, whom we regard aa the youngest BOO. and 31 years After the birtb of John's son Martin. We regard John, gr., beyond the tunnel tunnel as the grandson of Jaoftb the Settler, Settler, an4 when we reach JoUw, 8r., beyond tbe Tunnel, we shall (rive our reasons for our position. In the meantime possess ye ypur souls in patience. patience. Rev. Isaac Kreider, of Center county, says that one John Kreider, of Gpnewago, was a son of our Settler Settler John. We know nothing "of John of Conewago. It may here, be in place to attempt attempt a li«t of the children of John tlte Settler (1716-1788) designated by some aj John Jacob, hut who signs fel« Rime'91 "it| M Greider," * " • HilUp the Im- • of a in he of of Kreider of

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