George F Freitus escape drowing...

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George F Freitus escape drowing... - It in * the Calvary Thuibday was her THROUGH...
It in * the Calvary Thuibday was her THROUGH ICE IN STORM AND DARKNESS SUDDENLY O'Brien, Capt. Freitus and W. J. Donaher, of Johnson's Island Quarries, Narrowly Escaped Drowning-Horse and Wagon Went to Bottom of Bay. After a harrowing exjKrk-nce of breaking through the Ice on UIQ bay, In 1'he ·a.irk and storm of Thursday evening, three men employed by G-ay- nor Bros, and Hughes Bros. . Bangs, in. Hie Johnson's island quarries succeeded in reac'hine t-lie city, one ot :hem nearly frozen. Their horse was drowned and with a wagon went lo I ho 'bC'ttoin. The men were Patrick O'Brien, sup- bi-teudent; Gapt George F. EYe-ltus, master of the tug Bangs, and W- J. Donab'er, Uxkkceper and the man in. cliargo of tlie property at the IslanJ ring tJte -wlaier. O'Brien and Frettus had gone to the island on an Inspection trip and were ready to start for home abcui U;30 (n tihe evening. They planned to walk across, 'but U was so stormy, witSh high 'Wind and snow, that O'Brien objected. He wanted -to ride, and finally ordered Donaher to hiteh up the horse. Having no sleigh at hand, n light wagon, was iised and the men s'et out for Sandusky. They were probably a mile from the Johnson's island shore when, -without almost no warning, the ice gave way -tie ihorse plunged through, the wagon following. The ice ha.l evidently been worn thin by the strong current. The ihree men jumped and succeeded in reaching firm Ice. The htirsa made desperate struggles ansi Donaher ertloivorei no asJsft tftie animal Hn so dtAns 'he went Ittto itie -water to his neck, O'Brien and Freitus finally rescuing him. Soon afttT tho horse and wagon went down, the animal drowning. The men were in a bad pligjht, Don- being soaked. The -wind iv^s blowln-g almoat a gale on tho ice and snow was blinding at times. They see tfiie lights of the city, however, and m'aiutgcd to follow the iiatHi, finally arriving Tiere. Donaher was practicalily encased in ice his clothing having froKeii, au I lie himself was in bad shape. He was taken to West Mouse and thawed out. None the men was any the worse Friday the experience. ODELL

Clipped from
  1. The Sandusky Star-Journal,
  2. 10 Feb 1905, Fri,
  3. Page 6

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