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11/21/1939 - In The Courts 17TM ,HDK'IAJ, DISTRICT UUK-II,...
In The Courts 17TM ,HDK'IAJ, DISTRICT UUK-II, Cl>««.'l;iw Ci.tjiiJy. Otila, Criifiini! — St^riirs,' For-:. :r,ju:;njc j,ub- priip.-rry. Civil — !•;, A. Birth- v» \VaUrr Grim*:*. H.TZ'-J Mor-r* vn V"»rnt.-n .Moor*, divorrf. MnrrlnE*- I_!r«-nw-n tjf.U'rd i A f..i*A' <»r ;h~r>,-.' i!>.-«ri«i»s wiro on!}' r«t»-ntly \j\:i <•••''. tjn r<-cor<5 •!«!" 'o delay i'nii :i--\~ S"!?. ("hnc:«w Counfy Court k. whu r-- '-'iTiy r»rf:Kn«-J rnj:t-, lha.l i-.vn. *f{'-(i\-.-?, J.,i^r«in,b*.r 1). tldK.-ir Arc-hoy to Joljnntc Oofnrth. S'.;n-r. Ait-misj M:;r:-),aS! It V»>rJ.« V.-.v \v ; 1 i, ; ni . O. r,. ,--':.--',i)i"r.- to M Irian". Stc:ih>'ri;*or. < '.i; .-:• n\rr\ >.• . Torn \Vh!tak«r. ^ru«. tr. M;try K»:'hr:.-r» Crosn. itjnt»r: Ja.uk KruT-.r ; o. Msry «vi 1:: rrin*: Carroll. I'oop^r. liayt^'in..! A;vi>.wn '. o O:':/i M'tr- KH? 1 .. Ar>(!..:r>. -. <',. L. H.irdnfr. Supulpn.. to JxumtH <,"h(i:it' 1 . AiokK: 1). A. Aine- v. arth. ^Kriki.^t t '• Friinc'.i N"-wn:;tn, r<'K- ivril. DouiriuH "A'o'nl to .Mattlf Pitta. Oiick.'iKfi ;j . A !<~>n /.<•> I^rt'.'^j'itin >i..-inii:v to lU-:.-n Unrrlf. m^- '.,.:". T. A. T-rrv to Nddir.- C'.iirrr-tt.. f';ir;.». ';. <:. j ; ;'.iti- i <-T"i^-.-r.. >•.-, ri* tn vis-.* M-.I* -ir-k, K.ip:iwh:i. T-xa-: '"!y.i« >!ar!'»r. i,'r>-"k' C. K. r,:t|w.':«ri2j« :o Orf:- Or^srirorj, n. .Jo"! Lfl^K'^-f' CuvineFs- '.o V'p-a Fur. 1 .. r.ranl 1 . .1:v':X HI-PVPB to B*r>nl«; Moon, P.irls; Authur R.lr.:r m Ar!in» M^ri- stin. Dur.irst.: Jiirr.^.^ Tuylor to r>oro!hy n«!tt. Coopir. L*on:tril f;or:!or. Cablr to Pa.uilnt? v.'r^-ht. L'*iiort: Crinr'.e* T. *r tA A%-i.« (•'.•rr»-l!. Mr. J J I««!.« nl : William I^ii-'n--7 rh::r i :n'-r trt Mnry O»T- to nr;i,-io .S uli I van, i'lallns; .J. f>. A-h S-> to M.trjra- r*rt [>obh«, fa'i.-<. .). T. !Miin to Clf" Kui:I<iT. I..i'lor;;i , Alvi^ Hiiil'rw to Jr.hn- n-> F.-nrt!v>. P:ir;> -. Miiiorf, 1.x- 1 Hurrty to Vi.-ra ;,"B iirr,-.VM. i'.,r:s; Cii:«rl-» K- firoffin. Jr.. !<; M;iry Austin I>iv>,-l«. M«-r- !t. T.-xr«»; M:t!t Kn, M i. .f r . ; 0 ,\; nr y [>5il- Fontun. I.i:,!',.i^: ^i«-^ n !>». Pwrry to Churl' Brazil'. . f to - *K-tr.!^ Mil* H..rc!y. T?onh*i:r.: ?n li^-nry M;!^r, Bit Kwrll to -\VfH>:i Tr!--in ir..« 01. O-i.-i^r: Pat r.y"r. T;i),- o to «i-> Mai; lf'»rf'n. P inr k.-v>!If • K C. .\I -<-';, rr.:-;;. P.vn K r .1 r. k 1 1 r, to E>!»]1« »{i.:!h.'rror.!. Knlo*-; M. ,1. I'^t!* rsnn. Mtn- nfMrinl;*, Mlnr>.. tn M;-.j;inr I'Ji'.t^rtpn, .. bf-rry r'. Chr!xt:n- tjsv-rnr ilarttnf1n>. sV.Mc. .lof I'orT.-r t r. CuC-i Pcrkinf.. y r; rrt -.-4.- (...roy •\Voo«I. i r, AJirm U"i!H;irnx P^ri"; ["nv'-J Sini.-. P;irJ« to :»:.-< D«T:ITJ. AtlMj-; 'I-onr* MatlocU to lni'.nK V,~f.tl<-\-. HUKO; I>-r.n;-,rd Cmfp to ! to Oi>l<U Jnn<-*. S.-UP<T: Hul Kills to M«.ry KII/Bh'-th !-ti.,r<!, Huaro; Erf.Sj. nil- b*rt tr, Z~tf\* Thompson, Irt.-ib'?!: Frnck Funk to Juanita \Vhysl-^. Hupo. SIC TRANSIT GLORIA HONOLULU. UP) — Luke field, army air base, has been turn?d over to an expnndin? navy and is expected to be known hereafter as

Clipped from
  1. The Paris News,
  2. 21 Nov 1939, Tue,
  3. Page 6

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