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19490806 The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Saturday, August 6, 1949 p16 CLIP - 16--Tin? Bcrk»hire Evening Eagle. Salurtlay....
16--Tin? Bcrk»hire Evening Eagle. Salurtlay. Auc. 6, 1949 Hasson and Rome Plays Here Tonight And Tomorrow Afternoon Indians Gel Off to 8-0 Lead in First Two Innings but Still Have Terrific Job To Stave Off Defeat By JOHN M. FLYNN Sports Editor of The Eagle u * P 6 i nC ^ nS S ^° red e ' ght nms in the first two innings but they had to put up a terrific battle to beat Quebec at \Uhconah Park last night, sweeping the two-game u - ^ 1 . ea * ue le le /£n8r Braves. Manager Gene Hasson his loth homer of the season with one man on base Prentice socked a round-tripper with one mate aboard, eighth of the campaign. Kelly To Pitch Tonight in the ninth, passing Fandozzi and Pal- misiano, the first two men who faced him. Yuhas then took Cleo's place on the peak. Elko's foul fly svas taken by Hoskins. Lawmg singled sharply to center, scoring Fandozzi. Shetler walked. Hutson made a good catch of Sinram's long foul fly, Palnnsiano scoring. Hamel then sent a grounder to Prentice, who tossed to Moore for a force play, ending the very exciting exciting battle. The score: Moore. 2b . Castro, cf . Huucr, rf . Hutton. If llasson. l b Slaton. Xb . Hoskins, c . Prentice, n Wittier, o Lewrkhl. D Yuhas, n . . Kosinski, 2b . . Palmisiano. ef Elko. rf La\Mnr, If Sh-tler, lb Sinram. 3b . . . Hamel, i Alltop. c Beiinskv. D Mean, o Dopkin, rt Fandoz?!, 2b . . Danehshen. D . ·Oalipeau Mustaikis, o . . Pitlsfleld Quebec PITTSFIELD ab 4 h no II 4 t 3 II 4 1 fl 0 (I (I II 1 II The Indians used three pitchers and Manager Frank McCormick called on five hurlers in an effort to stave off defeat. Jim Kelly, right-hander, will twirl for Pittsfield Pittsfield against Rome at. Wahconah Park tonight at 8. The Colonels also will be here for a single game tomorrow afternoon at 2.30. Glov- ersv.lle will play at Wahconah Park Monday and Tuesday nights after utiich Oneonta will come here for two nights. Ralph Wilder, portsider started on the peak for Pittsfield and was superb for four innings. He weakened, weakened, however, in the fifth when the Braves pushed over four tallies and he was removed in favor of Cleo Lewright after one man was down in the sixth inning, during wfiich frame the visitors scored five runs and trailed Pittsfield by only one tally, the score being 10-9. The Indians added two tallies in their half of the sixth and after the visitors had made one run in the eighth the Indians scored three in their half. Lewright passed the first two men to face him in the ninth and Bob Yuhas who relieved him saw to it that only one run was made in that inning although two Brave.s were left on the sacks when the final out was made. Fittsfidd Gets Jump Fred Belinsky, right-hnndnenr, was Quebec's starting pitcher but four runs were made off him in the opening inning and he was relieved by Al Meau, also a right-hander, with two down in the initial frame. The Indians added four tallies off Meau in the second i n n i n g and John Dopkin left-hander, went to the peak for the Braves starting Pittsfield's half of the third inning. The Indians made two runs off him in the fifth inning and with one away in the sixth Dopkin passed three men in succession a f t e r which he was taken out and Alex Danelishen, w h o h a d h u r l e d Thursday night's game here, was given the mound assignment. Pittsfield Pittsfield scored twice in the sixth. Danelishen was removed for Gus Galipeau, a pinch hitter in the eighth and Alex Mustakis 35-year- old veteran worked the eighth m- ninp on the peak for Manager Me- Cormick's club. Pittsfield secured three runs off Mustaikis to make the score 15-10 and it was a good thing for the home club because those fighting Braves made things uncomfortable in the final inning. Bill Moore walked opening Pittsfield's half of the first inning and went to second on a passed ball. Johnny Castro also walked. Moore and Castro worked a double steal as Huwer struck o u t . Manager Manager Hasson was passed i n t e n t i o n ally, ally, loading the base;,. Bob Staton singled to center for two runs. Don j of the five pitchers used by Hoskms tripled to left center for | bee last niaht all but Dopkin Gus Galipeau went in as a pinch hitter for Danelishen. With the count three balls and two strikes Gus hit a grounder, that struck third base and bounced into the Staton made a fine play to get sphere and peg to Hasson ahead the runner. Hasson walked with one away the eighth. Staton then hit one ot Mustaikis' pitches for a double to right center, Hasson scoring. Hoskins Hoskins flied to Fandozzi but Prentice socked a homer far over the fence at right center for two runs. I told after the game that the ball went into the river. Lewright lost control j ' T | Lawmg QUEBEC 37 is is 37 - a h po 0 II I it o o n 0 2 1 3 0 i o o n 3 3 1 0 i n " n 4 in of* ·Grounded nut tor Danelishen in eichlh Runs batted in. Staton H. Hosklm Castro, l l u t s o n . Hasson 3. £t!;o 2. t. Sinram t. Moore, Prentice .. ,, o "-!!.!!_!! 12 II it 12 orZ|o'l " o n 1 0 0 0 I 1 1 1 0 0 0 115 , hilv . . . . Wilder. Hutson 2, Laivinr. Panel- " Ishrn, Slalon. Three-base hits. Hoskins J. Sinram. Homr runs. Hasson, Prentice. Stolen bases. Moorp. Castro. Left on basr". Quebec 13. PitHfield 6. Base on balls, off Eclinskv 3. off Don kin 4. off Mustaikis 1. off Wilder .1. olT Lnvricht I, off Yuhas 1. Struck out. by Beiinskv 2, bv Dopkin 1, lilt- Beiinskv 2 In 2/3 innings, off "oplttn | in 8 1/3. off Meau 4 in off Donkin 4 in 3 1/3. off Danelishen 1 1 S/3. off Mustaikis 2 In J: off Wilder D J 2/S: off Lewritht 4 in 2 1/3 (l out in n i n t h ) - nff Yuhas 1 in 1. Tasserl ball tno. Winnlnc pitcher. Wilder. Los-nz Ditcher. Tielinskv. Umpires. Francis anii Karflas Time of came 2h, 39m. Attendance, Attendance, 10G9. Paid Attendanre 1009 The paid attendance of 1009 Included Included 8S6 adults and 143 c h i two more tallies. Meau then relieved relieved Belinsky and Prentice flied to center. Wilder opened Pittsfield's hall of the second inning with a double to right and with one away Castro singled to center, scoring Ralph. Castro took second on the throw to right-handers. Many favorable comments w e made concerning the excellent new- entrances that have been constructed constructed to Wahconah Park. They make it much easier to get in out of the premises. the plate. With two d o w n Bud ,, . D ... ,. ,., . ,, . Hutson belted the center f t e l d .u 0 ?TM"^ Plt £1 eld * ha " ,° f fence w i t h a double, scoring Cas- \ hir ? flmmn £ E1(ko popped Hos- tro. Manager Hasson then hit a | k m R fly ' Don t u r n e d seconri to ° home i n n far over the right field fence for two more tallies. Base on Balls Starts Trouble Dopkin, first man up in the f i f t h walked. He went to second on Mike Fandozzi's single to right field. Wilder struck out Louis Palmi- siano. Pete Elko singled to center, scoring Dopkin and putting Fandozzi Fandozzi on third. Prentice pulled a fine play to get Lawing's grounder back of second and flip the ball to Moore, forcing Elko, Fandozzi scoring. Law'mg went to second on Shetler'.-, single to left. Sinram got a triple, w h e n Huwer misjudged far and there was a fine chanco to cut him down but Eiko aegged poorly to Shetlei, Elko thus g e two errors. W i t h one away kms went to t h i r d as Kosm.iki tossed out Wilder. Sinram, on a good play, took Moore's sharp grounder back of third base and tossed him out. Sinram also robbed Moore of a hit by a handed scoop of his grounder and good peg to first in the seventh Hasson had 8 perfect night at bat. He stepped to the p'ate five times, g e t t i n g a homer, a and three s. The circuit clout his drive and allowed the ball to go over his head for two runs, t his third in the last three gamrs. Wilder pp^ed out Hamel. ' H e and P r e n t u - ^ each The Indians got two runs bark : moal ticket from the Rosa Resin their half. Staton singled to | tauranl for the homers. right and counted on Ho.-ifms' set- ond triple to left center. Ed Hamel threw out Prentice. Wilder walked. Moore's fly lo Palmisiano scored Hopkins. With one down in the sixth Wilder Wilder passed Dopkin for the second time. Fandozzi hit a grounder to Hoskins had single, b a t t i n g scoring one. two triples and a in four runs and Bo,b Staton hit a double and singles in four official times at bat. He drove in three runs and scored three. Bud Hutson, despite an injured wrist, had two doubles in four offi- c.al trips. He batted in one run tallied once. i Bi'.l Sinram drove in four r u w i t h a triple, a smsie and a 1 Hy. Staton, who pegged to Moore forcing forcing Dopkin. Singles by Palmisiano and Elko scored Fandozzi. B u t c h Lawlng doubled to left for t w o more tallies. Lewright t h e n r e - j lieved Wilder on the m.ound. Shet-' ler walked. A p?s=ed ball put L a w - ' ing on third and S.'H'tler on ^e^.\^na., Sinram doubled to l e f t , scoring Law ins- Hutson made n f i n e t h r o w , Bmc-h Lawmg h to the plate but HOSKIIIS failed to [ u ns w . t h a double, a s.nsie and IS hold onto the bounce, Shetler also I a fielder's choice. He scored t w o ' scoring and Sinram g e t t i n g to sec-j tallies. ond. Hamel flied to Staton. I Dopbin lost control with one I Louis Palmisiano had two singles ·way in Pittsfield's sixth. H e M n four trips and scored two runs. passed Hutson. Hasson and Staton. | loading the sacks. Danelishen t h e n went to the peak. Hoskins glanced an infield hit on Danelishen's knee,. Hutson scoring. Hsmel went well j to his right to make a fine play on i Prentice's grounder and pegged [ to Sinram, forcing Staton. Hasson ] STANDINGS ! . .ir Can-Am League YESTERDAY'S RESULTS P.tts.leld :5, Quebec 12. A2:sterca:r. 5. Oceonta 3 Thr« R - v e r s 3 G!o'.ersvi.:e 2. Scbenec'idv 1. Rome 3 scored on the out. Lewright then went down swinging. Elko singled to left as a s t a r t e r pj?,' 1 ^ In the eighth. Lawins; w alked.' Three Shetler hot smash hit Lew-right's ^JTM. leg and bounced so high that no Rome play could be made and the sacks , were loaded. Sinram flied to Hu- · \rt-r, whose peg to the plate made [ Elko hold third. Lewright t h e n ! fanned Hamel. Lewright went t o j hi* right to get Alltop's grounder! and then made a pag that caused | Manager Hasson to leave the bag; to make the catch, Elko scoring. Quebec Oasonta Won Lost Pet. . Vvt | '.i5 IS 4S 35 . 1 7 .300 O\MES TODAY Rome at Wahconah Park at S Scheiiectadv at GtoversvUle. Three Rivers at Oneor.ta. Quebec at Aaisterdam. GAMES TOMORROW Some it Wahcooah Park at 1 30 Schen*ct*dv ai Gloversvitle i a f : e Glcversvr.le a: Schenec.adv inlzh: Thre* Htvers at Oneonta Quebec at Amsterdam. i , ·

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