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18 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 1925 CLUB, SOCIAL AND OTHER PHASES OF WOMEN'S LIFE MAR DIGRAS BAL LTO BE BIG SOCIAL EVENT Affair Will Be in Sculpture Hall at Art Institute. ARTISTS' CLUB IN CHARGE On f . tb picturesque social rents of th season wilt b the Hard I Orti ball to be given Tue - " day evening, February 24, In sculp ture court at th John Hsrroa Art Institute, by the Indiana Artists' Club, Mrs. Albert L Dacan Is gen - ral chairman. No tickets will b n sale to the public, bat Invitations Invitations will be Issued to members of the club and their friends. The guests will be received by Edward Edward Mttsman. the newly elected President: Randolph LaSalle Coats, retiring president; Mrs. Dugen. of - f . er" an1 directors of the club. invading invading Mrs. Otis Adams. Robert 2I5' I Griffith. Miss Marls Todd. C. IL Howland Shearman, ., Hadler. Wilson Parker. Mrs. Ada Shuts, Louis Mueller. Dale Bes - tre, and Homer Davidson. They will be assisted by the honorary 7 of the club. J. Otis Adam. Bundr. William Forsyth, J. Arthur MacLean. Otto Stark asd T. C Steele. Ckerse f A rm Brmra ta. A number of committees will hare arrangements In chare. Wilson Parker ta chairman of the floor committee, assisted by Robert Dag - rttt, Frederick Nelson Vance, Ter mor cannon, Carl Lieber. Walter Jleitman, Edwin Wuensch, Walter Baker and Worth Howard. k Sltsman will have charge of - - "fcoratlous. assisted by George ow1U..MrJ, Payne - Bowl?., ilies Elisabeth Heuser, Mia Mar - Jorle Johnson and Mrs. D. W. Stoddard. Stoddard. Herbert Folts Is chairman of the music committee, with Mrs. Walter Flandorf, Mrs. Wilson Parker and a. victor Keene. ""tuase CessssJttee. costumes are In chary; of Arthur : Mac Lean, chairman; Oeorae Calvert. Mia Anna Ilasseiman, Mis Dorothy ' Blair, George Powell Mr. Walter Baker, Chris Seiberth. Mrs. Mrra Reynold Richard and Miss Edna Shover. Publicity Is In chirr r rt. - Margaret Scott chairman. Mr. Kate Mimer iiano, miss Uessie - Hen - . drlrks and Mlas Lucille MorthanM S - E - Perkln I chairman; of . the Invitation committee, assisted oy Mrs. wiiuam C Bobbs, Mr. W. O. Betes. Mrs. Herbert Folts. Uri - H. C llurnett. Miss Lucy Ball of Muncl. Mrs. John C Curry, Mrs. Ralph Chappell, Mr. Jams L. Oatln aad Mr. O. C. Wilcox. j The entertainment committee Is composed r Carl Graf, chairman; Mr. Charles McNaull. Lea Burns. iU. O. Cassady, Mrs. Horaoe Mitchell. nm,ni irucaseaa ana Ralph vim. I ' i GIVES TEA - N1USICALE . ATVIDSTOCKCII PROMINENT IN SOCIAL LIFE OF INDIANAPOLIS fvTl RS. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON, with her husband and children, recently has moved to Indi anapolis from Omaha. The little giri, Mary Beth, is three and one - half years old, and the baby, William' Henry Har rison, III, is a year and a half. They are great - grandchildren of Benjamin Harrison, and are descendants of William Henry Harrison, both of whom were Presidents of the United States. Mrs. John R. White, with Mr. White and little daughter Betty Ruth, of Ft Wayne, has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bemis, Sr. Mrs. White was Miss Ruth Bemis before her marriage. Mrs. Barrett M. Woodsman and Mrs. William Frederick Kegley are on the committee in charge of the bridge party to be given February February 12 at the Spink - Arms hotel, by Theta Alpha Chapter Chapter of Delta Gamma, for the benefit of its national scholarship scholarship fund. Mrs. Francis A. Linton, Jr., was Miss Marguerite Marguerite Culbertson before her marriage Thursday evening. f n their return from a trip, " - and Mrs. Linton will be in their new home, 4819 Guilford Guilford avenue. s z.y;j: " - ' U X'" . it j . v. - Chansonette Club Ths Chansonett Club will meet Tuesday evenlnr at the home of Mrs. Ralph Chappell. Mrs. E. E. Fllcklnver will lns croup of aonra. accompanied by Mr. Helen Smith Folts. Mrs. Norman Schneider will read a paper pn the opera, "Mlrnon," assisted by Miss Rossaela Montanl and Miss Mary Ann Porter, who will sins; selections from the opera. Reading Courses in Etiquette Given by Public Library Proving Popular ,F THE demand for books on etiquetU at tha Indianapolis Public Library is a criterion, Indiana poL is destined to be a city of good manners. The out - of - achool division has had frequent demands demands for an outline of a course on etiquette. This department offers assistance in planning a systematic course of reading, and reserves reserves the books for the patrons in the order in which they are to be read. A young married woman 1 on of the most Interested of the pa - trons who are following - this par - tlcular course. She wished to become become thoroughly familiar with the finer points of entertaining, for, she explained, she expects to entertain entertain her husband's business acquaintances acquaintances often. Like many others ahe felt the need of definite Information on all the - varied forma and angle of correct uaage. Aa an Introduction ahe read "Manner and Social Usag - e by Sherwood. This book offer practical practical auggeatlona for proper conduct conduct on all the ordinary occasions occasions and emergencies based on broad principles of good taste and consideration for others rather than the fad of the hour. Etlquett In the home next waa considered and "The Charm of a Well - Mannered Home" bv Kr - rett, was the book chosen. "The Etiquette of Letter - Writing, Writing, Writing, by Thornborough. considers all types of letter, both social and business. Everyone writes some letter and this little volume volume will be found very helpfuL Makla G " T1 at Hosse. This reader waa Interested especially especially In the art of making her guests "feel at home. and she read Mrs. Lute recent book. The Gracious Hostess, which has many excellent suggestion along thl Una. Numerous book on such subjects subjects as games and parties, formal formal entertaining, serving dinners and the part a woman should play in the home can be obtained St the Public Library, and the reader's reader's advisor Is ready to assist In arranging courses of reading on all subject. Jllrs. Trances Linton Vholt & ..n' lily' . ( ;: - ;v I rSffvt . ; - "'..1 6 M ill ylll' MCf NjjlIIXt V - .,,',( ;. ' - : - y . . - y$HentyWmson . rsfl v '. . . a SPECIAL PROGRW.IS TO MARK DRAMA VEEK Little Theater Society to Offer "Children of ths Moon." OTHER PLAYS SCHEDULED National Drama week will observed In Indianapolis next week by a number of special program. Th LJttl Theater Society will pre aeat "Children of th Moo)" Thurs day evening at th Masoale Temple. Wednesday, th school body at St. Agnee Academy, will hear Arthur J. Berlault give a reading of "Jere miah, the Fall of Jerusalem" (Aa - ton Zwelg). and oa th earn day Cathedral school will hear th read ing and dramatic version of "Rip Van Winkle. - by Mr. Berlault. Tueaday evening th Franklin (lad.) High School will oboerv traroa week bv presenting Mr. and Mrs. Berlault in a one - act play. Sunday morning, beginning to week'a obeervaace. Dr. Y. f. C Wicks will preach on the "Drama" at All Souls Unitarian church, Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Kugene File, assistant professor of dramatl art at Butler College, will talk and read before Short ridge High School. The self - expression class of th educational department of the Y. W. C. A. under the direction of Mra. Loo 1C rosier, will Interpret Th Fool" (Elizabeth Andlngl, Wednesday Wednesday evening. Displays of ooka rotating rotating to the drama and leading dramatists will bo dlsplsre4 In various various shop windows. The Drama League la supported la th movement movement to observe Drama week by the American Library Association, various church federations, representatives representatives of th Professional Actor and Managers Association. General Federation of Women' Clubs and th year - round book selling committee. committee. Dramatic recital, individual individual reading, lecture and talks will be given during the week. Among Parties for Miss Virginia Treat Among the parties that have bee planned In honor of Mtaa Virginia Treat, who marriage to Frederick I. Schu maker. Jr.. will take place February 4 at the Indianapolis Athletic Athletic Club at 1S:S o'clock. Is a supper supper party Sunday eening. to be riven by Mrs. Roy Kodenbaugh. Wednesday. Mrs. L R. Whiting will entertain with a bridge - tea. and Friday afternoon Mtaa Treat wtU entertain with a trousseau tea, Saturday. Saturday. January II. Mis a Sylvia Ooold will give a luncheon and theater party in Mis Treat's honor and that evening Mr. and Mrs. Edward R, Treat will give a bridal dinner at their home. Frank Madden will entertain entertain February t with a bachelor dlaaer for Mr. Schumaker. MISS HIDES IS MARRIED ANCIENTS', POMP

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