Ukiah California Friday May 10th 1969, Ukiah Daily Journal

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Ukiah California Friday May 10th 1969, Ukiah Daily Journal - J0URN4LriyiAH,CAIJF0R^ FRIDAY, MAY 10, feature....
J0URN4LriyiAH,CAIJF0R^ FRIDAY, MAY 10, feature. StdteMnt Micrtif^ iirfalg imdentondiiig to Hie prineipte by Jim Jonet^ oncl iMii^ epneeriied citizens inside on d outside Kis porisli. For idenHfication, Mr. Jones is a teteher, poitor of a nationally renowned dtmominotion, vice-president of Hie legorf aid foundation, member of the Ukiah Unified Seiwol DbtrTet Citliens Committee. m«fflber of the Juvenile Justice Commission, post foreman of Itie MMdttcInd Goanty Grortd Jury. Ak the readers may reccM, at Christmas time Pastor Jones and other concerned offidak •neouragod by «n od in the newspaper dl ciriiens to support their local stores and businesses to eneoutoge Hie Ocdiidthic stability of our community. Through Jim Jones' leadership, scores of needy families families have been ass^isited. Even those outside Of his parish were helped whenvthey were faced wTth economic revei> sals, loss of heal'th, or homes gxilDted by fire. Many local community agencies have referred sitrangers passing through towri when, their cars brolce down or when they have been wi'thpuit worlc to Mr. Jones and his humanitarian church offici'^. All people have t>een helped; niOt one has ever been turned away. Through his leadership, the church has given hundreds of cakes and candies and Other apprecialtion tokens to anyone anyone who has been brought to his attention for kind, courteous courteous and self-^acrlficial acts to the communi'ty. Not only have he "and his w'ife, who is a registered nurse involved in field service in a latge public agency, adopted memy children from all eithrac backgrounds, but also they have jusit recently taken into their hoine two addi'tional c'hildren. Their love for animals has become so well toiown that people" come frx)m many miles away to bring them aban- ,doned animals lha!t are hungry or injured and every one of them has 'been taken in, medically treated, and placed in a loving environment. He, himself, has even paid many veitei'lnarTan, medical, and dental bills for people in need. As you may know, our church believes in living Christ's truth in deeds and ac'tions more than preaching them. Many business people could attest to the fact that the church has paid for the few instances of delinquent bills When uhknown to the par'ish, members have suffered an ^.economic setback. setback. As all service agencies can confirm, it is our practice practice to take care of the needs of our own members, as indicated indicated last week when we paid one family's hOsi)iital hiU Of more than eight hundred dollars. We provide assistance for our people when Ihey are out of work; an educa'fion oh a college level for chUdren who cannot afford it, and in return request menibers Uye honorable and clean lives in the community wMch means keeping, all contracts, paying all debts in fulfillment of Scr^ipitvires; "Owe no man anything, but to love one another." another." Some rumors have come to our attention that are false in nature. For the record, some of us want to lii&ke his principles linown because we have heard them and seen them in practice. 1) Jim Jones is opposed to the tax increase that is desperately desperately needed if good education is to survive in our district. district. ' . X On the conltrary, Jim Jones recommends full siqpport for ediication and transportation in tliis district .to such a degree degree that he and the tioards of-his congregation voted that their church, People's Temple Ghristiaa Cho^h of OOsciples of Christ Denomination, will reilmburse for the next five -years any bonafide member of.their congregatioii who;for economic reasons feels he cannot support Hie mlnUtaim tax increase that our conununity must pass to pu^hitlain flie school systent: Hie has repeatedly said, "It's a Shame ttiat educaltiion has to depend upon the local property tax sltruc- ffciire^'and that many Other programs are supported on a stateuwide blasls. For GOd'&sake why not; education!" He feels that some Of the interesfts in our culture such as liquor and tobacco, which have been in medical circle's called hazards to man's health a^d safety, should be made to give a more equitable share to" such programs as education and welfare service's. Ub believes that mucK of the financial svipport ends up on thofee average citizens who are least able to bear it. 2)It has been said that People's Temple champions iihe cause of the drug user. Oonti^ariwise, People's Temple has taught its members members not to smoke or drink much less to indulge in the use Of dioigs. It 'is not that People's Temple easts aspirsions on fjeOple Who use intoxicartts to a modest degree or tobacco 'as being less worithy than they. However, the demands for human service are so great that they cannot afford such indulgence indulgence and also they feel they must set •proper hCaltfi standards for the children. However, People's Temple feels •thalt the law on the use of marijuana is unrealisliic. We personally know Of cases where people who are under the influence of alcohol have been tire direct cause of- injury and death on ^the highway la^id even after 'the fourth such oifense have walked away v/ith only a few short months of sentence. Yet meirijuana. Which no member of People's Temple would ibe permitted to use and remain In membep- •ship, has been repoi^ted by a large body Of scienlti^ to be less harmful to the body and public safety than alcohol. " 'Tnliifect""cohjiinction wi4h^^^^t^^ People's Temple is^not opposed to the enforcement of the law agairist drug i&ers but it 'Will coritinue to fight for the victims of this drug's m'alaise because we feel that the electorate shouHd change the laws to place people who have dependency needs for drugs in treatmenlt centers and not in a typical IJT'ison sdtiting w'ith hardened criminals. Many o)f ite do not question thalt people ^sltep-from the use of non-addiclfive to addidtive drugs, bu!t it is the conclusion Of a great body Of experts that it is not because of the drug, m'arijuansa, but rather an inna'te- personlalfty adjusjtnient in the person •jwWii'h needs trealtment and not punishmerit..... , Our church 'has had such respect for law enfoi^emenlt ithat unsolicited donations have beien given both to the Bher- dff's Deparftment and to the Ukiah Police Departmenft to 'help with retirement, health, and persortal needs q* ^the Of-, ficers. The Sheriff's Depai^tment decicled to use Ihe gift to provide mysic to the quarters of people lodged in the jail.' In fact, Jim Jones, commurti!ty leader and mirrister, has publicly praSSed in cl"ass and church the law wrfOTpe- ' irifient 'people's creative use of psyt^hiatrie counseling in their work and dthe'r phases of their geneiM acittVity. Jim Jones teaches that laws are esseijlti'al in International International affairs where absolute anarchy exists ibeceuse none, bf the great super-powers have taken (any of their pi«iblems with Other governments to the world couI^t at the Haigu^ ^ be resolved. He doe's support; the need oif 19. strbng i'nltieriiaitaonfal police force agreed upon by all tile shJaH larid Tai^ nations alike in the worid. He and many »(jtf Us affirm ijfeHalt; "ilf we were to take arid decide and sdttle dispt^s- in iWls v^iUey ourselves Without respect for law eii^fapsement -jagehc!lesand»th'6 court that we would be oonfiMtin^ criminals. criminals. And 'inany of us consider the unilateral laiyvless action^ jpf the big powers to'be no less criminal. •'. •^^"'^ Jim Jones is supposed to have planned ,D|y May ^^1^ Peace March that Ijeg^lns at ? Mottier's arid State Street, arid ends a few minutes later at the>Courthouse the>Courthouse in a sMent prtiyer Vigil. On the contrary Jim Jones has felt that demonstrations in general ar-e used by people^-the average miUeu of citi- zfens—to avoid making a commitmertt about Jesus Christ's teachings on peace. At the end Of one of Mr. Jones' large evening classete on social sciences Where over one hundred were present IhSs week, a young man who is a relative stranger to hirii by tlie name of Mr. Brooks Poston asked hlrtx publicly to become Involved in this peace demonstration. demonstration. Mr. Jones' first reaction to the entu-e class was that there are better ways to serve the cause of peace and that it was a ptsematiue notice and was scheduled during his church service and large limch festival that was already pQanneld by his church congregatitm^jlowever, in observing the boyls disappointment, he made the statement, "I will sidp my church service and join the peace march if you will, cut your htiir because many people equate all peace efforts with long hair, Mppy attire, and LSD users, etc." The riice young man immediately agreed to the bargain and Reverehd Jones paid the price of the haircut. He stated further that he would participate in the march only as long as people walk comberly, reflectively, and none-vlolenUy in the procession out of concern for the hundreds of our boys and Vietnamese children who are dyhig weekly in what the retired commander of the entire U.S. Marine Corps, General General Qavid Shoup, has said is a senseless war, and many' of our senators and congressmen say it is a war that is bleeding the economic strength of this great republic. Pastor Pastor Jones and many of us are unashamedlj' committed to the etiilc of Jesus Christ that stays, "Resist hot evil but overpome evil wltti good." 4) Pastor Jim Jones has been reported falsely and Slanderously to have been aftacl^ng the opponents of the incumbent Judge Jlobert Winslow. — On the contrary; he has said many pra'isewortiiy things about both of Judfee Winslow's opponerits. However, he personally has said it is unfortunate that two men of such high calibre are pitted in a can^ign against a man of JiKige Winslow's Stature Who has been recognized as an authority among the juvenile judges Of iMs SJtate by being asked to lead seminars. He personally feels ifhat ft will be a tragedy if Judge Winslow is lost to the community-but he is equally ^MppOx^tivie and witt oonitini» to be to Mr. Broaddus' adhnii^stratlon of the EW^ct Attorney's office and to Mr. 6rcli|aiy'S leadersfliip to the Ukiah Unified School Di$Mct Oommittee. Mr. Jones has niade no demands on hSs congregaMon as to hOw they should vote on-,itMs campaign. campaign. He is just a man Who will always be tnie to his oortscieilce--of the issuep and problems of our community and world, " , 5) M has been reported that People's Temple takes members from idtlier churches.- The coritraiy^ triie. Reverend Jones has taught huiF- dreds of adults lih the last few years in the local school system and has been repeatedly asked by students to visit his church. He has consistently said that 'his role as an educator and" religious leader must be kept separate and asked all m^ntbers 'pf his class not even to attend, but rather rather to be more Active members of their own chtu'^ches. This can be checked out by any hrajest person; Mr. Jones has even gone so far ;as to refus/to give the address after the class. He states St is his desire to build good will and not " division among churches. -.Some of his closest workers in the comniunity concerns haVe been Catholics and frequently non-cl urch aittiliatpd people. Jim Jones teaches flMi*-€hris* I tianity is a trinsfformed way of living and his or no other church has a franchise on-this new-birth ethical experience. 6) Jim: Jones took oiie-half Of his high school church yotingsters, seventeen, to BoonviUe. because he preferred that system over the Ukiah USp. This is absoltttely untrue. The Boonville District was about to lose some of its teachers because it did not have stifficiertt enrolment jgjij tlte secondary level to qualify for fuianciad underwriting .of the high school staff. Some Of Reverend Jones' large church youth membership heard of IhSs pBgWt and volunteered on their own to go, but Pastor Jones uilged dthers Who were 'sports srtars involved in im- pottartt activities in Ukiah High to remain even though they wartted to help. Each one that he asked stayed oift Of respect for the seventeen yeau^ of consistent character land spiritual leadership ^at^he has displayed to their parent^ parent^ and to them. Nex't-year none Of his church children WQl 'attend BoonVille for he will be resigning his post in the elemenitary school there 'ais 6f the end of the school year. (CJorttrary to some reports he has not been dismissed. Check With Mr. Parrish, Wis principal, and you will 'ascertain that he did not even want 'a contract tor the cOm'ing year even, ithough one Of the Boai^ of Trustees Of the Disrtrict asked him to come into the Wg|i sclwol prograih. He feels that tlie efehty mlfle round loA'p a day and all of his other sundry sundry dufties artd involvements require tliat he nOt commute this distance any longer.) We know that this will not stop rumorS that are always told aiboUt everyone active in community life. But we woidd Ike you, the readers, to at leasit have the opportimity to hear fnm some who know the triith of this man's char^ B'cter, jand niot vre say man because contrary to jsoine ri- diciilous 'sitatemerits that have come to the prttfessional nieinbers of His chtfrch, neHther he nor his congregation see 'Him 'as a GOd or a Messiah, but as an -ortJinary, loWly hii- m'an setVant of CJhriSPt principle. If you would like to know more abOiit the man, go by his humtole d'weHing in Redr wood Valley 'and inquire Of the neighbors and children who gather dalty on the modesit bapkeitbaU court in Wis yard that is open to all and aSk about What kind Of fr'iendly and ' coAceriied himian beSpg he, has proven to be. Scores of church 'and non-church peOpIe alike have expressed expressed warm feelings and apprec'iatiQn lo members of Jtoi's 'parish for Ws services. It wes our desire to giVe eh- lightmeht to the very small segment of the popuaation 'who - may have unvvlCtangly borne.these nanorsjpr hea^ them. He, iior any of Ws friertfls, expect any comipenswttton ft* their-'wwk toiit would like his deeply elthical comanSttmente be at Jeai^ understood. He sleefps only an average Of about Bve houre a diay'and has no time to join any social clufe or lodjge lieoause oif his responsMliltlies are so extensive pres- eiUQy./la «aet, a lot of things he wpuld like '( for himself himself tnu^ remain undone in View of his carerriSirtiS v^^^^ llWaMefs, however'or^^llnary they may be to the cOTntjiiffilty. He Is not the only tcOmnna^ty servartt nor does'le^l he ple^^ ajpSqife or li^Iated role.

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