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Daniel Oberly - __ governmen fh r eleven _.. I w Who is Now...
__ governmen fh r eleven _.. I w Who is Now Living in th'e Philadelphia Philadelphia Almshouse. DA5IEL OBEBLY OP THIS PLACE Said to Have Been Reduced to Want— Tbe Fenilon Department lor Many Tears Withheld His Money-What His Friends Say. Daniel Oberly, whose B»d story ie given below, formerly lived at Five Points, where some of bis brothers now reside. Manv peisons I- ere remember that be was "wounded in battle aE related, but whether tbe other facts are correct we have not been able to ascertain. The following account appeared in the Philadelphia "Bulletin" Thnreday even""Daniel even""Daniel Oberly in 1860 enlisted at Lebanon, Lebanon, Pa., in tbe Eighty-fonrth Pennsylvania Pennsylvania volunteers, under Captain Johneon, Johneon, tbe command later pasting to Brevet Captain Merchant A year later, while in action, Oberly received a gun soot wound in tbe neck, which was at first believed believed to be fatal, but from which be later recovered, only to become a partial paralytic, and later almost completely helpless. In 1865 Oberly was granted a pension of f4 a month, and by different sola this was increased through various mdee until in 1872 he was receiving 131 25 a month, the then rate for the first grade of disability. In 1874 the peneion rate for tbe first grade was increased to ISO per month, and in 1878 it waa still farther increased to $72 per monih. Despite Despite these legal increases and tbe lact that he was rated as a first grade pensioner. pensioner. Oberly received but $31.25 per month until 1884. Then, after protracted effort, he was granted $4,000 in arrearages. arrearages. This be turned overtohn wife, who thereupon bad a guardian appointed of bis person and estate. The allegation is made and apparently borne out byby affidavits and court reports that Oberly was defrauded of this money and never received a dollar's worth of benefit from 1 Four yeaw later, in 1888, the government government made a charge of fraud against Oberly, (based upon the report of • bureau examiner, who declared that Oberly was not totally disabled, and that be had been engaged as an acrobat The examining report of Dr. W. 0. Stanton, government examiner, made in 1872; tbe report of Dr. Colemao, another government government examiner, made in 1877, and reports reports of three special examining boards before whom Oberly was ordered at various various times were in his favor, all declaring declaring that he was a paralytic and that bu disability was due to bis wounds. In spite of these Oberlj's pennon was not only reduced to $30 per month, tat it was held that ne was indebledto the government to the extent of $5000 and " " been recouping from Oberly by retaining retaining his $30 a month. Senator Foraker and other influential men continually pressed the pension bureau and the interior interior department for a rehearing of the caw. Last year tbe government went eo far M to appoint a special examiner to take a deposition from Dr. Coleman, and the latter on oath declared that Oberly plea*, in every aenae.a first grade _«_^rMdTiadAeaCiuch-*inSe .receiving-nil .receiving-nil wound, and concluded bv- "'I cannot find any reason why 1= I the government is justified in recouping I this soldier's pension money on the ground of expressed or implied fraud or miareprsaention." This nport likewise failed to eecnre a reopening of the case, and Senator Foraker Foraker personally appealed to President Mc- Kintey, who referred him to the secretary secretary of the interior who in turn referred him to Pension Commissioner Evan*. Tbe latter declared it WM out of his jurisdiction, and then the case stands at the present time, with tbe government tuning a deaf ear to every appeal and absolutely refusing to grant a rehearing of the case. One of tbe latest appeals was made by Mr. Merchant direct, »a follows: "Broad and Land Title Building, May 6, 1899 •Io the Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, Washington, D. C. . 7 be to a* 'Dear 8i«: A few days ago Daniel Oberly, a eoldier of my regiment. Eighty- fourth Penn'ylvania, came into my office in an utterly helpless condition. Tne statement made by him concerning the withholding of hi* pension by the government causes me to request that you inform me of the record in bis case ^number 91,855), eo that inch steps may be taken M to insure just doing. I have bad Him placet* temporarily in the care of tbe city of Philadelphia, a charge upon it* charity, a situation that he ought not to be in. The wound waa a terrible one, both in it* happening and all that hM resulted from it Surely a faithful •oldier of tbe War of tbe Rebellion is entitled entitled to coniideration different from what na* been accorded thi* man. Kindly let me have tbe information' asked for at as early time M possible, a* something must be done for Oberly to *ave him from wone distress than he is now in. Your* truly T. E. MERCHANT, "Late Brevet Captain and Adjutant Eighty-fourth (Rftyeeventh) P. N.N." Oberly only eecnred entrance to the almibonse through tbe personal eflort* of Mr. Merchant, and cannot, of conrae, long remain there. It i* intended to bring hi* cue before tbe G. A. B, convention, now discussing the pension question, and Mr. Merchant prop*** to tfeve Oberly and the proof, of huoiM at hi* ofice. Room 1202, land, title and trait building. Broad and Chestnut street*, when they may be eeen at any time by any of the vetenn* who may be interested in tbe case, or who may oe acquainted with Oberly. Captain Harris and Mr. Merchant de- c'an their intention of keeping up the fight in Oberly's behalf until jnatice shall oe accorded him.

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  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 08 Sep 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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