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1 ANGELL'SBRACII OF TRUST. (, OsnBsa'SBSaWayaanSBBBBBB. JJJ? BOBBERY Or ins PULLMAN CAB COX PAST. yCSTStft BIT AIL Of THE TROTE SECkE - tart's cuhe his bcsixess axd to . CUI, B.ELATIOXS RCXORS Of PREVIOCS ' JSAE iCXARITIES THE WOMAV 1JT THE CABS A STOKT THAT AVOELt, BT POTHECATED FORCED BBARCt Of THE rrtXMAjr compaxt what tbi xtw- xtw- TORE MAXAOEB SATS. ftwrtai. litfoMM I M .Vest-Vert .Vest-Vert .Vest-Vert Tlata Chicaoo, Aug. 18. Tli announcement af tb dfaleetloa of Mr. Cberlea W. Angell, Secretary of tb Pullman Pelec Cr Company, Company, . th headquarter of which ar la tbi elty, baa ud a profound sen f grif among .all wb war acquainted with tba dlsboaast officer. Tb atatamaata contained In Mr. Qeorge M. Pullman' letter, wbUb waa telegraphed to Tits Time a last nlgh, em to eomprUe all th asentlal tact ia tba mm, ao far aa tb loa of lb company and Mr. Angell relations to It ara concerned. Ia brief, . Jtr. Angell wa on old and trnatad employ of tb company, having baas its Secretary since Its organizations Ha waa highly respected both is business circles and la eocietv, and ba ba-traved ba-traved ba-traved tba trust reposed In bim by rnnnina; away with 120,000 of tba company 'a funds, . aladln dtacorsry ty -olng -olng away fof tba osten-aibla osten-aibla osten-aibla purposa of taklac Taeatlon. Tba fact 'thai ha was sn absconder waa not known or suspaotad until aararal daya a,ftr Mr. Pall-man's Pall-man's Pall-man's ratnrn.from Euro pa on Aug. 7, and than all bopo of arresting tha f ugitlra waa gone, for ba bad sailad for Euroy, and waa at tba movant movant of .tba dUeoery of bis dishonesty far war from tba reach of extradition treaties. This alone abows that An nail had contemplated tba robbery for some time, and bad selected tba moat opportune moment for executing bis wall matured plana. Tb woman mentioned la Tbi Timxs' dispatch dispatch last algbt, with whom Angall bad been en Intimate terms for so cue time, la Sadie Wli-son Wli-son Wli-son aa Inmate of Carrie Watson's bagnio. Sba came bare from New-York New-York New-York City a few months ago, and baa. aver sine led a life of pnblie sham. Ear people lire In New-York,' New-York,' New-York,' and are, it Is believed, quit respectable. An Interview with tb woman wh'olceepe th bouse of Hi-fame Hi-fame Hi-fame shows that Angall waa a frequent visitor there. Be went there to see Sadie, and peat considerable money oov bar, but gave bar no Jewels, as tb girl would not take them. The girl saya she loved Angell ; that he bad been smitten with ber in the street, and sought her out, saying aba resembled his dead wife. Be need to call vary often, and aba also visited his room at tha Palmer House, attired In ahort elothes, so as to make tha elevator boy think she waa a little girl boarding In the hotel. They were ia th habit of riding on tha Boulevard, Boulevard, where she would meet him after dusk. 6ba eald Angell was vary good to ber, but ah would not tab any. great sum of money from bim a ib thought it would b robbing bit eblld. II narer gar bar, ah aaya, more than 1300. Tba girl - xpres greet solicitude to know Angell's whereabouts, and says ah will go to ba If ah ean gat traaa of bim.-. bim.-. bim.-. This doe net appear to b tb first Irregularity Irregularity oa tb part of this oQelal of tb Pull maa Company. Ther Is a story to tba effect that a few year ago Angell was dlscov. ared to be behindhand la bla aoeouata about $2,300; that the officers of the eompeny when they found It out were very much worried and mortified. Under ordinary sirenmstan'cea a man would bare been die. ihera-ed. ihera-ed. ihera-ed. but this person waa an old and a rusted servant of the eompeny. lie was . allowed to remain. ' The deficit .waa. carried along oa tha books for soma little time, and waa finally wiped off by increasing bia pay ; that la, bla pay was raised so mueh. and the ln areaee waa devoted to clearing up this shortage. Rumors have,- have,- it appears, been In circulation for a abort time among bankers that things were not right in the Pullman Palace Car Company. Company. They bad, la some mysterious way, melt out tb stealings of Mr. AngelL On of them, who waa questioned aa to whether any of tb stock bad been hypothecated with, bim, aid that aon bad been. It was on of tb theories on th street that forged haree to a large amount had been Issnad by Mr, Angell during Mr. Pullmaa'a absence absence abroad, tba other name which was necessary necessary to complete them being forged by AngelL If anything of this aort baa been don It cannot be found out for a day or two, until tha bank-era, bank-era, bank-era, If there are any, with whom the shares have been hypothecated present them for verification. verification. Of course if Mr. Angell bad gone to a bank with a lot of shares aud wanted to borrow money on them, being ao well -known, -known, no question question would bav been asked., and he would have gotten the money. It waa supposed for a time that be bad lost on speculations, and some surmised that be bad been abort on wheat, and thcrathat be bad Been long on stocks. He was naturally thrown in the way of men who were la tb habit of speculating in stocks, and nothing would have been easier for bim than to have indulged in the same fascinating pattima. Thos who know bim best, however, assert positively that he never did anything of tb kind, And that be was slnirularly free from that form of excitement known a gambling, whether witb eerda or ia eoia or stocks. It la apparent that ba hadn't lost anything la tha way of speculation, but that all tha money which tba company had been deprived of went directly Into bla pocket and ia now with bim oa the ether aide of th water. Ther ia no doubt that th disappointment ia lovs which ba mat with last Spring bad much to do with unsettling bla mind, but yst it hardly supplied a euffielent cense for bla da-liberate da-liberate da-liberate rascality. The only explanation that can be advanced la that this disappointment disappointment bad mad bim extravagant, that a had squandered larger turns than hit alary would stand, and that eeatng that be must finally eome to grief be decided so eteel ail be could, secure a competence and decamp. Apart from wbat ba apent on railroad exeur-aione exeur-aione exeur-aione and wbat be lavished recently oa the girl 6d a WUaon. bla personal habite were not specially extravagant. It ia understood that immediate step were tahaa to see what could be done (or Mr. Angell's apprehension. Cable dlspatchee were seal to the eteetiTee at London and also at Perls, giving full descriptions f hi person, th steamer by which be lft. Ac and urging that meeaurea be, taken for hta arrest if be could be found, and the holding of him until a representative ot the eompeny reached the ether aide. Tba child which he left behind him la believed to be amply Provided for. tier grandfather, Mr. A. C bad re r. la eUll living- living- in the elty. There were tortee in ctrcalatioa yesterday tnat he waa ee-mpaal4 ee-mpaal4 ee-mpaal4 by a woman, either a woman of tb town er a more re pec table person. Men of teeas. bowcrer. appee ae have any foundation ta truth t ae far ae can be found out, no en ee-eompenied ee-eompenied ee-eompenied bins in bla flight, if he had a companion, companion, it eertaiiiy was not a courtesan. , Lox Brahcb, Ang. 11 Tb Trass cor-rtrpondant cor-rtrpondant cor-rtrpondant bad aa taUrviw tbla afurnooa wtth Oea. Horac Porter, naanager of tha Pull-aa Pull-aa Pull-aa Car Coespeaye offloo nadaffaiiatn New-Yerk. New-Yerk. New-Yerk. a hie cottage home cm Ocean avenue. . Beta aasstloned about the! defalcation of Charles w Angell, Secretary of the company In Chicago, 0en. Porter, said, smiling i " 1 hardly know what I can tell you that will be new.-: new.-: new.-: Tb truth la. 1 found many detail 10 tha Tints' dispatch dispatch from Chicago this morning that were previously previously unknown to me, and so must tbitak the Tints for Informing me fully as to the position of onr affaire in Chicago. The statement Mr. Pullman, it seems to me, covers the grdepSl, thoroughly. I am extremely glad that He has thus placed the matter clearly nod in detail before before the public There can now be no elianee or excuse for misrepresentation, in any quarter Notolng bas been conceded, and. aa I aaid. Mr. Pnliman has given more defaile than -were -were known to the Directors and members f th company of which he Is President. ! ' This i n terrible full." continued Gen. Porter. Porter. I "It "Is utterly incomprehensible to me how Angell could do it. 1 cannot conceive the motive trtmg enough to lead such a man at he wss to heroine a rriminaJr and ah outcast. 1 culd But bare believed it possible bad Il been forewarned. Tere is no m n -in -in whom I Ted greater ofendne. and I feel both shocked and grieved at what ran not be doubled, or undone." Gen. Porter said be bad known Mr. Angell pronallv-for pronallv-for pronallv-for many year, and; bad alwa esteemed esteemed bim highly In business and social- rela-tlonaalikflt rela-tlonaalikflt rela-tlonaalikflt Angell was a man capable to in-spire in-spire in-spire con Cd nre in all wit a wtxrn h. came In contact. I (la was not known to bare one bsbit to wblcb fxcrptloB oould be taken.. He was economical in his private affairs ai.d ecobanil-cal ecobanil-cal ecobanil-cal In tbe company aC air. Ko man "w more thoroughly devoted to the interes's of, the company, company, tied waa nt his desk early in the morning and late a4j night ; always to be foundwhen any business required bis attention L Wnat could induce such a -man -man to ruin bis life irretrievably is a question bevond toe." said Gen.: Porter. . " Look at his position. lie had an excellent salary be possessed a competence: be stood high socially he et-em'ed et-em'ed et-em'ed t hava all a roan could, desire, with a clee road to increasing increasing position and influence. Ho throw this: all away nt one cant. Wby, Strw and the,Geural's voice quiytrod with ibtense feeling. no amount of money that ba could take with him would be ;any recompense for what he has robbed himself of t and think of wbat it it for a man, if be care not for binm-lf, binm-lf, binm-lf, to- to- leave hi little child to grow into a henlsns of shame!" ; This led Gen. Porter to speak of Mr. Adgell's lnteuse gref at the los of bis wife. .The circumstances circumstances were nccttilarly sad. The lady ws for years a belle in i.'bicsgo soclety,lrnd :her marriage to Mr. Angell era the lending society event of ai season. i One year from thefluyof ber brllilabt wedding frte she Wss buried,; hhe dledlnglfing birth to twins, ti e of which is living. i"l was In Chicago at tbe tlmei" said Gen. Porter, "and poor Angi-li-wi Angi-li-wi Angi-li-wi Angi-li-wi Angi-li-wi completely out of his bead. After awh le tie Meme4 to recover, recover, but he bad frKjuf nt fit of deprsion, and wa never quite bitrMelf sgaln. J f ' Gen. Porter was asked if hevtbo-jght hevtbo-jght hevtbo-jght Angell had committed bis crime in one of these lit of despondency. "No. I enuot :thlnk thai.' ba replied, r because Angell' action was' premeditated, premeditated, carefully and sbrewdlr planned and -carried -carried -carried ouru No. it is evident that he kn -jw -jw well and clearly what be was about. The cbangtt mut bare been wrought by tbc aociations mentioned mentioned in (the Timer. dlpat-h. dlpat-h. dlpat-h. Tb writer avs Angell had but one bad habit, that of being fond of f4t women. 1 do not believe be bad that habit until recently. If so, he kept it succeas-. succeas-. succeas-. tully concealed iromi all of tt nho wre in business relations with him. la fact.' up to the day of hi 'departure there wasiot one thing to arouse suspicion. He-certalnly He-certalnly He-certalnly had not? dissipated dissipated ope aly. So ? implicltlv was be trui'ted that be was allowed to draw tloe two checks for oO.Oi0 without presenting the vouchers a thing directly auaintt our rnU. and one that no other man In tlie tompanv'a employ '-would '-would '-would bavedonaTbe rule wes made toprero t the very mortification of being victimised that I feel to-day to-day to-day ibht, deapite -precautions, -precautions, alt corpora-tlona corpora-tlona corpora-tlona are liable to be Imposed -upon. -upon. Corporations Corporations mut piece confidence tntinzl men. and It these then ar false there 1( no help. for It. We certainly had every reason' to beiirt: Angell Angell trustworthy. H was with the company from its ofgaci'atloni; lie grew with itt interests, interests, end his fall comes upon cth public with the Sams aho-k aho-k aho-k It bring to ns.' Me wa f ener-allr ener-allr ener-allr trut4d,and we bare alljbeen sadly de-civl,, de-civl,, de-civl,, j ft- ft- 1 : i- i- 9 i Oen. Portr added that It seemed at if there were an epidemic of this clas of crime. . V Look at the past year," he aaid. " and see homany men high In esteem, position, end trut hare been falee and gone down to ruin."' ; ; f : f i Gen. Porter said that no cjue to Angell's whereaiioutB was in possession ;of tha oflic ials in New-York. New-York. New-York. As it waa tated that. Anicell is in Brussels, perhaps there wa a clue ;at the Chicago end of the line. Certainly, every effort effort would be made to capture Angell and te-cover te-cover te-cover the ktolen. monf v and securities Concerning Concerning thestateraent that AnzCll bad sold the stolen securities in New-York New-York New-York previous to hi departure. departure. Gen. Porter hardly thought that possible. He believed tne company s oflicers in New-York New-York New-York would have heard at once of any attempt to aell such securities. Where it was easy and natural toi go to. the; office and verify tbem. Angell did. not appear,! at the New-York New-York New-York offlee. and Gen. Porter 1 of ibe opinion that be kept clear of th City for fear of meeting aesocistes oracquaintancea. I' ' v i r " 'J . ! 1 I i IliEJE WElli YfiOffBER TJS CHIC A G 0. i i i ' e ' . S j. WOODARDj ALIAS WHITE, Rf Tf (EE TO IX-j IX-j IX-j fOSE RI COMfASION IX tbecrUi, 'i I tptmi iHintek m ttA'n-rrt ttA'n-rrt ttA'n-rrt r -. -. I CHlCAOd, Aug.;18? Pinkcrton naytJ h ia atisfled th men Woe lar I. who was arrested yesterday for th Palmer Houje Jewelry robbery, robbery, la th person who committed the: rob-berle rob-berle rob-berle In St. Loul Pittsburg, and WorcesUr. and baa been smart enough to keep himself under cover in all of 'those transaction. Su-erintendept Su-erintendept Su-erintendept Searey and Detectives Dixon and McGarigle kay the man Is an unknown jtharae-terHdi jtharae-terHdi jtharae-terHdi tbemj Tbp Superintendent thinka Ibe is the man who washer about two years ago, and waa suspected of being engaged in some crooked" jwork on this West S)d ! When the detective attempted to question him he aaid, very coolly : . "Gentlemen I'm in for this, 1u I give nobody away. I have nothing nothing else to aay. You mast flndj out thji "other parties in the samo'i wav that you hare found me." Beyond tbU be absolutely refused to say a word about the robbery, or aliout the parties who were wtth him. lie ref ned to tell where be came frera or who . be was. giving; only the alias oti Charles AVoodard. Irom incidental conversatldn it was learned, however. tbt he is a New-York New-York New-York man, hs a wife and family residing residing there, and when? be mentioned, them the tears stafferl to bla eyes, and he made the remark remark that be wished be had a dose of poison. He aj pt-arttd pt-arttd pt-arttd to be well acquainted with the noted New York "crooks" and other Woodsrd, alias Whlt4, is an Cngliahmau, a little below the medium about 4(1 year of age, Of dark complexion, with a ahort mustache which is Inclined to'b stiffs - -! -! . v!i ' j.i i i . j- j- ; disorderly &CESE& iy:AcnCRcn. t ATTEMFT PASTOR AD HIS JTACT10K TO EJECT AlPROMISTEST MEMBtR T TORCE. "1.- "1.- hpDikrkpmm: t)Btfttni, Ohio,?Aojf. 18. iFjor some) time past there! bas 'been blood on the moon " In the colored; church at, Oberlin The principal difficulty baa been ; between th Pastor of the chnreh and H. Lee, it man who baa largely aided to build up the church. An attempt wa mads! by tb Pastor and bia faction to expel Lew from the eburee. a week or so ago. but without success. The conflict went tn until yesterday, with vnrying degrees of intensity. Yesterday Lee was engaged In opening the taaiay-eebool, taaiay-eebool, taaiay-eebool, when the Paetor, at the bead, of (four of - bla flock, came up to th door of the church. Here all war ordered by the Pastor t takeoff their roats, and then they rushed In like madmen. They directed tbelr attention entirely to Lee. who wee In the pulpit. , Taking bold : of bim roughly t they crowded him from .the pulpit. pulpit. Tb Marshal of tb village wa Immediately Immediately on. band, abd ordered the five under arrest, and at-this at-this at-this they cooled down somewhat. Lee la said to have beaared very well during all the fracas, aed appeared tbe coolest maa ia the bouse. The other are re ported to bav been armed with clubs, and bad not th Marshal arrived in th nick of time, there would undoubtedly have been a bad fight, The esdtnteat raged high all tbe rest of tbe alar. S Th trial, takes eJae tm-tutrro1 tm-tutrro1 tm-tutrro1 1 i j Ml i , i j ; i i j : : !-l !-l !-l . s t

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