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 - TWO CYCLONES. Appalling Loss of Life and...
TWO CYCLONES. Appalling Loss of Life and XJestructioa in Oklahoma. Thlrty - One Persons Killed in One Little Town. Several Towns Hearly Completely Devastated. Devastated. - The Djlnff and Wounded Imprisoned In the Ruins of Their Homes Without Succor Oklahoma, Q. T.. April 26. Two tinct cyclones, a terrlfls hall storm and a waterspout combined to wreak awful destruction destruction In the newly - built towns In Oklahoma last night. It is reported that Bixty - two human lives were sacrificed it Is positive that forty were killed. whll severally fatally and scores were seriously injured. The 'damage to property Is la - estimable. The names of the victims,' so far aa known, are: Kill sd Ed Johnson and three hired hands, John O'Connor, Sr., and John O'Connor. Jr., Mrs. O'Connor and several several children, Mrs. Rooney. Mrs. Mara - ney and four children. Miss Red. Mr. . Banks, wife and two children. R. O.Clemens, O.Clemens, child of Mrs. Bate. Henry Peary and family of seven. Rev. Mr. Carlo. Seriously Wounded Charles Harwell. Mrs. Kettrldge and infant, Mrs. Snyder, - U T It still Hon - i. n i hll.t Thnm.a Wa. w. awa nuaj muu v. a a t va a si u sues a v er, John - Doyle, George O'Conner, Mrs. Moroney and three children. Pat O'Mal - ley, Albert Sinnox, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore, Mrs. Calbert, Mrs. S. II. Wilkinson, Geo. Hughes and child. Orders for twenty - one coffins have been received here and at Norma u and supplies have been telegraphed for from other points. The brunt of the storm was laid upon the prosperous little town of Norman, on the Santa Fe Railroad, about twenty miles south of here. At that point thirty - one people Were killed, dozens injured aud . the town almost completely destroyed. destroyed. There a pall has over - shrouded the town, .business Is suspended and everybody able to render any assistance to the poor unfortunates or towards removing removing the dead bodies are searching along the track of the cyclone. .The people people are frenzied and cannot . give any estimate of their loss, and know nothing except to care for the dead and injured, Oklahoma City has responded nobly and the mavor" and principal citizens organized organized a relief corps and are at the scene of the destruction, . r f J - Farther on the towns or Downs ana Keokuk Falls fared but little better. The"" towns were nearly devastated and score of people injured fatally and otherwise, though the loss pf lives here. It at ail. will not oe as serious as at luu. The first signs of th Impending dan - r. a l n t a TcRtrcbiv afternoon ia a paal of black clouds overshadowing the northwest for mile around, while farther farther away to the west rushing across the k..rWy.n rnM wm the cyclone Men left their business places and hurried to their homes, where all who could, quickly sought the cyclone caves. At 7:30 o'clock the monster from th west reached Its antagonist In the north west and with tncir comoineo. sirrusm swooped dowj on the town of Moore. Houses wita precious mr wnc Kefom the anrrr tor rent, great trees were twisted off." and barns. lencc ajja eTjrjuuuj i was laid low. T.'asalng along for eight miles, it struck the town of Norman, where the damage was repeat - jd. acd tLen on to Downs and ivjokus, r aus am through Pottowamie county, where thousands thousands of dollars worth of property was destroyed and many Uvea must Lav been sacrificed. - ""." The house of J. O con nor, near juoorw, ... riMitnwed and O'Connor and his wife and three children and five neigh - bora, who bad sought shelter m tne ouuu - Ing, supposing - It to be tornado - proof. were crushed to aeatn. The frame house of John Balky was nm tn nieces and he WSS killed, while other members of his. family of six were. badly Injured, three or tne cauoxen Mrs. Balks fatally. - . The home of Henry DyeT was demolished, demolished, but his sick wife and child were picked picked up and carried some distance without being hurt. West pf Norman, eight houses were demolished and five or six - people badly injured. East of the stricken town two men and two women were killed. Similar reports come from all around, but it seems impossible to get names. The night passed by those who had es - canod the storm's ravuKvs wm hideous In the extreme.. Around Norman, after the cvclon" had done its destruction, a fearful hall storm started and after It w . ,u.cii; . in jirid. It was too dark to search out the dead and most of the injured and dying yho were successful in making their "voice; haard above the storm's roar, came, but feebly, for relief. The would - be rescuers could hear the pitying cries of the unfortunates, unfortunates, and here and there locate the Imprisoned victims, but help In most cases were out of the question, and several several of the poor unfortunates were compelled compelled to lay burled beneath the debris of 'their once happy homes. Those who survived with their injuries, and after having laid in the cold and wet all night, were too faint when morning came to cry for help and lay half - uncon scions nntll found by their rescuers. Men and women and children by the score who had lost their homes, and in many instances instances were separated from their families, families, spent the uisnial night as a rule la the rain and amongst the debris In an endeavor to find and help their loved one. Their search waa - penerally fruitless, fruitless, fcr the storm was so fierce tbit it was absolutely necessary to protect them - selves by seeking what shelter re - niained. This was but scant, and whn morning came it found a sad and pitiful sicht. Women carrying their babies and little children, crying for tbetr mothers, could be seen wandering around wet to the skin and nearly ready to drop in their tracks. As soon as it was light enough the men got quickly to work, and after providing . what comfort waa possible for the women and children, commenced the work of rescue. The pour victims who had been imprisoned all night were carefully carried to Improvised Improvised hospitals where all the care possible possible was tendered them;, but few saved more than what they had on their backs. As the dead and Injured, were bronght Into the hospital the scene was more than pitiable, friends and relatives recognising recognising their loved one dead, or too weak to return their recogaition. - Help from neighboring 'towns soon arrived arrived and before nightfall something like comfort was provided. Everything, however. Is In confusion, and It will be Impossible to gain a correct correct list of the casualties before to - mor - row. - - In Payne counrv, and fifty miles nortn. nu uu - me lerniory line, m - .. - , - - - - - struck about the same time as did tne erclnni iiu lthnn,h tf - la known iu" mV0TMl Vw ,11 wo. wnA. an - .nr IVIT, it is not known whether any lives were - At Langsto. a negro town twi'T. miles from Guthrie, thirty bouses wpre carried away aud fourteen rrd' amei - The negroes are panic - stricken. They are overcome with a supertiHon that the last day has come, and that Eangston will be populated. hey hve o money and no energy, and if pmIQ An Lanffston, can only do it by aid from tta "lirFonelon. of Norman, was out a'.! Tii,),. ... .ii to - day attending to tt.e wounded, and says that he has allied V - injuries of 100 eople. ajiout 01 tUrtJ. J iiua ajfi WJJ&J - iz

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