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 - occuDled dnrlnsr the ' entire "day. " When on...
occuDled dnrlnsr the ' entire "day. " When on duty he is called by the guard half an hour, before reveille, ana sometimes this means long before daylight. At present present reveille is sounded later, and when on duty. Bugler Robinson is expected to sound the first call fifteen minutes before reveille, and this bugle call rouses -the -the other buglers and the band. Then the ceremony follows, and assembly is Bonn fl ea xor tne men and the morning roil can Shortly afterward be is exoected to sound the mess call for breakfast, and later the surgeon's call, which summons the sick to the hosDltaL . Then cornea the call : for' the reetment at roornine drill. and. a recall which ends this drill. tvo hoars later. Again, at noon : hour, the dinner call Is blown., and following It tne call for first serceants. who brine their daily reports to the ad intent. Offi cers' school one day and non-fomnris- non-fomnris- non-fomnris- non-fomnris- are the. next btirle calls which drift ont over the dtv of tents. In the cool of the evening comes the daily dress -parade, -parade, and at B" o'clock. nt before sundown, the pretty ceremony known In the army as retreat. Half an hour and another call this time supper tor tne men anu otneem. The day is gradually drawing to a clone and the bugler has been occupied throughout tlw long hours. At fi:J5 he Is toined bv so other bngler. and tattoo, which calls for another roil can and tne last durv of the day. taps, eoirndrd. when the. light so out all over the little ritr inn the.rea-i- the.rea-i- the.rea-i- the.rea-i- ment ends Its day. These are the rev'Iar aunes. ic is wunin tne nower or the commsndlnsr officer to. order inr number 01 ouer caitm, ana upon tne approscn or a general omcer ine Dnirier is expected expected to be ready to notify the recrlmenr bv means of a call specially set snide In the lonf Iiat. fTe dnrlna- dnrlna- hV f ran t w.Tnnr hours of duty, may be awakened at any iinr or- or- tne nignt. in case of fire, an attack. - sudden orders - of anv kind. . Ti. Is the first -nrnn -nrnn looked to. and he Jim tne responsioie aury or carrying the intelligence to tne sleeping officers ? and men. t , ,: These are the dories of a btMtler.. and the duties young Robinson Is called noon to perform very frequently.. When not on dqty with the regiment, he looks to eis ccmpony capism for oraera. - in aii extended order drills, and in esse of bat tle. he sounds the commands signals which mean a retreat or advance. Bugler KoDtnson. ait noun n earned on tne -Tons -Tons as a m era Her of Company C, la the bugler for the Third Battalion, and upon -the -the drill field follows the major commanding the battalion, and in extended order and battle formation sende out the commands frcua the major. - Kver since his firs? con nection with the service, toe ooy.nai won attention even, distinction. : Like all soldiers, he is true to his com pany and officers. His company comes first In every thought. There .is. a tie . of friendship between messmates and . tent- tent- mates wbicn rs wonoerruiiy strong; ana the men down tne long streets look to their officers as children do to paients. They '. have perfect confidence In their judgment anu touow vaoai u ububc-inn, ububc-inn, ububc-inn, leaned. Barter Roolnson. is. such a soldier. He thinks that the personnel of the officers -of -of the secona Louisiana - is far snnerior to any regiment In the corps and he thinks these officers are as effici ent as any in tne volunteer army, ah the old feeling of dissatisfaction seems to hare -naased -naased away from among the men. and they now seem willing to Join the soKiiers sireaay on lu- lu- iuiuu v& vuvn They hive been In the service long nave icarnea -w -w we m pnue in ewetmeat end they are .rial that tl cse men who wanted to go back: to tbelr homes and who did. sot wisn xo soey toe erdm of annerlors. hare left the Com mand forever. . Almost, all of these dis satisfied men have been mastered out by nitrnM nn rrrtm- rrrtm- wasninzton. Jne meu remaining-are remaining-are remaining-are good soldiers.-' soldiers.-' soldiers.-' Some, per- per- win, hiva rn, inn i hh l uuuJBMu-niru uuuJBMu-niru uuuJBMu-niru are smaller in statue than the men -from -from other states, but this la not tne case jn the regiment. There are regiments from rthLn, tnara. Tlllnoia and south ern states in the corps, and the men of th RMond Tv!slana ere eonaiiy large. There are men In the line,, a great many. ThMA nn xfanrl tV SSCh - OtheT ; like brothers and they are more than willing to defend .each other, no maiicir cause.. ... " . Although not given perfect liberty, they manage to enjoy themselves, and almost sny incident Is made a source of fun. nn, of th nrlntM of COIDDIIIT C. smooth-faced' smooth-faced' smooth-faced' boy v when he entered the service,- service,- developed a quantity of whiskers. Tnese were one aay renwui whu.jvb-adderahie whu.jvb-adderahie whu.jvb-adderahie MMnonT.i Several hundred men crowded down m u viompsny street to watch the performance, and. they lis-nMi lis-nMi lis-nMi tn th KnHai ceremony, delivered by a religiously-lncMncd religiously-lncMncd religiously-lncMncd private from Su TnnuTKinT mrlih Vonne RoblnSOn SSW S need for' his " services and blew taps Jnrf as the young soldier nnauy panea wirn mm mm v fiAMMiiAnv. -r-.w. -r-.w. -r-.w. -r-.w. . The young soldier praised .his' officers in u n ihmt fprmi. laouun ocvw av at nan wlm wntrhn aver his men with' every care and extends every aid possioie. lieutenant lieutenant Van Hitrn. the next In command. is also a watchful and kind-hearted kind-hearted kind-hearted officer. -Hugh -Hugh Williams, a sergeant or ne com pany, . is one ox tne men ipum m -ior -ior promotion. ' He declined - a commission .in

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