Hurricane Connie brought four inches of rain to Bridgeport, Friday, August 12, 1955.

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Hurricane Connie brought four inches of rain to Bridgeport, Friday, August 12, 1955. - WEATHER FORECAST II.A. Wtithtr Stmatt...
WEATHER FORECAST II.A. Wtithtr Stmatt Prriietn:, Wirtdy, R*in Te-niflht . Cloudy Tomorrow ·' THE BRIDGEPORT POST FINAL EDITION: Latt Local and Wir» Niw» VOL. LXXII, NO. 189 En it red A^ Second ClaM Mittar* Poftt Qflke. Bridgeport, twi. BRIDGEPORT 2, CONN. SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 1955. Published Daily lit Stile St.. Brldeeport. C-inn. SIXTEEN PAGES TWO SECTIONS FIVE CENTS RHEE REMOVES DEADLINE ON TRUCE ENVOYS South Korean President Act* At Request of U. S. Spokesman HITS VIOLENCE Plea Follows Three Attacks on Supervisory Commission SEOUL, Aug. 13--(AP) President Syngman Rhee tonight l i f t e d ' the midnight deadline of his ultimatum demand for neutral nations truce supervisors to get out of Korea. He advised against violent demonstrations. demonstrations. Rhee said he acted on assurance from Assistant Secretary of State Walter Robertson that the U. S. government "will make effort's soon" to seek peaceful withdrawal of the four-nation truce commission. commission. He said Robertson gave the assurance assurance in a letter. Calls For 'Patience* "Our people at t h i s time should he patient about everything," Rhee said, in a statement, "We might be misunderstood il the demonstrations continued until all the members of the Neutral Nations Nations Supervisory commission leave Korea.." Rhee's statement, broadcast in Korea two hours before the midnight midnight deadline, was released o.y the government Office of Public Information. Information. It followed three mob assults on the Wolmi island truce team compound compound in lacoon harbor. The last two attacks were stopped at a sandbag barricade thrown across a causeway linking the Wolmo to the mainland, U. S. Guards, reinforced by police dogs, drove back the demonstrators with smoke grenades, tear gas and high pressure water hoses. Rhee, charging Polish and Czech members Of the commission are communist spies, had demanded that they leave hy midnight. Yank* Injured Riotous Korean demonstrations and assaults on truce team compounds compounds in the past -week have injured injured 22 U. S, soldiers and about 150 Koreans. A screaming mob ot 3.000 Koreans Koreans assaulted the gates of a truce team compound at Kangnung on the east coast yesterday. One Korean Korean was wounded as tJ. S. troops Schmidt Leaves to See Wife REDS TO SLASH ARMED FORCES IN'PEACE'STEP CONNIE DWINDLES TO GALE, HEADS FOR NEW YORK STATE Soviets Say They Will Cut Military's Size By 6'40,000 Troops CONFIDENCE GOAL Cite Easing of World Ten- As Reason For Reduction sion Airman 2/c Daniel Schmidt, left, of Redding, Calif., dressed in civvies, leave* Travis Air Force base, Calif,, terminal building to motor to Nevada City, Calif., to meet hi* wife, Una. Accompanying tho freed flier is J. C. Burnell who is driving Schmidt to Nevada City. Schmidt's wife said she married Alford Fine in tho belief her soldier husband had died in Korea. Burnell Is an American Red Cross representative. (Story on Pag« Four) Schooner Sinks, 10 Dead, 4 Missing, 13 Rescued PLAN IS REVISED FOR NEW GARAGE Pigeon "Ho1je*""Parkmjf ""-Pro : posal on Elm St. Changed to Meet Fire Laws The proposal to build a. 240-car "·pigson hole" parking garage on Elm street, balked in July by objections objections of one neaiby property (Continued on Page Two) OFFICIAL WEATHER ( B u t * (rom U.S. Weather Curenul BRIDGEPORT A N D V I C I N I T Y --Gale winds today with rain. Temperatures Temperatures holding «t the mid-70s. Strong east-southeasterly winds increasing increasing to 40 to 50 miles per hour with gusts to 60 mph this afternoon. afternoon. Winds will slowly back to southerly this evening with little change In strength. Tides around four feet above normal are predicted predicted for the high tide at 8:10 p.m. together with continued h i g h waves. Tonight galft winds diminishing diminishing and becoming southwest 25 mph during the night with occasional occasional rain. Tomorrow partly cloudy, temperatures still in the 70s and southwesterly winds 15 to 30 mph. Southeast storm w a r n i n g * are posted. posted. NEW Y O R K CITY--Southeasterly CITY--Southeasterly winds 45 to 55 mph, shifting to southwesterly during the afternoon and diminishing. Moderate to heavy rains followed by clearing late in the day. Clear tonight and Sunday. LONG ISLAND SOUND--Storm warnings are displayed for southeasterly southeasterly winds 45-55 mph with gusts to 65 mph, shifting to south- NORTH BEACK, Md., Aug. 13 -(AP) -(AP) An ancient schooner off on a. pleasure cruise was pounded to pieces in the alorm-lashed Chesapeake Chesapeake Bay, leaving 10 dead and 1IOSCOW. Au«r. 13.--(API Citing Citing a "certain reduction of tension in international relations," the Soviet Soviet Union said today it will cut its armed forces by 640,000 men by Dec. 15. The official Soviet news agency Tass sard the government decided on a reduction as a f u r t h e r step to lessen international tension and establish confidence amon^' nations. The n u m b e r of men in Russia's armed forces has never been disclosed disclosed officially. Estimates put t h e lots Is rit 2.800,000 in the army and 75,00,000 in the navy.. Tension Relayed The Soviet announcement said: "Recent developments, in particular particular the results of the Geneva conference, conference, showed that a certain relaxation relaxation of international tension has beea achieved. "With a view to promoting the relaxation of international tension and estabirshing. confidence among the nations, the Soviet government has decided to reduce the armed forces of the Soviet Union by 640,000 men by 15th of December, 1955. "The effectives to be demobilized from the army and navy will be assured assured (if employment at industrial establishments and nn s t a t e and collective farms in their places of residence." Russia announced two weeks ago t , armed forces would be cut by 14,000 m e n -- t h e n u m b e r of troops being withdrawn from Australia under under the terms of the Austria independence independence treaty. B.USSIH. said the So- iet troops would be out of Austria Jour missing today. ' by Oct. 1. about a -month ahead of " ^Thirteen" others -werfdramatical-! t h e treaty withdrawal deadline: - . . ..· ,, ., i At the Big Four summit confer- ly.rescucd yesterday by frvemcn, ^^ . f t G c n e v a the Soviets pro- S T O R M AIMS BLOW TOWARD INLAND AREA At Least 26 Dead, Damage In Millions From Hurricane BEACHES HIT Storm Swings West of New England Warnings Lowered From Delaware Breakwater to Eastport, Maine New plans are being drawn which will p e r m i t construction of the six-story 5350.000 structure within requirements o[ the city's building code. Original plans called for a steel f r a m e w o r k for the structure, and this failed to meet the r e q u i r e m e n t that steelwork in buildings in the, downtown area m u s t be encaged in fircproot material. Vernon C. Behn, secretary of the Barnum Pigeon Hole Parking Garage, Garage, Inc., which proposes to erect the structure, sard today that the revised plans Call for the building to be, of reinforced concrete. Only the f o r m a l i t y of a waiver of *et- back requirements will he needed before work may be .luthomcd. When the "pigeon hole" parking garagfi first was proposed special approval of the Common council was obtained but the City demanded, because the steel b u i l d i n g did not conform to the f i r e laws, i h a t own- cis oE property w i t h i n 200 f e e t of the site approve the p r o j e c t individually. individually. Erection of the garage was opposed opposed by Mr. and ill's, Julius Hcrskoxvitz. 157 Golden Hill street, owners ol the Professional Pharmacy Pharmacy which adjoins the properly upon which the garage will be built. Since the change in construction National Guardsmen and civilian volunteers who poured into this beach resort 30 miles south- cast o[ Washington, D. C. Six ot these 13 were rescued by two men who went down to the beach ''to see if we could lend a. hand" and stayed to ferry I h e m two at a. time in a 14-foot skiff through waves as high as a m a n . There was nothing left o£ the westerly during the afternoon and diminishing. Moderate to fresh southwesterly winds tonight becoming becoming mostly moderate westerly on Sunday. Visibility fair, becoming good tonight. High seas and breakers, breakers, with tides running four to six feet above normal. plans will m a k e the building on Page Two) 70 TEMPERATURE Low today Highest yesterday 72 Lowest yesterday 68 Highest (Year ago yesterday),. 76 Lowest (Year ago yesterday;.. 53 Dater temperature, S a.m. (Pleasure Beach) 73 PRECIPITATION Today (12 hours to S a.m., .. O.CS For month 4/j 1S55 to date 18.36 Barometer (11 a.m. reading;. .29.82 Humidity (11 a.m. reading) .. 92% Today's Chuckle The man was facing trial and possible imprisonment. "I know the evidence is against me," he told his lawyer, "but I've got $50.000 in cash to fight this case." "You'll never go to prison with that amount of money," the lawyer assured him. He didn't. He went there broke. boat, the Levin J, Marvel out of Annapolis, Md., except a f r a g m e n t of her cabin and debris which littered littered the spongy sand. "I didn't-'see a. bit ot wreckage bigger than a door," said one policeman. policeman. "She must have taken a terrific beating." The 10 dead included six men, three 'women find a nine-year-old girl. Most of them were from New York.. Eight bodies were taken to Baltimore, two to Annapolis. Tells Story The 13 survivors i n c l u d e d John Mcchling, 38-year-old s k i p p e r of the Marvel, and his three children, a.11 o[ Annspolis. One of them, Stephen Morton, a i7-ycar-old high echool senior, gave reporters a graphic account account of the tragedy. He said t h e 6*-year-old Marvel, a 125-foot th roe-masted barge-like vessel called a ram, left the Chesapeake's Chesapeake's eastern shore Thursday. She had benn out since Monday on a tour ot historic ports-in the ''ay- The idea, he saitl, was to rf-kch Annapolis on t h p western sirle before before Hurricane Connie struck, /in I a. lot of t h i n g s went wroner--wmils. the waier p u m p , the auxiliary no- tor. "The water started coming r v n r the deck q u i c k e r t h a n we could pump it out," he sard, and t h e n : "a bip wave came along and laid the boat on its side." With the Marvel breaking up fast off North Bench, Moiton and f i v ^ others, all Inshed together, made it to a duck blind a mile downwind and 200 yards offshore. It was there they were fipcttrd through the wind-driven nrin ly the two men who had . corvn; to help--William McWilliams. 2S-"3r- old N o r t h Bench, .ind Gr-orge Krllun-., 31-year-old construction construction worker. The two snid Ih^v made three posed that the "United States, Britain Britain and Russia all cut their armed forces by the number of troops to to be withdrawn from Austria. The United States has been making making a progressive cut in its armed forces since a peak of 3,G35,054 was reached in April, 1952, during the Korean war. The total on June 30, 1955, was 2,936,003. The goal under tho administration's prog cam for a cutback is 2,850,000 by June 30,- 19j6. A N o r t h Atlantic Treaty organization organization i c p o r t . l a s t Jan. 1, estimated that the Soviet Union and its Eastern Eastern E u r o p e a n satellites had m o i e than six million men unde · arms. Britain Urges Totals Be Published- LONDON, Aug. 13.--(AP) Britain today urged the Soviet Union to publish figures on the size of her armed forces to help safeguard world peace. Russia announced today she will cut her armed forces by 640,000 men by Dec, 15. The Soviet Union has never officially officially announced thp number of men it has u n d e r arms. The British Foreign Office urged that the Russians publish the totals as it gave a cautious welcome to the Soviet a n n o u n c e m e n t . A Foreign Office spokesman said it is difficult to assess the significance significance of the move without an official official announcement fcf the si/.e of the nrmcd forces. He told reporters publication of such figures by Russia, as the "West has done, would represent a "safeguard "safeguard to peace." Western Europe generally welcomed welcomed the Soviet announcement as a step in the right direction. BALTIMORE, Aug. 13--(APJ Connie, once a hurricane but now more of a. gale, advanced steadily northward up Qiesapealte bay this morning, hcadud for Pennsylvania and central New York State. The Washington Weather bureau's bureau's 9 a.m. advisory said the remains remains ot Connie] were located a. short distance southwest of Baltimore Baltimore and moving- north northwest at IT miles an hour. Hurricane warnings have been lowered from the Delaware breakwater breakwater north to Eastport, Me. but storm, warnings continued to fly. Four Missing Connie had already -contributed directly or indirectly to 26 known deaths, and damage was in the millions millions of dollars. Fo^ir other persons were missing and presumed dead. Ironically, she became more gentle as she neared the scene of her worst havoc, off Calvert county, county, Maryland. There, the sailing schooner Levin J. Marvejl capsized with 27 persons aboard in the heavy seas that preceded Connie's arrival. Ten died and four more were missing and presumed dead. At Philadelphia, the latest word from ttie U. S. Weather bureau was that the center of the storm | should pass between Harrisburg' and Philadelphia sometime between between 10 a.m. and noon. Winds at 7 a.m. were -22-28 miles per hour in Philadelphia and increasing increasing steadily. Connie has been moving in a general n o r t h e r l y direction up tho Chesapeake at about 17 miles per hour since about m i d n i g h t . Waves K i c k e d U p At Ocean City, Md., the weakening weakening storm was still kicking up waves with 30 miles per h o u r winds, but the Coast Guard officer in charge said tides rose onlj about 2!-j. feet above normal. In New Jersey, winds up to 60 miles an hour lashed the coast this morning, and residents were evacuated evacuated from some exposed areas. Even before the storm arrived, Connie accounted for five acci- WINDS CAUSE POWER BREAKS IN CITY AREA The tropical storm Connie, slit! unpredictable, today has swung fi;om a northeasterly direction and is moving towards the north northwest at 17 miles an h_pur. Passing west of Baltimore/ it ( it heading for central Pennsylvania and New York »tate. Foot of Rain Floods New York City Streets (Continued on Page Two) STRIKE AVERTED BY AUTO WORKERS American Motors, CIO Agree to Extend Contract Until September MANAGER RETIRES AT SEARS STORE Raymond Margraves to End Duties Aug. 31, Plans Ocean Cruise ( C o n t i n u e d on Pags Two) SUN. MOON. Saturday, August "13 Two hundred twenty-fifth day of the year. Fifty-third day of Summer. Summer. Sun sets at 7:55 p.m. and rises at G a.m. tomorrow. Moon rises Sunday at 2:12 a_m. New moon Aug. 17. Prominent star; Arcturus (in the west at 10:01 p.m., will set at 12:22 a.m. tomorrow. Above it is the constellation, constellation, Corona Boreal is, whose brighter stars form a letter "C" in the sky). THE TIDE Today 7:43 a.m. S;lO p.m. 1:31 p.m. ·iRRRCHIVE.corr High Low Tomorrow . 8:48 a.m. . 3:13 p.m. . 2:37 a.m. . 2:54 p.m. Inspector to Make East Side Check For Violations of City Sign Law ------.-- j------ City Building Inspector William | conforming signs on East Main H. Poneleit said lodav his cam-! strct:t ' where, he indicated, a mim- paign for enforcement of the pro-! jecting sign ordinance will be concentrated concentrated next week on East Side business areas. "He reported virtually f u l l compliance compliance with IY\". ordinance in the niain.downtown district. The measure measure prohibits signs that Project more t h a n a foot ove: 1 the sidewalk, although signs on marquees of theaters, theaters, hotels ant 1 public buildings are permitted. Mr. Poneleit aid liis immediate attention will be devoted to non- fcer cf violations are evident. After that, he said, hc will survey survey side streets in the East Side business sections. He reported that in general, compliance compliance w i t h the ordinance has been satisfactory, and in most cases owners of signs still not conform-! requires Ing to the law have nvtce arrange- i I n.iymor.d Ilarsravcs. manager of the Sears Roebuck and Company s t o i f . 172 Faii-field avenue, at n m e c t i n c today of .^toie employee, announced t h n l he will retire effect effect i v e Au:r. 31, Mr, HargrnvfB has been m charge of the Bridgeport store 24 years. Immediately a f t e r liijs retirement. Mr, Hai'frravcs. of 170 Lawronec street, said he plans to sail Sept. fl on a. 3S-dfty vacation t r i p to Rio dc Janeiro , Brazil, and Bue.nOs Aires, A r g e n t i n a . He will return Home Oct. 17 or IS. Mr. Hrtrgrftvca. Gl, leaves his job under the company policy which permits retirement a f t e r nge 60 and it by ace 63. Served in War mcnts to remove, or alter 1heni. Viola! ors ;irc subject to a f i n e of up to ilOO a day for uncli day n n on-con lorm in c si en r e m a i n s on tlMplay. So f a r , no arrests have been made. A n a t i v e of Providence. R, I., Mr. Hnrgravcs r a m p In Bridgeport at I h o end of World W«r I in which hi served w i t h ( h e 304th Infantry, (Continued on Page Two) DETROIT. Aug. 13.--(AP) American American Motors corporation and the CIO United Auto Workers agreed today to extend their contract until Sept, 1, averting a strike of 24,000 workers scheduled tot midnight last nisrht. Negotiations on a new pact were recessed until Aug. 30. They will resume in Detroit. Leonard Woodcock, UAW vice president who heads the union's American Motors department, said the UAW requested the recess to accommodate accommodate AMC workers who will be on vacation during the next few weeks while the company closes its plants a f t e r , yesterday's shift.=; for a four-week layoff, "Most of the workers have made t h e i r vncntion plans and m.iny would feel nmvally obligated to walk the picket line* instead of going going on vacation if we called a strike at thi- jinint," Woodcock said. Four Major- Issues Woodcock said four major issues stiil were unsettled--those involving involving w-agcs, pensions, holidays and insurance benefits. Locnl i-jsiics. he s^id, had been "tentatively" settled at all plan's except those at Grand Rftpids, Mich,, and Milwaukee. AMC sl^o has plant? in Detroit. Kcnosha. Wis.. and El Segnndo. Calif. The UAW had strike authorization authorization from r6 per cent of its AMC members hut the midnight strike deadline, when the old pact expired, expired, slipped past with no indications of picket line activity at any of the eicht plants. The compny has offered to settle settle for n modified p a t t e r n of economic economic brncfiis gained by the UAW from IFrtrrl nnrt General Motors last Jur.e. The Ford nnd GM settlements NEW YORK,'Aug. 13--(AP) The New York metropolitan, area, wallowed wallowed today in almost a foot of rain whipped by 57-mi)e-an-hour winds on the fringe of Hurricane Connie, The record August downpour, directly, directly, or indirectly, caused ten deaths. Fallen power "lines left almost 100;000 New York city .dwellings without electricity. Basement Flooded Thousands o£ basements were flooded. By S a. in., the rainfall in New York city totalled 11.02 inches since Aug. 1, or -more than ever fell here in an entire month of Ausrust, The previous record was 10.42 inches, set in 1905. Kain continued this morning. Manhattan's n o r m a l l y busy j street. 1 ; were virtually deserted. Train service into and out of Grand Central terminal was temporarily temporarily interrupted this morning for about an hour "when flood waters waters short circuited electric power. A New York Central rairroad spokesman said trains began moving moving out of the terminal again shortly shortly before 11 a. ni. after the water icceded at the Mott Haven station in thft Bronx. Trains of the New Haven railroad, railroad, which uses the same tracks at that point, also were affected. On Long Island, where drought- stricken farmers were praying for rain a few days ago, the torrent washed aw*ay topsoil and blocked harvesting operations. Power Lines Cut Toppled trees in Rockland county county knocked down electric wires. This In t u r n deadened radios in thousands of rural homes and prevented prevented the occupants from getting storm forecasts. Hifrh winds were b'jff^trnp; the county. Flooded highways prompted th; MILFORD REPORTS BEACHES FLOODED Tide Sweeps Across Road' But No Damage .Is Noted MILFORD, AH?, is--Police ' Arthur Harris reported at 9 a. m. today that there was no damage on the Town beaches from the storm. In some sections of Myrtle beacli, cottages situated on the waterfront were being buffeted by the high, tide, but no damage had bceYi reported. reported. The water was flowing up-, proximately four to five feet under the cottages, which are erected on piles. Supt. Harris and Fire Chief Richard Richard F. Coley reported water flooding flooding across Beach road in Myrtle ·beach at high tide this niorainy. They added, however, that the quantity was no greater than would result from a normal perigee tide. No evacuation has been made, nor is it contemplated, they said at 8 a. m. Traffic signals on Spring" street and Nau^atuck avenue -\vere knocked knocked out at 6:3D a. m. when a tree limb fell across a power line on Colonial drive, 300 feet from Bridgeport Bridgeport avenue. Power was restored by 8'40 a.m. by a United Illuminating company crew, according to E, W. Mcllquist, Manager of th% UI Milford office. Small tree limbs were down this morning in scattered sections o[ the town but no damasre was reported reported from the falling limbs, Public Public works crews were, involved in cleaning -up debris. (Continued on Page Two) OIL SCUM R E P O R T E D IN BLACK ROCK HARBOR A large quantity ot oil is seeping seeping into Black Rock harbor from Burr creek or Cedar creek, ac| ac| cording to Henry Koehlcr, anti-pollution anti-pollution chairman of the Bridgeport division ot the Salt Water Sports association. He said some of the oil has reached Jennings beach, Fairfield. Many boats in the area have been affected by it. he added. Mr. Koehlcr reported that Mayor McLevy is investigating the situa.- tion, I SYMPHONY ON MONDAY The Victor Borge concert of the Connecticut Symphony, postponed because o£ Hurricane Connie and attendant weather conditions, will take place Monday at 8:30 p.m. at Fairfield University field. The After-the-Pops party of Mr. and Mrs. Herman W. Stcinkraus. of Compo road, Westport, will follow the event. GAMES POSTPONED N A T I O N A L L E A G U E ' Philadelphia at Brooklyn, rain. PUtsbursfi at New York. rarn. AMERICAN LEAGUE Xew Yo"k at Baltimore, wet ! 'rounds. 1 Trees Felled In Several Sections, Tearing Down Electric Lines BEACHES UNDAMAGED Many R e s i d e n t s Higher Tides Predicted Tonight Connie, no longer a hurricane but still a dangerous storm. Is ex-, pectcd to bypass Connecticut today, today, heading for central New York' state. At her closest, the Weather . bureau bureau at the Municipal airport reported, reported, she will be some 150 miles to the west of here around noon-' time or a little later. * Gale winds are predicted for this afternoon, at a velocity of 40 to 50 miles an bout and gusts up to CO.. remaining at about the same strength this evening. . At noon, the winds were 25 to 30 miles 'an hour, easterly to southeasterly. southeasterly. Her power greatly diminished,, Connie was still quite a girl. . Causes Power Failure Connie's advance winds, -accompanied -accompanied by heavy rain, knocked down several trees in Bridgeport i and surrounding communities, causing causing electr.ic power failures in fomt sections. High tide along the county shoreline shoreline about 7:43 a, m.-today was approximately approximately a. loot above normal, but \vind-whipped waves, lashed the beaches. N"o serious damage was re-corded, re-corded, however, and,flooding was negligible, x H i g h e r Tides T o n i g h t The Weather bureau here warned, warned, nevertheless, that high tide- about 8 o'clock tonight could be,as much as four to five feet above normal. Connie's reputation preceded her, leading- several hundred beach resi-. dents in Westport. Fairfield, Strat-. ford and Milford to move inland, temporarily. Police and Civil Defense officials directed the evacuation of 150. families from Westport shore areas,, beginning at 4 a.m. today. At 9 a. m.. Westport officials declared declared the emergency over, Norwalk reported several power failures. Hurricane Sirens Sound In Pairfield, police sounded hurricane hurricane sirens at 6 a_m, and toured the beaches advising residents to evacuate, A few families did BO,. and many others had left their cottages cottages yesterday and ]ast night. Beaches in Stratford and Milford were buffetted by the storm, but no damage was incurred. Winds in the "Bridgeport area, d u r i n g last night reached 21 miles, an hour, with gusts up to 32, the Weather bureau said. Store Window Smashed At the Costello Fur Shop, 1043, Broad street, n window* was destroyed by the wind st 11. a.m. The. window, facing on Jorn. street, was 13 feet 8 inches long- by t eight test six inches high. It shattered out onto the sidewalk sidewalk with some pieces of glass reaching the, street. No one was injured. injured. W i t h - t h e storm slated to pass to the we si, instead of the east .as previously expected, the winds will be southeasterly, the bureau' predicted, gradually shifting to southerly and southwesterly by tonight. tonight. Th«* forecast for the rest of today and tonight mostly cloudy' with occasional rain. Four inches Of Rain The rainfall in the 24 hours ending ending at midnight last night measur- (Continued on Page Two) FESTIVAL SHIFTS DATE · FOR ANNUAL MEETING Bridgeport Driver Escapes Injury As Brakes Fail on Norwich Hill! (Continued on Pag« Two) NORWICH. Aug. 13--(AP) A tractor-trailer truck ran nearly a mile out of control w-ith a. broken brake airline down heavily-traveled Harland road yesterday, shot across a busy intersection through, a red light and came to a stop in a'woo'S- pd . area, about 15 feet from the Yantic river. The driver. Gerald F, Don, 25. of S25 Goldenrod avenue, Bridgeport, ilriving a Brown and Pollack Motor Motor Linos. Inc., truck, was u n h u r t . The only damage to the truck was a dented fender, where it hit. some small trees Jind brush. "AH I t!id was pr;iy find hope the light (at Washington street) was green," he said. But, the lipht had just turned red when the truck hit the intersection. There were lines of cars on each side of the light. The drivers were preparing to change gears but fortunately, fortunately, noni had moved into the path of the careening truck, A cnr, coming up the hill, owned by Raymond KusCzyk, 21, Of 6 Arlington Arlington Heights, hit a. fence wh?n Rueczyk palled off the r o a d out of the way of the truck, as it came toward him. Rusczyk had (Continued on Paga Two) As an indirect result of Hurricane Hurricane Connie s influence u p o n Bridgeport weather, the annual' meeting of the Barnum Festival Society. Inc.. scheduled tor Monday at S p.m. in the Hotel Barnum. will take place Wednesday night, officials officials announced today. TMi Today's Index Page Bridge. Goren 10 Classified Section .... '12-13-14-15 Comics 11 Ettiiorialj 8 Health. Dr. Brady 9 Hirst, Anne 9 Home and Fashions 9 · Obituaries '.... 16 Radio, TV Programs 6 Society News 9 SokoTsky, George E S Sports Section 5 Sts"e and Serein 6-7 fiHfiCHIUE. for man iiltll vrlvate family. A loiptv icction nf Xortls -Haiti St. V r l t n t e ImtJi antl .ID .ID ner. urivotii entrunce. Garnce. rhone. ED ;i-7i"8 i:UUAl fi.oo J1 Call ED :i-7DB7. ST ATJCCSTI.VB AREA-- DHtlrftilT* . nKheil room fur ynnnc Indy. Complete fmlll- tlg« Apply -1.PS Wn^hlniiton Aie. _ SinATPOItl)--Comfortablo bwirooni (ivall- fiblc in private liomc. Kltcbpti -Mli- Cftli DR3-01J9. ED View OF LAKE, 10 minutes town SnnV- IOUH room, Kentlrman. service*, bits nt doot, parlrtiic. ED 3-3593. Room Board A YOUNG- GHNTlliMAN tor prlMits room with- board. Private Uomc. nice location. apace. ED I7-8*T-1 or 120rt Kossutli Street I WOULD like nn cliierly woman to honril nnd ronm. Quiet location In Fnirficlil. Write Pov_0773 I'o*t-Tcltgram. 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Adults. I-numl ED P-BSMl. _ _ HKDOKl A W A -- (.nlnfnrtllblL' 5-rtwii, |irl vnre IIJIE. t'1'i Meekl \uuIeuLCs, . '1'i Meekly. Tile hath, many cun- nil utilities. Couplp or with ncio L s , . elilld. . nusjiae. ED FAlltFlKLD-- t u r n lull oil .m. ptiimi iiptirt- Ideal forcoiinlo. Comi'nlcnt ulinp't lui*. . heacli. AMijIable. ImiiinllaipU . CL j 1'OB ltI-:M- 5 funilmii'd rtKiui-.. jii Tar'il- Icl St.. !iml floor. 1'lioni- K U 3-."i7CO IUK.UJ room h e H t t d iirliaie npt. e H t t iWcn OE(! flnnr, Lovsi}- rfiWcntiiil. r r n t r n l . Tiln bath, shovrcr. Finest new utlllilc-.. For l-'J IMMAOULA'fi: 5 mom (ttrni^hctl, I'uatcd Bpsrdticnt fur adults, tlwxl ii ED fi-0774. fBJJTBB--Hi, niniii x i l t l t nriintfl linlli mill TP. H,(l ( ,!0 .1 Uli 1 KUKS. HOO MS-- i-'uiiiiilt-tu kin-hoi nrlvale iintli iinil rnlrnnri- tnir:illv 'o- '' H TlCl. ttr r i m . nli"il :or ,ni l Oaii niact Kvtt Hun-.. Ptiooo ! f ll. i Milt) ,..,..a T:!I :, '.".f ·J 1)0(1 . 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U W i : si our, .m li. in 7u it., or nt- f i n - p» !nitltitn_ r iliuo ihtirni'L'iit.irv. KanuiiH AI* Sti ilfori! Jiunim 1 Wn«liln,' ton Auto ^ u p p l v to . 1G1U rnrniiBi A i e . A i i' i.'I Ii Ii- Ml · i - n - i : (: (: 1 nn'.,|fi: Mllili l i t h i k si'Ltrnr -in. ill iliimi IM-I ;. ri'i- V" (··".'i U H i ' V Ur \l--iv Wl'ST CXn-- d 'i..iil » th tiii 520ii iiifr uiiiiitti. ili.UOO Xorth ":i,ici M M N; -tnri* 11 I th · i -orin'r I'll t i l t - SI ln;sil- 1. i*f-im l nt CIowl loi' i t i r . i i . 1. MCI i l l t'll.t N l ' A C I . hir rum !«·» f i n l i T i t .111 |irpn;''.ns IfliU \lilln St Ni:u l l t i l l . l i l N G i s l t h a .·)!.( I BJ f t on i-cioud l!o,.r Win .iii-ill\lilr lo -utt, U.irniiiu A i e P t r i l f p n l t'l'-nlv »t (uirkly^ U\c"l- BtllUli'* »'.' * J i U U M l'urnls-licil upt. . »t!"li ducornu-il, hnOl. Korth nnd Pint AM- Tdlon. Parlilni; Hot uiitiT, r.n .\u ntllltii", 3 1HKIM ITJHNISnnU apartment. Also 1 llrlit;«nlni; room, Jllwttloly, j;nb, hnc itdtcr. 159 Ilmrlf t _St. IiP fl-4 J75 J i ROOMS, all new luriutnrr. ulcotrlc utova nn* rcfrii-ertttor. lildi'-R-bdl, prlviiti- ll nth and entrance, trim Is Ion Hf".nleutlnl llpvon. ccntfr. S-Siveshli. T". t-2igri. :t MOOM noijy fiirnltlicrt apt. J'rlvnlc L u t h anil entrance. Second noor, A d u I H gnly In ' - sr Irfo's , . ana Appiloiici-. J313 Stnta FURNISHED WANTED I'lt(ir£$!jIONAI' to -sliar,' nr -.110- J f r fiirnliicd_apnrtnjfnf _ Plmn.- 1"P .'1-7511. toni rrnff-iloniil UM- OFI lei.. l-~ ir J cuinii". 'Jnil ll.inr, ulwvc Connet,(kut N n t l n m l l UnnK a n i l - M a m Cjll rn 3-iai^ I'HOFr.HslOSAl. ulttcc* O!li! unite! tor li-aoc Cciilrni lot-lit Ion. _ ft--3.) "HUE]'!. iu-Ri ' ' L - I trar 1 ' mrnr. f .-ir ;irasi- T i i i i r o nvr-r jr ('(If) p?; J O T Sib UOU OX M U N ST. Nor; 1 . Tul--7 Jr.1..!i. 1 (jrii. lliiml IHUXIIC, S.!I,H'"1 Fftr A e l i f l n ( - i l l .11 F-J77^! AS INCUHi:-- S ( ( J l ) t f i* niin.-'-v . "mi i ^;t, ."i ^.ir.ui." l v r ~ c li--. -·[ Tl ari!. .1'. I 'I ml A; -i ' \ i f'.i-in Ii l-,i l iu. Tic. []ni[hli' i i in MI ". 'nil I _ _ . . ue Cl '. ^00 V Fr.iil- I D 'i 1 1 1 i .'.Tii;.vt-in I, i, ir ! ..... r. rlu I i i - I v o i i t l - M i tr. -i,-n,t.i , s lilnirnn'li sli'i lli'i-k u l i u - r,'«t. .dl i Til " \ i - l l . in il u ETi -is «.i-n, nt'il [ i i i S d , I'liiuni'it l.iii.Iii.',i T T Jiir-uc oiltilihir tin'nl.K 7^ 'i . ' - ' - - - . Purl, P r l i n t e parking; In rrnr of pmporty. 22 G3 ilnlo St.. S t r a t f o n l 1'lionc DRS..1290 _ 5-UOUM OFFICE, miltiililt 1 ftir urofij' i un* Al! utilities [urnWtccl no IM floor 371 rnlr(i»lil AT t .--rACIDI'ij corni-r siori' v u l t n l l u lur inc-n n i n r k c r snii-i-n' itnfr, etc, r,nit Snir, om Ii'fx-Jt from Lri!.£ M a t n Sf lyvurifln t)?llcn n n i . Broil!.' St* Cnll J!D :-;!):? bctuccn y -i in ttiul S [i Hi i.. A i y.rzi i , r \ ^ il!!.rtillli-,Nfir Iii-ii.i,. fi GOO rt-c li,i« i-nniti;t iMi t rtwji i_nii u ·.-in r- 11 niU", cl. i. ImL niair In 't-r full i c i S i - i j i " . lui ItU-tlO'l. J7.-IOO mtiLr[,-.icc, . -- SI 1 : u.v ( . i f l . n - i l i i « . lint «!irir ml l i c i t , iui. -mi iitirili, ;i . ir ^-nr.ijf!' ir. · 1 Aporfmenrs A 4% ROOM apartment tor Itn- mcillstG occopitttcj, 2 bedroom*, hath. 11- lac room, dinette. Id tehee. ISO moutlilj-. ao utilities fnrnlBlied. 1 year Ifs.'-e Boraeiltca. Inc., 167 Ixjainlmn ATC.. ED 3-2?On 1:304-.If) 1:304-.If) A 3 ItOOM unfurnlihed attic apartmtmt In %t Side. ?35. Call ED 9-B533. PARE ARDA. Xf..- ^-bedroom ^-bedroom apt.. .Jnd Jloor, S11S m o i i t l i l i , Tro- . Agency. ED UBAIIDSLKV 1'Al.K ArciL--Diilurnlilied S room fliit nnd sun Da r lor. Stenm heat, hard- Mood floott Ai,il! AOJ-. ;is(. lac floor. Bnx J^C.'.. l j n at-Tel'-gram. I'.MUv Section. room apt. rir.,1 floor, iililnet kiltlien. t i l e Imlli !70. per inuntli \'ncnTi[ liox 1P07. r.i'-j: Tel ecru [n u i] (urn I shod lur rtnt. - . Xeivly tftPitraicd itad ncii nil fiimnri. StnH number of children and Btre.i. J70 per Box ^-144. I J ORt~Tclccrnni DEVON rBNTJSK--Attr.iftUfe u Toomj. ^uii jiarldr. Hot niit*p, curnirp. newly dccnr- nti il. R7.-). Cli-an adulti. Write Loi OSS!; Tn^c-Tele xrn in DEVQS-- Jlodcrn '( rootuc nntl batli lieut, hoc .enter nnd utilities, Prlvutc .mcc Opfurnhcy alrant Sept. Int. SB-l nionlli. Wrltf 1'ot OB3U. Ftnt-Tfk'grntri K.vsr l:vn-- 1SS CowlM St. S ronoj nnt. sll improve mend; 2nd Floor, Jnqnlri- nnner !im1 tloor renr). Phono l p Hi. F07-47JB n f t « r rOJt HEXT-- ( room n rally (urn Is lied or nnfiirnl'.lieil npnrtuient, nil modern t-onven lences. On , Dr. at Seymour I own . . l i n e 214 ml!n from Derty center, AilultH jircfcrred. for itnmcdiflte fnnnlrc lit Tttclln'd Furniture, Pr . flerhi Minerva J-'OIl BUST---i room apartmciiti 3rd lloor. Modern, Xo pets or chlldrr-n. EP3-7S9P I'OU KENT nitti opt Inn tti IniT--^ famllv 1-4-:. ItMl) lints Tnrnnt. Kl S.S177 514 MO Call JIOBERX 5 ItOOM apnrtmont nnt) prarage, Avallatile Sept. 1. ED it-IOSS, MOTE tXrO OAMPCS O.IEDEX3 DOX'T roo WAIT ANOTHER DAT TO L I V E I N A MORE COXTEXTED tlili nlniit«. pick out roar a»Jirt. at C a m p u s C.erdcni, . . .Brldccport'i . cnrrtcB-typc rlrvntor apartncnta vrhcte Tdri'tl UT« In Inxniy. Tl»1t Uic ic ode 1 apartm'nt. !«cort«d to yoi;r dtilpln by Voruc, ADtirew'a li.).:*. and Slumler Sliop. . . .lien pirk out yopr wry tiwu s r a r t m f n t . A few choice apartments remota. . . ,|iut tney're Mine mtebu iat. apartment hoi norecni. Vraetlia re rn iterator frecitr ton. ronct. , . . Hie hatt. Incinerator and ptna-ln trlcylilon Houses To Rent Al'TENTION--For Drnfc-iitlciiiii u»e "-room cuHtom built brick hmise. bonutifully tnnd- pcaped. KD 7.302X ED 4.TflR,i 104^ Baruuui Ai e. Stratfortl EASTllS--1 bcdrtxjai old Mitt box liomf. Coiiipliitcly lurnlsheil. Lnr^e (!ronntli. I t r n t i i l MOO per moo til. Ullntli Renltj-, Iti:AI/C»»fl?. fO 7 7'lGi or Enstotr n'orc'-eBlatln), Mr«. (Jreticr AMS-S608 Plilt LXEODTHU3 ,'1 hLdrooin rlmcli. M ncris \vooilcd lot. Lonfc H i l l , in-ar echooli nnil rhori-bt^. children no ohjectiou. IVrltt Pox 05IJO Fost-Telccrnin. roil WEST--neeidenca suitable for dot- tor's ofllrc. Ideal locution, tiirge pnrtlnK arm. rbonf A. J. Schwnrt, BD 5-1171. -- (j rium house. Oil Select nelfbttorliooi! nenr Kcliool. tiet i. burner. e, ticcu- MJW 5 ItOU.lI noUSi; for *nh. nr rout. Treated South Wcn^PTi lid. corner J t a l d n l n Terr. FttlrHcld, Call .SUnifor/l_l'l._tJ.Sh75. Ii KOOM 1IANCH I10UHK. Si,.; ycnrs (,i t ] Excellent iielpLborhnoU, Clo^e tn nc» «clinol. Vtnctinn lillndii. ftoniii, (.[rccnf rtirouffhciil. " ninitlil)-. rn. , . . W r l t o Loi 7013, 1'ost- T ItOOM HOC.SB, l h btttliroiJins. iiiundrv. Bll modern totrvvnlcncc*. On u lurt-c int. In Sheiton, I inll-* Irom , Slfcornkv plttDt. llfiit H!0. Bui ^JIS. I'oit- -- U ruoiiih. Kitrni,-L-. breen-- way, irood location. Adulli nri!frrred. Cull rt, i _ n tn K n hnth Near icbool. a l.edrooms, IdVfitory. inimilrj'- "crcenni n u n i - i e . t e r r n r e , !nri!c llvlnjr. i l j n l n c room, 'nrcc kitrlien lirenli-fust rcfiin, loicTi f r u i t irtci. »ic -T ( « r vnrmrr. Bnv A«klnir vft month. IVritL- WE^'JI'OIIT--3*'(iiu Imuw Tl)n hnth. pondrr room, modern k t t r h c n - ("It 1 cnrnci 1 . j-nmiilrti'lv rsflri-nraIt'fl, j.rowirt'i' luniMcnpctl. rentml Ailultj. H'tercncc.!. UttX Or19. I'mt- Trlnrlin. WANTED A HOl'KE, 8 ruiiitit or mure on In In nr nmiinil Bpt ET 7-tl. r iil f . Hn« BY OLTODEn J't. J or (J room liounc, Mlltord or De-ron jarftrt'*!."* cliildma win 1(J on-1 10 yf-ira Trill i-on-dilrr li-t llnor Fic'-ll'-nt rcr»icocc*. IVr'te box 2Z1 'fflpcrnm cocn,: ami T..IIMC t«r -jrlli t-lif trftiUr loie mn! cur'- to .tour ') bedroom, fornnhcil nr ui)tnnril ib 1 il hou^e nr flrnt fltxir sonrtmepf, rnlrnelrt iVntimrt. Nnrtvitlk nr?a, Itp«onnl)lR r'nt. Will .on^hlT winter r'ntnl Vhont. jlfiiU'i-nnrt 1)1'. WASTRO--A 5 «r « riimn l.ou-» Alin-ri- chlldrcn. SiH-n-u. n.-t- fri-«[ rn p FURNISHED VOIl KXNT-- KwnlelH-il from w a t i r rnnm Hent'-d en^azo available. »ct hurry, trfiy tti Oit wirtiBtnt of year Ar CAUPTS «AP.DKN3 O.Tice. 835 Talriield Are. OJWI-T 'l*Hy, T O f - » . In 7 h ^ i Sainrday, 10 to C p.m. Sunday 1 to 7 p.m. 1*1. rorwt 7-561? M. v l : l;KAliUSLi;i: RCROOI.-- 5 rr«ni on "TI! i'(j"r eariiit, mnomnt:t; oil f n r c i ' i for -ti--i;n ! cat, !..Te..nriI cnreli. Adults nr f a m Hv Hv . . . fhlMrrn nvn l.V Pall Et 6 3Kt7. !:CUIMNO--tcr rent A thr«-p room ii:r- iil.xl o:ttft 'or tti^ remalpd'r ot the -IB. A l l utllitiet fHTBlilii(t. AI'O In a 'nielr jirlMte Iiotiip pltrlv fur- nli,h«l in-droon. Itvlnc room w i t h Lull, nne at ll.«h.n, n i l iiOIItlM fnrnU-n.J. Heated teetifA Hour 575. i our . . a m ^ K nic 'Ailolli onti. Hefertncn re- n . i . o r o o i o i o n i . ef quired. nm_Q , 1 10. Po«t-Tfl etrt tii AIT. Near nemJnl(ir I'i,rlc Off Ate. I-cliidn Karaec. nt*«m heit, ifix n f ior. roy-Tri»er· m W I L L S H A l t K lure* mCKl»rn hotn- I of 2 -fiii'^l fnopl*. Prlrate room, nmr bill). fia-nc*. hiKei availdhlc. Jt»a»on«l.J*, FO WANTED A t OR S HOOK «partrnfnt. 4 In family, pdcty. F,n.1-7]OG, 5" Jnnc N r f fiirnncf. ind 'in inclmllTc :r rcfrln-r C.rnnl ,!it,. 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Clipped from
  1. The Bridgeport Telegram,
  2. 13 Aug 1955, Sat,
  3. Page 42

ppiorek Member Photo
  • Hurricane Connie brought four inches of rain to Bridgeport, Friday, August 12, 1955.

    ppiorek – 12 Aug 2015

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