Bridge jumper 3 May 1900

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Bridge jumper 3 May 1900 - BRID E JUMPER MAY DIE. Hla Parachute Did Not...
BRID E JUMPER MAY DIE. Hla Parachute Did Not Work and Blad- Blad- n): dets to Float Him Burst. t '.Another tnan Iuoitwm Into nntnrttir fmn. the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday afternoon. .ne lay ii st nignt a prisoner in tne Hudson Hudson Etrcel Hospital, and, at 1:30 o'clock thla morni g he waa In a comatose condition, condition, and tne, surgeons entertained no hope of bid recovery. . , -. -. - - v ;';- ;';- ', The late it jumper Is Albert M. Bryan, twenty-tw twenty-tw twenty-tw years old, naUve of Bristol. England, r eaident now el 854 XCnt Wart. eighth $ti4et, andof late employed aa a Kwuuucrar on tne liroojuyn Kapid Tranait Road. wh ee uniform he wore when he made the J imp. He bad taken the pains to aell the nc wb of hla Intended exploit to a newspaper, whose reporters were on hand at varioua vantage nointa to witness .the Jump. Spifae of them, - in their seal, be tray ea th affair too aoon. One rushed breathlessl r up to a : policeman at the bridge en t ance and asked If a man Bad jumped, ai d expressed great eurpriee that none bad. , TT,he P?,1'' em telephoned to the Bridge Police Sta Uon, in Brooklyn, and - Capt. Eason ga e directions to the outgoing platoon to be on the lookout for bridge iKwf?"-- iKwf?"-- iKwf?"-- li ,WM "hlle platoons were shifting, a 8:43 o'clock, that a cab drove up the south roadway of the bridge. There were f two men v Inside. The cab stopped a the centre, a man - got out.' climbed th rail, hoiated a large umbrella V. . kinc ;,u"ed on trucks, and Jumped. Capc Ne(ls Jansen of the United States Quartermaater'a tug Katharine Francisco. . wa! mln own the river, saw the ""J" shoot down and disappear, hi - .ou TJ" omething else following J? ,7b.. "W Captain afterward. " but I didn t notlie what it was. The crew of a f"8.M -5'i0ntrwp,ulle1..hlm -5'i0ntrwp,ulle1..hlm out of the wa-i.o-w wa-i.o-w wa-i.o-w wa-i.o-w wa-i.o-w i took .bJm off th schooner. He had gone lown two or three times before he was rei cued." ; .-. .-. .-. k !2hL J,U :ep hd cohd upon the um. V iSS e ,nad a'so provided a couple Pn,bladeri ,to klf'p bim 1t after atrik- atrik- JrtrucTthiwi bwt when Meantlmt the ther occupant of the cab F?' fwf. r d, boarding -a -a trolley car" made his escape just aa Policeman Edward D. Bishop arrl ved on the scene and placed the .77 ruw waa? JUJIIJvr WaaVsS. eaVDS gTa.VS Uble own natje aa John Botsford and hu id- id- j . T f1 "ame-. "ame-. "ame-. as uryani. and;nn l1- l1- the Hard of an evening newspiW . " " T Z aav ocuu. fjjf VUfS marl wi" escaped on the troUey car. n'Juir3LI?ve,0Pd i fact' thif Bryant Jwarded with-, with-, with-, the Botsfords, Mrs. Be3tfK0rt- Be3tfK0rt- ?ft,,der,v 'omRn, being Janln.s sf "n11 5l 354 West Forty-eighth Forty-eighth Forty-eighth Street. A (eon. Ransom Botaford,' bad recently recently secured the lease of a roadhouse in vJ? : BrrV who .had once TOTkA, toMoneai; aug! im JL J .i " jump i rum - urooKiyn Bridge and then camp out next the road- road- hAI1ns an SI an STa n i1 11 s a 1 , s wnno . .,STed A.01 cb "hould be hired t-th,at t-th,at t-th,at 4her brother,-John.. brother,-John.. brother,-John.. ahould drive lt. Then Bryan atarted out to effect thesale of k " tip to a newspaper." " The poUde said yesterday that, ahould Bryan die.l those who abetted Ws'jump might be llkble to a criminal charge aa accomplices. accomplices. . . At the hdspital It waa found that Bryan had placed I padding about himself for pro tectlon i whk he should strike the water, Tt5ufJ o nones were broken, the doctor said that his waa badly bruised and auffer-lng auffer-lng auffer-lng from attock. He waa unconscious when "fj1.- "fj1.- was revived, and he asked: " Did I Jamp?" -, -, He became unconscious again after reaching reaching the hospital, and t waa thought that he would nbt live through the night. Mrs. Botaford called In the evening with dainties foil the injured man. She bad been Invited to taritness the Jump, but bad declined. declined. She waa not permitted to- to- aee him. and the ddctors told her that she would probably net again see him alive.

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 03 May 1900, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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