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 - Notto of Hearing Cm W*b9fl *t AttMim»nt of Mol»...
Notto of Hearing Cm W*b9fl *t AttMim»nt of Mol» Curt* W»twlh*<J Dtitriet, Mini County. IOWA. To. Jnme* Marry Kv-Bn?, William A chnmlirrlnln, Orant r. Chnmlnr- lain, Frank E. I'humbi rltiln. Clnr- cnrc H. Chamberlain. Knnche Chamt'rrlriln, I,nura Miilhi.tinn.l. J KImer Plchrl. Kiln S. Thonip- son, JesRle H. Thompson, i.U-n McCoy. Alice Mi-l'ncr. Nellie Fritz, Catherine Glbbs, Frederick A. Mulhollnnd, Nellie Vloln rctt, Anna Edith ruc-kclt. Piml Mulhollnnd, Jack Mnlhollaml, Corte K. Stewart. Rertha M. Stewart, John W. Pj-eon, »orth.t I Plnherton, Doris H. Reckwlth, Harold McCain, Hazel McCain. TMrdie M. Rhode. Scymovir J. Rhode, M. Birdie Rhode, Brle« L. Hays, Eva Grace Selck, Rernard K. EasterllnK, Gretchen Easterline Easterline Fitzgerald, Pauline Easterling Easterling Anrley, Cynthia KasterllnR- Moore. Viola May Knsterllnp. Frederick Dlckcrsbach, Kenneth E. Evans, Frances E. Kline-. Hor- bara Jane Kline, Eldon Grudie, John J. Qrudle, Minnie C. Grudle, Enos Guy Haynle, Hazel Marie Haynie, Wallace C. Hodpes, Lor- mine Grlndle, Marie Hodces. | Charlie Wilson, Lucy H. Wilson, i R H. MintlP, Winifred Seecor. ; Geneva SeeRer. Francis Reecer, Anna E. Seeper, Rrowniow B. Miller. J. Marshall TMtzer. Thome Ulllon. M. R. Cunningham. Kathryn Kathryn Cunningham, Carolyn Vinton, Florence Mintle. Roy F. Spetman, Sophia Spetman, Ixinls Hass. Colda Colda Hass, Ina Myrtle Nelson, E(Ta Stella Grosse. Cydney C. Pcherer. Harriett E. Scherer. Guy Hodces. Glenn M. Timmonp. Austin lj. Hass. W. C. Blackburn, f. W. Wolfe, Lawrence W. Rchlpper, Michael A. Cunningham. Wahneeta Wahneeta Aistrope Anderson. 1'oro- thv Hallam Benton. Roy Perdue, Floyd F. Rlackman. Thomas M. Pavls J I.. Rodman. C. M. nod- man. Mabel Wolfe. Albert I,. Chenev Chenev B F. Buffinpton. Charles M" Palton, Maxlne f. Palton. l.n- !« fivn!.vti K.lpMrlck. \VHIi.irn H Slum, Jmlwn K. Kftru1«-rwn, <•»!via <•»!via M. I5«ndrl-!«i>!i. Max K Vinton. Thomas M Al*(rnp>\ >ll. \Vmi:vn \V AIMfopo, t'ntil Hilton, Wayne Hilton, Arlene Hilton, I.MIM! i.vay Uevr.,-r Gray, KMMf of Walter Hilton, P> ce,-v">od, IVatl «!«•!«, Kuther llamnu-r, lla Hell. Marl.- Sny.ler. Hfiilah Wolf. 1 Mvi« Half-man, Morris I'ntemnn, Itir- nanl H.Ueman. Inn Sm.iy, K> i M Ames. Maude Irene Batmian. , Lottie Van orsdi-l. Florence riumb, Walter Owlitht Hufflni;- ton, Harold Blnckman. Floyil 1'lnekrnnn. W a y n o Blackmail. fonald Pale Blackmail, Kverett Blackman, Edna Powtes. Burdottr Hunt, Janice M. Hunt, Arlelrrh Shepard, Tearl Louise Shepard, Marjorlc K. Blackman. .1 R. Graves. Ida Graves. Amy Hammers, Hammers, Kenneth Hammers, Carol ElchellierRer. O. .1. Hammers. J,. Hurley Stevesson, Frank Chamberlain. Chamberlain. Bertha J. Plnkterton. Alice Alice Mae Reed Estate. Joseph H. Bftteman, F. J. Plumb, 1,. Harley Stevesson, Frod UlcUersbach, B B. Miller, Cha.«. M. Wilson. Ce.lnr Jlllla Farms. O. C. Hoclcrs. Wnh- neeta N'offslnper, W. J. Rodman. W. H. Stout Estate and to nny persons named as owners below in the event their names do not appear above, and, also, all persons persons in actual occupancy of any Ir.ict of land hereinafter described, described, and to whom it may concern: Vnr AMI EACH OF Yor ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the report of commissioners to assess benefits and classify lands In the Mule Creek Watershed Conservancy Plstriot. of Mills County. Iowa, Is now on file In the office of the County Auditor of Mills County. Iowa. You are further notified that there is set forth below so much of the said report as shows the owners of each forty-acre tract, or less, as their nnnies appear on the transfer books of the Auditor's office and on the tax hooks in the Treasurer's office, the classification of each tract and the amount of assessment of costs atrninst ench. ,ns follows, to-wit: Clin* Mario Mnrl<* R. K:i £ * B. B. B. B. Hugh Hugh Hugh Cedar Cedar Ceilnr Cednr Roy Roy l^nnis I<ouis Louis IxMils Stella St'ella Name of Owner Amy Hammers Joseph R. Paten-inn Joseph II. Hnteman F. J. Plumb Description of Property See. 25, Twp. 72. R. 42 swu swu Sec. 26, Twp. 72, R. 42 NKU SKU SU SKU SWU Sec. 36, Twp. 72, R. 42 NWU Amy Hammers O. J. Hammers .--,,-r, OT , r ,',Ouy ,',Ouy Haynle NWU SWU C.tiv Haynle S\VU S\VU ] at J. at Harley TJ. Stevesson Joseph Hateman Joseph liateman ... Pwlsht nufflncton Arlelph Shepard ... Arlolgh Shepard ... Wayne & Marjorle Hlackman Wayne & Marjorle niackman Joseph Rateman .. Joseph Hateman ... Fred Dlckershach . Fred Dlckerebach .. Fred Dlchersbach Fred Dickersbach Ida Graves Ida Graves Ida Graves Ida Graves i, REU SWU 3S, Twp". 72. R. 42 .. NKU NEH .. S'-j NWU NKU . .. N>4 NWU NKU . NEU NWU NWU NWU ..RWU NWU . SKU NWH . SWH NKU .. SEU NF.U .. NKU SEU .. NWU SEH .. SWU SF.U SEH SEH aw? SWH except 6.1 acres S. of creek SEH SWH Chas. M. * I.ucy Wilson Ft. SWH SWU South of Creek Assessed Acres 13.r.0 39.00 14.50 10.00 28.50 36.75 39.00 20.00 39.00 :o.oo 20.00 40. on 30.00 3?.00 39.01 39.00 38.00 38.00 39.00 40.00 39.00 39.00 38.00 3i.r,o 4(1.00 Class Proposed Assessment 5.70 S 1.4.1 Water Hilton Walter Hilton Walter Hilton Paul Hilton Wayne K Arleno Hlltnn U-ntra & Bevner Oray . Walter Hilton Walter Hilton H. n. Miller, et al 11. B. Miller, et al H. H. Miller, et al Iliinlette & Janice Hunt F. ,1. Itunili. Kst F. J. Plumb. F.Kt F. .1. T'Himl'. Kst r. J. riumti. Kst. Sec. 34, Twp. 72, R. 42 ...... SEH NEH NEH .. SWH NWH NEH SEH NEH NKU SEU NWU NWH REU NWU NKU SWU E&i SWU NWU E»i SWU SWU .' SKU SWU Fred I Mckershiioh Fred IMckerHbach Eldon Grudle Eldon Orudle Kenneth K. Evans Kenneth K. Evans Kenneth E. Evans John J. & Minnie Grudle Frances Kline Frances Kline . Fred Fred Enos Knos Cll.'lH. Plckernliaoh IMekersbach . Guy Huynlf Guy Hsiynlf M ' Wilson M M NKU SKU NWU SKU .... SWU SKU SKV 4 SKU Sec. 1, Twp. 71, R. 42 NWU NWU NKU NWH .'.".'.'.. SWU NWU NWU SWH SEU NWU NF,V 4 SWH WH SKU SWU .SWU SWU K4 SKU SWU I't SWU SKU Sec. 2, Twp. 71, R. 42 NKU NKU NWU NKU SWU NKU SKU NKU except 71 arret> NW, NWU SWU NWU 9.2" »-75 3 '- 4n 39.00 39.00 9.2° 39.00 40.00 2920 30 nn 4000 «"•"" • 38f ' n 19.50 2900 1!7.45 M 40_ 5 "0 5 70 5.70 5.70 10.25 19.40 23.95 10.25 5.70 5 70 5.70 5.70 5.70 5.70 14.03 5.TO 10.24 5.70 5.70 26.95 10.23 18.62 44.50 81.62 26.95 SI.71 5,70 6.70 5.70 32.31 5 70 5.70 32.31 B6.55 14. S3 14, S3 55 20 2S.54 in. 13 5 2. "5 inn oo 81. di: 4V28 29 97 54.28 12.51 10.25 5.70 14. S2 10.24 14 »2 10.24 4.19 1.56 1 . M 9 2.49 5.53 13.4S 17.67 3.87 4.19 2.15 2.15 4.30 4.19 4.10 10.35 4.19 7.36 4.10 4.1 20 39 7.54 13.73 31.97 48.66 20.39 9.04 1.00 1.04 4.12 "3 83 4.19 1 00 23.83 50.34 S.1R K.41 41.75 21.05 7, "4 V.i 3« " f,l f,".3r, 23 «fi 15.25 40.03 9.22 7 75 4.30 5.40 7.30 r,.4C, 3 13 5 32 lfi.70 W. W. W. G. G. Glen Glen Glen W i t

Clipped from The Malvern Leader06 Sep 1956, ThuPage 7

The Malvern Leader (Malvern, Iowa)06 Sep 1956, ThuPage 7
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