Doris , Norma Percival donate blood 27 Oct 1971

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Doris , Norma Percival donate blood 27 Oct 1971 - Blood donors give 325 units A total of 325...
Blood donors give 325 units A total of 325 units of blood was collected during the October October bloodmobile visit to Gage County, Six would-be donors were deferred. There were 24 first-time donors. Gallon Donor Club members were. Dean Brandt, ten gallons; Ernest Sebby, nine gallons; touie Otto and Paul TiirnbuH, eight gallons; Mrs. Lucille Harms of Adams, seven; William Jenks, six; Mrs. Gwen Grabouski, five; Willard Sch- wis'ow, four; Paul Schneider and Lenhart Otto, two gallons. One gallon donors were Mrs. Laveda Fry, Mrs. Marjorie Itzen, Mrs. Mercedes Simmons, Mrs. Dorothy Gilbert, Mrs. M a r j i e Hautzenroder, Mrs. Jacqueline Wenk, Gilbert Ross Reirner, Kenneth. Zimmerman, Garold Kleveland, Ernest Sch- m I d t, Clarence Hullman, Howard Bigelow of Adams and Eugene R. Stanley of Cortland. Beatrice donors included Arnold Nieveen, .Ernest Sebby, Eldon Trauemicht, Mrs. Linda Edwards, Mrs. Marie Dqtson, Mrs. Darlene. Sullivan Duane Epp, Jack W. Hoyle, Joe W. Pickett, Mrs. Doris Trlggs, Mrs. Edpa Langley. ' Miss Janice Theye, Harold Dusenbery, Arnold Bryns, Mrs. Irene Claassen, James Stephens, Miss Sue Reinwald, Mrs, Donna Pieper, Mrs. Bonnie Lanyson, Mrs. LaVeda Fry, Miss Janet Rosenthal, Mrs. Eva Warkentln, Miss Susan Post, Dale Otto, Steven Lathan, Kenneth Caiji, Conrad. Ide, Mrs, Patricia Osmera, Darrell Melcher, John Garcia, Calvin Pyje, Mrs. Emilie Mertz, Roy Broadbooks, Douglas' Hjtt, Kenneth Rose, Don Kililman, Steve Adee, Miss Cheryl Ann Hahn, Mrs. Marjorie Marjorie Pelton, Donald Deines, Mrs. Janet Jenks, William Jenks, Sterling Kent, Mrs. Mercedes Simmons, Dr. C. T. Frerichs, Max Werner, Mrs. Rosalie Temerius, John Klippenstein, Ronald Lancaster, Wayne Bitting, Richard Dunbar, Kenneth Ruhnke, Gregory Kuhnel, Mrs. Betty VanLaningham, Mrs. Sally Genrich, Wayne Schulz, Mrs. Janis Ljnderman, Lloyd Dierberger, Louie Otto, Mrs. Anna Penner, Gaythor Cass, James Schultze, Allan Do esc hot, William Thompson, Mrs. Jean Hetherington, Paul Turnbull, > Mrs, ^ Caroline Bargman Francis Howe, Alfred Johannes Mrs. Lila Saip, Elvin Waltke Witaier Bartels, Mrs. Linda Champ, Mrs. Henrietta Barnard, Barnard, Alton Crook, Carl Wylie : Wayne Hendrix, H o r s t Foorden, Joseph RichMng, Loren Saathoff, Mrs. Pat McCrea, D. H. Buet- tgenbach, Milton Meckem, Floyd Johnson, Dr. Dwight Moeill, Fred Allen Barger, Larry King, Miss Mary Ellen Damratowski, Chester Sack, Leonard Esch ; Fossenberger, Tharen Workman, Workman, Albert Hohn, Miss Marilyn Sugden, Miss Irene Karpisek, Leland Gerwick, Mrs, Suzanne Wieger, Mrs. Marian Melcher, Miss Janet Leinjnger, Elmer Gilbert, Earl Willey, Alvin Quiring, Mrs. Joan Eigenberg, Mrs. Evelyn .Camp, Warren Hett, Frank Lyons. Mrs. Dorothy Zimmerman,' Vernon Lawson, Mrs. Lois Schafer, Denjnis Peters, Leo Boerger, George Loth, Nolan Eason, Robert Jurgens, Mrs. Helen Clark, Mrs. Bernice Remmers, William Littrell, Gilbert Emery, Larry Wood, M-,X. Eleanor Hofeling, Charles Maguire, Francis Van peren, Perly Bates, Reiner Andreesen, Gary Orth, Richard Menke, Mrs. Delores Wineinger, ' h i 1 i p Wineinger, Donald hurch, Mrs. Leslie Henderson, Harold Jantzen, Martin Seckel, Alien Anderson, Anderson, David Henderson, Mrs. Dorothy Gilbert, Gerald rerhune, Paul Roberts, Maurice Vfohling, Harold Hamm, Mrs. 'rdeda Zimmerman, Forrest Bitting, Mrs. Helen Chirnside, Henry Baehr, Herbert Paul, Allan Alvord, Ora McCown, William Brockmejer, Mrs. Esther Dell, Mrs. Gwen Grabouski, Donald Armstrong, VIrs. Emma Parde, Mrs. Rosetta Stodte, Mrs. Verna Jamison, Mi-s. Elizabeth Parrish, Mrs. I m o j e a n Lineweber, Mrs. Sharilyn Snook, Mrs. Diane Waltke, Willard Dezort, Mrs. Ruth RichMng, Mrs. Rose Hagemeier, Mrs. Grace Otto, Robert Pickrel, Rex Lutz, Clarence Hullman, Mrs. Evelyn Carlson, Mrs. Loas Frerichs, Arlin Hojle, Mrs. Elsie • Caspere, Mrs. Lynette Lomax, Mrs. Martha Mason, Charles Ensz, Ernest Schmidt, Mrs. Lillian Chemy, Mrs. Alice Acker, Bil Fisher, Mrs. Mary Emery, Marvin Brandt, Mrs. Betty Stiles, Mrs. Helen Moore, Terry Edwards, Harley Jackson, Robert Martin, Lloyd Hubbs, Edward Cass, Vernon Kadlec, Mrs. Susan Carpenter, Mrs. Gayle Cederberg, Richard Cederberg, Mrs. Joyce Duitsman, Mrs. Corliss Carper, Mrs. Marilyn Young, Robert Fox, Mrs. Lillie Reimer, Mrs. Marjorie Hautzenroder, Harold Reimer, Larry Wrightsman, Mrs. Charlene Cerveny, Willis Schulte, Mrs. Viola Blaser, Gilbert Reimer, Mrs. Jacqueline Wenk, Mrs. Marlene Wrightsman. Lother Wenk, Mrs. Sylvia Roebke, Mrs. Loretha Kathe, Leo Ullsperger, Dean Valentine, Mrs. June Borzekofski, Borzekofski, Mrs. Eileen Nacke, David Wagner, Lester Meints, Mrs. Maude Panghorn, Mrs. Gloria Hofeling, John Wiebe, Brian Hinel, Kenneth Zimmerman, William Hardln, James Lampe, Robert Briggs, Charles Ellis Lynn Christiansen, Christiansen, Miss Sherry Kelly, iMtrtot Dally Sun, twtrle«, Logan, Emory Paap, Melvin Wiens, John Ausman, Mrs. Hilda Howe, Willard Schwisow, Mrs. Karen Orth, Paul Ruigh, Garold Kleveland, Linus Fincham, Richard Hovendick, Dean Brandt, Paul Schneier, Lenhart Otto, Arthur Tihies, Gary Finc Finc h a m , Kenneth Tegtmeier, Herbert Kipf, Lawrence Clay, Mrs. Erna Reimer, Mrs. Diane Perdew and Richard Perdew. Donoro from Adams were Howard Biglow, Mrs. Ida Mischnick, Mrs. Elvera Sealey, Leo Williams, Marvin Fritz, Mrs. Lucille Harms, Mrs. Gertrude Hestermann, Donald McPherson, Harry Otto, Mrs. Marie Otto, Mrs. Frieda Sieck, Mrs. Marjorie Van Engen, Wayne Van Engen and Gene Wubbeis. , Blue Springs donors were Robert Allen, Mrs. Beulah Shafer, Mrs. Barbara Henrichs, Roger Henrichs, Lester Phihal and Mrs. Elayne Sullivan. Donors from Clatonia were Mrs, Neva Krauter, Melvin Rehm and Mrs. Anna Mueller. Cortland donors were Mrs. Anna Dorn, Mrs. Dorothea Doetker, Mrs. Kay Hegjer, Mrs. Mildred Doolittle, Mrs. Evelyn Hale, Mrs. Emma Ideus and Eugene Stanley. Mrs. Evelyn Robinson of Barneston and Mrs. Laura Brueggermannof Daykin donated units of blood. From DeWitt were Mrs. Josephine Plucknett and Jean Scherling. Fairbury donors were James Boyd, Garnett Brandt, Ramon Garcia, Charles Shultz and LeRoy Dale Welch. Filley donors were Mrs. Mildred Armstrong, Robert Norton, Mrs. Josephine Bowers, Mrs. Ruth Bowers, Mrs. Dorothy Brittain,' Mrs. Katherine Busboom, Miss Cheryl Jurgens, Mrs. Dorothy Jurgens, Mrs. Lydia Jurgens and George Wolken. P i c k r e 11 donors included Robert Henrichs, Mrs. Gloria Deke, Wilfred Deke, Mrs. Fannie Remmers, Mrs. Patricia Hertlein. Holland Spilker and Mrs. Mildred Winkle. From Plymouth, the donor list included included Connie Groathouse, Richard Freese, Allen Schroeder, James Schroeder and Mrs. Olinda Stichweh. Wymore donors were Edvard Aden, Lowell Cornelius, Mrs. Gertrude Andreesen, Maldwyn Closs, Mrs. Vera Gloss, Mrs. Marie Colgrove, Miss Doris Percival, Mrs. Norma Percival and Mrs. JoAnn Poutre. 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Arlfa Spilker, Mrs. Evelyn Mrs. Shirley Gronewald, James ley, Firth; Mrs. Arline Acton, Cathy Clark, Mrs. Henrietta Jamison, Mrs. Jeanne Sedlacek and Mrs. Martha Rocke, Liberty; Larry Pethoud and Mrs. Shelley Summer, Lincoln; Mrs. Olga Franzen and Don Leitschuck, Odell; Adolph Mencl and Mrs. Hilda Zimmerman, Virginia; Mrs. Lela Miller and Virgil Morton, Summerfield Other donors to the Red Cross \ Kan.; and Mrs. Dorothy Whit- bloodniobile were Dorothy Bai- ney, Concord, N. H. Finer gift suggestions for him... for fieri EXCITINGLY NEW DELUXE from REMINGTON

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  2. 27 Oct 1971, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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  • Doris , Norma Percival donate blood 27 Oct 1971

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