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 - a submitted who first long seconds could- Jack...
a submitted who first long seconds could- Jack Wise Abe Lynx--Center Bruoe Brandon Woodbine--Utility Line but had and the whether will view the It them to of that thr Ed MullliiH Atlantic--Back Morris Webber Missouri Valley--Back Conrad Rasmussen Abe Lynx--Back Eldon Crees Audubon--Back Earl Oldham Clarinda--Utility Back Prod Colling. Creston- Tackle when called Into the backfleld, botf on smashes and end around plays he backed up the line on defense and was an especially able dcfende against aerials A marked man al the way, he still was able to set up scoring plays with his pass catch Ing He scored four touchdowns and two conversions, and puntec for a spectacular 41-yard average. Bud Watts, the other first team wlngman, has starred for Corning three years, and won his positioi alter a nip and tuck race with Bob Nlmrod of Red Oak and Forresl Westering of Missouri Valley Tackle Arlo Murray of ' tlantli was fast despite his 1 s " :unds An alert ball-follower, 1^ made many breaks during the campaign, and was one of those tackles who not only did his Job, but did It in the s p e c t a c u l a r manner that catches the eyes even of those fans who ordinarily watch only the boy with the ball Across the tackle slot is line at the other Fred Collings, the Creston giant, who was a stickout all the way despite the fact the Panther pack was, in general, extremely well balanced. John Anderson of Villisca haa won three letters at guard for the Blucjays, and has also seen service in the backfleld He weighs 170. Vllllsca'"! fastest lineman, he was very aggressive--a smart ball player who seldcm made a mistake Because of his accurate pass. Ing, he centered the ball on Villisca's punts and touchdown conversion tries Keith Lytle Shifted. Keith Lytle, the Logan captain, is the other guard He played tackli- for the Panthers There was 10 loom foi him there on the all- southwest cub but he received too many votes to be left off, contrary to the foiccast of wrote ' He will votes but he will his coach, who not get many wage football vvai with anv of the good linemen " A fine captain and a steady tackle all year he reached his peak In the Harlan game Six coaches were convinced they had tile best centei In southwest Iowa, and the wav In which others who voted backed these boys Indicates that not one of the six was far wrong But when the retuins were in and analyzed, Jack Wise ot Abe Lynx proved to have been was the Cardinals' leadership an Inspiration Second Team Stars. There are plenty of great boy on the second team Perhaps som of them are the euals of the fel lows who nosed them out Here ar thumbnail sketches of just a few JIM STILL, Villisca, quarter back Four letterman. After thre years at end, stepped into his new position and did a marvelous Jo of running the T RICHARD PAULEY, . Harlan halfback Fastest man on Harlan team. Made several long spec tecular runs during the season specializing In reverse off quick opening play DON MOHR, Manning halfback Coach Bill Steneker oonfldem Mohr Is a 10 second man, A sturdily-built 175 pound senior, ef fectlve on either end of a forward pass, can play safety and back up the line equally well Moved to end when Manning punted* to utilize speed getting down under the ball Scared an amazing total of 19 touchdowns and eight extra points in seven games. WARD CHARD, Audubon half- aaek. Fastest boy on squad, left handed passer Had 12 runs of 40 irards or more and two of over 50, Scored eight touchdowns. JUNIOR BRANDT, Villisca tackle 190-pound Junior Outstanding tackle of his territory all year, Opponents usually avoided unning pays at his side of the Ine, Backed up the middle when Bluejays used five-man line TOM KAUFFMAN, Audubon center By far the best in his section, according to his coach Absolutely accurate on passes, and a demon on defense Called defensive signals and made majority of ackles A real sparkplug KEITH TRAVIS, Woodbine half- jack Considered by some coaches he best running back they watched during the year, also a great pass receiver KENNETH MUELLER, Gns- A-old halfback "Best back I have teen on anybody's team," says his :oach Short stocky and shifty. Did all team's punting, most of lassing and ball carrying Change if pace and spin In bag of tricks '»vo Wmto Paper lunting Hours All-Southwest Iowa Football Squat Player- Gene Gettys Harlan Arlo Murray Atlantic John Anderson Villisca Jack Wise Abe Lynx Keith Lytle Logan Fred Collings Creston Bud Watts Corning Bruce Brandon ......Woodbine Ed Mullins Atlantic Morris Webber Mo Valley Conrad Rasmussen., Abe Lynx Eldon Crees Audubon Earl Oldham ....... Clarinda FIRST TEAM School Position. End Tackle Guard Center Guard Tackle End Utll Line Back Back Back Back Utll Back Weight. 176 185 170 176 164 190 165 205 165 175 157 183 165 Year. Junto Junto Senlo Junto Senlo Senlo Senlo Scnto Senio Senio Senio: Senlo: Sento: SECOND TEAM Ends Forrest Westering, Missouri Valley; Allan Henningsen, At 'antic, Bob Nlmrod, Red Oak; Daryll Eklund, Abe Lynx; Earl Tabler Tee Jay, Harlan Purcell, Missouri Valley Tackles Junior Brandt, Vllllsca; Bruce Hitchcock, Atlantic; Don Woodhouse, Harlan; Bob Griffin, Tee Jay; Bob Pracht, Abe Lynx. Guards' Norman Jessen, Abe Lynx; Bill Coppock, Shenandoah Jeon Pelzer, Grlswold, Bill Louden, Creston; Bob Brown, Logan. Centers Jim Tallman, Creston; Tom Kauffman, Audubon, Bob Sorchardt, Atlantic, Leon Hansen, Missouri Valley; Dick Osborn Tee Jay Utility Line- John Coons, Clarinda Backs- Richard Pauley, Harlan, Tom Cllthero, Atlantic; Wade 3hard, Audubon, Gordon Fnutch, Tee Jay, Lawrence Buchholz and l Fresh, Iowa Deaf; Keith Travis, Woodbine, Don Mohr, Manning; Dick Overholser, Red Oak, JJm Still, Villisca, Kenneth Mueller, Gr IB wold. HONOR ROLL. Ends Jeryl Jones, Oakland; Paul Denham, Grlswold, Harry Green, Audubon, Calvin Detlef, Glenwood, Fisher and W«sterlund, Vllllsca, Tom Koski, Dunlap, Leland Rhodes, Atlantic, Blake Weston, Logan, Sullivan, Shenandoah; Dean^Philson, Harlan; Jerry Foster, Adalr Lyle Rets, Woodbine; Clark Hershman, Manning, Gaylcn Hagen and Bob Harvllle, Crcston; Gene Reed, Corning, Bob Sweetman, Fee Jay , Tackles Darwin Selley, Villisca, John McDonald, Audubon; Dick Behrens Oakland, Raymond Petersen, Oriswold, Hunter, Sidney; Glen Brower, Iowa Deaf, Fred Schapsmeier, Abe Lynx, Pascal Anderon and John McCarthy, Adalr; Gerald Leonard, Logan, Miles Camery, larlan, Lloyd Skinner, Missouri Valley, George Rollos, Woodbine; 'udy Shenandoah; Gallagher, Manilla Guards Scott, Villisca, Jerry Snydcr Tee Jay, Fraln Macedonia; Jill Ryan, Audubon, Bud Barger, Audubon, Laird, Hamburg, Bonner, Shenandoah, Bob Reed, Woodbine, Murdock, Corning; Norellus, Denton; Glen Ogler, Iowa Deaf, Neary, Elliott Centsrs Jim Sniffer, Oakland; Bob Blackman, Iowa Deaf, Russell Froyd, Villisca, Bob Jacobsen, Harlan Backs Vernon Pulley, Tee Jay, Dick Porter and Bob Kubby Abe .ynx Ronald Roots, Anita, Bill Sears, Greenfield, Bob Brandt and Don Heller, Villisca, Vern Koch and Howard Schuman, Manning, ,eroy Spargur, Shenandoah, Jack Nygaard and Tom Mnglll, Atlantic, Davis and Sweets, Clarlnde, John Prlngle, John Sandeman and Bob Osmun, Crcston, Shlves, Christiansen and Tom Saggau, Denlson, Wayne Myeis, Oakland; John Rlchter, Adair, Eberle Manilla, Peterson, Dunlap, Richie, Corning; Shirley, Sidney, Coffee, Hamburg, Carl Campbell, Orient Marshall and Nelson Blakemore Bedford, Bud Boucher, Harlan Byron Young, Glenwood; Austin Turner, Corning, ohnson, Elliott Searle White and Merne Zacharias Ligan, Ma\ isbee and Eugene Achenbaugh, Macedonia, Marvin Schuler Avoca; 3ene Wcidner, Creston, Burnett Llllard, Iowa Deaf, Loren Morrison, Oakland Bowlinq Scores . LADIES TUESDAY LEAGUE fhleflnln (1) Lullnon (2) Iowa CMoflic Ueno « (1) (1) * * * r.7 71' * * * 83t 6M Moyor (2) iohman n (1) Kmplrn (J) * * * 761 671 061 704 C17S 1,27 Tor Smith (1) ( 2 ) «« Wiilt P«p»r 7nl 7' 071 727 Navy Reveals Site of Nile Kinnick Death Family Silent en Announcement Brother Missing WASHINGTON, UPl-For th first time since he was killed al most 18 months ago, the navy Tuesday revealed that Nile Kin nick, who Von nation-wide atten tlon and laurels for ilaylng with Iowa's his bootbal 1939 "Iron m e n ' had been killed when hi ilane had been forced down at sea n the Carrlbean area The announcement of the loca ion of the crash for the first time amo with the navy department's eport that his brother Lt Benja- nln Greene Kinnick, a marine flier ad been leportcd missing in ac- lon since last Sept 17 In the South Pacific .'ra«h Landing. Nile s piano made a crash land- ng on Juno 2 194 i, and nltl ough crash boat arrived at the within a few minutes Kl inlak ould not be found He had been eon to fall free of the plan* Lt Kinnick wns the soroiid of hree sons of Mr and Mr« Nile {innlck, of Omahn, Nob George, 8, is a naval student at Colorado college The hopo that the official announcement "missing In action" Two Frustrated Big Six Teams Meet Saturday Sooners, Kcmtant in Savage Heed for Loop Game By F. W. Crawford. KANSAS CITY, T--A humiliated football ten m--like a woman scorned--Is dangerous, the Blf Six records show. Bach time a Big Sixer hat taken an unexpected trouncing this let- son, someone alse suffers for It a week later, Witness whit Nebraska did afUr It had been humbled by Kansas In Lawrence for th« flrit time since the days of free silver oratory. The Cornhuiken beat th« socks off a strong but unsuspecting Missouri eleven the following week. In turn, the Tigers knocked the props from under an undefeated and untied Michigan State, doped to win the next Saturday But what happens when two frustrated sets of footbslllsU meet? What's In the wind for Lawrence, Ka«, this week-endv In Pplloful Moods. Kantian, which watched an apparent victory turn Into defeat In a matter of seconds last wsek at n-Jan State, should be In spiteful mood And Oklahoma, with a 2114 decision In Its grasp in the last SO seconds of Its tilt with Missouri, hnd to be content with a 21-21 tie when the Tigers scored The Soon- crs, loo probably will be ready to take their disappointment out on someone else. Oklahoma, unbeaten In eleven starts In the conference, Is fkvored, )ut Dewcy Luster, the Okla- lomans' coach, probably Isn't hap- iy. It's positively unhealthy to be a favorite In the Big Six. v, WMK p.p., Jf Wiota Resumes lt» Winning Cage Ways

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