h c mansker boiler explosion

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h c mansker boiler explosion - 70TH YEAR-NO. 364 HOPETOBTMLGH HPIflSIVFTMY VTO...
70TH YEAR-NO. 364 HOPETOBTMLGH HPIflSIVFTMY VTO irx«rr i» stor SATISFIED WITH HHiH PHKSSIHK, KIXDING OP CmiB.1t' COMMITTEE. IKE-SIB mum uilMHwen In Fr«+« A»(»»Io Case. iiwl«l to Th« N«w«. -· itan Antonio. Tex.. March 20.--Further developments In the Investigation of the explosion of the boiler In the yards of th« Sunset route whlcn resulted In the death ot more than twenty-five persons awaits the arrival of John Knslgn, federal boiler Inspector In tlie employ of th« Interstate commerce commission, and ·pother federal expert who has been or- d*r*l here, and upon such evltlonoe as may be developed by the corps of de- t**.rtvK« th* ^nmiianv tiA Iu4ra mAJctnir Investigations as to the causes of the wreck. respite the probable findings of the tiiii*iiB' edffirnlUe« that the sxsloslor, wia oan»*i Kv tnt\ crpA^Lt MtaAni nreMurA there are indications that the railroad company Is not willing to accept this, II*IO »· Ex*lo»lve T*e»ry. The line of Investigation being conducted by their men goes to show they hope to establish the USB of explosives. The jtrlkhiK machinist; will also take a kind In the attempt to locate tho blame for the explosion and Its cause. The com- sittsa != Eeir.EflSod o{ J£sci!:i!?t J. C. Men-It, Blacksmith William Savage and Electrician T. Trlnkle. Independent of these Investigations the Ttxai Railroad Commission Is represented here by Chairman Allison Mayfleld ind Commissioner William D. Williams. l*ier they will hwri the «.»?«'»»tin';e «·? experts of the Interstate commerce commission. The fact that sorrow and death hov- -TATAL DEMOCRATIC Hecttac ·enste ered over many or tne families" was maae Impressive today when six funerals wended their way through the street* of Ban Antonio. Those laid to rest today were: H. C. Mansker, William O. Hebbler, Jose E. Fuentes, Walter Jordan and two negroes. Several other funerals are announced for tomorrow. A number of bodies wen also shipped today to places of former residence for Interment. EBctaev^H Fviicnil Lankly Attcv4v4* The funeral of William Jordan, the engineer In charge at the time of the ex- pJoslon, .was largily" attended. It was conducted by the railway trainmen and a number of lodges of which he was a member. As a. result of his longt. residence here ht had mad* a host of frlgnfla, A number of tne Injured were today rmndVed to the ''hospital ill Houston lur treatment. J. W. Groundtree, who had bad burns on the face and a dangerous wound on the scalp, was one of the patients removed. The others arc: James Ott, who has a bone broken' In the ankle; Charles Hotsch, who sustained Injuries to the head; R. E. Stafford, suffering from a »:alp wound and a Bruised DICK', and s. 11. E. Hawkins. 3la»y Families Destitute. Many of the families of the men killed.. or Injured in the wreck have been found to be in destitute circumstances, some of them having been here but a few days and entirely dependent upon the male rtiftrnhers of the family for support. The work of charity Is well organized, and the citliens are supplying funds in abundance to meet all calls upon them. The various Catholic societies arc also rendering aid. Bishop J. \V. Shaw of this Catholic diocese is directing this work personally. No further list or estimate of dead has been supplied. The company admits, "wing to the fact, that many of tlie em- ployes were here, such a short time, that it \a Impossible at this time to account for all the missing. It will probably be a week or ter. days befora it will be known exactly what the death toll really was. , Injured «t Hospitals. The injured at the hospitals are now although there is still a possibility of a death or two. The operations performed by the physicians exceeded In number those of any previous twalyn mmith* Two operations of a capltil nature were performed today by Dr. T. T. Jackson. On* or tiles* was the amputation or ijecrge willlsuna' right leg below the Xuee. Thrt other was on H F Alando who sustained a ruptured bladder ' William Thomas, a negro, Is in a critical condition. He was struck by a piece m steei. which[shaven otr the walls of his abdomen. When found this man w a o holding his entrails in place with his hands. He is conscious, but his condition Is i-ery critical. Another patient for whom some arnrlety puncture wound Iii "tiTe 'sicuTl. "wtfen'tnls man reached the hospital part of his iirdn was protruding. He is said to have. about even chances for recovery. f. Roach, tho n?£rn stopm fitter Ir.to Inn- sf-.veral pounds was blown is said to be practically nut of danger. There is .1 chances that his arm may be'saved. The. ;iQHi.ij o f the shops and roundhouse has been remnved and the work of \imler way. Order iiay liee'n hrnnght mit p" viirit's nnn normal conditions Prevail l-i tho yards nf the road. VICTIMS BROUGHT TO HOUSTON Mm o'f T.cn't tniiirr-tl In MnKptlnl. Staff of more the caucus ising presented Texas, caucus, a the purpose will be tion, more The vO *v Four for say they the new It is declare The decision Hence question result omnibus the favorable Ing the building It is to rather Jib Ja«B« St. Kens»y suit the competent Company Oil Standard control e.rd was on Waters relating to The Pierce tendered waters Mem Special Patrick ju"£w the Bros, _last Injuries. was TWO explosion, t-nrft here- TTonsca blown in The .MRS. ROSE LTJOT daughter. MAET FRANK TIITJ In the scene the More srene SpT£."« timbers, tnrrnvn the HDVC Mnustbn. Tex.. March :i-vivo V i c - I T N i r n w r - M Kny returned i n H n n tv.iln. The nT-n .n-f five nf .n s ._. \vN,so inj;lr!rs nrr l^nst s'-rio find who in tb" opinion of T'hyMn Kioiiiitlons In ."in A n t o n i o nmi th.-' i-n'i- l-v nf the PmithTn P n o i f i r R.ii1r«-,:id · '·.i'ii---l!\ ill r n r i n c f^r ils rwr. 1:iJ:;:r,-l i' Kf.-'n hv t h - r.illrn-.d r-ffl, ials; a = ;:v - T j y o - f n r ih" r^m'1'..'l .if :h" mon ')!':.--» - . . r.Mr^es *rn in rhars^ .if Or. U^i^r: \V. Kn'rx. (ror.eral s;irt^«*n r.f fi" S^'ith'-rn r.irlf'c !n Tfxi.«. 1 ^.-o s M i m m M k 5 ^·n-ltlnr f t t h * c'.ttinn tn tr.-in^ort thf met to th* Sunset H«rp!tal. .Nn- miners j srr.t ccntly. c r n 'l;in;.u' nf K. f-np.Mi'- arp-ar^-l fr!-' hi:tt»r the

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  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 21 Mar 1912, Thu,
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