Man in the Brown Derby / Leona Bull / Blue Castle

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Man in the Brown Derby / Leona Bull / Blue Castle - The Man in the Brown Derby Sponsored by First...
The Man in the Brown Derby Sponsored by First National BankW AND TOST CO H? ANT ^t? Most everyone who saw the world premiere of "Lost Chance Gulch w« well pleased with the effort and com pliments were heard on every hand. The photography was excellent, the script well prepared and the narration by Crwt Huntley gave rne vmcie mmg a professional air. Helena receive millions of dollars worth of publicity for the tourist trade and all-in-all all-in-all all-in-all all-in-all all-in-all the Union Oil Company con be thanked for making o substantial contribution to The Centennia and especially to the Helena Centennia! which is so closely linked to the history ond development of the Treasure State Huntley pointed out quite clearly thot Helena today is c modern, prosperous city ond that the pictures of the old ruins ore in sharp contrast with the state capital today. This was the announced purpose of the effort. It is interesting to note that much of the area pictured lies in what was lately classified for the urbon renewal caper which the voters so definitely junked at the first outing. Heck, speaking of urban renewal, there are o couple of buildings along the Main Drag where urban renewal would be a godsend. There was, however, one glaring error in the picture which has (eft e few eld timers a bit unhappy. It was the picture and subsequent narrative about "The Cattle" which ii not The Cattle and never wot. For those who really wont to know, "The Cattle" it the building at the corner of Joliet and State. The blue granite building on Tower Hill wat built and used exclusively exclusively at a private residence and long before Wood Street and environs ever became what we to laughing-re laughing-re laughing-re fer t« at "The Line." That portion of the gulch in the Riotous days of wine and rotes wat on Clore street which hat been incorporated into Park. Very few of those buildingt remain in the area between Wall and Wett State. Clare street sported tuch notorious placet as the "Zansiber" where it wat considered a dull eve-ning eve-ning eve-ning if fewer than 23 fights and one knifing enlighr- enlighr- But getting back to the granite building referred to incorrectly as "The Castle." The building was erected at 304 Joliet, ond not on Wood, in 1889 by the then well known architect and builder James F. Stranahan at a wedding present for his bride, Leono Smith Stranahan. She was a sister of Rae Q. Smith who served for so many years os chief deputy in the office of the county clerk and recorder. Rae Q., os he was attectionaeiy Known to the legal profession and beloved by oil courthouse report ers for his kindly and invaluable assistance in court mat ters had a fabulous memory. He could give correctly ant without hesitation the case number of any legal matter ever filed before the district court. In the «arly days trie nrcn from Tower Hill to Davis street was the most tasmon able part of the city. In fact many of the fine homes such as The Ussner home and those fashionable .and spacious homes on Rodney were occupied by the "best people" ond one governor lived in the Split level house on the northwest northwest corner of State and Rodney. The house known as the Pnrchen home, which was built by the tobulous Uiina k Clark, wos one of the real showplaces in Helena. It was burned not too many years ago in on insurance conspiracy, conspiracy, but that is another story which I hope some day to print. The Srtonahan house wa* told ro R. DeComp in 1892 and in 1896 ta Louis Curtin. Earl Mellon reared hit family there. It wat bought by Bill Flether at lata at 1912. After the death of Mrt. Flether, it wot purchased purchased by a well known Helena man, Jamet A. Mcintosh Mcintosh on July 21, 1923 which bringt ma around ta a tehool chum of the happy Central tehool era. She it today Leona Mclntoth Bull, wife of the well known bone bender, Dr. E. F. Bull. Leona grew up on Tower Hill ond at tehool children teverol of ut spent many happy hours at various capers around the Fire Tower. She it matt unhappy about the reference— ond one can hardly blame her. The aid houte holds for her many happy childhood memories. She it a daughter of the pioneer stock that created and kept the old Gulch alive. Leona toys it hat alwayt bean a family intention to rebuild the old mention which wos wrecked by the big Helena earthquakes of 1935. Mr,. Bull maket the understatement of the day when the toyi the, "thould know the hill." Her grandfather come to 1864 and her grandmother in 1866. Mrs. Bull also sent me the menu card for the Grand r«ntrn\ Hntol fnow Harvev) New Years Dinner tor Jan. 1, 1889 when it was operated by Reed and Rinda. Rinda k nko the arondfather of Venzel Rinda, Reed was grana father of Babe Reed Lacy. The card lists many choice deliracies with a wide variety of entrees. One of these was saddle of venison, with jelly. Another Fillet of Tame Duck and Loin of Beef, a la Emperure as well as the usuai young capon and turkey stuffed and escalloped oysters, New York Stvl* Yeyu chose from an extensive wine list wmcn eluded Grand Sec champagne at $4.50 a quort and Pontet Canet claret at $2. For those who liked other items, there was Cognac Brandy, Guinness' Uoubim stout ar iour-bits, iour-bits, iour-bits, St. Croix rum, Belfast ginger, Holland gin (much different different from ours) and Bass' ale. A note of interest says, "children seated at first table will be charged full price." Just in patting— Although I sometime* do not tea eye to aye with Montana Power (about the 1 0th of every month) I am a ttrong believer in giving the devil hit dUe and rice versa. Th* derby is off to MPC tor the beautiful 1963 report to stockholder! which it dedicated to the Montana Centennial. The color work it anquttite, the eentrott pictures betwetn old ond now mott affective ond the cover ant of Hilt world. Whoever it retpontible for this gam deserves « heap of proite. It's one item of "expense" we'll go along The Man in the Brown Derby It presented to the people of Helen* for their enjoyment, Any views expressed In the column column arc those of the iuilhor and arc not necessarily (hose o£ llic First National Bank.

Clipped from
  1. The Independent Record,
  2. 05 Apr 1964, Sun,
  3. Page 21

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  • Man in the Brown Derby / Leona Bull / Blue Castle

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