Indianapolis News, Indiana 25 Nov 1905. Re: John Herron

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Indianapolis News, Indiana 25 Nov 1905. Re: John Herron - XXX$-5SS"-3&. TWENTY-EIGHT UEH INSTITUTE CORNER...
XXX$-5SS"-3&. TWENTY-EIGHT UEH INSTITUTE CORNER STOKE LAID Important Step In the Prog rest of Art In City and State. ITS PURPOSE A BROAD ONE -Cerpo-; Practical Side Receives Recognition be b-Jt carried tbe on-4ntindlr reeognl-.) well Tb to tb It Gif of W0 from the Sen null Heir Announced. Tbe corner stone of ttoe John Herron Art Institute. TmntylniiU and Sixteenth streets, waiJd thla afternoon. Tbe exercises preceding the setting of the stone were M4 In tbe Mayflower Cor.gre.a-UolaJ churcb, beginr.ttg at 2 o'clock. ,The history of the bequest which enables (Ms building, devoted to art. to be erected. Is Interesting. John Herron. of this city, a man seventy-! years oil wleleM and childless, with bo relatlrs of nearer blood than a third or fourth cousin, died In April. IS, at Los Angeles. Cel.. whither he bad gone for hie health. He left by wd to tbe Indianapolis Art Association property slued at ta&Sfti. which was to be used to educate students In art. to bay pictures for an art museum and to erect a building tor such a school and collection of picture. About IIW.OCO of the bequest was In cash snd "Nirriif. notes, tne remainder benx In city lots, some tm pored property and mis- ' om farming- lands. About CO.WO of of lop-men of a do- bought by persons living tn the nelgh- borhood and given to the art association, with- j Another ,trip of ground was also added the the vacation by the city of Severn-other. J leenth street, between Talbott avenue nod irwu ttiis property has been sold. The fund. after some ei penes made by litlration. Is now worth t-W.eua About S1S.0GO has been eKpended tn pictures, and a considerable amount la maintaining tbe school on tbe f-ruf- rv. tfc TbuooU lAcm, oouant about Ave years ago. I he Site and the Building. This property cost 6,000. Forty feet on the north, extending from Pennsyl vania street to TsJboU avenue, was existing cor- a ' a eondl-tlons ac-cordlngty, 1 he new rerlactng the old one that stood In Talbott pUce. of which tbe corner stone was laid. Is from plana drawn by archil ects Vonnegtit k Bohn. snd will cut when romr4eted t&.HB. It will be lullan rfmilasance in style. Ut fert faring 8istnth street, elghty-flve feet deep, two Wrk- rising to a hlght of nny feet, it will be a flam, dignified building with the ornamentation centered on a Urge dreoreed friese. directly under the main cornice. ' In this friese will be the beads of artists of the great art periods. At the ends of the friese will be fuU-lergth ideal flrures. These will ' be brought nut by a bnrkrround of Venetian tpfisair flits, treated In color. .Ksesvatlon for this building began six weeHs stra. It Is expected that It will be ready for occupancy ur 1. 1S0S. It U said that this will be only the beginning, and that as ths years go by other bullJ-ings wui be added. Exerc;e in the Church.- -The audience assembled 'Id the its y- flower Congregational church," Blateenth W aM pel. war. . .treetg. The invpctloB I In to Is to of ts la re-viaum a a Mrs. Addison T HArrtS.presldenC of ths Art Association, in introducing the first rreaker. Mid: "Some years ago a few. lovers of art and their city united to secure for themselves better opportunities for education In art. and for all the dtlsena tbe enjoyment and advantage to be received from constant association with the beautiful, portrayed In f'-rm and color. "Throuxh the reneroaitv of John Hereon the hope for a museum and school of art will be fulfilled, and we meet to-day to place the corner stone upon which ' will srtse a structure- to be devoted to these noble uses. It is singularly appropriate that ws celebrate this harpy occasion In a church consecrated by Dr. Hyde. who. at the found-ng of this socletv, took his place ss director on ths board, waa for majiy years president and It warm friend ihmuehout ri me. . - ," Joined with us to honoring the day are represent stives of other - Influence powerful to aid In developing the beauty of the city and assuring ths welfare snd happiness of Its people. Our werk. "to a common purposes should bring yet closer these friendly reletinna.M Addreeee on "The Relation of ths Jonn Herron Art Institute to the Com-mnnltv" were made bv Mayor Holtsman. hv Mayor-elect. Book waiter ghd Charlea w. Moores, ef the board of school com missioners. Mrs. May Wright SJewaTI spoke on "Art Association of Indiana polls": Mrs. E. F. Hodges on "An Appreciation of Jhn llen-on: Thendnre C. Steele on "The Ftire of the Herron Art Institute"; William Henrv Ffx. director. of the J-hn Hermn Art Institute on The Expansion Cfft by Schnull Heir Announced. At the close rf the exercise tn the church, airs. Harris said: ' "Members of the assocUUoe will be in teres ted to hear that One of their num ber, who for many year, waa an earnest friend and continued so "to the end of his life, desired fata children should some time make to the association an appropriate donation from his estate. To fulfil this wish. It is the i pleasure of the heir ef Mr. Henry Schhull to give the sun of t&.m. at Oils, tltie." - follow-trr the exerctse. st the church the audience proceeded to the sit of the building, where Jj he stone wa laid by Mr. Addtsnn cTHarria, president of the Art Assnciateoev-i Tne benediction was smken by the Rev. Christopher &. Bar- gvsjt. MAYOR H0LTZMAN ON . - BUILDING'S SIGNIFICANCE Beginning the Art Movement In In-dianapli Recalled Aw Important Influence. Mayor Holtxman spoke as follows: "We have met to lay the corner stooe cf the John Herron Art Institute This ts the first to be erected la the city of Indianapolis . dedicated I solely to art. I am glad to be here to Jota with yoo tn the appreciation of the generosity of John Herron gad tha good that will cons out of this temple. Tbe laytag of tht. memorial stone marks an epoch In the erne procreoa of our beautiful ct'y. ' "The rdu All n ii n3 moral mfhien eee' this irvst tulloo will linpreea- tbeasseive Upon thJ commumitv and nrovw a sna. tertal beip tn the upUft toward better Th Art Movement's) , Beginning. . The art movement In IndlanapoOs bad a modert beginning. I ISS3 a company of men sad women, strrrtng for th higher and better things ts Kfe and bellevtng the study ef art Cterarur and art object to be of value to themselves and tor the com munity tn which they lived, formed themselves into an art association. Their ef fort to educate the people and Improve the pnMic taste was surrounded with many bard shire and obetAciee. but. undaunted. they started the good work by holding exhibitions .of works of art. by borrowtng the work cf home artists and ntbertuA- ft hers from dlfTrt-ent parts of the Countrv. Thnr exhibitions bad to be neld In halls rented for the purpose, were public and were guaranteed by the association. Occa- ; Continue on Page Two. th It tn

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  • Indianapolis News, Indiana 25 Nov 1905. Re: John Herron

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